Joachim Hagopian, West’s Nuclear False Flag to Hit Central Europe to Blame Putin Is Imminent

Joachim Hagopian

The ongoing saga of an imminent false flag continues to unfold each and every day as we grow closer to the November 8th US midterm election. Though the Western media doing elites’ propaganda bidding is focused on the lie that a weakened, desperate, increasingly mentally unstable Vladimir Putin is planning to use tactical nukes in Ukraine or beyond, intended to pave the way for global acceptance that the out-of-options, “deranged despot” from Russia is the world threat, terrifyingly plunging humanity towards self-destruction, all one has to do is simply review past history to know that the Western windbags are just spreading more of their bullshit calling it breaking news. Again, for centuries fear and terror are key operative words elites use repeatedly to manipulate and control emotions, perceptions and behavior of the masses. This hybrid world war we are all now engaged in like it or not is as much an information war for mind control as a potential kinetic military world war between nuclear powers. Back in May 2022, famed filmmaker Oliver Stone stated on Twitter:

I wonder if the US is setting a stage of a low-yield nuclear explosion… killing thousands of Ukrainians… [To] blame Russia… regardless who launched the device.

Earlier this month, an interview of another West Point graduate [Class of 1976] that I went to school with, Col. Douglas Macgregor, who is a military analyst with astute, sound mind, had this to say:

The Russians have made it abundantly clear that they regard nuclear weapons as purely retaliatory. That is to say, unless someone attacks them with a nuclear weapon, they have no intention of using them, and they don’t need them.

A quick stroll down memory lane exposes the extensive US history of notorious false flags specifically used with intent to start American wars. Staged fake events conspired and executed by the elites in order to falsely blame others as the go-to means to instigate another US war is all too commonplace. Virtually every US war since 1898’s “Remember the Maine!”, the fictionalized jingoistic Randolph Hearst newspaper headline used to push America into another imperialistic war against Spain that eventually  prompted US to steal Puerto Rico, Philippines and Guam from Spain. Irrefutable FDR’s complicit foreknowledge of the Japanese attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, set up by a US embargo on Japan in 1940 that led to the attack on another stolen US island territory Hawaii, killing 2,403 innocent Americans used as cannon fodder to justify US WWII entry (not unlike the over 1,100 passenger victims sunk on the Lusitania used as more cannon fodder to manipulate US entry into WWI). Then there were little known US covert incursions into North Korea prior to the breakout of the Korean War. Paramilitary commando saboteur missions organized by the US Army counterintelligence corps baited and precipitated the North Korean invasion of South Korea to mark the official start of the war in June 1950.

The following decade the boldface lie that North Vietnamese gunboats fired on US Navy vessel(s) in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 was used as the next US false flag start to the nation dividing, decade long Vietnam War. The PNAC neocons’ think tank spawned the “new Pearl Harbor,” the precursor to the US-Israeli 9/11 false flag killing nearly 3,000 Americans to usher in the US “War on Terror” for the Zionist Greater Israel Project, to justify invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq to chase CIA asset Osama bin Laden [aka Tim Osman] and fake WMDs respectively as the false flag excuse for yet two more “long wars” killing 12.5 million Muslims and about 9,000 Americans. So many notorious, proven falsehoods regularly deployed by the DC battering ram initiating every engineered bankers’ war for well over a century. All war crimes against humanity are committed by the same usual bloodline suspects since the Napoleonic wars – the elites’ international criminal cabal’s puppets in Washington DC conveniently at will serve as the Khazarian mafia enforcer, bully and battering ram, and during the last three decades to maintain US unipolar hegemony as a steppingstone toward establishing one world government tyranny.

By 2014, the Deep State neocons were at it once again, illegally overthrowing Ukraine’s democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovych for favoring alliance with Putin’s Russia over the US/NATO West taking us up to the planned but thwarted March 2022 invasion after Eric Prince, the CIA and US/NATO trained Kiev Neo-Nazi battalions to kill more than the 14,000 ethnic Russians already purged between the Donbas region declaring its 2014 independence from Ukraine and Putin’s February 2022 incursion. But in February 2022 Putin beat them to the punch with his Special Military Operation to de-Nazify and demilitarize Ukraine cleaning up the devil’s playground filth from the poisonous DoD funded bioweapon labs, rampant organized crime trafficking of child sex slaves, human organs, drugs and illegal arms on the black market where most of the West’s “save Ukraine” weapons end up. It’s a cesspool and Putin’s doing the world a favor cleaning it up.

By globalists’ Cold War design, DC’s pathological fixation to encircle Russia with hostile NATO member neighbors, complete with US made nuclear warheads aimed at Moscow, despite repeated the broken promises of “not one inch eastward,” all show how propaganda deception is malignantly used for violent destruction and control by America, Inc.’s military industrial complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in his January 1961 farewell address. For a very long time, this same criminal cabal has used war, pandemics (with recent deadly vaccines), economic depressions and “unnatural disasters” via weather warfare, to both profit from and control a subjugated, preyed upon, largely duped and depopulated earth inhabitants by divide and rule deception and fear.

But with the COVID pandemic overreach where now the public is largely refusing any more pandemic kill shots (just over 2% in US foolish enough to take latest booster after more than a month and a half) because it has accepted the reality that they are extremely dangerous to human health, and then the created tensions of an impending “wag-the-dog” nuclear war against Putin over Ukraine in order to blame Russia for the 2016 election, and the elites’ manufactured crises of inflation, food and fuel shortages, exorbitant cost of living increases, all for genocidal purposes where the failed kill shot isn’t killing enough of us. Yet despite this grave reality, the primary US public health agency with the CDC’s decision this week to incorporate the known harmful, lethal non-vaccines as part of every American 6-month old infant child’s immunization schedule is the most heinous crime of them all. Humanity and children need justice against these criminals flagrantly rubbing their genocide in our face.

So, with this despicable backdrop, all based on irrefutably proven historical fact, it becomes a no-brainer to realize what the Khazarian mafia is now up to. The Deep State cabal – represented by the Anglo-American-Zio Empire/axis-of-evil comprised of the ruling elites that are the planetary bloodline overlords, out of desperation for being exposed for their unlimited genocidal crimes against us, have now launched their latest false flag operation, their “perfect storm,” convergent engineered crises as their grand finale destruction that genocidal architects King Charles and Klaus Schwab affectionately call their “Great Reset.”

Increasing circumstantial evidence based on history indicates that a US-UK false flag nuclear attack on Ukraine and/or another targeted European ally is imminently in the works within the next few days, leading up to the likely imposed global martial law effectively cancelling America’s midterm election. The conflict in Ukraine was taken to another level once the US carried out terrorist explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea against Germany starving it of fuel, followed shortly by Ukraine’s terrorism attempt to destroy Kerch Bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia. Several subsequent weeks of Russian cruise missiles and Iranian kamikaze drone attacks continue to degrade both Ukraine military and energy power infrastructure, leaving up to 40% destroyed, Putin mobilization effort will be complete within the week, paving the way for fresh troop offensives just as winter sets in. The near worn down and out Ukraine military will not last as the cabal is using them to the last man as cannon fodder. In the meantime, Ukraine continues shelling the Russian border city of Belgorod last Saturday killing two Russian civilians.

The most recent indicators of a coming false flag, reinforced by the known historical pattern that renders the prospect of a false flag operation highly impending, is to be executed any day now. In my last article I detailed the media’s extensive coverage reporting a possible upcoming false flag, with Western media fingering Putin the usual culprit while Russian and independent media primarily cite the West, specifically the US and UK as most probable perpetrators of an impending nuclear false flag, which my October 21st piece presents the mounting credible circumstantial evidence. The specific provocations by Ukraine center around a potential dirty bomb, a conventional explosive combined with radioactive material, heavily reported in Russian press that could be used to trigger a massive explosion large enough to destroy the Kherson damn that would flood the entire region, wreaking a massive death count, and hence the precautionary evacuations by Russia. The tactical nuke of a dirty bomb detonating in Ukraine currently attracting so much internet attention may well be smoke and mirrors distraction.

During this past week, much activity and media focus from both sides have been on the Kherson region with Western accounts maintaining that not only are civilians being forced to evacuate but that Russian troops are also said to be withdrawing from the area west of the Dnieper River, falling back to positions east to “avoid a ‘devastating rout.’” Both Russian media and Russian bloggers insist that aside from the false flag dam threat by Ukraine causing civilian evacuation, Russia has actually been moving fortified reinforcements into Kherson city crossing from the east and advancing west of the Dnieper River, and that in all likelihood, once the Russian troop build-up is accomplished, an offensive further westward towards Odesa may be initiated in November.

The rest of this presentation will focus on unfolding developments showing that a nuclear false flag appears more than imminent. On Sunday October 23rd, 2022, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu contacted four of his Western counterparts. According to RT, in the early afternoon Shoigu had a conversation with the French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu to discussing:

The [increasingly alarming] situation in Ukraine which is consistently veering towards further uncontrolled escalation.

A short time later Shoigu contacted his Turkish counterpart to address the provocation threat of a potential “dirty bomb” by Ukrainian forces. Next came a phone conversation Shoigu shared with UK Minister of Defense Ben Wallace, who allegedly refuted the Russian claim that credible sources both in and out of Ukraine warned that the West is working with Ukraine to stage a false flag operation of either a dirty bomb or low yield nuclear weapon. Finally, information was released reporting that Shoigu was in contact with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III over the developing deteriorating situation on the ground in Ukraine. Again, Austin assured the allegations were not to be believed. But it’s not like this retired four-star general is trustworthy.

As CENTCOM commander from 2013-2016, Austin was in charge of all US fighting forces in all three Middle Eastern wars – Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, serving under his treasonous fellow black Manchurian commander-in-chief responsible for purging nearly 200 top generals and admirals loyal to the US Constitution during his first five years in the White House. Austin’s launched a half billion-dollar boondoggle program in the Middle East designed to defeat the menacing ISIS terrorists but it totally backfired. Virtually every one of the Syrian rebels that Austin supposedly trained to defeat the Islamic State terrorists, in the end, wound up joining the enemy camp. As a result, ISIS grew and prospered under Austin’s incompetence. In fact, under his watch, ISIS expanded exponentially as the fastest growing, largest terrorist group in the entire world, overnight wreaking horrendous havoc throughout the Middle East, gaining control over enormous portions of both Iraq and Syria, while committing the most egregious acts of terrorism, all the while in reality ISIS served as a covert proxy ally, supported and financed by the US and Israel along with Arab Gulf States that include the Wahhabi-based Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as Turkey.

While General Michael Flynn was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he strongly advised Obama against backing ISIS, yet Barack Hussein, Secretary of State Hillary, his CIA chief, closet Muslim John Brennan [some say like Obama] and General Austin as the top US Army commander of all three US wars in the region covertly gave Islamic State terrorists new life. Little Lloyd Austin has certainly come a long way from his West Point beanhead days when I was his assistant squad leader. Tasked with destroying ISIS, Gen. Austin ensured that the terrorist organization continued to grow and flourish by leaps and bounds. In contrast, for doing the honorable right thing, DIA General Flynn was fired by Obama who later used the FBI to entrap and persecute the retired general Flynn, who committed no crime, yet resulted in a travesty of justice in February 2017 when Flynn was removed as President Trump’s first National Security Advisor. Flynn knew too many pedophilia secrets. Bureaucrat politician General Lloyd Austin, like the fallen scandal-prone disgraced CIA director General Petraeus, both punched their ticket to the top as Machiavellian ingratiating order followers.  In a who-you-know world, it pays to get chummy with fellow powerful, treasonous criminals, like Joe Biden, who first met Austin while Iraq War commander in 2010. Biden wrote of his bromance in a December 2020 fluff piece for The Atlantic after nominating him as Secretary of Defense:

When the Islamic State emerged as a terrorist threat in Iraq and Syria, endangering the security of America’s people and allies, President Obama and I turned to Austin, who then led U.S. Central Command. He designed and executed the campaign that ultimately beat back ISIS, helping to build a coalition of partners and allies from more than 70 countries who worked together to overcome a common enemy.

Despite Austin being a major player on the treasonous Obama team that secretly created, funded and trained ISIS terrorists to then spread terrorism with expansive bloody rampages all over Syria, Iraq and beyond, during President Obama’s premature Iraq withdrawal, as CENTCOM general, “Austin presided over a rocky period which witnessed the emergence of ISIS.” Members of a Republican congressional caucus wrote:

General Austin implemented a number of the Obama Administration’s failed strategies in the Middle East, including turning a blind eye to the expansion of Iranian backed militias in Iraq which occurred under his watch.

As the quintessential testimonial to the Peter Principle, Gen. Austin has risen to his highest level of incompetence. But then in the Luciferian world, everything is inverse. Talk about incompetence, the woke Defense Secretary Austin went to bat, shit crazy over the LGBT agenda, ensuring that crossdressing transgenders feel comfortable wearing women’s clothes in the mess hall. Austin’s incompetence permeates his 4 plus decade military record. As the civilian boss now in charge of the all-Important US military departure from its two decade longest running war, the humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, responsible for over $100 billion taxpaid wastes, handing over more war material to the enemy while abandoning American citizens in the country, his parting shot allowing yet a few more US soldiers to be massacred at the airport, Austin is a complete disaster and disgrace. But that’s not all. He and Uncle Joe forced kill shots on all the US armed forces, killing and disabling huge numbers to intentionally weaken America’s fighting capacity to defend our national security. He is not only among the most incompetent bureaucrat generals, but like his boss, he’s a US traitor as well.

Disappointed, falling out of NATO member Turkey, these days is clearly turning its back on the terrorist backing West to establish cozier relations with Russia, having already applied to the BRICS economic alliance. Additionally, Russian natural gas is expanding the TurkStream pipeline to pump its lifeblood fuel source not only to increase Turkish consumption but allow its ally to serve as a supplier extending the pipeline gas to other nearby regions. As a result, Turkey is allowing freer access through its Dardanelles Strait, permitting more Russian submarines to patrol the Black Sea in order to step up TurkStream pipeline security to ensure prevention of more Nord Stream-like sabotage by vindictive US.

The Russian press releases of the first three conversations between Shoigu and his counterparts specifically mention “concerns about possible provocations by Ukraine with the use of a ‘dirty bomb,’” whereas the subject matter with Austin disclosed only that Ukraine’s developments were addressed. The Pentagon claimed that during his phone call Austin had “rejected any pretext for Russian escalation.”

Also on Sunday October 23rd, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke to Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in order to “reject Russia’s false allegations that Ukraine is preparing to use a dirty bomb on its own territory.” Kuleba denounced Moscow’s claims as “absurd” and “dangerous,” adding “Russians often accuse others of what they plan themselves.” Talk about “the pot calling the kettle black.” Based on the atrocious track record of puppets out of both Washington DC and Kiev and their lack of credibility, anything uttered from their lips must automatically be discerned as highly suspect, most probable lies.

With the latest hullaballoo, over the weekend talking head David Betray-us-Petraeus was carted out again, warning that the US may act alone even without NATO to enter the war in Ukraine to directly oppose Putin. While Petraeus CIA director, he was too busy having an extramarital affair to bother protecting the security of Americans including the US ambassador at the Embassy compound in Benghazi, Libya. While head general losing the Afghan and Iraq Wars, Petraeus was too busy privatizing both the US military and soon the CIA, making US foreign policy covert and less accountable so Eric Prince Blackwater mercenary outfit committed war crimes. And now this is the guy the mainstream whores go to for the latest war propaganda and disinformation. The most recent Petraeus interview is intended to prep American citizens for US soldiers to soon be fighting and dying in World War III sent to kill Russian soldiers in Europe.

The insane saber-rattling threat becomes concrete, on-the-ground reality with the general’s interview co-timed with national news coverage that the US has already entered the war in Ukraine, fighting our nuclear archrival Russia. CBS News just reported this last weekend that the imposter Biden regime has already sent an initial combat deployment of 4,700 soldiers from the famed 101st Airborne Division, now stationed in Europe for the first time in 80 years, currently participating in joint military exercises with the Romanian army at a forward operating site as close as 3 miles from the Ukraine border.

As made clear by nonstop US provocation and consistent refusal to even approach diplomatic peace talks, or place pressure on Zelensky to negotiate, instead Washington has suspended all diplomatic contact with Russia. The neocon warmongers doing the diabolical bidding of their Luciferian masters are overtly demanding a nuclear war against Russia and China, with the eastern front soon opening up in Taiwan. Not to be outdone, tensions are ramping up in Pacific Asia when on Monday October 24th, North and South Korea exchanged warning shots with North Korea firing missiles at a South Korean naval ship.

As a potential World War III eastern front ratchets up in Pacific Asia, on Monday October 24th a Russian Defense Ministry representative said:

We have information about the contacts of the office of the President of Ukraine with representatives of Great Britain regarding a possibility to obtain a technology to build nuclear weapons.

Provocation is alleged to “subsequently accuse Russia of using weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.” Today’s nuclear stakes are higher than 60 years ago during the height of the October Missile Crisis, in fact higher now than at any prior time in recorded human history. The criminally exposed planetary overlords are caged beasts with their backs up against the wall brazenly lashing out to threaten and risk annihilation of all life on planet earth. This is how insane conditions are atop the parasitic food chain.

It’s the reason why every American war fought since World War II has been an abysmal loss. It’s also why Gen. Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and imposter-in-thief Biden humiliatingly lost the Afghanistan War in such a disgraceful way, after 20 years of human resource plunder and opium trade for the black budget during America’s longest running war in history. Add genocidal vaccine mandates to their resumés deliberately degrading US fighting force capability, treasonously rendering our armed forces unable to defend adequately our nation against foreign and domestic enemies, and all three need to be prosecuted for both treason and war crimes. Under Defense Secretary Austin’s leadership, fixated on wokism of critical race theory, “diversity” and “inclusion,” fully embracing the LGBT movement in the US military to authorize crossdressing transgender ranks not only severely undermines morale but dangerously weakens our national defense.

Throw in Austin’s corrupt money laundering scheme while in Iraq and how he falsely “earned” a silver star ribbon on his chest for combat bravery while the general never stepped near a battlefield, all of these failures and unscrupulous judgment fully expose not only his sheer incompetence but a character of questionable integrity. Again, as Austin’s onetime squad leader spending four years at West Point undergoing the exact same leadership training and education as Gen. Petraeus, these morally reprehensible bureaucrat politician generals are US traitors responsible for losing all of America’s wars by Luciferian design. The corrupt evil system that breeds these monsters thinks nothing of destroying dozens of failed state nations in its wake, now add Ukraine or even Germany and all their citizens treated as mere collateral damaged cannon fodder serving their own diabolical psychopathic interests.

An Intercept exposé dated September 8th, 2021 entitled “General Failure: How the U.S. Lied about the 9/11 Wars” is subtitled:

For generals like David Petraeus and Lloyd Austin, there has been no punishment for 20 years of disinformation on Afghanistan and Iraq.

Despite consistently losing wars for decades and consistently lying about progress when there was little to none, and displaying gross incompetence time and time again yet never having to answer for their litany of gross failure, somehow top brass generals responsible for losing all US wars and American lives are never called into question, much less punished for their deceitful egregious crimes against humanity. And now our Secretary of Defense is likely to launch a nuclear strike on longtime stalwart Western ally Germany just to blame Russia. It doesn’t get more demonically evil than this.

Russia is fully aware that the West is planning a nuclear false flag attack designed to place blame on Putin. This is the official narrative of the western MSM now for more than a month, pushing the notion that Putin has desperately gone mad as a sore loser and will go to any length to use nukes to blame the West. In their despair, per MSM the Russians are willing to resort to such a fatal blunder.

In fact, in actuality the West knows that Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. But CIA controlled deceptive propaganda ministry called corporate media will never admit the truth because it doesn’t promote the false narrative. Once Putin’s military mobilization is complete within the week, all the while bombing and destroying Kiev’s entire energy infrastructure, the West is able to do nothing about it. They know that they can no longer win this war against Russia, nor can they continue to afford supplying their nearly depleted stockpile of weaponry and fiat money to a ruthless, immoral neo-Nazi Kiev regime, having already ruined their economies and impoverishing their hapless angry citizens to now turn against their leftist puppets and WEF puppetmasters.

Therefore, the West needs a false flag attack in order to preserve what’s left of their waning power in NATO Europe and in North America, Australia and New Zealand, all in with the Marxist totalitarian New World Order. For that reason, these subhumans will sacrifice Ukraine and/or Germany as the targeted victims of a false nuclear attack. Russia will not be attacked with nuclear weapons as Moscow retaliation would strike first annihilating the West. The Western cabal wants to prevent this outcome and has already accepted Russia’s victory and Ukraine’s defeat as an unavoidable consequence at this point.

Thus, the West has informed the Kremlin about this false flag plan and Russia has consented to play along as victory over Ukraine and the West ultimately delivers the advantage of a global power status. Right after Lloyd Austin made the final arrangements with Ben Wallace sending him home last week, on Friday October 21st, Austin then allegedly called to convince Sergei Shoigu that Russia would agree to go along with the globalist plan. Austin had worked out the plan’s details with Wallace with UK agreeing to carry out the false flag attack on most likely the Central European powerhouse Germany under the NATO cover of its scheduled two-week live nuclear military exercise running through October 30th, 2022.

On Sunday Defense Minister Shoigu having agreed to go along with the West’s greenlight for Wallace to proceed without fear that Russia would retaliate by hitting the UK with its nuclear torpedo drone capable of wiping out the British Isles with a 1,600-foot radioactive tsunami wave. The Brits are mainly responsible for this false flag nuclear strike with the US backup through NATO. Liz Truss was quickly removed for her security breach allegedly blabbing to Macron this maniacal plan and the brand new PM Rishi Sunak may or may not even be aware at this point.

As soon as Liz Truss was gone last week, the reject BoJo expressing interest in coming back immediately was backed by warmongering Boris Johnson cheerleaders UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace and Ukraine puppet Zelensky. Bromance amidst a nuclear war setting, complete with false flag titillation, never fails to draw closer today’s woke drama queens pretending to be macho national leaders. No doubt they were sad to learn that on Monday October 24th, 42-year old Rishi Sunak, British history’s first darker-skinned, nonwhite prime minister of East Indian family origin also becomes the youngest PM in 200 years. Selected as the third British prime minister since July, this former hedge fund and UK Treasury boss, promising to put “integrity, professionalism and accountability” ahead of the British Empire’s diabolical Great Game, is perhaps the ideal candidate to soon take the fall for the nuclear false flag.

Another Monday October 24th event reported by RT is that the head of Russia’s military General Valery Gerasimov made a rare phone call to his counterpart top generals in the US Mark Milley and UK, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin. Though RT maintains the purpose of contact was to convey concern over the dirty bomb provocation by Ukraine, it may be discussing details of an upcoming UK-US false flag in Germany.

The Russians foresee the inevitable suicidal collapse of the West, since the Soviet Union already survived its turn of total collapse back in 1992, having reconstituted and sustained itself despite the Russian Federation’s early years ravaged by the predatory Western and Russian oligarch sharks. The Russians are well aware that the West is now in its death throes. As Putin has little stake in how the collapse of the West is arranged by the criminal ruling cabal, as long as Moscow’s interests are preserved and the nation emerges stronger than ever from this prearranged conflict, as controlled opposition Vladimir Putin will likely allow the globalist cabal to ramble on unimpeded with its nefarious design.

This was undoubtedly the discussed agenda covered in the Lloyd Austin-Sergei Shoigu phone call on Sunday October 23rd, the first time they talked to each other since May 2022, working out in detail their arranged deal where Russia allegedly agrees to take the public blame but with no real negative consequence as the West freefalls into oblivion and Russia and China are left to divvy up world hegemony with their longtime globalist kingpin partner – the international crime cabal’s Khazarian mafia bloodline controllers. As much as many of us may have been wishing, hoping and praying to be able to elevate Putin for his meritorious anti-globalist, anti-wokism, anti-pedophilia stand, championing the fight against the NWO’s one world governance agenda, as controlled opposition, he is not a hero.

Thus, in this immediate timeline scenario, there are no real good guys. On the geopolitical chessboard, there are only bad actors and controlled opposition actors appearing to oppose globalist tyranny. All these nefariously powerful players are willing to temporarily make strategic alliances and deals with each other favoring their mutual exclusive interests, but eventually power plays for one-upmanship in this cutthroat realm become inevitable, and eventually their treacherous house of cards prison planet matrix crashes and burns because the wicked and the more wicked are driven by unquenchable lust for more power and control that inevitably leads to fighting each other toward ultimate self-destruction.

The Western branch of the global cabal knows that the US Dollar/petrodollar days are over, thus implementation of its cashless, World Bank Digital Currency system is already well underway. But Rothschild Western banking cartel version will be unable to compete against Russia and China with their much stronger, gold backed currencies based on real production and vast reservoir of precious commodities. This is why as soon as the false flag attack takes place, there will be martial law declared throughout Europe and North America and beyond.

On Wednesday October 12th in an interview with France 2, French President Emmanuel Macron broke with his globalist friends by not committing to using nuclear weapons against Russia should it drop a tactical bomb in Ukraine, angering his Western allies. Having been allegedly informed by Truss on October 6th of an impending globalist plan to attack Germany using a nuclear false flag to blame Russia, Macron appears to be wobbling back and forth amidst this international crisis, distancing himself from the wrath of Putin on October 12th, while walking back an earlier allegation that Putin instigated the recent Azeri attack against Armenia.

In response to the ominous nuclear threat, last Wednesday October 19th Putin placed the four recently annexed regions under martial law concerned that a tactical nuclear weapon might be detonated over Black Sea. He is heightening a security alert throughout the European regions of Russia, which in a flash could decree and implement martial law. The Russians have already prepared for what is happening in the West. It will simply be a modified version of Cold War 2.0, with a new virtual Iron Curtain between the East and West. With Chinese Congress days ago re-electing Xi Jinping for his unprecedented third term, the stage is set for China to take Taiwan. We are on the cusp of dividing the world into two or three geopolitical military spheres of influence.

This is at least the plan of the Western cabal attempting to stay afloat amidst its current predicament where it has already lost its war against Russia, the support and confidence of its people plunging into the greatest economic and energy crisis of all time. The elites are desperate to avoid hanging from the nearest lamppost or under a guillotine as George H.W. Bush one time alluded to being “chased down the street and lynched.” Now that the West has finally been forced to relinquish its supremacy over the entire world, its weakened powerbrokers will be pacified in keeping what little it has amidst the ruins, installing its digital currency and social credit score system. Of course, China has long been living under totalitarian control with its zero COVID policy and its already existing social credit score system used as the globalist NWO model, and will continue global expansion of its Belt and Road Initiative and smart cities agenda as its means to spread its lockdown prison planet tyranny worldwide. Under martial law Russia is reviving its old autocratic control system limiting mobility and travel of its citizenry as the New World Order descends upon our planet, following suit with the globalist agenda to limit and control travel worldwide.

After the nuclear false flag attack most likely in Central Europe, immediately international martial law will be declared establishing the New World Order’s long-cherished financial reset promoted by the World Economic Forum as bloodline control agents. Although corrupt corporate media will attempt to falsely blame Russia for the nuclear attack, soon enough it should be readily exposed. Russia in fact is counting on the West as the Empire of Lies and Deep State criminal cabal to be fully outed for its chronic track record of total deception and ongoing malfeasance. In the same way that few people still believe that vaccines are “safe and effective,” or that the US didn’t sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines as an act of declared war against Germany, its most faithful, subservient vassal, the ever-so-thinly veiled false Western narrative will never hold up as the proven criminal evidence of past similar guilt is far too overwhelming. Especially as failing Western governments are fast crumbling, besieged by growing political, economic and social upheaval and violent unrest amidst the biggest depression of all time, driven by massive inflation and unprecedented energy and food crises, the Great Reset is doomed to fail as worldwide revolt against failed centralized control spreads.

From the ashes come opportunity for rebirth. Again, it will come down to the good citizens of this earth rising up in truth and unity to defeat Luciferian elite’s nightmarish dystopian enslavement. Progress in human evolution will vastly improve the human condition to heal itself from the inevitably destructive stress and strain of a Lucifer-controlled world completely out of balance gone mad. Ascension to a higher plane of existence is presently in process and amidst the darkest days ahead will take full bloom. Our Divine Creator would not have it any other way.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for nearly a decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!

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  1. A false flag plan exposed is one that is less likely to happen. So good on Joachim, Jim and everyone else that exposes it. It’s a serious concern for sure. I am part of the generation that held nuclear attack drills at elementary school. What we were trained to do would not save us. What it did was teach us to be very afraid. We are the kingdom and fear and lies, so that shouldn’t be any surprise. I came across a video this morning that I did not want to watch, but I did. Please watch and comment, I think it’s likely to be accurate. Scares me far more than what might happen overseas.

    I heard that ghoul at the World Economic Forum said free will is a thing of the past, I thought WOW!… what a boastful claim, how would they do it? Then I saw this video on nano-technology contained in all the vaccines. How it would penetrate the blood-brain barrier and form it’s own neuro-network and emit blue tooth signals, even from the grave! That’s why the graveyards are emitting MAC addresses. Bam, there’s your mind control. That’s why my pal Mavrik was still urging me to get the vaxx even as it killed him with three forms of cancer. He had no free will left. Check out this short video and see what you think…

    Nothing but lies from the NEWS and truth in movies and TV via allegory. It’s not the actual story. It conveys what’s planned in a wildly entertaining format. I just happened to watch the latest James Bond flick and the Kingsmen – Secret Service. Both wildly entertaining on a certain level, but the allegory smacked you right in the eye.

    Kingsmen trailer:

    No time to Die Trailer

    In the Kingsmen a tech billionaire lures the global population into his satelite network with free wifi and phone service. Then with a push of a button the cell phones trigger them all into a murderous rampage. The Billionaire’s minions are controlled through implanted microchips that explode killing the drone if they disobey his commands.

    In the Bond movie, deadly nanotech is encoded to attack and kill with DNA targeting on certain individuals. A DNA data base is hacked and used to target any individual. Anyone can be targeted just by touching them. The deadly nanotech is harmless to the carrier of the weapon.

    These stories follow the Genocidal Ghouls’ code of warning us what is going to happen. If we don’t stop it, we give our tacit consent. In the latest Walgreens commercial shown at every break in one show, the pharmacist is all warm and fuzzy, even lovingly vaccinates a pregnant woman and her little kid. It’s diabolical.

  2. Anyhow JimF, I think Judy rightly asks the question ” where did the towers go?”. I think you are wrong. As for Judy including you with Alex Jones , Richard Gage, etc or you doing the same to Judy and therefore RichardDHall, it is both sides cast aspersions, I take Judy’s side on dustification.

  3. Joachim, I like your moniker for David Petraeus–David “Be-Tray-us”. But I don’t think it likely that even a low-grade nuclear weapon will be used by Ukraine or the U.S. or Britain, for two reasons: 1) who wants to start a nuclear exchange that could lead to the murder of billions of people and the poisoning of the Earth for millenia (Bill Gates excepted)?; and 2) any effort to create a full-scale battle between Russia and NATO would be counterproductive since an incohesive NATO is no match for a well-trained and cohesive Russian Army fighting in its own backyard. Not to mention what a full-blown NATO declaration of WWIII would cause China to do–probably blow up a few US aircraft carriers in the Pacific? No, the West is in checkmate (to use a chess analogy) or having its bluff called on a pair of aces (to use a Texas hold ’em analogy). What is merely left to do is to sign the terms of surrender.

  4. May I had Richard Gage, you and RD Hall all question the existance of viruses. But druggies get HepB from dirty needles. The South Americans and Aust Aborigines all caught Eurpoean virsues and died, because they had not built up imunity. People have bbeen using innoculations for thousands of years. I don’t think the natives were all pschologically or diet vunerable, I think they caught a disease, ususally not bacterial. As for 5G, it can’t be good for us, like most radiation, but we can hopefully tolerate it. And it seems you can’t isolate a virus like you can, with bacteria. As I thought the covid was some type of scam for sure, but it was ,I think, a way of clocking up massive debts in the governments etc, to push up inflation, among other things.

  5. The Poms did similar in Australai and the aborigines weren’t even warned and got radiated. Paul from Califnia (as Arnold says it) says the bomb is a hoax, that is bulldust.

  6. Judy Wood says there was no radiation at 911 site. She says some sort nuclear reaction took place as well other forces, but not as we know it. I have always ignored Judy Wood becuse Jim says she is wrong. But from what I can see the site did tun to dust. Jim introduced herat that semiunar, then he turned against her. On they have always said Judy was right. Now I think they are right. Not nanothermire (ae911truth, where I signed the petition) but not normal nukes (like Jim Fetzer says).What is it with Jim? Anyhow Jim is right about Sandy Hook and many things. Judy Woods says Jim is a shill, I hope not). When I talk to him he has always seemed sincere.

    1. I gave Judy Wood an unprecedented 3 hours to speak at my “The Science and Politics of 9/11” Conference in Madison (2007). I featured her 15 times on my radio shows. I did not “turn against her”. She ignores the US Geological Survey dust studies that show elements that would not have been there had this not been a nuclear event. The proliferation of odd cancers following 9/11–very similar to the pattern following the Chernobyl melt-down. We have sailors aboard ships made out of WTC steel that are suffering the effects of radiation exposure. Think about it. One of us may be a shill, but that would not be me. On 8 September 2012: Start at 2 hour mark:

      1. I have just looked at WTC7 it did not dustify. And as you always say there was a pile of rubble. But the other buildings do turn into dust as they fall. You say nucler bombs, but at Nagasaki and hiroshima and all the pictures of atomic explosions, probably nuclear all you get is a mushroom cloud, as far as I can see. I thought WTC steel went to China, how did it get into ships? Judy points out just after the 9/11 say 9/10 the steel was gone? And what about people supposedly excavating molten steel. Judy Woods calls Richard Gage a gatekeeper and you and Alex Jones. You call Richard Gage a gatekeeper or usually a limited hangout. Now Alex Jones usually takes the mainstream view and creticizes it as if it’s true, where you tend to not accept they mainstream view. Richard D Hall ‘s plotting of the plane hitting the tower being a cloaked missile seems correct, as opposed to your projection theory, the black dot plae from the helicopter is convincing by itself.

      2. Well you did turn against her. You introduced as the most capable person tho talk on 911, to being wrong. That is turning around, from good to bad. You say the dustification is due to nuclear reactions, she says some type of non-kinetic field. Basically the rubble was gone except WTC7. There was according to her little radiation? You say the ships are radiated from the steel. Juudy says the field was at least partly a nulear reaction , but something like cold fusion, not kinetic.

      3. You let Paul from Califnia say there are no bombs and some to say the earth is flat. Wht so hard on directed energy, when there is dustification before our very eyes, but not WTC7? Why does Judy just dismiss WTC7, when Richard Gage made it his main point? And Barry Jennings experienced pre-blasts indide WTC7, not dustification?

      4. Judy Wood talks about some element and says it was proof of nuclear but says no radiation. She says some other type of nuclear like cold fusion. I think it may be resonance or anti gravity or something else or like she says a mix.

      5. I’m with you on this one., Jim You have been extremely generous to Judy Wood. I don’t view her as a shill, because she has always contradicted the official 911 narrative by arguing correctly that the towers were brought down from below and descended in essentially free-fall. However, her postulation of a high-energy secret DoD weapon lacks credibility–having worked for the DoD and being familiar with some of its radiation weapons, I don’t believe any such secret weapon was used on 911 or even exists. (If you want to look for advanced technological weaponry, look at the Shkval super-cavitating torpedoes and Kinzhal hypersonic missile in the Russian inventory!) There is evidence of radioactivity and also perhaps for some thermite residues at the WTC; it is likely that one or even both were used in the basement of the towers., although I’ve gradually become less convinced of the thermite theory. What is clear is that the fires burned for months in underground hot spots and could not be put out easily by water; hence, they were very different from those caused by conventional explosions or even more ludicrously by jet fuel.

    1. BillAu………….what’s a ”normal” nuclear bomb?

      I do know that thousands of soldiers were ordered to march into an atomic bomb ground zero within an hour of a blast. There was a good chance that these guinea pig soldiers contracted cancer. File 1951 atomic blast. There were no volunteers…you went where you were told. You were also told that a good dustoff would remove the radiation dust. Sure!


      1. Official US Government nuclear radiation removeable tool. circa 1955 Made by Rubbermaid.


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