THE REAL HISTORY CHANNEL: Jim Fetzer Explores the Sandy Hook Psyop


Jim Fetzer Explores the Sandy Hook Psyop
The book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, was banned by Amazon

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Yours truly will be appearing this Wednesday (July 12) at 12 EST on Jim Fetzer‘s “The Raw Deal” show at Revolution RadioVeteran conspiracy analysts will recall the Professor of the Philosophy of Science from Minnesota U for his early 9/11 Trutherism. His academic activism on the subject was so informed and effective that he eventually drew fire from the ambush artists of Fake News — before they figured out that it was best to simply ignore the dauntless and erudite ex-Marine.

In more recent times, Fetzer again breached the wall of Fake News for the case of Pozner vs Fetzer — in which the parent of one of the children listed as being killed during at Sandy Hook in 2012 successfully sued Fetzer for claiming that the boy’s death certificate was not legitimate. Prior to that, Fetzer’s well-researched book on Sandy Hook: “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” was — like all of my own books — holocausted by Amazon.




 1. Fetzer founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth. // 2. ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’ was banned by Amazon. Legal control over its image and content has since been transferred to Leonard Pozner  // 3. Between the judge and the seemingly bewildered jury, the award appeared to Fetzer to have been a foregone conclusion.

We’ll be discussing matters conspiratorial and expect that the video will then be posted at Jim’s video blog. In advance of this summit of sages, we present below, a fascinating 8-point presentation — put together by the pugnacious professor himself — relating to the Sandy Hook Show and the defamation trial which, to some observers, appeared to have been decided against Fetzer in advance.

All statements regarding the Pozners are Mr. Fetzer’s own, and not necessarily reflective of the opinion of RHC.

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D

Sandy Hook: Obama’s Capstone Event
(with Brian Davidson, P.I.)

The concept of a “false flag” originated in pirate days, when they would fly the flag of a nation friendly to that of the target vessel, then bring it down and run up the Skull & Bones prior to boarding. Today it has come to mean any staged (or orchestrated) event designed to place blame on parties other than those responsible. All “false flags” are therefore designed as covert actions, where disclosing their actual source gives the game away. And the question becomes urgent and important to the public if any of the “school shootings” that receive such massive publicity was in fact a staged event (or “false flag”) itself.

Sandy Hook has become perhaps the most complex and controversial event of recent American history, not only on emotional and political grounds in relation to the 2nd Amendment but on legal and technical grounds as well. It may come as a surprise, but none of the many trials associated with the case–including Remington and Alex Jones–has been decided on its merits. The question, “Did anybody die at Sandy Hook?”, has never been resolved in any court of law. They have all been resolved by agreement, stipulation, or other procedural grounds, as I observed in my Petition for Rehearing to the US Supreme Court.


After having pioneered collaborative research on JFK (with Assassination Science 1998, Murder in Dealey Plaza 2000, and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax 2003) and 9/11 (The 9/11 Conspiracy: The Scamming of America 2007), bringing together experts to sort out what happened at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012 (widely reported as and believed to be a shooting in which 20 children and six adults died) was a straightforward proposition, an “obvious” thing to do. I brought together 13 experts, including 6 Ph.D.’s. We established (1) that the school had been closed by 2008, (2) that there were no students or teachers there, and (3) that it had been a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control.

We even found the FEMA manual for the event, which I included in Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015). Acting on behalf of the state (in my opinion), banned the book less than a month after it had gone on sale, even though it had already sold nearly 500 copies. It was apparent to me that this had been a political decision, not a business one, and I immediately released the book to the public for free as a PDF. This was unexpected and, by some estimates, it has been downloaded millions of times. Like Alex Jones, I was hit with a lawsuit to staunch the flow, which eventually made its way to the United States Supreme Court, where (I have been told by some in the position to know) that my Petition for a Writ of Certiorari was declined at the direction of the highest level of the American government.


Because what really happened at Sandy Hook is among the most controversial in recent US history (for which we have amassed a staggering amount of evidence), I want to lay out a half-dozen of perhaps 100 proofs that it was a drill and not mass murder, some of which are obvious once you give them more than cursory thought. Let’s begin with the school itself and whether it was even operational on 14 December 2012, as the (then widely accepted) official narrative requires.

1. It was Not an Operating School

Several anomalies are striking from scratch. The first is that there is only one access route into the school (via Dickinson Drive), which means that buses would have to navigate their way in and out using the same roadway. Notice, too, there is no unloading dock for deliveries to the school, no bicycle racks for kids to park their bikes, and (perhaps most surprisingly) no playground or equipment for kids to play during recess. There is a softball diamond to the lower right (not visible in this photograph), but it stands in contrast to the facilities expected of an elementary school.

Moreover, there is none of the blue-and-white signage for handicapped parking. There are entrances and exits that are not handicapped accessible, which means that this school could not be legally open in 2012 because it was in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), which I verified with both federal and state law at the time. No heat or steam is rising from the building, even though it was a 38*F day, which is above freezing but too cold for classes without heating the building (which I infer was not done because the boilers were dysfunctional from lack of use since it had been closed).

While we concluded it had been closed by 2008, inside sources (with whom I have been in contact for over a year) have informed me that it was actually closed in 2006 and that it was not an elementary school but a “special needs” school, which explains the anomalies identified above. Even the sign (above) says, “Sandy Hook School” rather than “Sandy Hook Elementary School”. But it is also striking that the cars in the 2nd and 3rd rows are all parked facing the building, when the driving instructions would have them turn right and then left into parking spaces facing away. I suspect it was simply easier to bring them in as a single line and put them in place facing forward. Who would even notice?


2. The Iconic Evacuation Photo Appears to Have Been Staged

This photo (top) by Newtown Bee photojournalist, Shannon Hicks, was sent around the world and has been published millions of times. Here’s the copy published by The New York Times. But Shannon Hicks also took an earlier photograph (bottom), where you can see parents standing around with their hands in their pockets or arms folded, showing none of the signs of anxiety one would expect in the kind of emergency we have been told was taking place at the time. Indeed, comparison shows they even rearranged the kids (replacing the little girl in a pink sweater with a taller boy wearing blue jeans) to get a better shot. Thus, we already have devastating proof that this was a scam.


3. CSI Van on the Scene before it was Completed

Among the most telling photos included in Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015) was one of a Crime Scene van in the parking lot at the school, which we initially believed had been taken the evening of 13 December 2012 before the crime had even been committed. The first time that I interviewed Brian Davidson, a private investigator who is licensed in Texas, and he elaborated for me investigative techniques that are available using the internet, I sent a copy of that photo (with no identifying information) as a test of his abilities, where he came back to me with data showing it had actually been taken the day of the event.

Brian used shadow analysis to establish the exact date & time and tracked the original to the CT State Police photo archives on Sandy Hook, where he was taken aback to find that the meta-data (of the place and time at which it had been taken) had been removed from the 100s of photos in their file (which, needless to add, is proof of consciousness of guilt for participating an a crime—or, if not a statutory offense, some other impropriety for which a party does not want to be held responsible.

The reason this photo provides conclusive proof of a scam is that, in the background (just above the roof of the CSI van) you can observe four windows of Classroom 10, which were supposed to have been shot out during the event. Thus, compare the top left with the photo and you can see they are the same. The top right, by contrast, shows how they’ve been presented to the public, which reveals the fraud and deception. The lower left shows the perps looking at the window frame, where the lower right shows how they drilled holes in the aluminum to simulate gunshots, which would not fool any marksman.



4. Wisconsin Lawsuit for Alleged Defamation

All statements regarding the Pozners are Mr. Fetzer’s own, and not necessarily reflective of the opinion of RHC.

Given evidence of this quality—and much, much more in quantity—I was baffled to be served with a lawsuit over the book, which alleged that I had defamed Leonard Pozner, the father of one of the alleged decedents, Noah Pozner, by publishing three sentences in the book—and a fourth in a blog—asserting that the death certificate for this party was a fabrication, a fake and a fraud. Oddly, the death certificate attached to the complaint was not the one I had published and discussed but another with a file number and both town and state certifications, which were missing from the version in the book.

I found this a bit difficult to believe since our conclusion that the school had been closed by 2008, that there were no students or teachers there, and that it had been a FEMA drill presented as mass murder implied nobody had died at Sandy Hook, which in turn meant that any death certificate for an alleged Sandy Hook decedent had to be a fabrication, a fake and a fraud. Since I had already concluded that “Leonard Pozner” was a legal fiction for a real person, Reuben Vabner, and that “Noah” was also a legal fiction created from photos of Michael Vabner, who is one of Reuben’s two sons, I submitted my Answer with supporting proof it had been a drill, including the FBI’s Consolidated Crime Report for 2012, which shows 0 for the number of deaths or non-negligent homicides in Newtown–of which Sandy Hook is a division—for 2012:



5. From Wisconsin to the U.S. Supreme Court

It was astonishing to me, therefore, when the Dane County Circuit Court Judge, who presided over these proceedings, ruled at the Scheduling Conference that the evidence I had compiled was not relevant to the truthfulness or the accuracy of the death certificate that was in question, which, of course, from a logical point of view, was simply absurd: How could proof that Sandy Hook was not a mass murder but a FEMA drill where nobody died not be relevant to the authenticity of a death certificate for one of the alleged decedents?

My guess is that, of perhaps 50 motions I made, not even one was ruled in my favor. The evidence I presented was serious and relevant, including the reports of two forensic document experts, who concluded that not only were the two death certifications above were fake but that two others introduced by me were also fake, which was not rebutted by the Plaintiffs. Ordinarily, their testimony on its own should have been dispositive. But the Court once simply set them aside as “not helpful”. And even though I emphasized points like these in my appeals to the higher courts, none of them were disposed to rule in my favor.

It turns out that, lo and behold, in Wisconsin a judge has the right to determine what evidence is or is not relevant to a summary judgment proceeding—and my prospects went downhill from there. The Circuit Court ruling was backed by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals (IV) and the Wisconsin Supreme Court declined to rule. Since the case would almost certainly have been tossed in Texas, I believed my 7th Amendment right to a trial by jury as well as my 14th Amendment right to equal justice under law were grossly violated, so I took my case to the US Supreme Court. State of the Nation declared that my case “may be the single most important issue brought before the Supreme Court in our lifetime”Ron Avery would explain its importance subsequently.



6. The Sandy Hook Drill was on CT FEMA’s Schedule

Among the benefits that I have derived from my inside sources (including two participants in the exercise) has been the CT FEMA agenda, showing that the Sandy Hook drill was scheduled for 14 December 2012 as L-366 and was even accompanied by a map of how to get to the school from FEMA’s Office in Bridgeport. They sent the following, where the original appears to have been removed but here is some discussion of the posting that remains on-linel And of course it was included in my Petition for Reconsideration to the US Supreme Court.These documents—plus the FEMA Manual itself—were included in the appendices to my Petition for Rehearing before the Supreme Court, where I believed that proof it had been a FEMA exercise of this caliber was something the Court would want to see. If you review my original Petition for a Writ of Certiorari and my subsequent briefs, you may appreciate why I thought I had a good chance for a hearing before our nation’s highest court. But it was not going to happen in this lifetime.



7. Missing Blood, Bodies, Student Desks and Student Chairs

I included the FEMA manual and the CT FEMA Schedule (with map) in my Appendices A-D. Better yet, I solicited Brian for an additional Appendix E based upon his research into the CT State Police Sandy Hook photographic files, where he found further contradictions with the official narrative. In one instance, for example, he found a photo of a hallway where two bodies were supposed to have been found in “pools of blood”, namely, the School Principal and the School Psychologist. Not only were there no bodies at the location specified but also no “pools of blood.”

As though that was not damning enough, he also found photos inside classrooms where children were supposed to have been slaughtered. Not only did he find no bodies of children, but no student desks, no student chairs, and neither teacher desk nor chair. This means that he not only could not find any proof that anybody had been killed there; but that it was not even an operating school. This is all consistent with my book but not with the official narrative that we, the people, are supposed to take as truth rather than fiction.



8. Obama’s Capstone Event (and Many More)

Ten years after the event–and approaching five in courts over the questions it has raised–I find virtually all of the evidence supports the conclusion that Sandy Hook was indeed a FEMA drill pitched as mass murder to promote gun control. Because the media has been “all in”—and was present on the scene before the event was staged—it has been very difficult to explain what happened, even by those of us who had done the “deep dive”. Most of our videos have been taken down and some of us have been sued. Others have even lost their jobs for writing or speaking about what may have really happened.

It was Obama’s “capstone” event, community-wide “false flags” staged at taxpayers’ expense. My sources have told me that Eric Holder came to Newtown in 2006 and offered $140,000,000 to participate, where families that were unenthusiastic moved away, while those that stayed became participants—either actively (paying no taxes and signing non-disclosure agreements) or passively (by simply not talking about it with parties who were not complicit). I am far from alone in having paid the price, where I continue in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals (IV) to regain possession of my book to make it available again (Appellant’s BriefAppendices, and Reply Brief).

I was convicted of defamation for a death certificate that I had never seen or commented upon, which has shaken my confidence in the judicial system in WI to the core. On the other hand, I did not fare any better at the US Supreme Court. My inside sources have told me that the outcome of my cases was predetermined (up to and including my Supreme Court denial), which I am unable to personally verify but which is consistent with my experience. Perhaps those who have lingering questions about Sandy Hook will benefit from my experience, because we are being played again and again by a government that has its own agenda.

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., is a former Marine Corps officer and retired university professor who offered courses in logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning for 35 years. He has been a serious student of conspiracies and false flags since 1992 and has pioneered collaborative research in this area by bringing together experts in different disciplines to sort things out. He has 24+ books in traditional academic areas and 12+ in conspiracy research, 6 of which have been banned by

Brian Davidson, P.I.has been a licensed private investigator in the State of Texas for 10 years. He has conducted seminars related to Open-Source Intelligence research and has contributed to research related to Sandy Hook, the Buffalo shooting, the Pulse nightclub, and many others. His company Panoramic Investigations is a general investigation firm that has handled many aspects of investigations from criminal defense, fraud, property crimes, murder, bank robbery, and others as well.


Very interesting, Jim.




1 & 2: Some “conspiracy theorists” became suspicious when Rambling Robbie Parker was caught smirking and smiling just seconds before appearing to suddenly “go into character” — deep breathing, quivering and bawling his eyes out as he took to the camera. // 3. Obongo comforting Parker over the loss of his 6-year-old daughter.

Mike King is the Editor of The Anti-New York Times and of THE REAL HISTORY CHANNEL


















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  1. “As though that was not damning enough, he also found photos inside classrooms where children were supposed to have been slaughtered.”

    Found? They were released by the state police in Dec 2013. Those photos are available for anyone to download. You already knew there are no victim photos in the report, so why is that surprising to you now? The photo on the right, which classroom is that in the photo?

    “inside sources (with whom I have been in contact for over a year) have informed me that it was actually closed in 2006 ”

    This image of the Wayback Machine shows internet activity at Sandy Hook in 2006 and 2007. It’s on Page 34 of your book.

    There was always an explanation for the Wayback Machine claim anyway. The school system changed URL’s. Change the URL and you get a different result.*/

    Internet activity from 2011 and beyond.

    BTW, here are the Wayback Machine results for*/

    No activity from Nov 2011 to June 2012, yet there was Major League Baseball spring 2012.


  2. The following is Tucker at his best…..absolutely tremendous. The man has an amazing mind that he was never able to share when on the MSM. These talks are subjects and opinions you may have rolled over in your own head, but were never able to get them out verbally and understandably. After this, I thought that maybe Trump should run as Tucker’s VP. Please take the time….you will be better for it.

  3. We owe Dr. Fetzer an enormous amount of gratitude for his many courageous contributions to the Truther cause, from his work on the JFK assassination to his founding of Scholars for 911 Truth to his many exposes of the false flag “mass shootings”. It doesn’t matter that most Americans still find it hard to believe that everyday people could pose as grieving parents and townspeople and profit so greatly from these staged events. In the case of Sandy Hook and so many other nefarious events, you have won by forcing the media, government, and courts into showing their true fangs. Those of us who stand behind you can only hope that someday soon the truth will set us all free.

    1. Bravo to that, William. Dr. Fetzer is one of those REAL heroes that gets no where near the recognition he deserves. Jim, good to see you are recovering quickly. God speed.


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