Mazin Qumsiyeh, Six unique things about Gaza genocide

Mazin Qumsiyeh

The genocide goes on: several babies died when taken out of incubators that had no power and many more cancer patients sent home died. Most injured people cannot be helped since the medical system is completely collapsed and there are 27,000 injured.  A friend I have in Gaza told me American flag was seen on a tank and unusual soldiers not Israeli are seen (wonder if these are the US Delta forces that Biden was photographed shaking their hands in this country). Rotting dead human bodies are all over Gaza. Stray hungry dogs are eating some!. Ofcourse Israel does not allow international observers or even international journalists to enter Gaza to check on its lies and distortions. They even killed 1 Lebanese and 37 Palestinian  journalists (majority reporting for international agencies). I do not know if sope people have yet thought of eating other humans to survive (at least in North Gaza were starvation and thirst are more since Israel carpet-bombed the area).  Now to be sure there are many genocides/holocausts in human history but there are six unique features of this ongoing one:

1) It is so blatantly obvious and live broadcast live 24 hours a day and available for anyone willing to switch off the mainstream media and go to live footage like or almayadeen or even telegram, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc. The images and sounds are horrifying (imagine people there also feeling and smelling the death and dying)

2) It is self-admitted by the Zionists themselves including that they denied water, foo, medicine, fuel, electricity etc  to the 2.3 million inhabitants of Gaza and even proudly explained that there are “no civilians in Gaza” (Israeli president), and we deny food because we are dealing with human animals (Israeli minister of war), see

3) It is accompanied by the highest number of LIES spoken by Israeli officials and parroted by those with no conscience. Is anything the Israeli government say to be believed after a long history of past and present lies challenged by facts- see )??,

4) Due to the money and resources of strong lobbies (most of it funded by Western taxpayer money), the colonization, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid are supported by a) many western and arab governments, b) the mainstream media parroting the Israeli (false) talking points

5) Palestinians are not only victimized (8 million are refugees/displaced people, millions who remain in Palestine stored in ghettos/Bantustans/concentration camps and subjected for decades to the most brutal oppression. But Palestinians and their supporters asking for human rights are also dehumanized and defamed as hating Jews etc (ironic since thousands of Jews were willing to be arrested and even brutalized for their support of Palestinian rights).

6) There is a vicious brutalization of people for being Palestinian by Israeli occupation forces (and here there is no distinction between settlers and soldiers since everyone serves in the army and all behave similar). Collective punishment and torture are rampant. Beatings of and shooting civilians happen regularly. The attempt to suppress free speech goes on, destroying any semblance or pretense of “democracy”. A new law in Israel forbids people from watching some videos considered “terrorist propaganda” (and of course anything against Israeli apartheid si considered such). People under Israeli rule lost their jobs, were jailed or tortured or all for social media posts even mildly speaking of the horrors of Gaza. In Gaza now, if you post message critical of Israeli actions your home can be bombed. In the Western countries also, citizens showing sympathy to Palestine or working against apartheid or colonialism are targeted. There are laws in some US states against engaging in Boycotts, Divestments, Sanctions and in some European countries working for freedom for Palestine is considered illegal.

On the positive side this injustice has garnered unprecedented public outrage around the world. Millions were in the streets protesting and hundreds of thousands are acting and engaged in civil disobedience, in boycott of Israeli and US products that support colonization etc. (see item #  21) . That is also unique!! Everything helps so please keep the pressure on the cheerleaders and participants in genocide.

I wrote some open letters before and here for the sake of those who missed some of those letters here are the links

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Update on numbers of victims from the UN

Chris Hedges The Horror

Israeli soldiers beat father in front of wife and child and mother tries to reassure child

Other interesting videos stripping prisoners (most with no charge or simple workers) and beating them while many are naked

My podcast on 100 years of injustice

An Open Letter from Palestinian Christians to Western Church Leaders and Theologians


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44 thoughts on “Mazin Qumsiyeh, Six unique things about Gaza genocide”

  1. Voter fraud will be off the charts in 2024. In fact it will make our heads spin at warp speed.

    To think that Trump will be an easy win is delusional. The Dems will stuff the ballot boxes with millions of fake votes to elect whomever they want. They did it before and will do it again.
    Ballot cheating is their way of life. Why? I’ll tell you. There is NO punishment for cheating….that’s why.

      1. If prayer would work I’d do it. Dems are impervious to Divine truth….their sins are below that.
        There was at one time morals in the USA and honest elections….those days have vanished.
        Now its who can outcheat the other.

      2. What’s to lose, Don…give it a shot……one never knows what a few words spoken sincerely and from the heart can do.

      3. Sure Will II no problem. I stand by those words. How do we think Biden got elected… CHEATING. All the Courts turned a blind eye to the Dems crimes. They would not even listen to the evidence. America was totally fuc___ed by its own Supreme Court.

        The USA is in the gutter as a former Stand-up nation.

  2. FREE J-6ers NOW…..DAMMIT!!!

    “Newly released footage, which a Member of Congress has corroborated, proves that Capitol Police officers LIED UNDER OATH during the Oath Keepers’ trial.

    Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus was the head of Nancy Pelosi’s security detail at the US Capitol on January 6th. He testified under oath in the Oath Keepers trial. The government’s central argument that the Oath Keepers were guilty of “seditious conspiracy” and leading an “insurrection” was due to an interaction in which the members allegedly clashed with law enforcement.

    This “clash” happened at the top of the stairs next to the Capitol Rotunda, also known as the Speaker’s Lobby. The jury in the Oath Keepers trial was never shown any security footage of this supposed “clash.” They had to take the government’s word for it. And they did since Special Agent Lazarus and other Capitol Police officers appear to have LIED to the jury under oath.”



  3. Voter fraud was rampant in 2020. It was rampant in 2023 It was also rampant these past two weeks.
    Little has changed in the election process. One exposure after another had led no where. The left still has the arrogance to say elections are fair and honest. They lie as they breathe. I’m am starting to wonder if they are human. Time is running short…less than a year to go. I see nothing changing that will benefit WE THE PEOPLE and TRUTH.

    What do we do now? Knowing the courts and the current regime are against this Republic, WHAT IS THE NEXT MOVE???

    Someone here must have the intelligence and courage to state what must be done.

    I dare you to speak up.

  4. Will II,

    This is in response to one of your replies. I get it about a lot of the “alternative” news sites. But go to UNZ Review or Lew Rockwell … you’ll find a receptive audience there. Infowars is mostly silent, Gateway Pundit is mainly pro-Israel, but Breitbart News is totally biased. I’ve lost a lot of faith in Breitbart, for various reasons.

    1. William, I appreciate that info. I’ll give them a shot.. I rarely visit those sites unless an article appears on this blog. I have given up commenting on ZH. Whatfinger is the best as a “news conglomerate”, but they most certainly support Israel and the Zionists (as does Steve Bannon)….although they use the “Zionist” term infrequently.

      1. Will, if you set up your own personal news aggregator you can make yourself a better site than whatfinger or the others.

        I use feedly to set up a list of sites of all persuasions, to collect the links to their articles (and comments). Like this partial screenshot:


      2. Thank you, Toni. I signed up on the 2nd option (I don’t do Google). When I clicked to create account, it wanted me to agree to terms, but I found no place to click on agree….I may have gotten to this point previously after you had mentioned it quite a while ago. I must be missing something.

      3. Toni….using Linux and Brave creates problems…not sure how. Anyway, thanks and I’ll give that site a shot.

      4. Hell, Toni…It may not matter soon, eh?

        The Federal Communications Commission has voted for a Biden administration plan to promote “equity and diversity” online that some critics are calling a “takeover of the Internet.”

        “The FCC on Wednesday voted 3-2 for a plan that would give the federal government complete authority over the Internet.

        The plan is being sold as a means to prevent digital discrimination and ensure equitable access to broadband internet in the United States. The proposal, however, grants broad access to and regulatory control over all parts of the Internet that many justifiably believe will lead to government abuse.

        …I should have dug a deep hole years ago.

    1. Then again, we have this from Trump……

      “[Trump] has expressed his strong desire for Netanyahu to be gone by the time Trump would potentially be back in office in 2025,” the sources told the magazine. “Trump has said Netanyahu should be ‘impeached’ by the Israeli Parliament because of the assault,” speaking about the Al-Aqsa Flood operation by Palestinian factions.

      Israel’s Knesset Held Meeting To Mull Netanyahu Impeachment

      Me……IF ONLY we could get Trump to admit the power Israel has over our own government.
      …….seems we all see what we want to see and disregard the rest…..Thank you Paul Simon.

      1. Trump had to do some things to get elected and re-elected (which he was). He had to show concern for COVID and support for the vaccines, he had to support Israel, he had to court the evangelicals on abortion, he had to cater to Congress on appointments, etc. But there are strong indications that, in a 2nd term, without any need to worry about a re-election, things will be completely different. For one, no more John Boltons, no need to appease Congress (he’ll just appoint acting cabinet secretaries indefinitely until Congress approves HIS choices,) he’ll fire all (Deep State) political appointments by means of Schedule F, he’ll back away from Israel (Kushner and Ivanka will be gone), etc. That’s why the elites are so desperate not to allow him to run and win. But can they stop him short of assassination?

      2. William, at this point it seems not. The only case that I see may temporarily prevail is getting him off the ballot in Colorado. All signs are that even an appeal to Colorado,s Supreme Court will fail since the judges are apparently all dems. So, that will be on to SCOTUS…..which will have to be expedited. If they all fail, which I predict they will, assassination is not off the table… They have not gone this far to stop at anything.
        What we have become is disgusting, disappointing and disheartening, but I will not give up praying for a WE THE PEOPLE outcome.

      3. William, this article sums it up better than most…no lipstick on pigs here:

        Provided the lawfare being waged by Jack Smith, Fanni Willis, Letitia James, and Alvin Bragg goes down the toilet, how does the establishment make sure Trump never steps foot in the Oval Office again — unless he’s paraded there in leg irons in some ancient Roman display of triumph?

        Surely, elites are now hatching other devilish ways to stop Trump. Their desperate 14th Amendment ploy to keep Trump off state ballots ain’t flying. It begs a SCOTUS slap-down.

        In light of Hillary’s comments, what does ’24 look like?

        “2020 happens again, that’s what, though worse. Antifa and BLM will stoke riots and bloodshed in cities, maybe accusing Jews of dastardly acts against Palestinians. Maybe it’s time to spread mayhem to the ‘burbs? Maybe Democrats commit trademark infringement again, staging Kristallnacht II, sans inauguration day crowds. Then Biden is trotted out. He delivers a national address declaring martial law to quell insurrection. ”

        Me……….All this could be avoided if we all would get off our collective ass and DEMAND BALLOT CHANGE. IT”S A DAMN NATIONAL EMERGENCY IF EVER THERE WAS ONE!!!

      4. What’s really scary is when Tulsi Gabbard–moderate ex-Democrat and supposedly anti-war is supporting Israel all-out. Northern Gaza reduced to rubble, 200,000 buildings damaged, tens of thousands dead or dying, etc.–the greatest war crimes of the 21st Century. And not one major US politician condemning Israel. Totally sickening!

      5. William, it’s putrid. But not one politician has the courage to stand up to Israel. They all know what happened to others….and unfortunately that includes Trump (and his buddy, Steve Bannon). Good for Candace Owens…but she had better watch her back. And not only will they fail to stand up….they will not even come close to addressing the issue or even acknowledge it exists. I occasionally comment on ZeroHedge. One can go just about anywhere on that site, but mention Israel or the Jews and try to get back on….not even a warning. You can get around it by using euphemisms like small hats or whatever……but eventually they catch up.

        As long as they control the media, I doubt we have a chance.

      6. Will II,

        This is in response to one of your replies. I get it about a lot of the “alternative” news sites. But go to UNZ Review or Lew Rockwell … you’ll find a receptive audience there. Infowars is mostly silent, Gateway Pundit is mainly pro-Israel, but Breitbart News is totally biased. I’ve lost a lot of faith in Breitbart, for various reasons.

      1. WDB, may I remind you that war is in bad taste. All kinds of strange news is coming out of Gaza and Israel. I don’t make it up, I only report. There might be even worse news and suspect there will be in the future. Should we ignore it?

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