Larry Johnson, Terrorist Attack in Moscow — Who Did It?

On the “Usual Suspects” list we have Ukraine and we have ISIS. A good case can be made for both. I am posting three videos — some of it is repetitive — that discusses the attack and the very odd behavior of the Biden Administration. Let’s go through the chronology of events.

On March 7 US Embassy Moscow issued the following alert:

The Embassy is monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts, and U.S. citizens should be advised to avoid large gatherings over the next 48 hours.

What you need to understand is that this warning was not issued at the discretion of the embassy. This was approved in Washington, DC at Main State and would have required some intelligence that was deemed somewhat specific and “credible.” When I was doing this job at State Counter Terrorism in 1990, this was in the aftermath of the bombing of Pan, 103. It was widely believed in the public that state department, and the CIA had information in advance about the terrorist bombing of that plane, and warned our person out not to get on board. That was not true but it did raise the issue of when, and how to warn the public about a potential threat. We came up with a system that required specific and credible intelligence. The more specific and credible the intelligence, the less need to warn the public. Consider, for example, that if we knew a terrorist attack was going to be carried out on Friday at a public concert hall by a particular group, we would be able to alert appropriate authorities and take precautions to intercept the attack without alarming the public.

On the other hand, if the information was not in great detail, but did come from a credible source, then we would take the time to put together a public warning. That is what happened when the US Embassy Moscow issued the warning on 7 March. They had information they thought was credible, but not terribly specific. This raises a key question — did the United States warn Russian authorities? Normally, when I was doing the job, we would share the information with the appropriate government and law enforcement authorities, in order to try to prevent the attack. Based on public comments by Maria Zakharova and Dimitri Medvedev, following the March 7, warning, and following today’s attack, it appears that the United States did not share any of its information with Russia. I would note there is a Wall Street Journal report tonight, stating that the United States did warn, but Russian authorities insist that they were not provided with an Intel heads up.

What makes the entire situation so bizarre and questionable in terms of what the United States knew, and when it knew it, is that the State Department issued a statement within two hours of the bombing — remember, we still did not know how many attackers, what kind of weapons, how many casualties, and whether or not, they were hostages — declaring that Ukraine was not responsible for this attack. How did State Department know that? It’s strongly suggests that the United States had intelligence, which did not share with Moscow.

Then we have this very unusual X message (formerly Twitter) that was posted at 3:30 AM this morning, 22 March, by OSINTdefender (which I think of has a CIA front for spreading messages the CIA wants out there):

Members of U.S. National Security Council and the White House have reportedly started to become Increasingly Frustrated by “Unauthorized Brazen Actions” taken by Ukraine against Russia, including their recent Campaign of Long-Range Drone Strikes having Targeted at least 25 Oil Refineries, Terminals, Depots and Storage Facilities across Western Russia; with some Biden Administration Officials believing these Strikes will cause a Spike in Global Oil Prices as well as Significant Escalation and Retaliation against Ukraine like was seen during tonight’s Large-Scale Missile Attack.

Do you think that is just a happy coincidence that the Biden White House is bemoaning Ukraine taking “unauthorized brazen actions” on the same day there is a massive terrorist attack in Moscow? I don’t believe in coincidence. I think the Biden ministration was trying to get out ahead of an attack that they knew was coming.

Some claims have emerged late in the day with ISIS, allegedly, taking credit for the attack. What makes that interesting is that we have evidence that some members of ISIS have been fighting in Ukraine against Russia, so this does not necessarily exonerate, either Ukraine or the United States.


Anyway, I deal with these issues from different perspectives in the following videos:

 Video Link

Here’s the Judge and Ray:

And Nima:

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One thought on “Larry Johnson, Terrorist Attack in Moscow — Who Did It?”

  1. The following was sent to me by a former member of this blog. I doidnot get permission to post it, but I am almost sure there will be no objection.. If there is, so be it, I will take the wrath. It’s worth it to get this report out here to those unfamiliar with this history. It may take several sections. I will not know until I attempt to post it.

    There are Hebrews (Race)
    Jews (Religion)
    Zionists (Political movement with anyone who wants to be as
    Israelis (Ashkanzi – Khazarian (from an area between the Black and
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    other mixed heritage who originally comprised the Khazarian
    Empire) Originally kicked out of more than 100 countries.
    And finally, the Sabatean Frankists (the true evil of the world since
    before the founding of our nation)]
    Zionists began in Russia, promoted by Ashkanzi (Khazarian) Jews.
    In the 5th century or so in the area between the Black and Caspian
    seas, a people of Mongolian, Bulgar, Iranian, Turkish, and other
    mixed heritage comprised the Khazarian Empire. They subsided by
    raiding caravans at that nexus point of the Asia to Europe caravan
    By the 10th century their successful raids had created an
    aristocratic leadership who decided that the dangerous raiding
    could be supplemented by becoming money changers. The decision
    to become Jews came from their population being 1/3 Christian,
    Muslim, and Jews. The other two religions didn’t allow usury but the
    Jews did. So they became Jews, not Hebrews, Jews, the religion.
    The empire eventually broke up with the arrival of the early
    “Russians” and they fled into Europe forming some of the more
    prominent modern day Jews. They have no connection what so ever
    to Palestine. They eventually decided to get a foothold in the oil rich
    middle east but had no real claim to the land. Using the logic that
    they were “Jewish” and the biblical god promised them a homeland
    in the middle east they acted on that lie.
    Lord Rothschild of the Khazarian Jews, ( A member of the Sabbatian

    Frankist “Round Table”) then head of the bank of England, “wrote”
    Alfred Balfour, the British Prime Minister, (A fellow “Round Table”
    member) assuring him aid assistance, and funding in WWI if England
    would guarantee them a homeland in the middle east.
    England agreed (already set up) even though the Khazarians had no
    legitimate claim to anything in the Middle East. That is Israel’s
    justification for their madness. The Palestinians were invaded,
    murdered, and are now in the world’s largest prison, all based on
    lies of the sociopathic SF/Zionist Israeli’s.
    Living peacefully with Germans they turned on the Austrian born
    German patriot who went against the central bank (just like Lincoln,
    Garfield, JFK, and Qadaffi who all paid the same price) and made a
    financial deal with England to steal Palestine from the true Semitic
    people and have committed genocide on them since.
    The USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli jets in 1967 with the OK by
    LBJ who when asked by a ship’s commander if they should help said:
    “Let it sink to the god damn bottom.”
    Palestinian Rights
    1. Can’t live free of Israeli military presence.
    2. In Gaza they can’t control the flow of goods and supplies.
    3. Can’t control their access to water in the occupied territories.
    4. Can’t access certain life-saving health care.
    5. Can’t live in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.
    6. Most can’t enjoy the rights of citizenship.
    7. Don’t have the same due process and civil rights as Israelis.
    8. Can’t travel in, out and through occupied territories without
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    As a race (the Jews are not a race, because they have mingled with
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    (Roman Historian Tacitus)
    Bigger picture, facts, not hate…What are now called “Jew” leaders are
    Sabatian Frankist’s who have insinuated themselves into
    governments, militaries, religions, etc. for a few hundred years.
    Basic history…”Jews” were caravan robbers at lower Russia. Decided
    to get out of that “trade” and because Christians and Muslims don’t
    allow usury (charging for money loans) and the Jews did, they
    became “Jews.”
    They are (Ashkanzi – Khazarian) from an area between the Black and
    Caspian seas, a people of Mongolian, Bulgar, Iranian, Turkish, and
    other mixed heritage who originally comprised the Khazarian
    Using other Sabatian’s in England they made a deal.
    Sabatian Frankist, Lord Rothschild of the Khazarian Jews, then head
    of the bank of England, wrote (SF) Alfred Balfour, the British Prime
    Minister, assuring him aid assistance, and funding in WWI if England
    would guarantee them a homeland in the middle East. Thus the Pals
    lost their homeland :-/
    Here’s one quote to summarize the Sabatian goal:
    “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers.
    Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will
    forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
    (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155)
    JEWISH NEWS SYNDICATE — Israel’s Foreign Ministry launched a new
    campaign to train a group of Israeli social media influencers on how
    to respond to anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism online.
    The young influencers, who have a combined following of 30
    million, will also learn how to combat comments delegitimizing
    Israel on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The campaign
    launched this week with an event in Jerusalem attended by all the
    influencers who will be participating, including TikTok star Alex
    Korotaev, model Orin Julie, singer Stephane Legar and content
    creator Or Elkayam Zuti.
    “I am happy that Israeli content creators have joined the effort to
    improve Israel’s image in the world and will cooperate with the
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to become Israel’s ambassadors
    on social networks,” Idan Roll, Israel’s deputy minister of foreign
    affairs and the organizer of the campaign, tweeted on Friday.
    The USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli jets in 1967 with the OK by
    LBJ who when asked by a ship’s commander if they should help said:
    “Let it sink to the god damn bottom.”
    Israel isn’t defending itself. It’s enforcing its right to continue
    ethnically cleansing Palestinians

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