Keith Rodgers, Experts Across the Globe Weigh In on Putin’s Re-election Victory

Keith Rodgers

Knowing what I know studying the CIA for years, it actually brought a tear to my eye to see what others are saying about the Russian Election. I’m not into politics as you know, I only look at what America once was, and see all that is lost. I can’t find one US Politician who cares about Americans over caring more about their lobbyists or Israel first.

Experts across the globe weigh in on Putin’s re-election victory:

🇺🇸 American economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “The turnout is high because Putin, like Ronald Reagan and not like Joe Biden, is a leader focused on uniting the country. In terms of Russia’s national interest, there is very little, if anything, to disagree with him on.”

🇲🇽 Carlos Manuel Alvarado, a Mexico-based international relations expert, said that the high turnout rate in Russia’s presidential election “shows the engagement and interest of Russian society in who will govern it.”

🇹🇷 Turkish international journalist Ceyda Karan highlighted the fact that “the 74% turnout is a message in itself. It is a response to the West against the aggressive attitude towards Russia, Russophobia, and attacks on Russian culture that have started.”

🇸🇳 Senegalese businessman Malik Niang pointed out, “the voting results show that there is a realization that something very important is at stake, not only for Russia but for the world.”

🇫🇮 Finnish journalist and social activist Kosti Heiskanen added, “Putin won because he and his team can stop the fascism that has spread to Ukraine and countries of Europe.”

🇦🇷 Argentinian analyst Alejandro Pacilla concluded, “Putin’s election victory is a lesson for the US and Europe.”

🇳🇮 Nicaragua’s president congratulated Putin on his victory, saying the results of the Russian vote are a contribution to world stability

🇻🇪 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro congratulated Putin on his victory in the presidential elections, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said

There are many more I could post, but as I lay here thinking of the hundreds of thousands of lives lost as the CIA has destroyed country after country under the premise of US National Security (i.e. Corporate Profits) Which strangles the societies of those other countries, destroys their labor market, unions, civil rights leaders assassinated.

In the last 2 decades over 2,000 Civil Rights leaders have been assassinated in Columbia, and Honduras alone. No one will ever understand America until they understand we live under Corporate Fascism.  I have the video testimony of many CIA who explained their roles in this, why they left the CIA.

As I have sent before, Israel’s arms sales to Central and So. America are over 30% of their sales. Know who’s DRIVING the problem, arming the Cartel’s, MS-13, and other fractions. All to destabilize those countries to push people North. Oddly as I type that I think of Gregory Peck in “ON THE BEACH” and Nuclear Winter.

This is why I am so upset with callers like Tom in Florida. He blames the immigrants, not realizing like many, that the immigrants are a part of the US Agenda (Jewish) to destabilize the US as they have done to countless other countries. The Immigrants are VICTIMS of US foreign policy, just as the millions who have over the last 3 decades fled the War zones where they had to bury their loved one’s, flee their bombed out cities each that if you Google images all look like Gaza, or Dresden to this day.

Those who stay are subject to the mass poverty, reduced pensions, as that country strives to rebuild assuming massive IMF loans w/interest, which those in DC know will be defaulted on, so US Corporate can then start buying up for pennies on the dollar. Looking at the US Debt, the added $1 Trillion every 100 day’s, it shows to what extent the US Financial systems lengths they will go to bribe, steal or blackmail others to remain in the West vs. BRICS and a multi Polar world. Where everyone is treated as a whole.

In fact, if you look up Article 19 of the UN’s BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, You’ll see that THIS GOVERNMENT is the biggest violator of them all as they push their ever Satanic agendas.

Other Notes:
Vladimir Putin’s election win has opened the door to the next six-year term of his presidency. What do the countries of the Global South expect from Putin’s forthcoming tenure?

“The Global South most urgently needs economic development and wants the right to choose its own path of development without it being imposed by any foreign entity. They also need unconditional support for this development. So they look to Russia and President Putin to support these efforts,” Dr. Anuradha Chenoy, a retired professor at the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, told Sputnik.

According to Chenoy, Russia’s approach to the Global South differs greatly from that of the West:Russia’s support to the Global South is unconditional;

🔸 Russia’s support to the Global South is unconditional;

🔸 Russia does not intervene through regime change, sanctions, assassinations, military or intervention;

🔸 Russia is not looking for proxies to carry out its agenda in contrast to the US;

🔸 Russia does not have a CIA-style structure operating in other countries to intervene in their politics.


Under Putin, Russia has especially focused on relations with the Global South as more and more developing states plot a course towards independent domestic policies.

United States is bent on portraying Russia as enemy unless it bows to US hegemony

The only way Russia may be welcomed by the West into global community and allowed to pursue “an active and engaged role in global affairs” involves giving up any interests “that run counter to American hegemony,” warned Dr. Matthew Crosston, professor of national security and director of academic transformation at Bowie State University.

“Until then, America will continue to push a role for Russia that is highly negative and will expect other countries to emulate that policy. Period,” he remarked.

Just as with all the “China China” bullshit. Neither China or Russia are moving their militaries to promote their BRICS agenda. The Dollar is TOAST.

Toast because of GREED.

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