Usual Cast of Characters Attempting to Gobble Up Real Estate, Drive World Economic Forum Agenda

By Susan Bradford

Mark Cuban. George Soros. Jared Kushner. Their names and presence on the world stage are ubiquitous. Far from being shrewd business executives and “entrepreneurs,” these men are among a small group of individuals driving an agenda launched after World War II and promoted at the World Economic Forum.

Their tactics reflect the worn and all-too-predictable strategies of the Rothschilds. The wealth, influence, and power of these men reflects their status as water
carriers of a nefarious agenda against the people.

The agenda is Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (SWQW),which was conceived by Prince Philip and the Rothschilds and set in motion with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. At heart, SWQW seeks to consolidate global wealth and power under the Vatican, which contracts and coordinates government contracting and public-private partnerships throughout the world.

The Vatican falsely established itself as God’s temporal power on Earth through a materialistic interpretation of the Bible – that of a physical unification of the world under the Holy See –in direct violation of Jesus’ prescription for a spiritual unity under the Creator. What the faithful established, including, for example, common law – or one’s “God-given rights,” the Vatican and Rothschilds have sought to take away.

Since the Napoleonic Wars the Vatican has been rendered financially dependent upon the Rothschild bankers and therefore, Rothschild-controlled.

Inspired by the Rational Enlightenment, which was Godless and Chinese in origins, the Rothschilds sought to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste in all matters while enjoying unbridled opulence for themselves.

Through technology, the self-appointed elite, who weaseled their way into power through genocide, revolution, artifice, assassinations, inbreeding, fraud, and treachery of every imaginable description, established a banker’s accounting of every asset on Earth – including its “human resources.”

In their dark vision, every individual would be recorded at birth on a ledger and tracked, and traced from cradle to grave, just as the Jews were in Nazi concentration camps. With bankers’ efficiency, corporations and governments would be tasked with reducing costs and centralizing global control of benefits, salaries, housing, expenses for food production, utilities, education, and every other imaginable expenditure.

Benefits for the people would be removed from corporate ledgers and passed over to the government. In time, the government would scale back these benefits, with dependents gradually weakened – and those, unable to contribute in a manner commensurate or less than public expenditure for their care would be eliminated.

Eventually city planners, managers, and law enforcement would be replaced with automation which would manage the populations through artificial intelligence.

Wealth and real estate of the people would be absorbed through taxation, if not outright theft and fraud.

People would be shuttered into 15-minute cities where they would live in modest, coffin-sized apartments, like caged animals, whose every vital sign, movement, thought, and deed was monitored by an AI “God” and assigned a value that could be judged to determine the value of that person to the self-perpetuating system.

Once governments were sufficiently controlled, they capitalized the businesses of elites, protected their markets, and redistributed the national wealth, land, and natural resources to corporate elites for private use and profit.

Technology shared freely around the world in the interests of “sustainable development,” allowed corporations, which were controlled by the Rothschilds through interlocking boards of directors, to shop around for the cheapest labor, ensuring that the countries to whom they owed their wealth and dominant market position were betrayed in the interests of profits and power for a corrupt, select few.

As people lost jobs to outsourcing and cheap labor, they would be placed on guaranteed income – which could be withdrawn at the discretion of AI, based upon pre-programmed, or pre-established, parameters to which they could be no human appeal. Judicial decisions would be rendered not by an impartial – or even bribed, judge, but by AI, which was programmed to reinforce the power structure of the Vatican.

People would be kept distracted and entertained through “augmented realities” while limited in their choices, power, and ability to take independent action.

Through stealth, deception, and color-of-law authority, the self-appointed elites would gradually corral the world’s wealth and power within their own hands. Those who faithfully served the agenda could find themselves richly rewarded – until they outlived their usefulness at which point they would be callously cast aside and eliminated.

Faithful water carriers could hold onto and acquire wealth as long as they served the technocracy, but that wealth could be confiscated at any point by the elites – through criminal prosecutions, SEC investigations, or corporate raids if their interests deviated from that prescribed by the shadow elite.

A chief benefit to controlling all variables of society, is that the elites could determine outcomes – that is, which individuals and which corporations succeeded and which failed, as demonstrated through the coronavirus lockdowns, which enabled companies like Amazon and Google to flourish and consolidate market share while small businesses were shuttered altogether.

As people were forced off farms to make way for corporate-controlled farming which aspired to ration and control the food supply while maximizing efficiency and profits, these people would find themselves relocated to cities where jobs were scarce, creating, in the end, potentially billions of devastated people corralled into tyrannical tech gulags – all so the monopolists could retire, controlling all the world’s resources and living as gods on Earth while presiding over God’s creation as Kings who answered only to themselves.

Among the drivers of this agenda were Mark Cuban, George Soros, and Jared Kushner, who partnered (yet again) in a deal – this time in a technology real estate start-up called Cadre, as CNN reported in 2020.

“Cadre (uses) machine learning and predictive analytics to assess real estate, (while) launching a new investment strategy designed to capitalize on opportunities created by (the pandemic) in the real estate market,” CNN reported.

When not otherwise prioritizing Communist China interests over those of the United States, Cuban has distributed films directed by Alex Gibney, who has partnered with Jemima Khan, the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, whose family has intermarried with the Rothschilds and partnered with them in business.

Cuban found success in business by way of Ross Perot, the nation’s first tech billionaire who launched the technocratic SWQW agenda in the United States on behalf of the Rothschilds. Cuban’s company, Microsolutions, counted Perot Systems as its largest and most important client.

Among the members of Soros’ Quantum Fund are Richard Katz, the former head of Rothschild Italia and an officer of NM Rothschild & Sons; an Nils Taube, who acquired partnership in a firm owned by an heir of Jacob Rothschild, the Rothschild patriarch.

Kushner had partnered with Wilbur Ross-led Invesco in real estate deals. Ross is the chief bankruptcy advisor to Kushner’s father-in-law, Donald Trump, and the Rothschilds. As Senior Advisor to President Trump, Kushner explored developing a digital currency with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in partnership with such Rothschild-backed technocrats as Palantir’s Peter Thiel.

The scandalous career of Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, who “bought Congress,” sparking the nation’s most far-reaching federal corruption probe, overlapped with all of these characters given that he was among the nation’s most influential Rothschild agents. As was revealed, Abramoff was as close as two degrees of separation from Jacob Rothschild, accounting for the havoc he unleashed within the federal government. By following the threads of Abramoff’s scandalous career, the Rothschild agenda and its players become very clear. With that clarity and understanding, the agenda can be derailed.

Susan Bradford is the author of Jack Abramoff, Rothschild Zionist: The Conspiracy Against America’s Most Infamous Lobbyist and His ConspiracyAgainst the United States on Behalf of Shadowy Interests as Told by the World’s Leading Abramoff Expert, which is available on Amazon.

(c) Susan Bradford, 2023


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9 thoughts on “Usual Cast of Characters Attempting to Gobble Up Real Estate, Drive World Economic Forum Agenda”

  1. Dear Ms Bradford,

    Please explain “a materialist interpretation of the Bible”, in particular, what is required to overcome or see through materialism – or do you mean what is called “vulgar”, not philosophical materialism, and what is for you “the Bible” – do you use an English translation or in which language or languages do you “interpret”?

  2. You can bet the farm this is only the beginning! Did Biden get his 10%??

    America Lost $276 Billion to Fraud and Wasted Pandemic Relief Funds, Inspectors General Estimate

    “The funds were lost due to “fraud” and “waste,” according to cumulative estimates from the inspectors general of the Labor Department, Treasury Department, and Small Business Administration (SBA).

    The revelation was revealed during recent testimony before a House Oversight and Accountability subcommittee in Washington, D.C.”

  3. Rand Paul strikes again!

    WATCH: Rand Paul Says Fauci Is Lying About Being Retired, Is Secretly Working For Biden Admin

    “Speaking with Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said he has “information” that proves Anthony Fauci is lying about being retired.

    “There’s a massive cover-up going on, and the lead in all of the cover-up has been Fauci,” the Kentucky senator said.”

  4. One of the most courageous broadcasters on the web telling it like it is:

    RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE. An Anti-War rally feb 2023
    If they ever actually expressed “rage” against the fundamental enemy who controls all the peripheral subordinate enemies, they would lose everything. So everyone quivers at the thought and attacks phantoms instead. They will even go so far as attack anyone who does have the courage to confront the real enemy. And they will fight to demonstrate to this real enemy that they can be trusted to play nice and never once offend this real enemy who can crush these people in a second. Everyone has to play nice with the real enemy, while that enemy eviscerates every hope for the future. By Harry Vox

  5. More good news eh? But wait there’s more! Has anyone seen the new scientific research on the vaccinated broadcasting blue tooth signals with MAC addresses? Apparently it’s true that everyone vaccinated in this study does in fact have a blue tooth signal coming from their body. It is verified that the dead and buried in grave yards also emit a MAC address which stand for media access code. Furthermore, people that are unvaccinated but had a PCR test also emit a signal. Cris Carter warned us about this 24 years ago on the Millennium TV show. Detective Frank Black was vaccinated for Marburg Virus without his knowledge using the subterfuge of a blood draw for routine health screenings. This is why they were so hell bent to test everyone on the planet… to infect everyone with graphene oxide that self assembles into a transmitter.

    1. Good info, Dave. I had read about this a year ago or so, but never with this detail. I know zip about Blue Tooth, although I understand many have it and use it constantly. I have to wonder if this tech is being used extensively on the left. It offers an explanation as to why they all seem so indoctrinated and speak with the same sick and perverted voice.


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