Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., The Demolition of Justice in the USA

The latest affront to the administration of justice has come from the decision in the E. Jean Carroll “fantasy” trial, where a woman who appears to be obsessed with sex has won a staggering $83.3 million verdict against Donald Trump for an alleged defamation for denying her claim that he had raped her at a Bergdorf Goodman store, where she cannot even remember the year of its occurrence. A woman who has been raped (absent roofies) will not ony remember the year but the month, the week, the day and even the minute the transgression took place.


And in Georgia, the sanctimonious DA Fani Willis, who threatened to fire anyone working for her who slept with a coworker, turns out to have been indulging a lavish affair with her married lover, whom she has selected to prosecute Donald Trump in a complex RICO case with 19 defendants, when he was inexperienced at litigation and had not expertise with this type of law. These cases appear to manifest TDS (“Trump Derangement Syndrome”) by zealous Democrats eager to tarnish or destroy the reputation of the one-man wrecking ball they despise to the core.


Far more serious, however, are acts by the Supreme Court of the United States, which have been manifest most seriously in the current decision regarding the right of the Biden administration to curtail the Governor of Texas in his efforts to staunch the flood of millions of illegal migrants across our Southern Border, where the President of the United States has abdicated his role to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed and that the federal government will protect the states from invasions. Abbott is doing what Biden refuses to do in defending the state–yet SCOTUS rules against him!


While the Carroll and Willis cases may be viewed as laughing matters (demonstrating the extent to which one party will go after their most influential political opponent), the border matter represents a threat to the integrity of the nation, where at least 25 other governors have now sided with Governor Abbott and we appear to be on the verge of a Constitutional crisis. While there’s talk of a civil war between the states, this development has to do with the legitimacy of the federal government and has more of the character of a revolution of the kind envisioned by the Declaration of Independence.


And this is not the first time that SCOTUS has failed the nation. In the wake of the (obviously fraudulent) election of 2020 (where,, by my best estimate, Trump earned over 100,000,000 votes and Biden around 37,000,000), the rejection of the (once again) Texas lawsuit against the swing stages of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania for violating their own state protocols for the selection of electors on the specious grounds of “lack of standing” was not only a massive insult to the nation but placed our future in jeopardy by permitting an illegitimate regime.


Unlike the New York and Georgia offenses, these two are enormous cases fraught with consequences for the nation. They concern the integrity of the federal election process and the security of our nation’s borders. Another case Fetzer v. Pozner No. 21-7916, less familiar but which I brought to the Supreme Court (TO ACCESS, ENTER INTO YOUR BROWSER: https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/21-7916.html), underscores the complete irresponsibility and abdication of commitment of SCOTUS–at least, if you believe as I believe that our 7th Amendment right to trial by jury may be our most important (by safeguarding the people from loss of life, liberty, or property without due process).



The Courts of Wisconsin deprived me of my right to a trial by jury by claiming that there were no disputed facts, which was an outcome manufactured by the Circuit Court simply setting aside the mass of facts I had presented on the ground that they were “unreasonable”. The case arose out of a suit for defamation over my declaration that a death certificate for a purported Sandy Hook victim (Noah Pozner), which had no file number and neither state nor town certification) was fake, where I introduced the reports of two forensic document experts on my behalf.


After my Petition for a Writ was denied, I persevered and submitted a Petition for Rehearing, which was also denied. What may escape the eye, however, is that the supporting appendices (Appendix A-D and Appendix E) were not made accessible to the public, where a note was added to the Petition, “Additional material from this filing is available in the Clerk’s Office”. If that strikes you as strange, should you take a look at their contents you will immediately discern why they had to be suppressed.


They include the FEMA manual for the “mass casualty exercise involving children” held at Sandy Hook on 13-14 December 2012the CT FEMA Schedule showing the drill to be conducted on that date, a Crime Scene Investigation van in the parking lot (when the windows of Classroom 10 are not yet broken), and the affidavit of a Texas-licensed P.I., who accessed the files of the CT State Police and found proof not only that there had been no mass murder but that it was not even an operating school.


In 2015, I brought together 13 experts on Sandy Hook (including 6 Ph.D.s) and we determined that the school had been closed since 2008, that there were no students or teachers there, and that it had been a FEMA exercise presented as mass murder to promote gun control. The book we published was banned by amazon.com less than a month after it had gone on sale and had sold close to 500 copies. So I released it to the public for free as a PDF–but it was taken as a consequence of the lawsuit.


So the book was banned by amazon.com and taken by means of a lawsuit, which was done (from every perspective I can bring to bear) completely improperly by setting aside my evidence as “unreasonable”–which continues to deprive the residents of WI their right to due process under the 7th Amendment. Nobody seems to care–most certainly not the Supreme Court of the United States. But my research has continued, including communication with participants in the event that our courts do not want you to know. Not even SCOTUS stands up for our Constitutional rights.


Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and now resides in Wisconsin.


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    1. Done, Jim. I left a comment over there.

      Excellent comment on this article by Suetonious at Unz Review, one of the best commentators there. He draws a parallel between Fetzer’s case and the holohoax, and notes that if a court rules that there are no disputed facts in a case, then the only thing to prove is if the defendant said something different, not that he’s wrong. The actual facts of the case are not a defense. Here’s what Suetonious wrote:

      Suetonious says:
      January 31, 2024 at 8:25 pm GMT • 2.8 days ago • 200 Words ↑

      Fetzer did not receive a fair trial, because the court claimed that there are no disputed facts in the Sandy Hook event. Therefore, the prosecution only needed to prove that Fetzer did say or do what he was accused of, not that Fetzer lied or did anything illegal.

      It is exactly how a trial in Germany goes for someone accused of holocaust denial. The court claims that the holocaust is an established historical fact, so the only thing that must be proven is whether the defendant made certain statements. The facts of the holocaust are not a valid defense.

      This is a scary precedent to set in America. What if the results of the 2020 presidential election are declared as undisputed? Someone could say nothing that is false and still be convicted for questioning it. What if you question the 19 hijackers on 9/11, or the assassination of JFK by a lone gunman?

      Even if a person is eventually acquitted in this type of malicious prosecution, that person still must pay thousands of dollars in attorney fees and their name has been ruined. A brave new world indeed.

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  5. What the hell happened to Montana? Is this not a state with cowboys and real men? Is it all “Brokeback Mountain(s) now? Geez!!


    “A 14-year-old girl in Montana has been removed from her father and step-mother’s custody after they opposed a series of moves made by the state and healthcare professionals to undermine their parental authority and facilitate a sex change for the girl.”

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    1. Seemingly so. I imagine they are basing the “award” on who she was 30 years ago. eh? At 80, I doubt I would give her a second glance….and I’m 78. She ran one hell of a scam and I would really love to see her in prison when it all comes down. One hell of a miscarriage of justice.

  7. Jim, until we return to Common Law and all that entails, I’m sorry to say we will never find justice under the UCC or Maritime Courts. They are there to support corporate America and bought and paid for politicians. I formerly though SCOTUS represented truth justice and the American way. Not so. They rule in favor of whomever runs the honey pots and other forms of bribery and compromise.
    We need a court of public opinion based in morality and the common good. In truth, we no longer even need a federal government that is now beyond corruption and has become pure unadulterated evil. It’s an anachronism. I doubt even the founders could foresee the rot that now permeates every aspect of our culture. Referendums and local government are the answers.

    It’s pitiful your truth was buried under the garbage pile of this court system.

    Jean Carroll is quite simply a criminal and pervert looking for the big payoff. That settlement cannot stand. It’s beyond belief she was even allowed to bring it forth…..can’t even remember the year.
    15 Facts About E. Jean Carroll’s Allegations Against Trump the Media Don’t Want You to Know


    Here’s four of em:

    1. Bergdorf Goodman has no surveillance video of the alleged incident.

    2. There are zero witnesses to the alleged sexual attack.

    3. Carroll first came forward — conveniently — with the allegations while promoting her book What Do We Need Men For? in 2019, which featured a list of “The Most Hideous Men of My Life.”

    4. Carroll was unable to remember when this alleged attack even occurred. She told her lawyer in 2023, “This question, the when, the when, the date, has been something I’ve [been] constantly trying to pin down.” She has jumped years — originally beginning with 1994, then moving to 1995, and even floating to 1996. She cannot remember the season in which the alleged attack occurred either.

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