Fake President: Joe Biden Clone | Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI (video)


Editor’s note: Notice in the featured image (above) that the center figure (who is now treated as though he were our President) appears to be wearing a (full-head) Biden mask. One candidate for playing “Joe Biden” was born in Manchester, UK, in 1945:

It has become overwhelmingly clear to sane Americans that the president is not the person who the democrats thought they were voting for. At first, it was just little nuances, a slight tick or unusual gesture.
Now, physical differences are becoming prevalent. The change in his voice and his ears literally beginning to fall off his face are obvious signs. Biden has been cloned, and that clone is beginning to fail. The Kamino Corporation was contacted in January of 2019 by DNC operative Sifo Dyas to clone the former Vice President in preparation for a 2020 presidential run. Three months later, Biden’s clone had reached maturity, and on April 19, 2019, cloned Biden announced his candidacy for President.

The model, a T-1000, proved very effective at first. In fact, its performance impressed the RNC so much they used the Kamino Corporation to clone Michele Bachmann. That clone resulted in what we currently refer to as Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.
The clear and present deterioration of both these clones has prompted the Kamino Corporation to issue a massive recall on all its T series clones. While there have been smaller recalls of specific T models, such as the T-101 Nancy Pelosi and Olsen twins, for behavioral issues, rising customer dissatisfaction has led to greater overall action.
This will undoubtedly leave noticeable absences in both politics and entertainment across the globe.
The exposure of these clones has served in making the public more aware as to which personalities are, in fact, clones. It’s 2021, and comedian Dave Chappelle can’t stop smoking cigarettes. Clone.
Guy Fieri sits on the throne of a culinary empire, yet bears the same hair cut that maintained his virginity throughout the 1990s. Clone.
Boris Johnson of the UK and Mark Davis of the Las Vegas Raiders have the same appearance and are both leaders of their respective organizations. Both are clones of the late Al Davis.
Tom Brady is perhaps the most obvious clone of all. Each of his six Super Bowl victories was attained by different clones, leaving Joe Montana as the greatest quarterback of all time.
The Kamino Corporation has issued a statement ensuring that all the issues with the T series have been resolved.
The fix involves a simple patch that releases small doses of hydroxychloroquine and adrenochrome into the clone’s positronic system. They do note that while the fix will prevent cellular decay, it will not resolve any character faults of the original human template.

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7 thoughts on “Fake President: Joe Biden Clone | Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI (video)”

  1. When I first encountered the blog about ten minutes ago there appeared an article about Biden and his double – to my surprise dated 2020. After I signed in to comment and returned to the blog, this article of 2020 was gone. My search for it was without success and instead this article appeared. My two comments to the article which vanished: 1. Exhibit C – the only difference I recognized are the two variations of earlobe. 2. Article E – Biden holding arms with his wife wears a tie which contrary to the author’s correlation double Windsor by Biden, single Windsor by double – is NOT a double Windsor.

  2. With all due respect to this blog, I’ve commented several times in the past years on the clone theory.
    The Joe I saw this past Tuesday was the same old Joe, just older and more demented. If this person is an actor he had none of the polish and class of a professional. Where did they ever find this goofball if this ”person” is an actual actor?

    I assume these clones are paid and on duty 24/7, which includes extensive duties with the ”family”.
    Jill appears to be madly in love with the clone unless she’s also a clone. Is she? Is Hunter also a clone?
    Thousands of people must be aware of this charade but nary a word is heard from them.

    Doubles have been used by nations in the previous 100+ years and its extremely dangerous. Why the US would spend millions to do this is a mystery to me.

  3. Why would they go to the trouble of creating so many doubles of of person so inept? If this article is completely true, the effort has been a bigger waste than all the time, money and effort the US has spent on Ukraine.

    1. Because Joe Biden appears to be dead! My best guess is that he died in 2017. They wanted no real person to be responsible for destroying America. They control the electoral apparatus and could have put anyone in–but no one wanted to go down in history for this. So they faked him. Obama, Soros et al. calling the shots.

      1. I appreciate the evidence you present, but I am not totally convinced of anything about either the “new” or “old” Joe Biden except that the current saga is all very bizarre and destructive.

        One rationale for recreating Biden was that in 2020, the Democratic hopefuls were failing miserably. Only one of them–Bernies Sanders–was pulling greater than 10% in the primaries. The elites’ darling, Kamala Harris, was taken down by Tulsi Gabbard in a stunning debate and didn’t even make it to the Iowa primary. But either because the elites didn’t trust Sanders or because they believed Trump would have taken him out, regardless of how much fraud was carried out, they brought back Biden in desperation and all the Dem candidates except Sanders quickly pledged fealty. From what I could tell, Biden was seriously demented even in 2019 (if he was still alive), but was resurrected in a modern-day version of El Cid.

      2. At least ”El Cid” was a real person Díaz de Vivar who became well known for his service in the armies of both Christian and Muslim rulers. After his death, El Cid became Spain’s celebrated national hero and the protagonist of the most significant medieval Spanish epic poem, El Cantar de mio Cid, which presents him as the ideal medieval knight: strong, valiant, loyal, just, and pious…everything that Joe Biden is not.


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