Joachim Hagopian, Are Putin and Xi City of London’s Controlled Opposition or Leaders Rising Up in a Multipolar World?

Joachim Hagopian

With each passing day and week, it becomes glaringly more obvious that the planetary overlords that control the centralized Rothschild banking cartel and World Economic Forum, along with their other usual suspect partners, the Rockefeller and black nobility bloodlines, including the English and European royals, ruling over the unholy trinity of the City of London-Washington DCVatican as the longstanding power base on earth, are now making their final stand intending to provoke nuclear world war in Ukraine and Taiwan.

The stage has been set by globalist design for a weakening, soon destroyed West, freefalling in decline to fight and lose against rising Eastern global powers Russia and China. Having depleted its weapons stockpile, wasted mostly on losing them to Ukraine’s notorious black market, the West can no longer adequately defend itself against the Eastern powers, and unfortunately, their only option then becomes nuclear, and of course in that case, we all lose. This nightmare appears to be the elites’ endgame.

The crime cabal elites don’t want you to know that they have a traceable history, years ago having selected, systematically groomed and forged a symbiotic partnership with both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to share in rulership of the New World Order. The elites’ ticket to increased power is predicated on a strategy creating nonstop Gladio-like tensions in the world, mass shootings, and most recently multiple convergent crises, never-ending “unnatural” catastrophes and growing geopolitical conflict worldwide, all the while meticulously backing both sides to every conflict and war they create for the last two centuries. This is their signature Modus Operandi, ruthlessly establishing centralized one world governance through nonstop divide and rule deception and endlessly repeating cycles of the Hegelian “problem, reaction, solution” dialectic, always moving closer to their coveted endgame objective –  consolidated, myopic, absolute power and control into fewer hands ruling over a drastically reduced population through genocide of the human race.

A relative handful of psychopathic, subhuman puppetmasters are currently in process of engineering the fall of Western civilization manifesting at a breakneck, suicidal speed under the contrived woke pretext of the green energy climate change agenda, while falsely blaming Russia for the war in Ukraine causing all the acute famine and global shortage. The suffering masses that are without sufficient food, fuel and money to survive skyrocketing hyperinflation and cost of living are victims of the elites’ grand depopulation scheme called their Great Reset aimed at eliminating 15 out of 16 of us humans currently living and breathing. Do the math, their recently destroyed Georgia Guidestones’ pledge under their guide of sustainability, forwarded by the UN Agenda 2030, calls for culling the masses to a manageable half billion from the current population of nearly 8 billion.

Meanwhile, a covert, under the table arrangement stealthily made over two decades ago by the Rothschild City of London/Jewish State, i.e., the Khazarian mafia enemy running so much of this world, strategically placed KGB rising star Vladimir Putin in charge of Russia, handpicked by mafia guru himself Henry Kissinger, according to his boastful, proud former righthand man, psychiatrist and intel spook Dr. Steve Pieczenik interviewed on the Alex Jones Show. And through the years, despite the Western media’s demonization of the Russian leader, Kissinger has loyally defended him throughout to this day. During the last couple of decades, Israel has methodically, quietly been making economic deals, forging a strategic economic alliance with Putin’s Russia as the elites’ purported controlled opposition, simultaneously in the last decade also supporting the rise of the next Mao-like fixture atop Communist Red China – President Xi Jinping, courting a growing economic and military alliance with him as well.

The evidence is solid that the Khazarian mafia kingpins have designed a grand plan strategy to fully exploit Russia for Moscow’s vast natural reserves and China as the world’s #1 manufacturing base alongside its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, while ever since the 1980s, outsourcing the West to finally replace it this year as the no longer unipolar ex-Top Gun, now being flagrantly discarded and thrown under the bus. Order-following, owned and controlled, sexually blackmailed G7 traitors like Biden, Trudeau and their vassal European peers, this year are enforcing all too obvious suicidal, disastrous policies carrying a dangerous domino effect of grave, deadly consequences designed to rapidly destabilize and depopulate the wealthiest three continents of the world, the three holding a white race majority. The other continents as victims of centuries of imperialism holding Third World status have been deemed more pliably controllable, plus robotics can’t work all the “plantations” busily extracting what’s left of their precious resources.

Today’s active phase of the Khazarian long war “great game” began at the turn of this current century with the oil rich Middle East, once again misusing its world bullying, battering ram – the Washington DC puppet war machine, to fight multiple Zionist wars for the Greater Israel Project, ever since WWII invading and/or regime changing/overthrowing 75 nations while slaughtering 30 million people. The plan for a “War on Terror” was simply filtered through designated, unelected neocons – the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld gang’s Project for the New American Century’s (PNAC) “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” literally spelling out in print the US needs “a new Pearl Harbor” and calling it their 9/11. All along it was predesigned to consolidate the Rothschild Khazarian mafia’s Greater Israel’s bloodthirsty power and control, channeling PNAC American Jews holding dual Israeli citizenship as useful idiots working for Zionist Israel.

Thus, in this new 21st century, those “swarthy-skinned” Middle Eastern Islamic terrorists were the West’s newly designated “enemy” target, while the US secretly financed and CIA trained this proxy war enemy/globalist ally pawn once the Soviet Empire lost its decade long 1980s war in “graveyard of empires” Afghanistan, and the overspent, bankrupted USSR was being dissolved by the early 1990s. With the Cold War over and unipolar, godlike sole superpower over the devil’s earthly dominion, the Bush-ClintonObamaBiden crime families carried out nonstop war under the false pretense of rooting out those nasty [US-created] terrorists, their CIA trained asset-patsy Osama bin Laden and his crew of cave-dwelling boxcutters, and under 9/11 “retribution” those infamous, nonexistent “WMDs” in Iraq, embarking on a bloodthirsty rampage of Luciferian terror, bombing and destroying war ravaged nation after war ravaged nation, pulverizing anything in sight into depopulated failed states. None of this carnage could have been done without [made in USA] al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists nor 24/7 propaganda war machine.

Shortly after 9/11, General Wesley Clark spotted the infamous list disclosed a half dozen years later of the neocons’ regime change operation taking down 7 targeted nations within the next 5 years. With a few already under attack like Afghanistan, mainly for its heroin and precious metal extraction, oh yeah, Osama, wink, wink, and the rest primarily for oil and divide and rule Zionism – Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Somalia, South Sudan, with the only nation on that list not a destroyed failed state – Iran, despite countless US Zionist war threats and even more piled on economic sanctions. But despite all that, Iran is an emerging strategic partner of Russia and China as Israel’s sole Middle Eastern rival now.

Thus, with its global destabilization agenda, displacing millions of victims from Middle Eastern and North African warzones ensured the globalists mass migrant populations flooding into Europe and America’s wide-open borders, by sinister design euphemistically calling it “multiculturalism” in order to silence critics objecting to it as “racists.” With nearly 5 million entering the US during Biden’s first 18 months, the latest insult is Venezuela emptying its prisons and sending criminals northward to America. The elites’ are willful downgrading the world’s two most affluent, largest middle class continents, imposing a surplus of cheap labor and growing divide and conquer polarization through racial and religious class warfare, in recent years reaching crisis levels in virtually every Western country with only one exception – the chief war and mass-migration architect of them all – Zionist Israel.

By the time upstart “strongman” Putin eventually kicked out most of the predatory Western oligarchs, parasitically raping and pillaging Russia’s vast natural resources, through the Rothschild controlled City of London Khazarian mafia and their very own Jewish State (promised to Lord Lionel Rothschild by UK’s 1917 Balfour Declaration), in this century the controllers began stealthily making secret deals between Israel and their controlled opposition designates – Russia and China, while the Khazarian mafia controlled media conveniently recycled Russia and China once again as the West’s “Cold War 2.0” enemies, now currently positioned to replace America and the West as the next global geopolitical powers. Zionist Khazarian mafia owes no loyalty to anyone but themselves. So much for the myth that the backstabbing Israel is America’s closest Middle Eastern ally.

The only factor that has yet to be determined is the strategic economic and military partnership between Putin, Xi, Iran, India, and their growing closer ties and mutual support forged among the world majority of Global South nations, many eagerly lining up to join Russia and China’s BRICS alliance and their Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as the world’s largest organized bloc of nations comprising 41% of the world population. With the US dollar’s days as international reserve currency about to be history, the rapidly shifting axis of global power is decisively moving swiftly now away from the forsaken unipolar suicidal has-been, insanely woke and perverted West and its impotently imposed economic sanctions against Russia that are only hurting if not exterminating the West and strengthening Russia’s prowess as the leading multipolar Eastern power led by Putin and Xi’s emergent majority coalition, at any time replacing the US reserve currency with their own BRICS backed by gold, standing to only grow stronger – with or without the Khazarian mafia.

Despite Washington continued unipolar-weakened bullying to coerce and threaten other nations to fall in line with the Western vassals to punish Russia with their futile sanctions, the globalists and puppet Biden have failed miserably to rally the vast nation majority to join the West’s suicidal bandwagon. Smartly, they want nothing to do with Russia-bashing over Ukraine. The global tide has finally turned and American exceptionalism and its unaccountability for all its crimes of aggression will no longer be tolerated by the rest of the world. The globalists and their Western puppets are on a sinking ship now.

A number of recent indicators strongly suggest that Putin and Xi have turned against their onetime masters, the Rothschild-Schwab-Soros elite controllers, no longer operating in secret collusion with the criminal cartel embodied by the likes of Ukraine, where under Russia’s incursion those black budget trillions have dried up overnight, no longer laundered by the central bankster cartel. The heir to the Rothschild throne, the future Baron Nathaniel Rothschild, wrote in early March allegedly imploring his UK parliament to stop Putin in Ukraine at all cost, suggesting that his family’s stakes in Ukraine are in dire jeopardy if Putin wins. George Soros also railed against Putin and Xi, further inferring a serious break with the puppetmasters. All these powerbroking Zionist Jews are up in arms over the strong likelihood that Putin and company have turned on the elite and are in the process of forming a wide coalition of non-Western countries that welcome the new multipolar global leadership that respects and values every nation’s sovereignty.

In May 2022 Russia and China issued an ultimatum to the Pentagon, either break with and destroy the Khazarian mafia or face a looming prospect of nuclear war. In response to the destructive clutches of the Rothschild City of London stranglehold over this earth, Russia and China are leading a growing Eastern alliance with emerging regional powers India, Iran and Brazil to replace the unipolar status quo of the old Davos WEF’s centralized Satanic bloodline control desperately losing power now. It’s very evident by its desperation in Ukraine. The elites’ unholy trinity appears to finally be losing its grip over the world.

As further evidence of a severance between Israel and Russia, just a few years earlier in 2016 such close ties were then being developed between Khazarian mafia chieftain Netanyahu, repeatedly sent to curry favor with Moscow, hard at work bromancing Putin. But all that investment appears to have been in vain. In May of this year the two nations clashed militarily over Syrian airspace as Russia fired missiles at Israeli warplanes from its S-300 air defense system. Plus, Israel has ultimately sided with the West against Russia’s Kiev campaign, becoming a harsh critic toward “Vlad the Bad” since Ashkenazi blood ties with fellow Khazarian drag queen Zelensky run thicker than any all but evaporated onetime bromance.

The elite is so desperately afraid of losing everything in Ukraine that the US and Kiev are pumping troops with experimental drugs designed to instantly turn them into super-soldiers, suspending and numbing their survival skill to react to fear on the battlefield. In the recent failed Kherson offensive where many thousands of Ukrainians died, Kiev soldiers crazed on drugs hit by heavy arms fire were observed never dropping to the ground for safety to avoid shell fragments but remained upright and were easily gunned down. The cabal is apparently willing to use Ukrainian military as expendable human guinea pigs if it helps slow down the Russian onslaught as Putin’s armed forces have discovered abandoned drug labs on the Ukraine battlefields. From an article released earlier this month entitled “Ukraine’s Zombie Army: Doped Up to Die”:

The blunting of the instinct of self-preservation in the form of a natural reflex to an explosion is striking.

Returning to City of London’s control over Israel and its recent falling out with Putin, their strained relations prompted Russia to file a lawsuit in a Moscow court in July to oust the Israeli immigration service the Jewish Agency from even operating inside Russia after 33 years, which comes as a major blow to Tel Aviv, scrambling a delegation to Moscow to try and vainly avert the “crisis.” After over three decades of service, millions of Ashkenazi Jews from Russia (as well as Ukraine and Eastern Europe) have heavily utilized the Jewish Agency to easily emigrate to Israel as dual citizens, so the sudden cutoff of the large Jewish talent pool flowing from Russia to Israel has to be regarded as a severe setback for Israel.

After all, in recent decades many young Russian Jews from immigrant families enter the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as part of its Talpiot program, churning out highly trained Unit 8200 personnel specializing in advanced IT technologies as cyber spies, whereby IDF alumni infiltrate all the Big Tech giants as VIP executives or as entrepreneurs developing numerous startup companies worldwide, catapulting Israel as the premier recognized hi-tech global leader, perhaps surpassing Silicon Valley. Zionist Jews have been advancing state of the art drone technology, arms technology and virtually monopolizing global cybersecurity, notoriously accessing built-in backdoor software technologies sold to scores of nations around the globe, at will violating and breeching US top secrets in addition to countless national, military and corporate security secrets worldwide. In 2021 alone Israel generated $8.8 billion from its cybersecurity industry, tripling its earnings from the year before. Today’s pervasive hacking at the heart of international cyberwarfare has subversive Israel posing a global threat, among a number of other competing forces, all in varying degrees possessing a dangerous capacity to wreak absolute nightmarish havoc with virtually every type of infrastructure and industry, from banking finances to the military, government public sector to the corporate private sector in most countries on earth. And with China’s smart cities infrastructure and new digital Silk Road stretching around the globe, both the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Israel are all in, intertwining their high-tech spying tentacles in partnership embrace with China’s digitalized control matrix. That should give pause for anyone who values freedom.

Case in point, no sooner did the UK firm Juniper Research name China’s most populated city Shanghai as the world’s smartest of smart cities last February, its 25 million residents suddenly were forced into another bogus lockdown because someone tested PCR positive, so for the next 60-90 days, the city was strictly confined to their homes, transformed instantly from smartest city utopia to dumbest city dystopia. Yet Tech privy Israel, the WEF and global power China are all enamored, locked in smart city prison planet alignment coming to the neighborhood nearest you. So how much can we really trust Xi actually being a good guy fighting against globalism when his CCP’s the model for social credit scores?

Since February 24th, Putin has been neutralizing dozens of US Department of Defense-funded bioweapon labs located in Ukraine, as well as uncovering the vast underground network of 1500 miles of tunnels and Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) running underneath all of Ukraine stretch in all directions worldwide that until this past February was supplying the Western world with the planet’s most trafficked children, including babies, human organs, illicit drugs and illegal arms. The human organ harvesting and trafficking trade is the worst in Europe and the center for east-west drug smuggling. Picture those Evergreen cargo containers filled with children busted when a cargo carrier got embanked in the Suez Canal in April 2021. Also, 70% of the West’s near depleted weapons stockpile pouring into Ukraine recently discovered sold on the black market and dark web to various criminal organizations. Historically for decades organized crime in Ukraine has reigned supreme, thus Russia’s continuing encroachment and increasing interdiction control has grown in recent months to become a gargantuan threat to the international criminal cabal.

Moreover, Putin has issued statements indicating he resoundingly rejects globalism, the Rothschild City of London’s New World Order and kicked out Russian oligarch and notorious Rothschild agent Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was briefly arrested by Putin prior to the globalist crook continued using his son fronting anti-Putin political projects financed by Lord Jacob Rothschild.

Afterall, Putin went from being Rothschild, Kissinger and Schwab’s boy to their nemesis, upsetting their NWO’s one world government agenda… so say two noteworthy figures from totally different walks of life, the highly respected Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Catholic apostolic nuncio to America, and retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) director and Trump’s first National Security Advisor. Father Viganò recognizes that the globalist elite escalated the Ukraine conflict:

This is the trap for Russia just as much as Ukraine, using both to allow a globalist elite to bring its criminal plot to fruition.

The astute Archbishop also realizes that those refusing to call Putin an “occupier” or “tyrant” receive the same stigmatizing treatment of those who speak out against the COVID vaccines, marginalized if not criminalized for dissent not swept up and fooled by all the media propaganda lies.

Michael Flynn acknowledges Putin’s Ukraine intervention upsets the balance of the New World Order:

What is happening in Europe now is an imbalance of the world order as they envision it.

No amount of effort and resources will be spared fighting tooth and nail against Putin in Ukraine because the elites know their very survival is hanging in the balance. Hence, the recent US commitment of an unbelievable $675 billion to Ukraine and another $650 billion to Taiwan. Central banking fiat currency created out of Khazarian mafia thin air will down the road ultimately be paid by over-fleeced, burdened American taxpayers. Incredibly deep-pocketed cash and arms are being transferred to NWO’s corrupt little dancing drama queen puppet Zelensky and his Khazarian mafia coffers.

The growing public exposure of the Biden crime family actively operating for years in Ukraine, through Hunter Biden’s shady, perverted dealings in the country’s largest energy company, with enormously corrupt criminal involvement, confirmed kickbacks allocated for “the Big Guy,” trillions in money laundering, massive international drug smuggling and close ties to global child sex trafficking, the Bidens were in fact incriminated even further on January 1st, 2021. In a predawn raid, US Delta Force commandos engulfed the large Biden owned 200-acre private compound located minutes away from the now de-Nazified Mariupol port where so many Evergreen containers pass through from China. And we know China own the Bidens. Reportedly confiscated on and under the property were huge amounts of heroin and cash discovered mostly in the tunnels running just below the compound that included hidden torture chambers complete with shackles used in child rape trafficking.

That $675 billion aid package marked for Kiev in actuality is more apt to be aiding Khazarian mafia criminals, recycled back into their greedy hands to help replace their trillions in lost profit from all its organized crime enterprises getting shut down, compliments of Mr. Putin launching his Special Military Operation to de-Nazify, demilitarize and de-filthify the Khazarian devils’ playground.

The elite’s cash cow operation of laundered dirty money that for years had been flowing out of Ukraine is why the elite is trying so frantically to prolong this war at all cost, weaken Russia and urgently remove Putin from office, including a plan to take him out, with an alleged unsuccessful attempt just reported. Sacrificing the West with boomeranging Russian sanctions will very soon be causing mass starvation globally, while freezing to death Europe and North America this winter, crashing their economies, causing deindustrialization and dooming their very survival, compounded by the unprecedented death waves of millions of vaccinated victims suffering compromised immune systems succumb from the common cold and flu this Dark Winter. Recent emerging evidence has shown that as early as 2005, the then junior Senator Barack Obama is now implicated in establishing US bioweapon labs in Ukraine a full 17 years before Putin’s February incursion, obviously extending nearly a full decade prior to Obama’s 2014 illegal US coup, all the while bloodline pedo-overlords have been exploiting and sucking the lifeblood out of Ukraine as their devil’s playground.

Speaking of the devil’s playground, how ‘bout Obama and his elite friends on Martha’s Vineyard within 48 hours making certain those 50 illegal aliens that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew in immediately were removed by the National Guard – such hypocrisy coming from the woke leftist elites. Last year when the rest of the nation was under mask mandated lockdowns, Barack Hussein’s 60th b-day bash exposed his hypocrisy at his $11.75 million mansion with his invited mask-less Luciferian pedo-guests.

So, in reality Putin is essentially also running a cleanup operation to surgically remove the crime cabal’s ungodly filth, perversion and pure wickedness operating exclusively under Luciferian bloodline control for a number of decades. On many past occasions, Vladimir Putin has spoken out against the degenerate wokism of the West, including the normalization of pedophilia and human and child sex trafficking. A full decade ago he banned all Russian adoptions in America years ago for this very reason.

Putin has also been openly critical of globalism and the Rothschild central banking cartel. Moreover, the vicious, over-the-top ways the elite-captured and owned West has so demonized Putin over the years with so many outright lies, he obviously is a major threat to the criminal cabal and its Khazarian owners. Short of making Putin a saint, which he’s not, he remains the only major leader on the world stage who behaves rationally, exercises remarkable constraint in the face of so much animosity and unwarranted opposition, and his constructive criticism of the West and elitism over the years has maintained a level of veracity that rings true.

All this ugly dark truth exposing the criminal elite as an unprosecuted genocidal death cult is now coming to the red-pilled surface. More of us around the globe are waking up to this grim reality every single day. That’s why the stakes today are so desperately high and all of the West’s resources are being diverted to “saving Ukraine,” not because it’s the underdog democracy standing up courageously against the big bad evil Russian invaders. It’s not about Ukraine or its people at all, tragically from the get-go they’ve been written off as expendable cannon fodder. At stake here is the very survival of the Luciferian bloodline cabal that has controlled and been criminally destroying life on planet earth for millennia. That’s why World War III and their reset is vital to bail the controllers out of the mess they find themselves in right now.

Last week the elite apparently granted permission to their minions to greenlight Azerbaijan launching yet another round of artillery and heavy weapons, shelling multiple locations inside the Republic of Armenia. More sinister efforts to create another volatile headache for Putin on his border, hoping to embroil him in yet another regional war at his doorstep to thereby weaken Russia with a potential second warfront opening up. The ultimate challenge for Armenians is to protect and preserve their ancient homeland begun during the early Bronze Age as history’s first nation to embrace Christianity as an official state religion in the 4th century AD, long before the Islamic Azeris were ever a people or a nation. But as fellow Turkic brethren, Azeris are hell bent on finishing the bloody genocide that Turkey started in the last century. Rivaling ISIS, Azerbaijan has already desecrated countless Armenian churches, religious and cultural monuments and artifacts in conquered homeland enclaves Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and. In willful acts of cultural genocide, this week US researchers confirm that 98% of cultural Armenian heritage sites in another Armenian enclave Nakhichevan have been destroyed.

Obviously, this relentless compulsion to ignite World War III is not about preserving the US, EU and NATO either, since they too are all ultimately being used as suicidal, sacrificial fodder by psychopathic Khazarian mafia overlords. With the 1990 false promise of NATO not moving “one inch eastward” toward Russia, and the reality that the West has been self-consumed with encircling Russia with hostile neighbors pointing US missiles at Moscow, its refusal to respect Russia’s fundamental sovereign right to national security has brought us to this dangerous historical breaking point. Bottom line, all this madness and aggression have everything to do with the ruling elite’s agenda to desperately save its own skin at the expense of all others, anything to preserve its diabolical control matrix, if Putin and Xi are in fact leading a worldwide coup against bloodline business-as-usual within Old World Order’s crumbling criminal cabal system, the same one that’s still bringing us its fake pandemic and genocidal attempt to eliminate the human race. Time will tell if and when the Russian special military operation in Ukraine ends without leading to Armageddon.

If over a half-century ago an LA Times article reports that a Rand Corporation physicist already devised a high transit system up capable of traveling 10,000 miles per hour, then today’s top-secret underground Mach speed rail system tunnel network operating below the earth’s surface is a done deal years ago. The elite actually believes that it has nothing left to lose, triggering nuclear annihilation, convinced that their black hat inhabited underworld equipped with subterranean luxury dwellings and DUMBs will protect them from nuclear fallout at earth’s surface. Several years after nuclear war, the elite has contingency plans to emerge from down below to resume power and control where they left off before. God has other plans.

Will it be the liberation of humanity resulting from the unified people’s worldwide pushback against the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset of tyrannical dystopian enslavement, together with the Putin-Xi coup potentially operating on humanity’s behalf against our common enemy? Or are Russia and China mere controlled opposition all along, helping to usher in the cabal’s centralized control matrix nightmare of technocratic one world governance police state, complete with smart cities super surveillance, digitalized feudal slavery, Xi’s CCP modeled social credit scores and dissenters’ frozen bank accounts? The outcome appears to fall largely upon whether Putin and Xi’s true intentions render them merely the Khazarian mafia’s controlled opposition henchmen or not. Without falling into hopium dream world passivity waiting to be saved, We the People can only be saved by our own forthright resolve and mindful actions. If help comes from any other sources, all the better. But neither can we rely on the white hats or Trump-Putin-Xi “3 Musketeer” WWGOWGA fantasy to rescue humanity.

My mantra is seeing is believing, one way or the other, and at this moment in time, it appears too early to tell. September 24th looms heavy on the very near horizon. Almost daily for months, the deranged Khazarian mafia has ordered shelling at Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant as a potential false flag blaming the Russians. Pray that’s not coming on the 24th, but prayers for our Creator’s divine intervention and guidance are very much needed so that We the People find the strength, wisdom and resiliency to fight back against evil through mass civil disobedience, exercising our constitutional rights of self-defense and liberty, and God willing, a righteous victory bringing forth truth, justice and peace to prevail over the dark malevolent forces that want us dead.

The fake pandemic and worldwide coordination of the authoritarian lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates and obvious overreach, and now with all the deaths and injuries piling up, the accumulated damage proving that it was a criminally preplanned genocide that has awakened millions, if not billions, on this planet to the dark sobering reality. Now as critical mass amongst the global population is reached, the wrath of citizens of this world demanding that all the criminals be held accountable is already well in progress. The foundation of the New World Order’s technocratic dictatorship is now crumbling under the heavy weight of all this undeniable criminal evidence. Combine these crimes against humanity with the biolabs, vast network of tunnels and the cabal’s busted child sex trafficking operation now blown wide open in Ukraine, thanks to Russia’s cleanup operation exposing the appalling criminality, it appears that the bloodlines’ reign of terror and scourge on this earth is finally over. Justice will be done, and the truth shall set us free, from the longstanding bondage of dystopian enslavement and digitalized prison planet. God and humanity will prevail!

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for over 8 years, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!

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  28. So, this is the country we have sent billions to in the name of stopping the Russian aggressor? Are you kidding me?

    Ukraine Threatens 5-Year Prison Sentence For Anyone Voting In “Sham Referendums”
    A few good comments:

    No wonder people on the Left love Ukraine. They are all a bunch of authoritarian D bags.

    Making voting illegal is one of the key principles of Ukrainian democracy.

    5 year penalty

    not like Z hasn’t already DESTROYED his own country with help of dirt nap joe

    can’t help stupid

    Yes sir, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Zelensky will punish his population for voting, but they will eventually be used as cannon fodder anyway. The people behind Zelensky (ZIONISTS!) don’t care how many Ukrainians they murder. Means to an end. Just ask light-loafer Lyndsey Graham.

  29. Try not to miss yesterdays Raw Deal.
    Most of the show deals with Miles Mathis’ attack on Dr. Fetzer. he actually believes Jim’s trial is staged.
    In truth, I have never had much faith in Mathis. Some of his “theories” were just off the wall. Others had some validity. For me, this reeks of controlled opposition. Paul mentioned someone with whom he had spoken felt that Mathis is more than one person. I tend to agree. If you check into his endless scientific findings, there is just no way one person could have done all this research in one lifetime. Hundreds of years ago, mastery of science would have been much easier….consider someone like Emanuel Swedenborg who mastered all of science at the time and then delved into the spiritual. After reading the f pdf at the end of this comment, it becomes obvious Mathis has done little, if any, real research into Wisconsin’s summary judgment law. if you read the following article, it’s easy to see how far off course Mathis really is.

    “Cross-motions for summary judgment should be treated as agreement for the court to decide the case upon the legal issues presented *****only when the court independently determines there is no genuine issue of material fact with regard to each party’s separate motion.”******

    The court documents are all on the stolen

    I have to agree with Mathis when it comes to the Alex Jones show trial. But he’s way the hell off course when it comes to Jim’s trials.

    And for Mathis to claim even Jim’s appeal to SCOTUS is fake, is simply ridiculous.

    Mathis (or all those who may use his name ) is part of the problem and part of the show…not part of the solution.

  30. Once again, Tucker telling it like it is……Can one man turn the MSM around? Could be, he probably has more viewers than all of them combined:

    Tucker Carlson: This was all a lie (man, is that an understatement. Lying is all they can do….)
    …the elites making it seem they enjoyed the Venezuelans in their private little club…sure…that’s why they sent them to that military base. These are the type of people who will piss on ya and tell you it’s raining.

  31. Yes, indeed…another coincidence. At this rate, we are going to “coincidence” ourselves into the graveyard of Republics. We’re heading into Desolation Row”

    BP Refinery In Ohio That Provides Gasoline For Midwest “Shut Down” After Fire

    Update (Wednesday):

    A BP spokesperson told Reuters the BP-Husky Toledo refinery in Oregon, Ohio, has been “safely shut down” in response to Tuesday night’s fire.

    The fire’s cause is still unknown, but sources told Reuters, “leaking fumes from a crude unit may have caused the ignition in another unit at the facility.”

    The source added: “Workers finished a maintenance turnaround at the facility in recent weeks and the plant had resumed operating.”

    The refinery processes up to 160,000 barrels of crude oil daily, providing the Midwest with gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, propane, asphalt, and other products.

    There’s no word if the refinery will spark fuel shortages across the Midwest.

  32. Xi certainly liked the President’s deluxe chocolate cake he ate at Mar-a-Lago, I hope he remembers how well he was treated by President Trump.


  33. Another brilliant article. Thank you Joachim.

    “With each passing day and week, it becomes glaringly more obvious that the planetary overlords that control the centralized Rothschild banking cartel and World Economic Forum, along with their other usual suspect partners, the Rockefeller and black nobility bloodlines, including the English and European royals, ruling over the unholy trinity of the City of London-Washington DC–Vatican as the longstanding power base on earth, are now making their final stand intending to provoke nuclear world war in Ukraine and Taiwan.”

    Is it not interesting we never see the likes of the Rothschilds or the Queen on the World’s Richest People list? That may sound trivial, but it makes it obvious who makes the rules.

    “Henry Kissinger, according to his boastful, proud former righthand man, psychiatrist and intel spook Dr. Steve Pieczenik interviewed on the Alex Jones Show. And through the years, despite the Western media’s demonization of the Russian leader, Kissinger has loyally defended him throughout to this day.”

    Hey, what happened to Piezcenik? He was in style and BOOM, he and his lies disappeared… of AJ’s sidekicks…yup….that figures.

    “Today’s active phase of the Khazarian long war “great game” began at the turn of this current century with the oil rich Middle East, once again misusing its world bullying, battering ram – the Washington DC puppet war machine, to fight multiple Zionist wars for the Greater Israel Project, ever since WWII invading and/or regime changing/overthrowing 75 nations while slaughtering 30 million people”

    …a little over a nation a year considering my 77 years on this plane. Sure makes me SO proud to be an American manipulated by a nation that represents .2% of the world population. Now there’s some black magic for ya.

    “Despite Washington continued unipolar-weakened bullying to coerce and threaten other nations to fall in line with the Western vassals to punish Russia with their futile sanctions, the globalists and puppet Biden have failed miserably to rally the vast nation majority to join the West’s suicidal bandwagon. Smartly, they want nothing to do with Russia-bashing over Ukraine. The global tide has finally turned and American exceptionalism and its unaccountability for all its crimes of aggression will no longer be tolerated by the rest of the world. The globalists and their Western puppets are on a sinking ship now.”

    Rightfully so….but do We the People have to go down with the ship? Forget the federal government….
    it no longer exists, anyway….power to the states and the individual. Get those gallows set up, tested and ready to go.


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