TNT Radio’s Sky Dragon Slaying W/Jim Fetzer On The JFK Assassination

By John O’Sullivan

LIVE Saturday 18th November: Did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone in assassinating President Kennedy, or were other dark forces at work? We have a two-hour special where Jim Fetzer, a leading critic, ruthlessly dissects the official narrative. This will be a hard-hitting episode, Don’t miss it!

James Fetzer is a professor emeritus of the philosophy of science at the University of Minnesota Duluth and is a prominent and respected analyst in the conspiracy theory community. In this two-hour special he intends to unpick the misunderstandings and errors he perceives are in Fred Litwin’s book Oliver Stone’s Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza

Fred Litwin had appeared on our Sky Dragon Slaying show on Saturday 14th October to explain his book’s arguments as to why it is credible that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating JFK. Listen to that live recording at TNT Radio. 


Litwin argues that the major claims of conspiracy theorists as set out in the famous film by Oliver Stone are “mistaken, exaggerated, misquoted, misunderstood, misrepresented.”

During that episode, Litwin declined our invitation for a live head-to-head debate with Professor Fetzer on the grounds that Fetzer is a scandalous figure.

As Rolling Stone reported:

“A Wisconsin jury has ruled that James Fetzer, a retired professor from the University of Minnesota Duluth, must pay Pozner $450,000 for accusing him of forging his son Noah’s death certificate.

Fetzer is the coauthor of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which alleges that Pozner faked his son’s birth certificate and that the Obama administration staged the shooting in an effort to pass legislation on gun control.”

However, a defiant Fetzer has steadfastly maintained his original position because there were five different versions of a death certificate of one person which could conceivably lead a reasonable person to doubt the legitimacy of any one or more of them.

Replying to me after posting this promotional article, Jim Fetzer added:

“Since he’s attacking me on Sandy Hook–and would no doubt also assail me over 9/11–please share with your list this “Fetzer Trilogy” of three interviews I have done with Jeremy Neil of South Africa, among the best of my career, to present the other side:

James Fetzer on the JFK Assassination Cover-Up

James Fetzer on the 9/11 Cover-Up

James Fetzer on the Sandy Hook Cover-Up

The man is an advertising guy who specializes in propaganda–and his attacks on Oliver Stone and me are nothing but. Looking forward to dispatching the last desperate effort to conceal the truth from those who want to suppress it.”

This is TNT Radio at its finest – bringing you truly no-holds-barred revelations that the mainstream media would never permit.

Ist hour

2nd hour

More at

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6 thoughts on “TNT Radio’s Sky Dragon Slaying W/Jim Fetzer On The JFK Assassination”

  1. Dear Dr. Fetzer,

    I just saw this and have not had a chance to listen yet. I have been so busy with these other seemingly very important shows…..I will add here for you and your readers in case any want to pursue…as well as one from Dark Journalist on JFK that I also have not seen – N
    JFK60: Blue Enigma Assassination Revealed!

    JFK60: BLUE ENIGMA X-Series Presentation: UFO File Aerospace
    Special New Dr. Joseph Farrell Interview: Paperclip & Antarctica Connection
    Archive Footage of the Final Jim Marrs Interview on JFK & NASA
    RFK Jr Interview: Exposing the Cover Up
    Agent Oswald The CIA Patsy: Incredible Rare Clips and Interviews
    X-Protect UFO File Assassins Documentary: Exposing the JFK Assassination & The UFO File

    The other important shows to consider:
    Sarah Westall – Clif High Returns: Aliens, Antarctica, the Big Event and even more Chaos is coming (1of2)
    (my insert – he second show is also on rumble and Sarah says the third one can be found on her substack)

    Dr. Fetzer,
    This one was also especially valuable to me because Dr. Miller mentions his mentor, Dr. Krippner and Dr. Krippner was also someone in my early days whose research was very important to me. The host of a conference I knew had asked me which two guests I’d like her to have and one I gave was Dr. Krippner and he came for the 1981 conference.

    Also, the spiritual path Dr. Miller mentions is one I was also introduced to, so Miller’s talk was especially personally meaningful – N

    By Kerry Cassidy, November 16, 2023

    Dr. Miller also shared a long list of research links from the above link that includes this Greg Reese one


    and this Zeta Talk related one…among many other links to consider – N
    08-27-23 –

  2. “JFK Assassination Doctors Break Silence, Dispute Key Government Claim”

    Several doctors who were in the emergency room when former President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 raised serious doubts about the official narrative that says a lone gunman was responsible, according to a new documentary featuring interviews conducted in 2013.

      1. OK….really screwed this up. I had listened to that first link from October….so when I said I could not listen, that was my reference…now listening to the two Fetzer interviews.

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