Joachim Hagopian, The Global Tide Is Turning: Justice Sought in Two Legal Cases Against Pfizer and Swiss President

Joachim Hagopian

An extremely significant video features three activists in today’s truth and justice movement, each playing a seminal role championing the cause of human freedom and redress from the genocidal killers. The three are involved in several exciting related developments currently breaking that are unprecedented regarding game-changing tipping points involving potential landmark lawsuits against both national governments and the primary mRNA Big Pharma giant – Pfizer-BioNTech as the fascist business model for merging corporate and state power. The second speaker in the video is retired Swiss international banker, author and filmmaker Pascal Najadi, who filed a criminal case on December 2nd, 2022 in Lucerne, Switzerland against the sitting President of the Swiss Confederation Alain Berset. Since March 2020 Berset heads Switzerland’s COVID response.  Pascal Najedi’s lawsuit charges him and other prominent national government officials for abusive process – deceptively inflicting risk of injury and death to Swiss citizenry based on Pfizer’s experimental vaccine deception.

From the December 7th, 2022 Swiss Times opening sentence:

Switzerland’s future President Alain Berset falsely claimed on national television that those vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines could not spread the virus, but has not yet been held accountable.  One Swiss man wants to change that.

Like nearly 70% of the Swiss citizens who listened to their medical and government authorities and in good faith, received at least one vaccine injection, trusting the authorities, Pascal Najadi along with his wife and mother complied with the national policy and received three Pfizer injections. Pascal was shocked when Pfizer director Janine Small on October 11, 2022 speaking before the European Union’s Covid-19 Response answered Dutch EU member Rob Roos’ all-important question:

Was the Pfizer vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?

Janine Small’s response:

Regarding the question around did we know about stopping immunization before it entered the market…No.

Having carefully noted previous official statements issued by Swiss public health authorities, including back on August 3, 2021 when then Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset was present at a press conference admitting that those vaccinated are transmitting the COVID virus as much as those unvaccinated. Then on October 27, 2021 on national television, in an effort to push through his Covid-19 legislation agenda, Alain Berset stated that with the vaccine certificate, Swiss citizens will demonstrate that they are not contagious but safe, thus contradicting his less than three months earlier announcement. Essentially, this confirms that current Swiss President Alain Berset knew his October 2021 statement was false and misleading. Pascal concluded that his nation’s leader knowingly, recklessly and falsely promoted the dangerous experimental vaccines that placed Pascal, his family and millions of his fellow citizens at considerable risk of harm.

Pascal Najadi’s case is the first lawsuit of its kind calling for investigation and prosecution at the national level of any country in the world, once Switzerland’s current Attorney General Stefan Blättler agreed to prosecute the criminal case against the current Swiss president, seeking adjudication in a federal court of law, charging the top political officeholder for willfully deceiving the public, persistently misleading and pushing the mRNA vaccine as safe and effective as national COVID policy when it’s clearly been proven that vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

Pascal Najadi cites Article 6 of the Swiss Constitution that grants every citizen the right and duty to uphold justice in compliance with Swiss law according to the Constitution. Pascal asserts that as a citizen it is his duty in observance of the law to file the criminal charges against the top leaders within the Swiss government for violating the law. Pascal’s lawsuit also contends that Pfizer, the CDC and every national and international medical regulator in the world cannot legally authorize or impose a drug injection on a population when its legal authorization is limited as an experimental drug only that we now know carries an extraordinarily long list of potential adverse and even deadly side effects, and that according to both the Nuremberg Code and Swiss national law, it cannot be administered without signed consent of every person prior to voluntarily submitting to COVID inoculation.

Also, in the first part of the video international attorney and activist Todd Collender shares that he is now working on behalf of the royal family of Thailand to seek a military tribunal in Thailand. 44-year old Princess Bajrakitiyabha and daughter of the King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn, collapsed 23 days after her third Pfizer injection, slipping into a coma due to alleged heart failure, leading to lack of oxygen to her brain. For over six weeks she has been in a comatose state, likely now brain dead and an apparent fatality according to American attorney Todd Collender.

Thus, at least two major cases are currently underway on record with international implications that may well be instrumental in triggering many more criminal lawsuits filed at the national level in numerous countries. Perhaps the so far, lame International Criminal Court at The Hague might be prompted to belatedly follow through on the Reiner Fuellmich lawsuit filed a year ago seeking redress for crimes against humanity.

An optimistic Todd Callender announces on video:

The tide has changed, it’s really changed, and now you’re going to see the floodgates open. These are universal jurisdiction crimes, which means that if Switzerland wanted to prosecute our president, they would not only have the ability to do that in abstentia, they would have the ability to sentence and actually carry out that sentence in abstentia, meaning that extraterritorially, they were able to find a treaty partner that could go and grab whoever it is responsible, bring them back to Switzerland for the execution if that what the sentence was. This is a big deal, this is a huge deal, the first sovereign to do this.

The promising development in Thailand was also explained on the video by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a fellow Thai and professor of virology and immunology as well as renowned COVID activist and physician who has been passionately warning of the dangers of Covid-19 vaccines for the last three years. The doctor announces that for the first time he was invited by a nation’s authorities and advisors from the Thai government in this case, to offer his expertise testimony in a hearing. Dr. Bhakdi laid out details how the “entire Covid-19 agenda was fake” based on fraud, which then prompted the Thai government to declare its contract with Pfizer-BioNTech null and void. Dr. Bhakdi maintains that Pfizer is now obligated to pay back billions to Thailand for the government to then recompensate its harmed citizens.

Dr. Bhakdi along with Todd Collender are part of the professional team now working with the royal family of Thailand to seek justice at the national level to hold the perpetrators accountable. Dr. Bhakdi was informed by German lawyers that a criminal case can also be filed in the United States against Pfizer for harming and killing millions. These unfolding actions together represent a fundamental turnaround and necessary sea change that so many of us around the globe have been seeking and waiting for, as the beginning of a worldwide legal movement through criminal lawsuits filed in national federal courts and governments to ensure that Big Pharma giants like Pfizer conspiring with the WHO, major governments, their public health agencies and medical organizations along with mainstream corporate media and Big Tech industry will all have to pay for their guilt in each’s active contributory role committing genocidal crimes against humanity.

Finally, Dr. Bhakdi mentions that Bill Gates has spoken of new viruses coming, that Dr. Bhakdi warns will be released in the spring of 2023 and that Pfizer has patents placing the same lipid poisons in today’s flu vaccines as well as all the veterinary vaccines worldwide, containing the same deadly poison secretly included in all the vaccines being given to pets around the world. He says profit from this income source will be used to pay out settlements as Pfizer’s plotted scheme to stay solvent and remain in business.

Meanwhile, recent legal actions in Florida in December 2022 report that Governor Ron DeSantis requested a grand jury investigation of any Big Pharma wrongdoing regarding its so-called Covid-19 vaccinations, specifically any false claims that they could effectively prevent the spread of the virus. And on December 23, 2022, the Florida Supreme Court approved the governor’s request to convene a grand jury of 18 members that will last a year to determine if criminal indictments are warranted and make viable recommendations.

Implications of potential criminal wrongdoing by Pfizer emerged in late January 2023 when watchdog activist group Project Veritas caught on tape Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker, boasting how the company is exploring vaccine marketability profits based on the drug company’s own mutated virus in the lab. Of course, it didn’t take long for Pfizer’s vehement denial, claiming it “has not conducted gain of function or directed evolution research.” RNA technology pioneer and harsh Covid-19 critic Dr. Robert Malone labeled Pfizer’s doublespeak denial a “word salad” likened to “renaming a child kidnapping and claiming it was an impromptu adoption.”

Pfizer Corporation’s already damaged image wasn’t enhanced by its sponsored commercial at last week’s Grammy Awards ceremony, immediately following the Satanic ritual featuring the devil-horned nonbinary and first transsexual’s Grammy-winning duo onstage performing their unholy song “Unholy.” Genocidal death cult killers flaunt their criminality, not unlike the demonic annual halftime Super Bowl performances such as Satanic Priestess Madonna, who at the Grammys introduced the “unholy” duo.

What is highly evident is that 2023 is the year of reckoning for the bloodline criminals, be it the DC clown show balloons or WWIII showdown in Ukraine as their “devil’s playground” trillions in lost profit came to a screeching halt as of Putin’s February 24, 2022 Special Military [clean up the laundered filth] Operation to both de-Nazify and demilitarize the Kiev government. The Deep State criminals know that We the People are now onto their sordid crimes against humanity and children and that with the global tide fast turning against them, they are the caged beast with nowhere to run, firing every Weapon of Mass Destruction in their near depleted arsenal at us all at once. But they are bound to lose this war between good and evil as truth in the end always wins out over Luciferian lies.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for the last decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!).

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