Newtown Shooter’s Guns: This Is What We Were Told; But Was It True?

Mike Cunningham

World Class Schools

[Editor’s note: During a presentation about Sandy Hook with students of Mike Cunningham, World Class Schools, questions arose about the weapons that were allegedly used by Adam Lanza, the alleged perp of the mass shooting. Using a CNN report by Steve Almasy, CNN as their point of departure, they made several rather telling observations as follow.]

That is what we were told

Now Let Us 10 Years Later Look at the Pictures to Obtain Questions from the Evidence

Looking at the evidence, one can normally figure out what took place.  However, why does this not always happen?  Today, we want you to look at the evidence.  On Dec. 14, 2012, something happened at Sandy Hook what was it? 

If you look at this evidence and ask yourself these question will come up with the same narrative that you have been told by the media for the past ten years?  Forget what you have been told and do the investigation yourself.

These are four weapons that were brought to Sandy Hook on 14 December. 2012 according to the “official narrative”. Three are shown here:

[Editor’s note: My colleague, Scott Bennett, a former Army intel and psyops officer, immediately noticed the corrosion of the barrel on the weapon found at the scene (featured image), which appears to be a Vietnam-Era rifle.

This observation (by itself) raises serious questions re: the entire narrative.]

The other was a Saiga 12 K, 70mm Tactical Shotgun (“Russian”):

[Editor’s note: Brian Davidson, P.I., who has been doing extensive research in the CT State Police Archives and who authored Appendix E to my Petition for Rehearing before the US Supreme Court, has notified me that it was actually an old shotgun. See both his note below and the link from the author.]

Used by Russian Special Forces. This is what the police said was found in his trunk. This was the weapon that is supposed to have been used to blow out the window of the front office:

However, the Saiga 12 K Tactical Shotgun was found in the trunk of his car.  This would mean that, after Adam Lanza shot out the window, he went back to his car to put the weapon in the trunk.

The police also claim to have found a 70mm 12 gauge tactical shell (which was intact and had not been fired) inside one of the classrooms. Here is a photo from the CT State Police Archives:

Saiga 12 70 MM Tactical 12 Gauge Shell

Does The Narrative Still Stand After 10 Years When You Look At This Evidence?  

Questions raised by comparing the photograph evidence with the official police narrative::

  • If the Saiga 12 blew out the window in the front of the school, where did this weapon end up? How could he have gotten there and back so quickly?

  • If he did take the Saiga 12 into school, as the shell suggests, then why wasn’t blood, splatter and damage found?

  • If the Saiga 12 had been taken to this classroom, why is this a live shell rather than a spent shell? What happened to the spent shells?

  • Was this shell placed in this classroom as a plant? Why was the shell found in the classroom with the Saiga 12 was found in the car’s trunk?

  • This weapon is used by Russian Special Forces and would cause much more damage than appears to be shown had it been used inside of the school.

  • If the weapon was used at the front of the school and then taken back to the car, why was this done considering he had three other weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition?

  • If the shooter had come into the school (as the general narrative would have you believe), these weapons and ammo would have been about 40-50 pounds of additional weight.

  • The ATF Agent reported finding no evidence that he or his mother had any training in marksmanship. So how was he able to carry all of this without proper training, back pack, and still be able to shoot properly?

  • The recoil from a Saige 12 would have been too much to handle if he had no training with this Russian weapon. Where would he have he got this training?

  • On July 6, 2014, the USFG under President Obama banned the sales of all Russian weapons here in the US including Saiga 12. Was this just a coincidence?

  • Using just the pictures of the evidence supplied by the police, one can question the general narrative of what took place. Does questioning this narrative change your opinion on this event?

  • Ten years after the event, why is it more important than ever to begin to question what we are told and how we are told it?

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have seen the evidence, you have heard the narrative, they cannot both be true in the real world-now it is your turn to make up your mind, question what you have heard, look at the pictures, and then make your own mind, draw your own conclusions.

We have a nation to save and rights to preserve.  Our nation was founded on personal liberties.  There are people who would have you doubt this.  Stand strong and think this through and through.  The truth is out there, Find it.

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8 thoughts on “Newtown Shooter’s Guns: This Is What We Were Told; But Was It True?”

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    1. Will2 writes, “He apologized for the “unimaginable cruelty” of slavery, *********** while completely ignoring that fact that Africans were the ones who originally sold their own people into slavery*********.”……totally ON POINT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Blacks in America I know could care less about giving $55 Billion to Africa.

      1. Of course, I don’t agree with giving away the current populations money to a people for things that happened o them over a century ago. I was not a slave owner, were you? BUT….and big BUT, if we give money to anyone, it could be to the Native Americans we displaced, poisoned and slaughtered when we stole their land, eh? It’s just a black hole…who the hell know where that money goes…where’s the accountability (e.g. Ukraine)? It’s pure friggin theft. Period. Time to get off our asses and close it all down.

      2. AND, this:

        A Lesson on Gun Control from Wounded Knee

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        Recently I received an e-mail reminding me that December 29 will be the 131st Anniversary of the murder of 297 Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota…an abject example of the result of gun control.

        These Native Americans, in their winter camp, were murdered on Dec. 29, 1891, by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection.”

        Sound familiar? For “their own safety and protection” is the way the Biden administration often attempts to frame its attack on the Second Amendment.

  2. For Brian Davidson:

    Brian Davidson
    9:33 PM (8 minutes ago)
    to me

    Of course none of it makes sense… he also had a gun on his hip when he “died”. The Glock 10mm “jammed” and was on the ground near his “dead body” in room 10 after ejecting a single cartridge. The “suicide” shot in room 10 exited the rear top and center of the skull, but there was hardly any discernable matter inside the hat which that was blown off his “head” (although the bullet went clean through the hat and presumably the skull). The sig was on the ground just inside the door of Room 8. The shotgun was in the front seat of the car then moved to the trunk but the front window was definitely shot out by a shotgun blast at close range so lanza went back to the car to return the shotgun after blowing out the front window. Then when he returned through the window (because the doors were locked) he was confronted by hochsprung and the psychologist where he gunned then down in the hall and hit the other woman coming out of room 9 after spraying ..223 ammunition down a the North/south hallway.

    All of this took place while 20 1st graders in room 12 were hiding in a 4′ x 3′ bathroom with a toilet along with their teacher who barricaded the outside of the door while inside the bathroom with the impossible number of kids.

    At the end of the day it’s just a purely impossible bullshit crimescene and was therefore intentionally staged. There is no model that can explain what actually happened based on the publically available crime scene photos.

    An idiot could see it with a modicum of study… but people want to believe they wouldn’t fall for a psyop of that magnitude and struggle so hard to make it all work.


    1. For Mike Cunningham:

      Mike Cunningham
      6:38 AM (5 hours ago)
      to me

      The picture 739 in your appendix shows a 70 mm tactical shell identified

      Now look up your Saiga 12 k 70 mm ammo and you will see this is exactly the same.

      [Link added:

      Note thus becomes very interesting. The anti gun web site has a great deal of specific details on the weapons and ammo. Why?

      If this is made up why?

      If they wanted to ban assault weapons and Russian imports they have their patsy. This logic proves your point.

      Now the mix up in where in Honda did they find the shot gun is also troubled. Reports first said trunk. On scene some people said it was in plain sight in the back seat. Why the difference? Almost like the two rifles at the TSB. This got me thinking, he could not shoot out the window go back to the car and then surprise the two in the front office. How can you surprise someone after they had shot out the window? More than likely the only surprise would be to come in through the window right after the shot. The women would have been startled by the noise and surprised. This means he never went back to the car and the window was shot by another person. It takes out the entire narrative



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