5 reasons to believe the global population is already one billion people less than it was in January 2020

The general consensus was that there were 7.84 billion people on Earth in January 2020. The United Nations reported that the global population eclipsed the 8 billion mark in November 2022. As of publishing, Worldometer has the current global population at 8.028 billion.

There have been 40 million births and 20 million deaths, for a net population growth of 20 million thus far in 2023, according to the same source. The only people who believe any of the foregoing also believe that men are really women, and vaccines are safe and effective.

As of March 2023, there are two jobs available in the U.S. for every one unemployed worker. You don’t even need the ADP Workforce Vitality Reports to know that wages have been at all-time highs since Q4 2021. Just look around your local area, and you’ll see McDonald’s, Kum and Go, Circle K, Walmart, and all those former minimum wage jobs hiring at $15 per hour and up. They are forced to offer higher wages (or hire illegal immigrants) to entice what’s left of the U.S. workforce.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce acknowledged the ongoing labor shortage earlier this month. If every unemployed person got a job tomorrow, there would still be 4 million job openings. Mainstream media continually blame #ABV for this two years and counting labor dearth.

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The bottom line is that millions of Americans have died or are severely maimed from the lethal mRNA and viral vector DNA injections, and physically cannot work. Further, U.S. birth rates in 2021 were the lowest since World War I. You cannot find a straight answer anywhere as to 2022 U.S. birth rates. They now “splain” it as fertility rates and ramble on about 2015-2019 instead of just giving straight statistics about birth rates in 2022.

It’s not just the United States. The COVID Blog® is confident in declaring that the global population has dropped from 7.8 billion in January 2020 to 6.8 billion today – about a 13% drop in 28 months since the vaccine rollout. The powers-that-be (“TPTB”) will never report the truth on this, and will do everything to conceal, manipulate and distort the real numbers. So all we can do is crunch everything we know to determine the progress of their goal – 500 million humans left on Earth by 2030.

Former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad fearlessly blew the whistle on the depopulation agenda in 2015.

We posited in August 2022 that the world population would be down to 4.5 billion by the end of 2024. It does not take a giant leap to accept that the world population is down to 6.8 billion today (from 7.8 billion in January 2020) because of the following five phenomena.

1. Numerous countries reported record excess deaths, record-low births in 2021 and/or 2022

Governments are in the business of lying, particularly about crime and population statistics to fit agendas. The best example is from the Sandy Hook mass shooting that left 26 people dead (28 including the shooter and another person at another crime scene) in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

This blogger wrote on another platform in 2014 an article entitled “Sandy Hook, Line, And Sinker: 2012 FBI Crime Report Shows Zero Killed In Newtown.” The title speaks for itself. Thus either the “conspiracy theory” that the whole Sandy Hook thing was staged and nobody died that day is true, or the FBI is lying on their statistics for whatever reason.

We’ll never know the real numbers as to excess deaths across the globe due to the injections (until naked eye observations start speaking for themselves). But here is a list of countries that reported record-high excess deaths and/or record-low births in 2021 and 2022:

That’s just a small sample. Further, NorwayItaly and Japan all experienced record-low births in 2022. In other words, a lot of people are dying and few are being born.

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We’re not going to bother with the United States in this section because this government blatantly lies about everything. But if we go by the Harvard Pilgrim standard of multiplying VAERS vaccine deaths by 100 for a more accurate overall picture, then at least 3.5 million Americans have died from the injections since 2021. That’s 125,000 excess deaths per month. Those numbers, however, are very much on the low end.

2. There’s no way of knowing exactly what’s happening in China and India

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab called China a “role model” for other countries. Many others in high places have repeated these sentiments. China is like a very creepy, real-life dystopian film. You literally cannot function in that country as a human being without a QR code and vaccines. Your face is constantly scanned, and your every move is tracked by various WeChat apps.

Everything you purchase in China is via a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and a QR code tied to your social credit account. Note that the U.S. is just months away from debuting its pilot CBDC.

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The “role model” country has public Jumbotron displays that instantly shame anyone it captures committing trivial infractions, including jaywalking. Your social credit is also downgraded as a result.

Your face is scanned and tracked everywhere you go in China. If the robots do not recognize you immediately, they’ll make you smile, move your hair around, etc. until there’s a match.

Chinese police stop people regularly on the street, take their phones, and search them for “illegal” VPNs, Facebook, and other banned apps. You’ll get social credit dings at least, and arrested at worst, if you’re caught with anything you’re not supposed to have.

All of the foregoing will be the United States in the next two years (probably less). We know that China is dystopian hell. What we don’t know is how many people are being killed by the government and dying from the injections. There are at least 380 of those death/torture/re-education camps (partially funded by NBA New Jersey Nets owner Joe Tsai) in China’s Xinjiang region. Untold millions of Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities are forcibly sterilized, raped, indoctrinated, killed, etc. at these camps.

Further, there were numerous videos of people spontaneously dropping dead in China as early as November 2019. So-called “COVID-19” is rebranded flu, paranoia, fallacious PCR positives, and/or radiation sickness via 5G. Wuhan, China was one of the first places in the world to roll out 5G, in September 2019. China is 90% fully-vaccinated if you believe the publicly-available statistics. You literally have no choice but to receive the injections or starve to death in that country.

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China does not regularly publish excess death statistics. And even when it does, they are laughably fake. China claimed only 4,600 excess deaths in 2021 (out of 1.4 billion people). Further, the United Nations reported that India will surpass China as the most populous country in the world by mid-2023. That’s mostly due to China’s reported 2022 plunge in births and a reduced population for the first time since 1961.

Search “India” on The COVID Blog®. People are literally dropping dead by the second there. India and China account for over 35% of all humanity. India started injecting its population in January 2021, mostly with the Covishield/AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injections, the most deadly of them all this side of Johnson & Johnson. As of March 2023, 95% of Indians age 12-plus have received at least one shot.

By April 2021, truckloads of dead bodies being transported to morgues were so full that bodies were falling from the trucks onto the roads. In Delhi, someone died every five minutes that month, according to one report. The mass cremation videos from India in 2021 are very disturbing.

Mainstream media of course blamed “COVID.” The only reason the deaths slowed was India adopting Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine protocols in May 2021.

India, like China, is neither honest nor diligent about recording and reporting deaths. Based on the foregoing, our educated guess is at least 350 million total excess deaths in China and India from January 2020 to publishing today.

3. The kids die anonymously

The pattern is now well established. Vaxx zealot parents allow their children to be injected multiple times and/or they feed their babies vaxxed breast milk. The child dies. Most parents blame #ABV and play the ignorance victim card, like Jessica Day-Weaver.

Some do the right thing despite their grief, and warn other parents about the dangers of the lethal injectionsThe COVID Blog® will always support these parents in anyway we can because they do not allow their children to die in vain. But the previous group now have established channels to attack “anti-vaxxers,” continue promoting the injections for kids, and get sympathy from other vaxx zealots.

Regular readers remember Ms. Amanda Makulec. She’s the 35-year-old Washington, D.C. mother who received the injections while pregnant and fed her newborn vaxxed breast milk. The little “Baby Z” died “suddenly and unexpectedly” at 2 1/2 months old on September 27, 2021. Both NBC News and the New York Times gave Ms. Makulec platforms to attack this blogger, blame #ABV for her baby’s death, and get support from other vaxx zealots. Here is an excerpt from her Times “essay.”

More recently, you all remember Billy Ball. His son, 7-year-old Jackson Ball, died from post-injection meningitis on January 4, 2023. This time it was The Atlantic that gave Billy a platform to attack this blogger, further promote the injections for kids, and play ignorant victim for a vaxx zealot audience. Here is what Billy said about us.

Now Billy and Amanda are buddies.

And the NBC News vaxx zealot grifter is receiving clicks from all this as well.

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The COVID Blog® has been clear from the start – parents who lose children and warn others about the dangers of the injections receive our full support. We’ll link their fundraisers, interview them, pray with them, etc. We’ve also been very clear about the other side. It is incredibly painful writing post-injection death stories about babies who had no say in the matter.

Granted a lot of these vaxx zealot parents love the attention received from mainstream media platforms. But it appears our work is paying off in both good and bad ways. The good is that we receive a lot more emails these days from parents who simply want to pray after losing a child to the injections. Most do not want to go public for fear of losing their jobs, friends and livelihoods. But all of them recently have deleted all vaxx zealotry from their social media channels.

The bad is that more kids will die anonymously in Western countries. We’re already seeing many stories that simply state “6-year-old died suddenly” without naming names or providing further details. The vague #ABV language in said stories is also accelerating. It’s becoming clear that these vaxx zealot parents do not want to end up on The COVID Blog®. Thus there are perhaps millions of kids dying that we will never know about in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe.

4. How many Dominique de Silvas are out there?

This was one of the most gut-wrenching, horrible stories we’ve ever written. It was an early indication of the cultish nature of COVID-19 and hateful vaxx zealotry.

Ms. Dominique de Silva had everything going for her. She had just gotten married in May 2021 and was highly successful in her real estate career. She received just one Pfizer mRNA injection on March 18, 2021. Her entire existence was flipped upside down from there.

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She essentially had severe Shawn Skelton Syndrome. Ms.De Silva hesitantly posted videos of herself in a wheelchair, with severe convulsions, etc. She wanted to warn others about the dangers of the lethal injections. But she was attacked relentlessly by vaxx zealot trolls who accused her of faking the injuries.

Part of their reasoning was because Ms. de Silva was still publishing “normal” photos of herself on Instagram along with the injury videos and photos. She was a girlie 30-year-old. That’s what they do in the 21st century, particularly when faced with the crossroad of denial (that she may be permanently maimed) and accepting that her life was forever altered.

Vaxx zealots also accused her of profiting from a fake injury. It got so bad that Ms. de Silva was forced to send GoFundMe medical records to prove her vaxx injuries. The proof was apparently satisfactory, as the GoFundMe page is still active today.

The last sign of life from Ms. de Silva came via Instagram on March 18, 2022 – one year after the Pfizer mRNA injection. It’s quite sad to read.

We’ve tried contacting Ms. de Silva through various channels, but cannot get a hold of her. She has completely disappeared from social media and her blog. Prior to the injection, she posted regularly about the housing market, her marriage, and her modeling-type photos. Ms. de Silva’s story is similar to Ms. Stacee Tiemeier, another early vaxx-injured victim who went public and was excoriated by vaxx zealot trolls. She’s still fighting the good fight.

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It became clear early on that if anyone went public with vaxx injuries, they would receive endless backlash, lose friends, family, their jobs, etc. They would be labeled “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers.” Thus there are countless millions out there dead or suffering in silence to avoid all the foregoing.

We’ve seen several stories in 2023 of people hiding their loved ones’ dead bodies, being found dead months after going missing, etc. The people hiding bodies will eventually get caught in the U.S. and other Western countries. But we have no idea how much this is happening in Africa, Asia, South America, etc.

High-profile cases, like Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand, show just how far TPTB will go to coverup vaccine deaths. She collapsed on December 14, 2022 after suffering a heart attack while walking her dogs. We’re supposed to believe that Princess Bajrakitiyabha, 44, has been in a coma ever since the collapse. There have been no updates at all since January.

We also have no idea what’s going on with actor Jamie Foxx. He was hospitalized on April 12 in Atlanta due to an “unspecified health crisis.” However, it’s widely believed that the 55-year-old suffered a stroke. Mr. Foxx required all attendees at his book tour in 2021 to show proof of vaccination.

There have been no further updates on his condition as of publishing except that he is still hospitalized and “healing.”

5. Polio and famine in Africa

The World Health Organization declared that the two primary strains of “wild” polio were eradicated worldwide in 1999 and 2020, respectively. The third wild strain exists only in Pakistan and Afghanistan today. But headlines like the following have been everywhere since 2022.



Wild polio was declared eradicated from the entire African Continent in 2020. So where is all this polio coming from? Just ask Bill and Melinda Gates.

All polio cases in Africa today, which number in the untold millions, are derived from Bill Gates oral polio vaccines. These concoctions cause paralysis and/or death in God knows how many kids. It’s Africa, not the U.S. Wheelchairs, Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations, etc. do not exist in most of Africa. A paralyzed child who cannot gather water and food for themselves and their families are essentially dead.

Most Africans refused the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. But Gates and company can still convince them to get oral polio vaccines. These genocidal madmen openly admit that they use Africans as guinea pigs for everything from mRNA injections to experimental AIDS treatments. These polio oral vaccines are open, blatant genocide. Yet nobody bats an eye.

Meanwhile, the Horn of Africa experienced the driest rainy season (severe drought) in over 70 years in 2022. We know TPTB could easily manipulate the weather, create rain, and save all those people. But they don’t and won’t do it.

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In West Africa, more than 48 million people are on the verge of starvation, the most in over a decade. The nonprofit SOS Children’s Village estimates that a total of 227 million people are on the verge of starving to death across all of Africa today. That’s about one in five people across the Continent. Oxfam International estimates that one person starves to death every 48 seconds in Africa.

The combination of vaccine polio, severe drought, famine, perpetual war fighting over crumbs, and even a few mRNA and viral vector DNA deaths make an educated guess of 300 million excess deaths across the Continent since 2020 quite conservative.

Another billion gone by the end of this year?

U.S. public schools have experienced record declines in enrollment since 2020. Some of that can be attributed to home schooling due to all the weird homosexual curricula in California, Oregon, Washington and other liberal areas. But at least 71% of American 12-17 year-olds have received at least one mRNA injection. That number is 40% for 5-11 year-olds.

The 2022 World Cup was expecting 1.2 million visitors to Qatar for the month-long tournament. Less than 800,000 fans showed up, while several journalists covering the event collapsed and died.

Nearly all downtown areas in big U.S. cities are practically deserted. Granted a lot of people are still working from home. But retail spending in downtown Boston was down 25% in 2022 compared to 2019. Downtown Pittsburgh has experienced a 50% reduction in workers visiting the downtown area from January 2020 to December 2022. Las Vegas welcomed 38.8 million tourists in 2022, down from 45.5 million in 2019.

There can only be so many coincidences. Regardless, TPTB want you to believe that the world’s population increased from 7.8 billion in January 2020 to 8.028 billion today despite nearly all countries reporting record excess deaths and record-low births in that time period. Not to mention the polio vaccine and famine genocides in Africa. TPTB have no problem insulting people’s intelligence to ensure their narrative (“the population is growing”) remains on code and consistent.

Most of the vaccine genocide deaths we’re seeing now are those who received boosters in 2022, or the first two shots or one Johnson & Johnson shot in the first six months of 2021. Again all we can do is report what the experts and the victims say.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny said back in March 2021 that vaxx recipients would develop antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) “within 42 days to a year.” She was correct, as most vaccine deaths happened within hours, days and weeks after the injections from January 2021 until the “slow-kill” mRNA formula, complete with anti-heart attack drug tromethamine (aka “tris“) was introduced in August 2021.

Dr. Charles Hoffe, of British Columbia (Canada), said back in the spring of 2021 that pretty much everyone who received the mRNA or viral vector DNA injections would develop blood clots and die due to heart failure within two years. He either had foresight or is just a genius of a doctor because now nearly all deaths are coming a year or two after the first round of shots or the boosters.

There’s no reason to believe the vaccine genocide will slow down anytime soon. The polio vaccine genocide and famine in Africa will only accelerate because nobody talks about it (out of sight, out of mind). Another one billion excess deaths in the next eight months may be a conservative number. That would bring the global population to under 6 billion by the end of the year. It’s crazy to think about. But there are literally zero legitimate contrarian arguments.

This blogger has a forthcoming 30-year high school class reunion this summer. All the other ones have been skipped. But this may be the last opportunity to see everyone before it’s too late.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

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  1. Well, the good news is that a lot of folks have awakened to the corrupt political and public health and medical fields. I seriously doubt whether there will be any more vaccine mandates in our lifetime. It may be true that the vaccines will eventually drop the population by a significant amount, but that remains to be seen. Yes, there are lots of job openings out there (mainly for low-wage service jobs, not high-paying white-collar professions) and there are declines in college admissions. But the younger, able college pool was already in a slight decline before the COVID vaccines because of changing demographics, and there are many more young people now incapable of functioning in our society because of mental and other illnesses (only 29% of American youth even qualify for the U.S. military). Plus, the word has gotten out that a college degree in a lot of majors won’t get you more pay than a good blue-collar skilled job and in the meantime will deprive you of income for several years and saddle you with large debt. And yes, there have been contrived food shortages around the world, but Russia with its enormous grain surpluses has come to the rescue. IMHO, the globalists failed in their efforts to trick the world into depopulation, which is not a bad goal in and of itself if done in a sane and forthright manner.

      1. Yes, I believe that many of our key minerals and other resources are going to run out over the next hundred years or so. Mark Mills has an excellent video to this point (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgOEGKDVvsg). But
        reducing the population by mass culling of the population and selective demographic extinction is insane.

      2. Thanks for clarifying that. But I am sure you believe, as you have said re hydrogen, we will develop other sources of energy.

      3. Even hydrogen requires energy to be electrolised. Hydrogen produced by hydroelectric power requires dams and the materials and machinery to build and maintain, and other renewable sources like wind and solar aren’t really renewable since they require substantial energy and minerals to make and cannot be reused. Hydrogen made using fossil fuels like natural gas is also not renewable. If we reduce the rate of depletion of key minerals by limiting population and consumption, we may have over hundreds of years to figure things out (something akin to Tesla free energy?). But if we run out of key resources too rapidly, all bets are off.

      4. William…I can just not see oil ever being “disappeared”. This idea of becoming carbon neutral is ludicrous. We breathe oxygen and expel CO2 and plants do the opposite. Are “aliens” trying to terraform this planet or is it just another capitalist scam?

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