Susan Bradford, Sandy Hook Revisited: Woke Activism, Rothschilds, and Other Observations

By Susan Bradford

[Editor’s note: These school shootings–including Sandy Hook, Parkland, and Uvalde–are staged as faux terrorism to instill fear into the public (especially parents) to make them more amenable to manipulation in promoting a political agenda, especially gun control. But there are other incentives, including economic.]

A possible outcome from the recurring school shootings, of which Sandy Hook is one, is that schools will likely be retrofitted with new technologies and structures to keep children “safe” from terrorists within technological gulags that bring the experience of air travel to schools, particularly as the shootings just don’t stop.

Safer Schools at Fabulous Prices (Click here: Popular Mechanics Guide to Safer Schools)

Just a few months ago, on May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas, Robb Elementary School became the location of another mass shooting after Salvador Ramos, a former student, shot 19 children and two teachers while wounding 16 others. Uvalde became the third-deadliest shooting in the United States, after the Virginia Tech Shooting (2007) and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (2012.)

Virginia is often considered the Petri dish for experimental globalist policies.  Recently, for example, Asra Normani, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, reported that the Fairfax County School District was forcibly imposing critical race theory on students.

This same school district employed Michele Gay from 1997 to 1999 before this aggrieved mother of a child killed in the Sandy Hook shooting in Newton, Connecticut, co-founded of Safe and Sound Schools to prevent, respond, and recover from school crises.

Gay’s organization works exclusively with Kirkland Productions, an “entertainment agency specializing in entertainment, cultural, and educational programs for corporations, government institutions, organizations, colleges and universities across the country.”

Kirkland’s talent include social justice activists who focus on such issues as women’s empowerment, diversity, LGBT, alcohol awareness, and “intersectionality.”

From the website, it was not immediately clear where the “Kirkland” in the Kirkland Productions came from. However, Weymouth Kirkland founded Kirkland & Ellis, which has employed many attorneys connected to Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile who procured children for Royal families, globalists, technocrats, and, at the risk of being redundant, the Rothschilds.

Another Kirkland, the grandfather of the father of Weymouth Kirkland, fought in the Rothschild-funded and stage managed Battle of Waterloo under the Duke of Wellington – a battle that delivered the British Monarchy and the assets of the British Empire to the Rothschilds before the dynasty embarked upon a strategy to place the entire world under its tyrannical control through endless wars, revolutions, and false flag events.

Before dedicating his creative efforts to saving children, Kirkland President Brian Regan worked for Planned Parenthood. His specialty is writing scripts and theatrical productions.

His company, which was born out of the grief of murdered children, sells such custom-designed shirts as “Walken Dead,” as seen here:

Through Kirkland, activists are provided the opportunity to express their creativity by way of “wax hands,” like this one shown on the website, as what better way to offset childhood trauma than making devil horns with one’s hands?

Joining forces with Gay to protect children is Kristan Anderson. After being shot three times during the Virginia Tech shooting on 2007, Anderson was inspired to found Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools, a non-profit dedicated to helping the community and school stakeholders prevent, respond, and recover from school violence.

One of Koshka’s Partners is the I Love U Guys Foundation:

Another partner is  Texas State University’s Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT), which has trained over 200,000 state, local, and tribal first responders, and over 140,000 law enforcement officers from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories.

Koshka also partners with the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, which provides medial treatment for those injured during atypical civilian operational scenarios.  Among the Committee’s Board Members is Thomas Labrecque, Jr., the Co-Founder of NextSteps Research, a consulting practice that helps investment professionals and management teams understand and manage competitive trajectories. Labrecque’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies to hedge, private equity, and venture funds.

Before founding NextSteps, Labrecque was managing director of a private equity firm, Perseus, which partners with six investment funds and manages roughly $1.3 billion.  Based upon online reports, Perseus is backed by Argos Family Investments.

Managed by Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, Argos offers “best-in-class family office services to a select few ultra-affluent families” for the express purpose of bringing “breadth and depth of expertise across all the areas that impact wealth … to ensure all of our families achieve their goals.”

Another Koshka partner is the National Association for School Resource Offices which offers courses on such topics as “Your Brain on Electronics,” to help communities “explore the neurological impact of excessive electronic use of students’ developing brains, both in and outside the classroom.”

Thanks to Sandy Hook and other catastrophes, classrooms can now be built back better.  As FEMA reported, for example, Oklahoma developed Safe Schools 101 and Oklahoma School Security Institute (OSSI) to “protect students from natural and man-made hazards” in response to “the deaths of the school children caused by the May 20, 2013 tornadoes and the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.”

Safe Schools 101 “funds structural evaluations and safe room retrofits and installations in schools to protect students from natural disasters” while OSSI provides tip-lines for students to anonymously report their fellow students to authorities if they suspect suspicious activities. The Institute also offers courses on topics ranging from emergency operations planning to active shooter responses that are geared at enhancing security within schools.

Susan Bradford is the author of Royal Blood Lies, Tartar Treachery, and other books on the Rothschilds. You can visit Susan’s website at: and buy her a coffee at:

(c) 2022 Susan Bradford, All Rights Reserved

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20 thoughts on “Susan Bradford, Sandy Hook Revisited: Woke Activism, Rothschilds, and Other Observations”

  1. These fucking animals who are ruining the childhood of our most precious resource should be hung in the town square. AND, I would bet that’s what was done when this world made sense and when Americans cared about their children. Shame on all of us and especially on parents who bring their children to these sick shows. I am sorry to say, we are witnessing the end of this country. I see no other way to look at it. And I say, GOOD…any culture that can no longer protect its children simply does not deserve to exist…..and in essence is committing suicide.

    At least DeSantis is doing something: (but, we need PARENTS to stop this)

  2. Hey, I live by myself, so TALKING to myself is common…BUT, I would rather not do it on this blog. Where the hell is everyone? Is it my deodorant? …could be since I don’t use any.

      1. Thanks for the response, Jim….I’ll be reading it after I do some errands. The cold finally broke here in Suwannee…..burned a lot of wood.

      2. Even if one accepts the original judgment, keeping in mind the oddities of the Wisconsin summary judgment process, subsequent rulings are quite simply WRONG. That would include SCOTUS refusing the case. You cannot give value to an intangible possession. AND, Judge (less) Remington did…. even contradicting himself in the proceedings. i would advise all here (is anyone left?) to read the most recent appeal…only 40 pages or so. I made the following notes of highlights I found pertinent. For some strange reason, page 41 could not be copied….some kind of glitch….I don’t know. So, just go to page 41 and read that particular page even if you are not inclined to read the rest of the appeal.


        “Even the court admitted the property was worthless.

        Judge Remington set a fixed value of all those intangible properties at $100,000 and deducted it from Fetzer’s $457,395.13 judgment debt.

        The only explanation for this phenomenon must be that there is a hidden doctrine or force being applied in all judicial actions where the facts question the narratives of the mass media cartel or the new infallible ministry of truth for which even the third branch of government cannot contest with the application of its principles.

        How could anyone read past a profound declaration of opposites declared to be in agreement between parties by the justices without severe cognitive dissonance?
        What harm would it have done to deny Pozner’s motion for summary judgment and let him prove his case before a jury of his peers? The denial of a summary judgment does not deny a right of any kind. There is no constitutional right to a summary judgment. But there is a state and federal constitutional right to a trial by jury.

        . But to determine what is reasonable the court must weigh the evidence which a judge cannot do in a summary judgment

        A judge who finds the nonmovant’s facts and supporting evidence unreasonable in a summary judgment and disregards those facts is conducting a non-jury trial under the cloak of a summary judgment and denying the nonmovant of their right to a trial by jury.

        Remington admitted the property had no value to Mr. Pozner and that the real motive of Mr. Pozner’s whole lawsuit from the beginning was to shut down the whole book and redirect the public.

        The uninformed presumption, and media encouraged implication, in the Pozner case is that Fetzer’s whole book harms Pozner and all the families of those who died at the Sandy Hook Mass Shooting. However, that is not the finding of the Case 2018CV003122 Document 547 Filed 12-27-2022 Page 35 of 41 32 court. The court has found that three sentences in the book are defamatory, not that the whole book is defamatory.

        At what stage of completion does a death certificate become real or sufficient for probate?

        Fetzer had submitted strong evidence to support that claim including the whole book “Nobody Died,” (R.231:169-170 Exhibit 10) of which include two federal documents, a FEMA manual for a mass casualty drill involving children scheduled for the same day and an FBI Uniform Crime Report for the nation showing no murders or non-negligent manslaughters in Newtown, Connecticut, for the whole year of 2012. Even though this evidence was admitted as exhibits at hearings it was all found to be irrelevant by Judge Remington.

        This Pozner v. Fetzer lawsuit is setting precedent that no one may any longer question the veracity of the mass media cartel’s narrative no matter how strong the refuting evidence may be. The mere fact that there are people who claim an event happened in which they lost loved ones should not preclude the freedom of speech and the press to express legitimate evidence, not of their own making, that the event did not happen. We can not live in a society that will not allow the expression of doubt when credible evidence is revealed that a major event did not happen as told by a private mass media cartel. We know there are very powerful and super wealthy men and organizations that want the disarmament of the American people rendering them defenseless to tyranny and they may be capable of producing street theater and sending their mass media cartel to narrate the show as well as buying legislation the old fashion way.

        THE COURT: I’m sorry. Death certificate. I’m sorry. Thank you for correcting me. His death certificate. Whether or not Sandy Hook ever happened or not is not relevant to this — the — the truthfulness or the accuracy of the death certificate. Now, I understand the — the Defendants’ overall theory in believing that it never happened, and I’m not going to take the bait and let this case go down that — that path and into that rabbit hole. Whether or not Sandy Hook ever happened is for another day in another place. The only question for me is to guide the parties into engaging in discovery that either proves the death certificate was — was true, was real, was accurate and legitimate or not. So I’m not concerned with Mr. Pozner’s litigation against, quote, Sandy Hook skeptics. That’s not relevant and not likely to lead to the discovery of anything relevant that will be admitted in this court. (Emphasis added)

        And Fetzer, with a 400+ page book of evidence that nobody died at the Sandy Hook, was not allowed to present one word of it in his defense to Pozner’s claim that his son died on the same day at the Sandy Hook Elementary Mass Shooting. Who was being prevented from submitting evidence in their…” CONTINUED ON PAGE 41.

    1. For Will Two:

      PART ONE
      A Declaration of Constitutional Consent

      On July 4, 1776, the US Declaration of Independence was signed and started with “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another….” Our founders witnessed the oppression natural to all governments if left unchecked by the governed. The course of human events brings us to today, where we face another critical crossroads in American history. This Declaration is intended to serve as a current version of what our founding fathers signed in 1776. It is not intended to replace it, but to augment it and list the grievances we the people have concerning today’s overreaching Federal Government. First, we must understand what liberty meant to the writers of the Declaration of Independence. Second, we must understand the limited role of the federal government in the American Republic. Third, we need to identify those means by which the current scope of federal government violates the intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Finally, we list grievances justifying our actions to reduce or eliminate most federal powers as they serve to undermine the Republic, not preserve it, and are not derived from the consent of the governed.

      American Liberty as the Founders Understood It

      The founders of our nation gave us some good insight into how they valued and defined liberty. “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” (Thomas Jefferson) Liberty was not defined by Jefferson as the right to act within the law, but to do any act that we wish if it does not directly prevent the rights of others. Thomas Jefferson was not referring to “rights” like free healthcare or any other perversion of the idea, but the natural rights he gave examples of in the Declaration of Independence: “[All men] are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” We also must not overlook Jefferson’s important assertion that any violation of the rights of the individual to do any action according to their will – if it does not violate another’s same right – is the act of a tyrant. “I would define liberty to be a power to do as we would be done by. The definition of liberty to be the power of doing whatever the law permits, meaning the civil laws, does not seem satisfactory.” (John Adams, Letter to J. H. Tiffany, March 31, 1819) Again, the law does not define liberty. Liberty is outside man-made laws, exists on its own, and the only constraint, says Adams, is the golden rule. Mankind can never legislate that perfect morality no matter how many laws it uses to prod and constrain itself.

      “Liberty is the power to do everything that does not interfere with the rights of others: thus, the exercise of the natural rights of every individual has no limits save those that assure to other members of society the enjoyment of the same rights.” (Thomas Paine, Plan of a Declaration of Rights, 1792) Our nation’s founders believed liberty was inherent in humanity, given by the Creator. The only point of constraint is the point where liberty ceases to be liberty because it revokes another’s liberty. For example, one does not have the liberty to steal because it revokes another’s liberty to own. This is exemplary of our founding father’s philosophical understanding that natural laws are those that perfectly exist without our input.

      The United States Government was Established to Preserve Liberty. The tyranny of King George III was simply denying colonists their own natural liberty by executing a force of government that was outside the consent of the governed. The American founders knew that government was a natural and necessary creation of a free people and gave their consent to establish a system to protect the individual’s natural rights within a society. They also knew that government was a dangerous fire that always expanded toward tyranny. A proverb of their Revolutionary time was, “Government is like a fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

      When the colonists were forced to pay even a small tax that was created without any representation of their interests, they knew their government had become destructive to its own purpose, but the list of grievances eventually grew beyond what anyone could call “light and transient causes,” demanding an abolishment of the ties to such a government, even if through violent revolution. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes… Declaration of Independence

      Our Government is Destroying Liberty

      The consent of the governed was given only to establish and maintain a government for the express purpose of maintaining “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. Does our government still serve that purpose, or has it become destructive to that purpose? Clearly, it has become destructive to the cause of liberty.

      Americans are less free to speak what they will and do what they wish every day, and that oppression of liberty is growing at an exponential rate. Many Americans welcome all suppressions of liberty when they are done in the name of safety, financial equality, or in exchange for anything “free,” such as healthcare or education. Patriots, though, understand that liberty should never be exchanged for any other comfort or inferior ideal. Wise people understand, through observation of history and tyranny, that every despotic government offered the same exchange to its eager citizens, to their own destruction.

      “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” (Edmund Burke, Speech at Country Meeting of Buckinghamshire, 1784)

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” (Benjamin Franklin, Speech to the Pennsylvania Assembly, November 11, 1755)

      “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” (Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Colonel Edward Carrington, May 27, 1788)

      No man is free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness when the surplus of his efforts, abilities, and good fortunes are not his to be enjoyed. No system that takes, at threat of force, from one man to give to another as it sees fit can claim to hold liberty as its core.

      Today, Socialism and communism remain an antithesis to liberty. Socialism is the first step to Communism and history proves this statement to be true, as it is also proven by Karl Marx and Joseph Engels in “The Communist Manifesto,” and Vladimir Lenin when he stated, “The goal of socialism is communism.” Individual Liberty is the singular principle of the Constitution, thus all allegiances to a system contrary to it are opposed to the very contract to which the governed have consented. As so many of the congressional, senatorial, and executive representatives now within the federal government have openly stated their socialist agendas, they have admitted their opposition to the very oath to the Constitution they have taken. This, and any other type of coup against the Constitution of the United States, will be met with undying resistance of any necessary kind and measure until the whole of the federal government submits itself to the constraints and the principles of its founding documents.

      PART TWO:

      Therefore, we enumerate the following usurpations of the Constitution and its principles by the federal government of the United States of America:

      1. The fundamental safeguards to a free people enumerated in the first and second Amendments to the Constitution have been continuously and systematically infringed upon. Those in power now have denied the inherency of those rights, indicating an intention to destroy them.

      2. The principles of freedom and liberty are no longer the vanguard of the government. In contrast, the state dictates the minutia of the American subject’s life in exchange for the unobtainable illusions of safety and egalitarianism.

      3. The essential checks and balances designed by the framers of our Constitution have been manipulated to a state of inefficacy. The assumed powers of each branch of the government are now virtually unhindered by the others.

      4. The Congress have usurped the essence of the 10th Amendment by using the excessive taxation upon the citizens of each state to then coerce the same into federal ambitions, denying the wishes of the sovereign state.

      5. The federal government and a complicit media establishment have aimed at and succeeded in dividing the singular people of the country into political, racial, and economic factions through rhetoric and segregationist legislation.

      6. The Congress have increased the national debt to irresponsible and unsustainable levels, selfishly bequeathing an insurmountable burden to upcoming generations.

      7. Without Constitutional power to do so, the Congress have created a coercive and powerful national Department of Education, giving the federal government direct influence on the thoughts and principles of the American children.

      8. The Congress, the Supreme Court, and several complicit states have obfuscated the processes, ignored constitutional mandates, and refused to provide transparency to federal elections, jeopardizing the foundation of a representational government.

      9. The Executive Branch and the Congress have placed the good of other nations as equal and superior to the good of American people.

      10. The Congress and the Judicial System have spent 48 years enabling and supporting the murder of innocent children in the womb.

      11. The Congress have not held themselves subject to the laws they pass by creating different laws and rules for themselves than the people.

      12. All three branches of the Federal Government have turned agencies of the U.S. Government into political weapons to harm or destroy opposing candidates and ideals.

      13. The Executive Branch and Department of Defense have consistently embroiled the nation into wars on foreign soil without reason of defense.

      14. The Congress have redistributed the assets of those that produce to those that take in exchange for the votes to ensure the continuance and growth of the same practice.

      15. The Congress have maintained the Federal Government as the primary landowner nationwide.

      16. The Congress and the Board of the Federal Reserve have maintained the Federal Reserve as a largely unaccountable private entity.

      17. The Executive Branch and Congress have meddled in and coerced the will of foreign nations. Thus, we remind those so inclined to preserve this Republic that: “But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.” (John Adams to Abigail Adams, 1775) “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” (Thomas Paine, From the Writings of Thomas Paine, edited by Moncure D. Conway, 1795)

      We, therefore, citizens of the United States of America, in appealing to the Almighty, again declare ourselves a free people. In solemn discernment and defense of that natural and fundamental right endowed upon us, we absolve all subjugation and deny any further consent to the dictates and usurpations of our government that derive apart from the constraints of our prior consent, enshrined, and affirmed in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. We do so with a firm reliance on the protection of the same divine Providence upon which our founding fathers placed their lives. We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor; just as our founding fathers did to entrust to us this wholesome Republic. Now we reclaim it, in order to reestablish it as the beacon of freedom and hope it was meant to be and shall remain.


  3. Am I the only one ASTOUNDED that we are even having this conversation? HTF did we even allow it to gt this far?

    Rand Paul: “Republicans Are Not Perfect. But Are Not Pushing Your Child To Have Surgery To Remove Their Genitalia”

    Senator Rand Paul warned Friday that under Democratic government young people in America are falling prey to a rapidly worsening mental health crisis.

    In an appearance on The Ingraham Angle, Paul raised the issue of doctors carrying out transgender surgeries on children, and the propaganda that has prompted a massive increase in Americans feeling they do not have the ‘right’ body.

    “Who is responsible for telling a four-year-old that we need to talk about their gender and whether they’re in the appropriate body?” Paul asked.

    “Who’s talking about giving picture books to six-year-olds with illustrations of surgery to remove their genitalia?” the Senator continued.

    1. Jim….when you get some time, just give that vid a few minutes and see what you think. Andrew Pollack is one hell of a liar (as good as Biden?) or his daughter actually died at Parkland. Beats me.

      1. I don’t even have to watch. Nobody died at Parkland. They sent the kids home at 1 PM/ET because it was a holiday. I have a lot on Parkland in How to Spot a False Flag (Part 1),, and in How to Spot a False Flag (Part 2), And I did a show years ago all about Parkland that prompted Gary Null to boot me from his network, where I had been doing a weakly show for over a year: I’ve never forgiven him for that. There is no room for doubt it was staged and nobody died. The guy’s a good liar.

      2. Thanks, Jim. From all I have read, that is also my position. BUT, I am impressed with Pollack’s ability to lie. He’s almost as good as Fauci without the elfishness. This guy was dead serious when he admonished one of the guests when he said his daughter was lost or died. He wanted to make sure he said she was murdered. Pollack is well rehearsed, but there is something about him and in his history that just does not add up. He mentioned he owns 700 acres in Oregon and keeps another home (his residence) in Florida. I see nothing in his background
        (according to Wiki which I of course admit is not a good source for any real info) that would warrant those kind of resources. Anyway, as I said, I am not a follower of Timcast and after this farce, I doubt I’ll watch his crew again.
        It was more than disappointing to see DeSantis and Trump in on this deception….I guess a politician will be a politician. A few tidbits from Wiki:

        “Meadow Jade Pollack (October 5, 1999[10] – February 14, 2018) was the daughter of Andrew Pollack and Shara Kaplan. She was named after Meadow Soprano, a character on The Sopranos.[6] A senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, she was murdered in the February 14, 2018 shooting.[1] Meadow was shot six times and had attempted to avoid the shooter while struggling to get into a classroom. Teachers and students were not able to open the classroom door. Her father told CBN that as the shooter returned, Meadow covered another student (who died in the shooting) in an attempt to protect her. She was then shot five more times, killing her and the other student she shielded, Cara Loughran, a freshman.[11]

        Pollack has met with President Donald Trump and his cabinet, Florida governors Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, and many legislators.[14]

        On February 21, 2018, Andrew and his two sons attended a White House listening session hosted by President Donald Trump that consisted of siblings and friends of slain victims along with survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. He spoke extensively on the topic of school security, claiming that schools do not have the same level of security as airports, stadiums, and embassies. Pollack noted that the September 11 attacks happened once and that measures were put in place to prevent it from ever happening again, also stating, “There should have been one school shooting, and we should have fixed it!”[15]

        In 2018, Pollack was reported as actively fighting to release more federal funding to increase school security across the nation.[14]

        Governor-elect of Florida DeSantis, a Republican, included both Andrew and Hunter on his Transition Advisory Committee on Public Safety.[16]

        On September 10, 2019, Pollack released his book, Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies That Created The Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students, alongside education expert and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Max Eden.[17][18]

        Pollack spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention.[citation needed]”

      3. “They sent the kids home at 1 PM/ET because it was a holiday.”

        What was the holiday? The shooting was on Wednesday Feb 14

      4. It’s been a long time since I was in school, but I’ve never heard of kids getting off of school for Valentine’s day.

      5. Same guy. What he has or hasn’t heard of could fill an encyclopedia. That was done in several Florida counties. More drivel from a suspect source. No doubt, he will keep it coming.

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