Stephen Francis, Analyzing Why Yandex Doesn’t Censor Populist Content

Stephen Francis

It is well known that Google, Bing, and most other U.S.-based mainstream search engines are not only heavily censored but a large portion of that censorship ultimately focuses on suppressing what is considered ‘anti-Semitic’ content. The Left’s conflation of ‘anti-Semitism and Racism is a highly related and disingenuous undercurrent in this discussion but is only examined as an adjunct to the main premise of this article. It’s mostly concerned with comparing Google and Russia’s Yandex in relation to the censorship of political (Populist/Alternative) content in the context of finding a useful uncensored search service.  Yandex (Russia’s Google) seems to fit this requirement. 

A generous amount of alternative content consistent with Trump’s MAGA movement, Populism, Covid bioweapon evidence, election fraud / Jan 6, 9/11 Truth, Israeli/CIA connections to Kennedy assassinations, gun control psyops, et al, are not suppressed as they are in Google and appear at the top of Yandex search results on these keywords. This is quite surprising and is valuable information.

 The leading cause for this disparity in censorship seems to be linked to important differences in the characteristics and intensity of negative attitudes towards Jews in America and Russia. The Jewish tactic of terrorizing people with a potential accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ occurs in both Russia and America, but the dynamics of this are quite different in these respective countries. These issues will eventually help explain why Yandex does not censor anti-Jewish or Populist content.

Putin’s ‘Good Jews’ and ‘Bad Jews’

In an effort to qualify some issues, Russia is far more a victim of Leftist Globalist designs on its resources than it is a Communist country bent on world domination as the globalists would have us believe. Globalists are revolutionary Cultural Marxist megalomaniacs (The Great Reset). Cultural Marxism was originated by Jewish Communists in Weimar Germany in the two decades following WWI. They were the direct intellectual enemy of Hitler and the German people and were behind the original LGBT-perverted sex movements of that era.  They are the precursors to the globalists who want to break up Russia and grab its resources now via a proxy (Zelensky) war in Ukraine. The globalists are Russian’s and Western Populist’s enemy. 

In this regard, Putin specifically differentiates between good and bad Jews. He identifies the ‘bad Jews’ who cooperate with Azov Neo-Nazis in their Ukraine war against Russia. He seems to support the ‘good Jews’ in Russia that aren’t trying to overthrow his government. Putin is not seen as being an anti-Semite in the Jewish press, and his embrace of the Russian Orthodox Church is significantly anti-globalist.

Putin may see the Ukrainian (Zelensky, Jewish) / NeoNazi collaboration as very similar to the Zionist / Nazi collaboration (called the Haavara Agreements) in the 1940s that was instrumental in the creation of the state of Israel. Rothschild Zionists and Globalists are highly connected political elements bent on conquering Russia. Putin is defending Russia from this direct threat (NATO) at his southern border. This CBC  article: “Why Russia’s exiled chief rabbi is urging Jewish people to flee the country” helps explain some of this argument. Yandex plays a small but important role in supporting that war effort against the globalists. These two articles: Medium and VeteransToday give their dueling perspectives on the veracity of the claim Neo-Nazis are part of the Zelensky (Jewish) government. The Medium article is a clever coverup (and a good example of censorship) leaving out critical details put forth in the VeteransToday version of events.

 In the context of this article, Putin’s disdain for ‘bad Jews’ is an important aspect of his popularity in Russia. Putin’s control over Yandex precludes any censorship of Neo-Nazi or anti-globalist information. According to the Anti -Defamation League, there is far more anti-Semitism in Russia than in America (10% vs 31%) respectively. Putin is very popular and his attitude toward ‘bad Jews’ is instrumental in inhibiting censorship of anti-Jewish sentiment. This ADL report sheds light on differences in ‘anti-Semitism’ around the world by country. There is a generous amount of overt public anti-Jewish sentiment in Russia, much more than in America.

Yandex’s Stats and Predicament in Russia

About 75% of Russians use Google but 13% use Yandex which is around 10 million people. In America there is virtually no important uncensored search engine. Brave Search is a possible candidate for this role but is disappointing.  Brave just recently cut their search ties with Bing because they wanted ‘a more independent, privacy-focused, and user-centric search ecosystem’, but it only has around 55 million users per month compared to Google’s 90 billion. That’s about .05% which is insignificant at this point. Its search results on Populist content falls short compared to Yandex, but is improving. Metager , Mojeek search engines were interesting but inconsequential even compared to Yandex. Most alternative search engines are more concerned with privacy rather than populist content. Yandex is the only global search engine that could even imagine competing with Google.

According to ThriveMyWay/Yandex-stats less than 1% of Yandex’s traffic comes from the U.S. Armed with this information it is probably likely that very few people in America are aware that Yandex does not censor Populist content. The numbers are quite different in Russia. Unlike America, a much higher percentage of the people in Russia have ready access to an important supply of anti-Jewish content. This could be a factor in why 34% of older Russians have a negative view of Jews. ADL

Also, according to that ThriveMyWay, the Russian government indirectly controls Yandex which also affects its censorship policies. Russia has a very contentious relationship with Israel and America, and probably has no compelling reason to censor any content from those countries. It could be budgetary reasons. It’s a very expensive endeavor to examine and censor millions of items of internet content.

Comparing Putin’s and Biden’s Popularity

It appears that Vladimir Putin, unlike Joe Biden and his Leftist government, are much more aligned with the people of his country than against them as in America. According to Forbes, he has his highest approval rating among Russians since September 2017, according to this poll, 83% of Russians support Putin’s activities as president, and 69% of respondents said they believe Russia is going in the right direction. These numbers are a reciprocated in America with Biden’s approval rating around 39% with 85% believing America is headed in the wrong direction, according to CNN.  Again, Putin’s attitude about ‘bad Jews’ influences that countries attitude towards Jews, especially in the context of the Ukrainian war.

It is also possible that, because of the lack of censorship of anti-Jewish content, the Russian people have a much more realistic and volatile view of Jews. Russia has a long history of contentious and horrifically violent episodes exacted by Jews on its citizens, including tens of millions of Russians slaughtered in two world wars (bankers wars), the Bolshevik Revolution (financed by Jewish bankers) and Stalin’s purge of Jews associated with the Holodomor. None of this information is censored on Yandex.

Human Rights Watch and CNN have opined correctly that Russia is trying to isolate itself from the West’s internet content, but they can only accomplish this to a certain degree. The disadvantages don’t outweigh the advantages for both sides. While Google still operates in that country, Facebook and Instagram have been blocked. Nowhere in these articles is it mentioned that Populist content is not blocked.

Controlling the Narrative

Whoever controls the political messaging in a country is often partnered with its main search engine and news services. In the case of America, Leftists (Google, Washington DC milieu) control the fascist relationship between corporations and government. In Russia, it seems the only censorship of the of search engines involves anti-Putin content. The remainder is much like the Wild West of search engines in the early 2000s in America.

In Russia, where that country is at war with International Jewish Neocons such as Victoria Nuland who, along with NATO and especially the British aristocracy, would never partner with a Zio-Anglo-American organization. Yandex has developed their own algorithms and expanded their services beginning in 1997.  Surprisingly, anti-Jewish content can be found anywhere you look for it.  In April of 2022, the Jewish CEO of Yandex quit her position and moved to Israel citing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as her reason. See this TimesofIsrael article. It is highly likely that Yandex’s lack of censorship of anti-Jewish content, to some degree, is politically connected to the Ukraine war and her decision to leave that company.

The lack of effective Jewish control of Yandex and a growing ‘anti-Semitic’ atmosphere in Russia are, at least, among the main causes of the allowance of the Populist content on Yandex.  This article in EurasiaReview reflects this sentiment that is spreading throughout the Russian webosphere. It seems likely that Yandex just crawls and ranks websites and isn’t concerned with censorship. This is likely a new development in that there is no backlash (yet) from websites like ADL and SPLCenter about Yandex’s allowing uncensored and rampant anti-Jewish content. They had nothing to say about Yandex.

Expanding on the Frankfurt School Link to Censorship

Censorship is mostly about controlling or shutting down free speech. In the context of Cultural Marxism almost every type of censorship can eventually be traced back to the intellectual goals and efforts of Jewish Communists who formulated the ‘(Frankfurt School (FS) in Weimar, Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. There is a coherent progression of Leftist soft revolutionary activity beginning with the 1930s Frankfurt School / Institute for Social Research, then to Political Correctness of the early 2000s, then to Woke/LGBT/Transgenderism identity politics of the 21st century.

The FS is not a place but rather a dark conglomeration of theories developed by those Communists reacting to the failure of International Communism from spreading throughout the world after the Bolshevik Revolution. They realized that identity politics, mass immigration, and cultural dysphoria were the key ingredients to executing a soft nonviolent revolution in the West. They combined their skills with Fabianists in a ‘long march through the institutions’. Hitler kicked them out of Nazi Germany because of what he correctly concluded was their seditious activity. They were welcomed to America by the Leftists at Columbia University where they spread the wares throughout academia, corporations and government. Fast forward to the 21st Century where their work continues that Is highly connected to the ‘New World Order’ Great Reset phenomenon.

The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act was one of their crowning achievements leading to our present immigration crisis. In identity politics at the university level, they created Queer, Black, Women’s, American ‘Studies’ programs et al, all being precursors to the LGBT and BLM movements. Intertwined in all these trigger words is the mostly unknown fact that Jewish Socialists and Communists created these theories. It is little known that Antifa originated in Nazi Germany. The MSM and to a large extent the Alternative media don’t dive this deep into the origins of Cultural Marxism.

These Cultural Marxist intellectuals used their connections to the MSM to spread the classic 2+2=5 (the truth is relative) meme representing the breakdown of all traditional and ‘normal’ systems guiding the average American lives. They then constructed all the means to accuse and censor anyone of disagreeing with their system of being racist White nationalist anti-Semites. Fast forward to the 21st Century and you have today’s fractured, dysfunctional, and psychotic society ripe for a Communist revolution in the form of ‘The Great Reset’. 

Shouting ‘Anti-Semitism’ is the classic tactic to shut down the debate or conversation. This is why the conflation of anti-Semitism and racism was mentioned in the first paragraph. Combating anti-Semitism is probably as important, in some ways, than all the aforementioned revolutionary subjects. They have constructed a wide set of theories in order to cloak their real intentions of revolutionary change and combating anti-Jewish hatred.

Vladimir Putin has purged Russia of its Jewish oligarchical control, elevated the importance of the Orthodox Christian Church and instilled a sense of nationalism that Leftists hate. His recent anti Transgenderism laws align Russia, in this context, much more to that of the Trump MAGA world than ever before. Again, this is reflected in Yandex’s lack of censorship of populist content, which contains rampant anti-Jewish sentiment. Also see this AtlanticCouncil article on Putin’s popularity.

To prove this point, search Yandex on the keywords ‘Jews are behind Ukraine war’ and compare it to the same with Google. It’s a very eye-opening revelation.

My litmus test for ascertaining the value of any political website is performing a search on the following keywords: ‘9/11 truth jfk assassination holocaust hoax’. Despite the Left’s assertion that these topics are unimportant, I see them as among the crowning events that have shaped the 20th and 21st Century and continue to have major impacts on all realms of life in our civilization. 

9/11 Truth transitioned the world from the Cold War to the War on Terror and its attendant surveillance state; all the Kennedy assassinations were components of a US violent coupe elevating radical Leftism in America, and the Holocaust is forever with us in the form of the statement: ‘the history of the world is the history of the Jews’. No major event in world history over the last three hundred years has not included in some fashion the influence of Jewish power. Socialism and Communism are essentially projects of British Zionist megalomaniacs.

The Yandex results of these sets of search keywords are world’s away from what Google comes up with and reflect the real truth about all these subjects. This is all important on ascertaining Yandex’s position in the political sphere of Russian politics.

It appears that there exists a search engine, Yandex, that fulfills the need for an uncensored search engine. It was far more useful in creating this article than Google. 

Examples of Yandex’s Lack of Censorship 

One of the best examples of a ‘conspiracy theory’ as defined by the Left, is that the majority of leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry are filled by Jews. A search on Google on this topic will yield mostly distractive noise, while searching Yandex, a plethora of alternative website dig in and confirm that industry leadership with undisputable facts. check out the search results for the keywords: jews own and control pharmaceutical companies. Enlarge graphic 

Try this out on Google and see the dramatic difference.

And see the Yandex search results for the keywords “sandy hook” gun control psyop

 Enlarge graphic

The dramatic difference in content on the same search is highly supportive of the premise of this article.

Another example: This Insider (elite publication) article describes 38 conspiracy theories. But again, this is an obfuscation because it (deliberately) omits the main (international-in-scope) so-called ‘conspiracy theories’. 

The Insider article begins its list with reference to ‘Area 51’ followed by Alaska mind-control labs, Johnny Gosch (Franklin Scandal Omaha, 1989), the Safeguard (Illuminati) Complex, Bigfoot, Yellowstone volcano, MattressFirm money laundering, et al. with a procession (of silly UFO and strange sounds ‘theories’ that are just trivialities. And finally, the last two entries, which are substantial and true, (conspiracy realities) are Sandy Hook and Bill Gate’s plan to microchip the world’s citizens via Covid-19 vaccines. Except for the last two and Johnny Gosch (see Franklin Scandal Omaha, 1989) this list itself is an example of how the MSM hoodwinks the public.

Search and Compare the Results on Google

A list (partial) of ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Will Be Exposed as True if the New World Order is defeated.

  • Covid-19 was bioweapon associated with millions of injuries and deaths
  • JFK Assassination, CIA/Israel/Johnson operation 
  • Sen. Paul Wellstone was murdered by the Bush dynasty deep state (he could have stopped the Iraq War)
  • 9/11 Truth, Zio-Anglo-American, Saudi Arabia Axis executed a controlled (mostly nuclear) demolition of the WTC
  • Sandy Hook, school massacre, no one died, it was just a gun control psyop
  • Flat Earth and UFO craziness are actually CIA creations to distract and ascertain gullibility of the population
  • Chemtrails and Dimming are real
  • Adrenochrome and Jewish Ritual Murder are linked
  • Climate change is a hoax
  • The Biden pre-regime weaponized US agencies to terrorize and jail J6 election protest rally goers.
  • Covid-19 Vaccines are bioweapons created by US and Chinese entities
  • MKULTRA is true
  • 1993 bombing of WTC was a CIA op
  • Holocaust Hoax or Holocaust Revisionism
  • Pearl Harbor was not a surprise attack
  • USS Liberty attack by Israel, Lyndon Johnson (Jewish mother) let it happen
  • Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag attack to kickstart Vietnam War
  • Moon landing hoax
  • The US bombed the Nord Stream pipeline to control EU/Russia energy relationship
  • Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide
  • Cheney ordered Libby to out Plame as a CIA undercover agent
  • Princess Dianna was murdered by MI6
  • The Cold War was deliberately created by deep state
  • The London 7/7 bombings were a British inside job
  • Jewish involvement in the Armenian genocide is true
  • Jews were behind the Bolshevik revolution that killed tens of millions of Russian Christians
  • Modern Jews are descendants of Khazarians and have no real link to Israelites
  • Jews dominated African slave trade
  • Hitler was a creation of Jewish banksters, all wars are bankster wars
  • TWA Flight 800 was shot down by US government
  • Obama is gay and Michelle is a transgender male
  • Protocols of the Elders of Zion are true, but mostly because they fit reality
  • Putin speech: 85% of the 1917 Soviet government was made up of Rothschild Zionists
  • JFK Jr. and RFK murdered by deep state …. Sirhan Sirhan framed 
  • Weather modification is real and this tech used as political weapon
  • The Black Nobility actually still exists
  • Lincoln was assassinated by that era’s deep state
  • Jeffrey Epstein was murdered
  • Fluoride is dangerous health hazard
  • ISIS was created and perpetuated by US/Israel
  • Al Queda was a CIA creation
  • AIDS, Fauci’s AZT was a bioweapon
  • Mass die-off of bees due to pesticides
  • HAARP is used in weather control

These are just the tip of the iceberg in listing ‘conspiracy theories. Search any or all of these on Yandex and you will find much more valuable information.


Stephen Francis, internet researcher/anti-New World Order activist, creator of (2002), retired semi-professional musician (electric violin, keyboards), retired IT professional (network admin and accounting software), landlord.



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