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The American Policy Center has been kicking over rocks in the election fraud jungle for the better part of the last year. ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center is under every one, buried in the slime of intransigence, ignorance, and plausible deniability.

Most state officials choose to defend or ignore it. Even some supposed “conservatives” want to wash over the truth. This MUST stop. America MUST recognize ERIC for what it is – the epicenter of the voter fraud in the nation today.

Since early February, 2022, we at the APC have been reporting on ERIC. I personally have written six articles on election integrity, showing what ERIC is and what it does, as well as what we can do about it. I have learned a tremendous amount from experts along the way. My writings are listed at the end of this article.

From the very first, I tagged ERIC as a backbone of the Steal.

Everything that I researched about voter fraud and its sources leads to ERIC. Every rock overturned has ERIC beneath it.

ERIC is a membership organization ostensibly created for voter roll maintenance. In reality, it is a massive data-gathering operation which adds bogus “voters” to the system of every member state. Millions of inactive, ineligible and “phantom” voters with undeliverable addresses appear on member states’ voter rolls. These names are used for mail-in ballot fraud, ballot box stuffing and machine adjustments in real time.

ERIC was started in 2012 using Soros funds donated through the Pew Charitable Trust. It was conceived and organized by a highly unethical leftist named David Becker, who has spent a lifetime trying to defeat the conservative agenda in America.

Becker also played a role in the Wisconsin fraud of 2020, and has been openly named for more unethical and illegal activities, by Michael Gableman, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, author of the Wisconsin Election Review. Here is the link to Gabelman’s report.

Others have termed Becker a “partisan progressive”. I don’t have the patience for fancy names. I invite you to learn more from the Hon. Michael Gabelman and from the site below. Then, decide for yourself what YOU would like to call David Becker.

As you may or may not know, states are required by law to maintain their voter rolls. Becker played off of this. He beguiled state election officials, using language of plausible deniability, to provide an easy and relatively cheap system for doing this.

Becker counted on the fact that busy officials would bite on something that they thought would make their lives easier. He was correct. Seven states joined the first year.

Another interstate voter roll maintenance system was in place and being used quite successfully by 40 states, at ERIC’s inception. “Kansas Crosscheck” was free to its members. So, using a Soros-funded, Obama-appointed judge to hear a trumped-up case about imaginary “voter suppression” brought by the ACLU, one of the usual pay-per-whine plaintiffs, Crosscheck was shut down, and new members came pouring in to ERIC. It grew quickly, from 7 – 31 member states. After all, those busy state election officials needed a quick fix, and ERIC was in position to “help”.

Today 33 states and the District of Columbia are ERIC members:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, *, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

*Louisiana resigned as of July 15, 2022, thanks to the actions of citizen activists.

To understand the damage ERIC does, you must know that the very construct of ERIC is designed for fraud and data- gathering, not roll maintenance. Member states must turn in ALL data from their voter rolls, both old and new, as well as all records from motor vehicle divisions and every public service agency in the state.

ERIC takes all of these lists, and adds the USPS data and Social Security records from the state. All of this information on every person living in each state is stored in ERIC’s massive artificial intelligence system. Whether you are a voter or not, whether you are a CITIZEN or not, your name and personal information are stored with ERIC.

In return for giving over the private records of millions of its residents, ERIC members receive four lists: who moved; who died; who was adjudicated ineligible from felony conviction or mental incompetence; and who is eligible but unregistered to vote (EBU). States must solicit at least 90% of these EBU’s at least every 60 days providing them with voter registration information.

ERIC’s rules also disallow any name being marked as to citizenship. Florida has, in fact, removed the checkbox for citizenship from its drivers’ license app. Other states may have followed suit.

The law requires that this sensitive data be kept private, but records show that ERIC shares with at least Zuckerberg ‘s group, the “Center for Election Integrity”, and, surely anywhere else it can be used for fraud.

ERIC’s own website brags about how many new “voters” they have added nationwide. Nowhere can you find a word about how many ineligible voters have been cleaned from the rolls. Wasn’t this latter the purpose for ERIC? Yeah, not so much.

I will say it again. The design and operation of the ERIC system is for bloating, not cleaning voter rolls. As a matter of real fact, ERIC’s mandates include only a conditional requirement for list maintenance.

Recently, I have noticed that the ERIC bylaws no longer appear on their website.

Millions of names who may never vote end up on the rolls.

They are people who have moved from the state, choose not to vote, or have died. The “who moved and who died” are the richest lists for fake ballot submission. These phantom names show up on requests for mail-in ballots, mailing lists from state election officials, and even in the CVR’s (counted vote records) after en election. Many of these quite probably were the stuff put into drop boxes by the “Mules”on the midnight to 3 a.m. shift.

These bloated voter rolls are quite obvioius in the records of each state from the 2020 election. According to the report issued by the US Election Assistance Commission, itself a liberal group, the 2020 numbers are as follows.

Over 50% of ERIC members have voter rolls that contain more names than their entire voting age population. To whit:

*AK: 121.7%

*IL: 108.2

*MI: 108.1

*ME: 106.9

*KY: 106.5

*DE: 104.1

*GA: 103.6

*RI: 102.0

*SC: 101.8

*FL: 101.6

*NV: 101.0

*AL: 100.9

*MD: 100.4

*WA: 100.0

*Figures not available for new members, NJ and MA.

My recent article on “Settling the Confusion about ERIC”, gives more numbers for other states. The link to it is at the end of this article.

Of course, there will always be inaccuracies in voter lists. None will ever be perfect. People do move around, and die, become incapacitated or commit a crime. Some just don’t care about voting. That is their right, sadly. But the massive numbers of ineligible voters appearing on so many states’ rolls is no coincidence. It is contrived.

Face it. David Becker did not develop ERIC to create honest and up-to-date voter rolls. That is crystal clear from who he is, as well as from the design of his system. He is proud of his reputation as a far-left member of the Swamp. Being politically neutral is not in his nature. Just as he worked to help the City of Boston discriminate against conservative voters – behind the back of his own employer the DOJ – so too, did he design a massive get-out-the vote scheme to defraud Americans. Becker pretends that he is no longer involved in the management of ERIC, but is documented to be an active part, to this day. Please do read about him at Influence Watch, above. You’ll never doubt his motive or design.

* * *

In the recent weekend symposium, A Moment of Truth, activists from 48 of the 50 states reported on their states’ major problems with election integrity. EVERY ERIC member reported problems with hugely bloated voter rolls. Many reported that state officials were unwilling to discuss the issues, or are even openly hostile on the subject of clean elections. Activists told stories about being stone-walled by legislators, deprived of information that is legally theirs, even jailings and fatal accidents. The dark passion for fraud runs deep.

The entire broadcast of “A Moment for Truth” should be available at Rumble. If it is not, well, you know what may have happened. So goes much that is truth today.

ERIC was called out by name many times over the two days of the broadcast. The Hon. Michael Gabelman, former Supreme Court Justice of Wisconsin, went into the role of ERIC in some detail. Here is a summary of his findings.

Despite the obvious connection of the ERIC system to voter fraud, its leading role was somehow side-lined, ignored. For many months, late in 2021 and the first half of 2022, nobody wanted to talk about it. Folks who had written against it in 2016 and 2017, suddenly supported it. Others tried to hush discussion and debate on the subject. It seemed to many, including me, that “the word” had gone around. ERIC was off limits. This only made me more certain than ever that ERIC was where we should be looking, even above machines, ballot harvesters or mules.

However, a number of recent articles on election fraud have now been published by The Federalist, The New American, UncoverDC, Revolver News and The Epoch Times. All discuss ERIC by name, and advocate states getting out asap.

One very in-depth report by Verity Vote did a particularly good job in breaking through the smoke and mirrors. It’s title, “Threats to Election Integrity” ERIC-CEIR-REVERE. Although I printed it out, I cannot find the link. Again, not unusual if something is too full of truth.

Another online article went missing, only 12 hours after it was published.

On August 23, an article by Patricia Tolson appeared in the Epoch Times. It dealt at some length with problems in Florida. Ms. Tolson covered a report released by a group of citizen activists in Florida. It found real problems, not only with uncooperative election officials, inconsistent roll management, but also “problems with ERIC”. Tolson also revealed that Florida allows third-party registration of voters. Gosh and golly, how could THAT possibly pollute the voter rolls? I’ve got no link to give you because there isn’t one.

Other Florida activists have done amazing work as well.

Florida4America and The People’s Audit have proven thousands of undeliverable addresses on the rolls of their counties, to which addresses ballots were mailed, and from which they were returned, VOTED. They can show fake street names being added to the rolls, then removed after ballots were voted from those addresses.

These ordinary citizens gave up jobs, dipped deeply into personal savings, walked miles to canvass, spent long hours over spread sheets. The fruit of their labors was presented to the statehouse in Tallahassee in the form of charts, graphs and stacks of affidavits from voters. Crickets.

They bought a page in a local paper, to display the facts they have found, to call attention to the plight of Florida voters. That paper refused to print it because the editor said they “didn’t have the facts”!

When they presented the proof to their county officials, they were called liars – with the evidence of boxes FULL of yellow returned-mail labels (where ballots had been sent) in plain sight. A press conference was called specially to accuse them (of presenting the truth?) That particular Supervisor of Election even went so far as to submit their names to DeSantis’s new Election Crimes Division as having dealt in “disinformation.”

This is utterly chilling. Even in a supposed “good red state”, its citizens who care are being denounced and targeted. The way these good people have been treated in their own state is stunning.

To many, it is hard to fathom this kind of thing coming from the state governed by such a popular Republican Governor. It is entirely possible that Gov. DeSantis is being blocked from the citizens’ information by backroom players, as was President Trump during his White House stay. We can only hope that the powers that be in Florida take note and take action, asap.

Recently, I interviewed one of their leaders, Kris Jurski, of The People’s Audit, twice on Catching Fire News, an online video news outlet. Listen to him explain their efforts.

What they have accomplished, what they have been able to prove working together with citizens from around the state is truly amazing. Their work is both an inspiration and a model for others who want to understand how they may help. Why are they and their information being attacked?

For every effort to explain and expose the truth about ERIC, there has been blow back. It was expected from the Blue states of course. What was unanticipated – although maybe that was just naivete on my part – was the attack on good activists with reams of proof, by Red state officials and even a few “Conservative” groups. It’s a part of the story that needs to be told.

The people must be heard. Our country belongs to us.

It’s time to reclaim it.

Let’s just say, it’s been a long row to hoe, turning up and exposing what we have about ERIC. Until now.

We at American Policy Center are delighted and gratified to learn of so many that are now calling the ERIC system out for exactly what it is, and for exposing the guts of the ugly fraud beast. We hope that this will help all groups in every state to gain traction pulling together for our freedom.

* * *

No one needs to be reminded that it is our God-given right to vote, to select those who will represent us in governance. This is what has made America the bright star of freedom for the world.

There is today, however, a well-defined and -funded entity who would bring down our Republic and everything about our lives that we hold dear. To do so, they are coming after our ballots, and have crafted a weapon known as ERIC to help conquer us.

Do NOT let it happen! We have but one more election to be free. If we allow this kind of frontal assault on liberty to happen again, we will go the way of Venezuela, and lose our freedom forever.

Join hands in your own community. Go to public meetings, stand on the courthouse steps. Make your voices heard. Come to https://www,americanpolicy.org for what to do and how. It is not too late.

Get off the couch and out the door. We have a country to save!

* * *





*****https://americanpolicy.org/2022/02/25/eric-the-electronic-registration-information-center-a-dream-database-for-voter- fraud/



Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center. A native of Cincinnati Ohio, and graduate of Denison University, Kat served the Village of Mettawa, IL, as treasurer and chair of the Planning Commission, where she got a good look at the process of civic vs. corporate interaction. She has been a local activist, working for several candidates and organizations. She has also written for newspapers and websites, and organized events highlighting issues of the day.

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  1. Thanks to the Arizona AG.


    Arizona AG Launches Investigation Into Maricopa County ‘Election Irregularities’

    “These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law,” reads the letter. “Furthermore, statements made by both Chairman Gates and Recorder Richer, along with information Maricopa County released through official modes of communication appear to confirm potential statutory violations of title 16.”

    AG Mark Brnovich’s election integrity unit has demanded a full report of well-publicized irregularities, and what he claims is evidence of “statutory violations.”

    The letter, sent late Saturday by Assistant AG Jennifer Wright to the county’s top civil division attorney, Thomas Liddy, is a major escalation over widespread problems with voting tabulators and printers, which delayed the declaration of a winner in razor-thin races in the attorney general’s race and the gubernatorial race.

    Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has questioned the media’s premature declaration that her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs – who wasn’t exactly popular, won.

    The letter demands a full report on how voting machine and printer issues were handled, along with a copy of each polling location’s Official Ballot Report, as well as explanations for any discrepancies.

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  3. The voter roll are half the problem–the computer tabulators are the other half. It was shown in Mesa County, Colorado and elsewhere that the Dominion machines in particular contained all sorts of illegal software on them that can alter the tabulations artificially. Fake ballots created from the illegal voting rolls were then matched to the fake tabulator outputs. Unfortunately, the Maricopa auditors–who performed the only real forensic audits in 2020–were unable to access the Dominion machines, although they did find something like 70,000 illegal ballots that were counted. End result–nothing!

    It’s not hard to update voter rolls. State voter rolls should receive notification or every death certificate and change of address and immediately be cleansed. But corrupt courts have allowed state election officials to get away with all this even though it is clear violation of the Voting Rights Act. A seriously doubt any major changes will occur in “blue” states because fraudulent election officials and governors will continue to get elected by unchecked fraud!

  4. Sorry, but you’re not getting it, Bill. Lots of what Trump wanted–peace in Korea, withdrawal of troops from Syria, declassification of materials, etc.–was blocked by subordinates. You think the President of the U.S. is all-powerful but he has to get his top officials approved by Congress–which is allied with the Deep State. What scared the elites was that, shortly before he left office, he signed an executive order for a Schedule F, which would have effectively allowed him to fire thousands of officials at will. But that, too, could have been blocked by the courts. In the end, Trump did fire a lot of people but it was too little, too late.

  5. At least we have this! (bye bye to the WITCH)


    BREAKING: House Majority Called for Republicans
    Decision Desk HQ projects Republicans have taken the House majority with at least 218 seats.

    The final House count depends on the result of 14 outstanding races.

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  6. A quick comment to all those here who see Trump as another enemy. This country is in the middle of a communist soft coup. Of this there is no doubt. Would you rather not vote at all or vote for someone who cannot win against this machine or vote for Trump who is a proven enemy of the system and in the real world has beat them twice? Are you willing to risk this country because Trump is not the perfect candidate and has his flaws as we all do? I AM NOT.

    Make your choice understanding you will not have another.

  7. I’m sure this is a part of the fraud problem, but in the end you have to have election procedures that can actually be verified. Right now election results are taken on blind faith. Black Box voting machines are used either to vote on or to count the ballots. The software is proprietary and cannot be verified like “Open Source” software could be. There are no surprise random audits going on anywhere. Election Officials are either derelict, incompetent, or corrupt. Probably all of the three. Citizen voters have no idea if their vote is properly counted. So called elected “representatives” are entirely unresponsive, and extremely difficult to contact. They can be downright hostile over issues like all the money being wasted on Ukraine. The Rank and File of the two major political parties are largely uninformed and brainwashed by the Deep State controlled media. Representative Democracy in the US is essentially non-existent. It is simply an illusion. People who don’t vote are perhaps making better use of their time than those who are actually involved, but not a part of the power elite.

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      2. Thank you, Jim….at least Toni and I appreciate that….maybe it will help…and it will free you to concentrate on all your other efforts. I’ll push FF&CC 2022 wherever else I post…mostly on ZH.

      3. Every candidate I voted for lost. My vote made no difference whatsoever. Furthermore I have no idea if if was counted properly or not. Since Colorado is the headquarters of Dominion, my vote may have been swapped and doubled for the candidates opposing the actually democratic Republicans.

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  9. Trump said his good friend was Larry Silverstein. He said there must be bombs on 911. But he never jailed his good friend who helped do 911. So how can you trust Trump?



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