Ralph Cinque, Paul Didn’t Die and (therefore) was Not Replaced (with a rebuttal by Jim Fetzer)

Ralph Cinque

[Editor’s note: Ralph Cinque, who manages the Oswald Innocence Campaign, wrote me furious that I had published Clare Kuhen, “Was Paul McCartney Murdered Because He Threatened the Deep State?”, on the ground that it undermined (or even smeared) serious research on JFK, where anyone who believes that Oswald was innocent “must” therefore also believe that Paul died and was replaced! An obvious non-sequitur, but then that’s Ralph’s style: he makes up his mind and (thereafter) evidence simply doesn’t matter. So I sent him the images with which I prefaced Clare’s piece to make the point:

The the current “Paul”–often referred to as “Faul” for “False (or Fake) Paul”–is not the original James Paul McCartney is not in doubt. They have different heights and shapes of head and different teeth and palates, where Paul had bad teeth and a narrow palate, but Faul has good teeth and a normal palate:

Notice that he is so supremely confident in his own research abilities and so oblivious of other research that he reverses who has good teeth and who has bad: “So, supposedly, the replacement Paul had terrible teeth with big spaces. But, if that were true, then it would have appeared so in all his images, and the whole world would have seen it. Here are his teeth.”The Italian forensic scientists settled the matter, where his photographs of Faul (with very good teeth) confirm rather than refute their conclusion. But Ralph believes his expertise as a chiropractor exceeds theirs as forensic experts.

I also sent him a link to hundreds of earlier video studies of Paul vs. Faul, which he (apparently) did not bother to review. (Of course not! His mind was already made up!) And, just in case he did not grasp the issues involved here, I also sent a link to “Issues of Identity” (2 August 2020), in which I present proof that Lee Oswald, Noah Pozner, Paul McCartney, Hillary Clinton, and (even) Michelle Obama have had body doubles (or are not who they claim to be) in the hope of instilling a modicum of reason and rationality–but to no avail. So here’s one more proof that even a very smart guy can commit colossal blunders.

He commits other mistakes in this short piece, where even his final photograph reinforces the forensic scientists’ conclusion that they had different shapes and sizes of heads, which, of course, unlike your clothing or your hairstyle, are not properties of persons that are amenable to change. I told him that Jane Austin’s family was “in on it” (to preserve the band) and that they had stopped touring and sought to conceal the difference. I even told him to check out “The Memoirs of Billy Shears”. But it was all for naught. Once Ralph makes up his mind, it’s “Damn the evidence–full speed ahead!”]

Ralph Cinque

It’s very unfortunate that the “Paul is dead” theory got legs. And not only did it get legs, but it’s often associated with the JFK assassination and the realization that Oswald was innocent. The presumption is that if you believe in one, you must believe in the other.

Well, I believe in the innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald, but I do not believe that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced.

Supposedly, the man who replaced Paul was 4 inches taller. This collage was sent to me by a prominent espouser of this theory. In both images, Paul is with his then girlfriend Jane Asher.


Yeah, I get it that she seems much shorter on the right. But, there are numerous images of the two of them together, and that image on the right is an outlier. But, what can account for it? Well, you can see that both her knees are bent, which lowers a person. His right knee is bent, but he may have been up on his toe. And what about her footwear? What if she was in flats on the right, whereas she usually wore heels? The two of them are still friends, and here is a picture of them when Paul was 81.



But, if you would just think about it, you’ll realize that Paul being replaced by a guy who was 4 inches taller wasn’t going to fly with anyone. It would have been immediately noticed by everyone.

Then, there is the issue of his teeth.


So, supposedly, the replacement Paul had terrible teeth with big spaces. But, if that were true, then it would have appeared so in all his images, and the whole world would have seen it. Here are his teeth.

Here he is older. 

So, on both you see the recessed second right incisor and the prominent right canine tooth. Again, we have to remember that Paul McCartney is one of the most photographed persons who has ever lived. You have to go by the preponderance of the evidence and not obsess about outlier photos. I read that he chipped his left center incisor in a moped accident and had to have it restored. And who knows what other dentistry he has had. And he’s old now, so does he have dentures? Does he have implants? He certainly has pearly whites.

As a former chiropractor, I connect with this collage.


Wow. It shows how deeply ingrained postural habits are. He has the same head bearing, with the slight right lateral bending and left rotation and then the slump through the torso. You are looking at the same neuromuscular signature there. And we are talking about something that people aren’t even consciously aware of.

But, the biggest reason of all why it is impossible for Paul McCartney to have been replaced is his talent. He is one of the most gifted and talented musicians of all time, and the idea that they found someone who not only looked like him but had his voice, his guitar playing ability, his drum playing ability (a lot of people don’t realize how good a drummer he is. When asked if he thought Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world, John Lennon said he wasn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles.)

But, it wasn’t just his playing ability, it was his songwriting ability and his lyric writing ability. Take McCartney’s song Bluebird from 1973. It’s a masterpiece. So, besides looking like him, the doppelganger could create like Paul McCartney too?

We know that looks comes from genetics, that every person is a random mix of the 46 chromosomes of their 4 grandparents. But, where does musical talent come from? It’s not understood nearly as well as physical traits. But, the idea that Paul McCartney was replaced with a dead ringer lookalike who could also create and perform musically at the caliber of the original is mathematically impossible. Absolutely impossible.

It’s time to stop the nonsense that Paul McCartney is dead and has been since 1966. And as an ardent defender of Lee Harvey Oswald, I vociferously denounce the Paul is dead theory precisely because it is often bundled together with JFK truth, which is most unfortunate for the latter.


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  1. There are conspiracies and then there are conspiracies. Conspiracies like the JFK assassination, 911, Sandy Hook, even Apollo 11 were major attempts to deceive the American and world audiences, with in most instances historical consequences cementing the elites’ control over the American public and its government. But with McCartney, “cui bono”? Or even “cui curat”?

      1. What I am attempting to say is have we gotten to the point at which truth just for the sake of truth no longer means anything? Must it come with some benefit? Or can the value of truth be sought just in the name of itself.

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  3. Paul’s son was interviewed by Fetzer, it is on BitChute. He confirms the story theat the three remaining Beatles and the fake Paul (and his psycho mother who tried nto strangle him) visited him and unsuccessfully tried to convince him to go along with the lie.

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