Joe Olson, P.E., The ASHRAE Cargo Cult

Joe Olson

In his recent FewTube video, anthropologist Robert Sepehr describes the reaction of ignorant tribal societies when confronted by foreign, advanced technologies. While most pronounced in the tribes in Micronesia, by the arrival of allied forces, then overtaken by Japanese forces and finally recaptured by allies, and then abandoned.  Confused, the tribal societies then asserted their creation of these advanced technologies, claimed that they had created these products of civilization and that foreigners had stolen these gifts from their gods. The modern parallels are striking.

The Cargo Cult Phenomena, Robert Sepehr 

A full spectrum assault on civilization is being conducted by foreign. Inhuman forces that have stolen our technology, dumbed us down to tribal level ignorance and are directing us to destroy our heritage. Modern Luddites attack ever branch of science, all positive aspects of history and mold current culture into a self hating, divisive force for feudalism. I have written extensively on the wide range of this planned extinction event and how every center of knowledge has been compromised.

I will now explain the capture of government, academia and professional societies in this planned new reality, where your tribal boundries will be increasingly limited, ending in an orchestrated mass extinction event. I will be speaking a wide range of organizations, my personal contact with individuals in these organizations. The purpose is not to DOX these placeholders, but to point out the extreme prejudice against open discussion and proven scientific and historical facts. In keeping with the forced NON BINARY pronoun assignments, I will refer to all parties as ZIM.

I will refer to all PhD individuals as DOC, in keeping with my article “Hockey Stickery Doc” at Canada Free Press. I am going to skip footnotes, the titles in quotation marks are by this author and I don’t feel obligated to spoon-feed those who are not intellectually curious. I have titled this article on the role of the American Society of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Engineers, a group responsible for accurately explaining thermal forces on structures and efficient use of energy. ASHRAE is a neutered, non binary organization, henceforth referred to as ZIM/A.

I worked my way through night school in Civil Engineering, doing mechanical, electrical, and surveying drafting. I did air conditioning load analysis on hundreds of projects and was dismayed that there was no pushback from ASHRAE on the obvious fraud of global warming. In September 2010, I wrote “Airmen of ASHRAE, Enter the Fray” and sent it to 30 of the largest ZIM/A chapters and the board of directors. I followed with phone calls to a dozen of the largest chapter presidents. All agreed global warming was a fraud, but said they could not oppose the national position.

One DOC who received my email was a board member, a professor at a northeast university (ZIM/Ed) told me that the Department of Energy ( provided major funding that required obedience to the Carbon Climate Forcing Cult. My engineering degree plan required two semesters of Thermodynamics. Prerequisites were four semesters of Chemistry, two semesters of Physics, three semesters of Calculus and a semester of Numerical Methods. The ZIM/gov Cargo Cult says that this level of education is unnecessary and that a high school dropout named Greta can guide our future, see “Only an Airhead Can Save Us from Air’

I attended the 2014 Astroturf, Lukewarmist Love Fest in Las Vegas with 600 fake skeptics and the Heritage Crossroads Summit with 300 fake skeptics. To explain how the atmosphere really worked, I took 24 x 18 color laminated posters of cyclic temperature records, an atmospheric absorption graph and the ridiculous Kiehl-Tremberth energy balance chart. I have a nine part, video tutorial series on this at > Olson, climate change

ZIM/A held their national convention in Houston in 2018 and I attend all three days from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm with my three color posters. I talked with at least one hundred engineers every day, all agreed that my analysis was correct. Even the ZIM/A zealots must admit some counter narrative facts and Seminar #55, Future of Thermal Energy Storage admitted that renewable energy was incompatible with efficient alternating current power grids.

Total human enslavement requires capture of the governing, education and communication systems and to restrict energy use. Read “Green Prince of Darkness Exposed” for analysis of the sustainable fraud and watch the Michael Moore documentary, The Planet of the Humans.

At a recent ZIM/A meeting a midwest ZIM/Ed doc claimed that only diversity, equity and inclusion would save the engineering profession and that there was no future for white men in engineering. This ZIM/A doc stated that there could be no inclusion until there was 30% diversity and that when each of the racial, actual female and LGBT communities reached this goal there would be rainbow unicorn social justice. If traditional curriculum was too restrictive, the difficult courses would be modified.

Total control of humanity also includes perpetual war. NASA Future War 2025, a seminar held in July of 2001 stated that for continuation of government it would be necessary to have trauma based mind control. Months later the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked. We got war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria. Once again, the engineering oversight societies failed to function.

Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers is the nation’s oldest engineering society.  The ASCE will be the ZIM/C in this story for their lack of professionalism on the WTC failures. I attended several ZIM/C meetings as a student and joint sponsored seminars on post tension foundations and expansive soil design. When I presented my IAH to HOU high speed rail design for Houston, I attended a local ZIM/C meeting where the leaders and program director were not interested, see >

Shared by Robert David Steele, Editor, 9/11 Truth: Memorandum for the President

I attended the May 2009, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth DVD premiere event and have talked to founder, Richard Gage in person on five occasions, described in “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes”. This article was amplified by the Pommer Report and posted as Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11, which provided irrefutable evidence, but missed important gamma ray absorbing elements with over 150 available isotopes. This described in “Exposing NIST Jenga Game” and is being reviewed by ZIM/C currently. Unfortunately the ZIM/C web site shows they are also infected by the ZIM/gov forced DEI cult.

Iraq was littered with 330 tons of depleted Uranium in the first gulf war and an additional 1,700 tons in the second gulf war. Depleted Uranium is a waste product of power and bomb development,  is virtually cost free, has a density of 19.07 gm/cu-cm and used in armor piercing anti-tank rounds.  The armor piercing alternative is Tungsten, which is 19.3 gm/cu-cm, but costs $350 per kilo. DU is pyrophoric, meaning the kinetic energy of impact is transfer to heat, vaporizing the DU and spraying a toxic dust in a 50 meter radius.

The Chemical Engineers and Biomedical Engineers should be outspoken on this health risk, but they are as silent, as are the sustainable tree huggers and the formally anti-war factions. Since the 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall westerners hoped for a peace dividend. Instead the warmongers delivered fourteen color revolutions to east Europe, two in Ukraine. Putin rightly stopped an ongoing genocide in the Dombas and now says use of depleted Uranium is a dirty bomb escalation, threshold to WW Three.  We have succumbed to a full spectrum Cargo Cult where reasoned debate is impossible.

Teacher to student: What is the difference between ignorance and apathy ?

Student to teacher: I don’t know and I don’t care

There is a high cost for ignorance and apathy. Become informed and share Truth.

Joseph A Olson, PE

April 18, 2023



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12 thoughts on “Joe Olson, P.E., The ASHRAE Cargo Cult”

  1. Just watched Fetz’s most recent Inconvenient Truth with Gary King. I’ve always loved these shows. In this particular one, at 27:44, a singer I have known for years as Flat Earth Man (that’s how he originally made his bones) sings a song about Dylan (in a very well done Dylanesque style). This man is multi-talented. I would just love to get TONI in here and get her opinion as a fellow Dylan aficionado. The link to that vid follows (at 27:44)….and that is followed by Flat Earth Man’s own channel:

    1. Thanks for the timecode in the video, Bill. The guy’s Dylan shtick is funny. His voice has the sweet timbre that Dylan had when he recorded Nashville Skyline after he quit smoking.

      Here’s the thing though, Dylan has never stopped referencing God in his songs, or interviews for that matter. They are too numerous to even list here. Dylan, maybe more than anybody else, has always exhibited a spiritual dimension. It’s hard to believe that he would ever call Satan the “Chief Commander.”

      So this Flat Earth Singer says that Dylan has no soul and that his eyes are dead. But I think it’s his soul that Dylan draws on to fulfill his talent. You can see it in his eyes.

      1. Thank you Toni…..I TOTALLY agree. I see nothing in that interview that hints the commander-n-chief is Satan. I’ve argued that for years re that particular interview.
        I like FE man, but he’s off course here. And as you, I have frequently looked into Dylan’s eyes and have seen nothing but a soul that is almost fathomless. Since Dylan is a Jew (although, apparently also a born again Christian…at least in that phase), I do believe the Jews avoid using the word God….so commander-n-chief would seem appropriate. I also always try to make the distinction between a Jew and a Zionist/and or a follower of the Talmud.

      1. She sings it like she’s harkening back to long ago. What were they – ten years out?

      2. Ha…something of that nature. He answered her on some album/cut…cannot remember which…you?

      3. Toni….Was sitting out in the beautiful Florida sun thinking about it. It was not Diamonds and Rust where Dylan had an answer to Baez’s words….it was O Brother and Dylan’s answer was Oh Sister…so kewl! And of course, he had to one up her by adding an “h” to her “O”. By the way, I’m sure you’ve see I’m Not There, eh? Would it not be wonderful if we could all answer each other in song and not violence and hatred. We need the 60’s again!

      4. Wow. I never paid attention to that Baez song. What an excoriation! “Oh, Sister” is such a sweet song. She answers with this? Even if it is written for her, I don’t see anything explicit. Maybe he told her it was, but he told many different people that a certain song was for them, even though it was the same song. He probably wasn’t lying.

        Like I mentioned, this is at least ten years out, and she’s still pissed off and hating on his wife. Guess I would be pissed, too, if I were in the middle of a public relationship with a Golden Boy and, without a word, he ups and marries someone else. I’m sure there were a lot of people banking on a Jewish wedding.

        Here’s the difference in their songwriting. Baez is writing 70’s feminist dogma that emphasizes the Personal with a capital P, what is now called “lived experience.” (In the realm of songwriting, we have Joni Mitchell to ‘thank’ for this.) Her song could be about no one other than Dylan. Dylan is writing songs that reach for universal metaphor. That’s why he can say to more than one person that a particular song is written specifically for them. His songs are open to a wider, and one might say actually personal, interpretation. They are more inclusive, to use a word that has been appropriated by progressives in recent times. His songs project from his own experience to include that of his many listeners, each in an individual way. This is what makes him a great songwriter.

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