Joe Biden’s Four Pronged Attack On America: Domestic, Economic, Foreign Policy, And Corruption

Patrick J. McShay

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States in the field of commerce and manufacturing are afraid of somebody or something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

— Woodrow Wilson (US President and Puppet of Globalist Bankers)

While America is distracted by Donald Trump’s absurd trial in New York, or the latest mumbling, bumbling, and stumbling from our braindead President, NATO, and the US military are sending troops and so-called advisors to Ukraine stomping over Russian red lines at every turn, and pushing Russia to the brink. Putin has held back from direct attacks on Kyiv, and the West is misreading this as a weakness at their peril. Unfortunately, Americans can’t count on Biden and his criminal cabal to do the right thing.

Biden’s Four-pronged attack on America includes his Domestic agenda, his economic policies, his foreign policies, and his administration’s blatant corruption.

Domestically Biden’s racist policies start with his Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) that is being taught in schools and boardrooms dividing us by race from cradle to grave, to calling White supremacy “the biggest threat to democracy in America”, hardly the “Uniter” the longtime racist Biden promised us.

Also, on the domestic front is the wide open borders that I have described as a cross between the Kalergi Plan & the Cloward & Piven Plan to open the borders. Both are long-planned Jewish agendas to force unskilled, low-IQ, so-called refugees from 3rd world countries to White European countries and White majority America.

The Jewish “Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) runs this international replacement operation and the Human Trafficking centers that Biden and the Democrats deny exist.

Judeophile and European Union founding father Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi said in 1924:

“The White races of Europe should be destroyed and replaced with a race of Eurasian Negroids who the ruling elite can easily control”

This week Fox News reporter Bill Melugin interviewed dozens of invaders and none of them were from Mexico or Central America. They are from India, China, Pakistan, and several African countries. These are fighting-aged males crossing the border and disappearing into the American landscape, likely in an area near you.

Our police departments are being defunded while paid domestic terrorists and agent provocateurs set up patriotic law-abiding citizens. Crime soars and criminals are immediately released with no bail after felony arrests. We are told by the liars in the Biden administration that crime is going down but as usual,. like inflation, they cherry-pick the numbers to fit their mendacious narrative.

A mother in Chicago this week phoned police to report a home invasion. They told her they had no one to send and finally arrived four hours after the break-in. See here:

Another domestic failure is the Biden administration’s poisonous COVID-19 Vaccine mandate that has injured and killed millions of naive and trusting people in the US, and numerous other Western countries. Our government knew within 90 days of the rollout of these gene therapy injections that they had already killed thousands of people and injured tens of thousands. The media viciously attacked anyone who tried to stop them and many doctors and nurses who refused the Jab were fired.

Having written a dozen articles on this long-planned Pandemic psyop, I believe the DARPA-funded vaccine agenda is a sterilization and depopulation operation, and there is a mountain of evidence to support that theory, yet, COVID vaccines are still outrageously being marketed as safe and effective!

This country needs Nuremberg-style trials and indictments for the ringleaders of this intentional culling of the population and the damage done to women’s reproductive organs and men’s testes that will no doubt affect future population growth, which was our controller’s plan all along.

The CDC was quick to scream COVID when someone died in 2020, but since the vaccine rollout non COVID-19 deaths have skyrocketed. They are up 40% among working-aged people ages 18 to 64, and no one in our government nor the doctors who made big bonuses pushing these vaccines on their unsuspecting and trusting patients, are attempting to link the vaccines to these deaths. This is an organized cover-up!

These poisonous jabs were never tested on pregnant women, yet were forced on them, followed by a Tsunami of miscarriages and stillbirths. Children were never in danger from COVID-19 but were forced to get the jab for school admission or participation in sports.

*The CDC has now very quietly admitted in a bombshell report that the COVID-19 vaccines killed 500,000 kids. See here:

The ringleaders should be arrested and tried! Let’s start with “Vaccine Bill” Gates, creepy Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIH), Klaus “Dr. Evil” Schwab (WEF), George “I hate Jews too!” Soros, Rachel Wallensky (CDC), UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the WHO’s corrupt Tedros, and eco-fascist Peter Daszak who helped orchestrate the global pandemic.

The next attack by this administration has been on the economy. Biden likes to blame Trump or greedy corporate sharks for his horrible economy and record inflation, but the truth is, Trump’s four years in office gave us economic growth and prosperity, record low inflation, much lower gas prices, thriving businesses, fewer regulations, and a record stock market.

Biden’s inflation is policy-driven. His policies are crushing small businesses and along with his soaring inflation have caused thousands of businesses and restaurants all over the country to close. Things have gotten worse, not better as the Biden administration would like you to believe, as closings in 2024 are up 24% over a dismal 2023. Even Family Dollar stores have announced the closure of 1000 stores. Here are just some others who have recently announced closings in Joe Biden’s economy:

Pizza Hut
Old Country Buffet
Outback Steak House
Joes Crab Shack
Ruby Tuesday’s
Red Lobster
TGI Fridays
IN-N-Out Burger
Bonefish Grill
Fleming’s Steakhouse
Krystal Burgers
BW3’s Wild Wings
White Castle
Boston Market
Steak N Shake

The following figures are from Steve Bannon’s “War Room”

* Gasoline up 48.8%
* Groceries up 21%
* Dining Out up 21%
* Baby Food up 30%
* Pet Food is up 24%
* Rent up 21%
* Electricity up 28.3%
* Natural Gas up 26.9%
* Used Cars up 21%
* Airfare up 33%
* Public transportation 22%
* Real Earnings Down 4%

*See this:

This administration is bankrupting America for their global controller’s climate hoax, of which there is no evidence to support it, and recently 1500 scientists, including John Clauser, the 2022 Nobel prize winner in Physics, signed a statement denouncing the so-called climate crisis as a hoax! See this:

*Global Warming and Other Government Lies

The third prong of Biden’s attack on America is the abysmal and incompetent handling of our foreign policy, starting with his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The former military commander in Afghanistan, General Austin Miller warned the administration that things would get “very bad very fast” when US troops began to withdraw, and they did!

A so-called ISIS-K terrorist blew himself up along with 13 US service members and 170 dead Afghanis. Biden’s decision to ignore the General’s warming of a quick pullout resulted in disaster. Americans were left behind along with nearly $100 billion in military equipment including fighter jets and helicopters

In Middle East news, our wishy-washy president recently announced that he would withhold weapons from Israel in light of college protests and riots over the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. But just this week, speaking to guests in the White House Rose Garden at a Jewish American Heritage event, “Dementia Joe” sang a different tune, rejecting claims of genocide in Gaza. Biden is a pandering fool who has a lie for every audience and every occasion.

The hatred and anti-Semitism for the Jews playing out on college campuses in America is not based on just a hatred of Jews, it is largely based on Israel’s brutal policies toward the Palestinians that our politicians have turned a blind eye to for decades, which is how we got here. Older Americans have been brainwashed by the Jewish-owned media to support Israel since World War 2. The times, they are a-changing.

See “The True Face of Israel”

Today the media is controlled by 6 Jewish-owned mega-corporations, but people have other media options to cut through our controller’s narrative and their mainstream media propaganda.

The main reason nothing will likely change in Israel any time soon is because too many members of our Congress and Senate fully back Israel. Don’t forget Jeffrey Epstein worked for the Israeli Mossad for 3 decades setting up, filming, and blackmailing our politicians. There is a good reason we haven’t seen Mr. Epstein’s little black book.

We hear the outraged media talking heads whine about the protestors’ chant “From the river to the sea” but they apparently haven’t heard of “The Greater Israel Project” and their motto “From the Nile to the Euphrates” It’s a much older and bigger land grab than the one going on in Gaza now. See here:

*America’s Descent Into Israel’s Moral Abyss

Today we have the internet, independent news channels, podcasts, and websites that make the liars in the mainstream media unwatchable. Anyone ignorant enough to get their news from mainstream sources is being lied to and propagandized.

The brutal reality of life in Palestine will never be shown in America, but you can follow a Palestinian reporter in Gaza online. See Noor Harazeen, a brave reporter I had been following in Gaza for several years before this current conflict. See this:

The Ukraine debacle is a result of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s bloody coup in Ukraine, when Obama decided Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych was too chummy with Putin and like a mob boss decided to send a hit squad to Kyiv led by Neo-Con Victoria Nuland to take him out in a bloody coup. American audiences heard few details because blaming Russia for this was essential to their narrative.

Nuland was Hillary’s Jewish undersecretary of destabilization & regime change. (Her husband Robert Kagan is a Jewish Neo-Con who wrote the plan to destabilize the Middle East and force regime change in 7 countries starting with Iraq for war criminals Bibi Netanyahu and George “Bush the Dumber” in 1996) She admitted a year or so ago that there are the 46 taxpayer funded Bio-Labs in Ukraine. No one knows for sure what is being developed there, perhaps their next deadly virus?

Yanukovych fled Ukraine, and Nuland, with Obama’s blessing, hand-picked the Jewish Petro Poroshenko as the new puppet President of Ukraine, a country with a Jewish population of less than 1%. Poroshenko wasn’t a willing enough dupe so they brought in the little Jewish actor turned mob boss…err dictator…err President Zelensky.

Zelensky’s management style is a cross between Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, two infamous Jewish mobsters. His cabinet officials keep getting caught stealing tens of millions in US taxpayer aid. Zelensky has canceled elections in Ukraine, shut down Christian churches, imprisoned priests, shut down media that oppose him, and persecuted, imprisoned, and killed reporters and anyone else who got in the way. So much for preserving Ukraine’s democracy. Biden’s idea of democracy looks more like Ukraine’s every day.’

With hundreds of thousands dead and more who have fled the unstable country they are running short of fighting men. The unhinged Nuland, who recently left the sinking Biden ship told ABC News over the weekend that Ukraine needs to start bombing targets in Russia which would be insane.

Retired Colonel Douglas McGregor says the diminished US military is in no position to wage, much less win a war against Russia, and like everything this incompetent cabal does there is no coherent strategy for success in Ukraine. Colonel McGregor said The US military is at an “all-time low point, and says “I haven’t seen our forces and capabilities at such a low point of strength and power since the early 70s.”

This war is over! Putin went into Ukraine because Zelensky and the US violated the Minsk agreement signed in 2015 and refused to stop bombing the Russian-speaking Donbas region. The Russian army is 3 times the size of the US Army and they have hypersonic missiles we can’t pick up on radar, and hundreds of nuclear weapons that they are threatening to use.

Putin met with Chairman Xi in China and signed a new defense pact last week. Any future attacks on Russia could bring in China, Iran, and possibly NATO member Turkey on Russia’s side, and don’t forget many of our allies are still dependent on trade with Russia and China, including the US. We are in no position for a major war against anyone.

The Russians want the US to get out of Ukraine and stop encroaching on their borders, just as we would react to Russia building bases and 46 bio-labs on the border of Mexico. No one with a brain in their head wants this to escalate and should be doing everything they can to come to a peaceful solution. Why aren’t they?

The globalists drew a line in the sand in Ukraine and they are using NATO as their enforcers. This begs the question: What do they hope to accomplish other than start World War 3? With all of the bluster and tough talk from big mouths in England, France, and Germany, they are, after all, just paper tigers, and without the US this war would end overnight.

The Jews in Israel have also been active in Ukraine, as the majority of Israeli Jews are converted Khazar Jews who immigrated from the area around Kyiv, which is their ancestral homeland, not the Middle East. The American people have been given no good reason by our corrupt politicians why they should continue to fund or ever consider fighting in this war. The threat of Communism spreading is absurd since Biden’s administration is filled with Communists and traitors.

Biden’s corruption is another attack on America. While the media is transfixed on these ridiculous Trump Soviet-style show trials the media liars are ignoring new evidence in the Congressional investigation into Biden’s illegal pay-to-play scheme where nine members of Biden’s family have shared in $25 million in illegal spoils.

Just this week on Maria Bartiromo’s show, Congressman James Comer revealed that they have found new accounts that were used for receiving laundered money from China, Russia, and Romania while Biden was Vice President with over $240,000 in checks being directly wired into Biden’s accounts with no explanation. The liberal media refuses to report this important story. See this:

Like Obama, Biden has weaponized his Department of Justice to go after Trump and every attorney who worked for him and they’ve defied Congress, refusing to turn over the audio of Biden’s interview with the special counsel. He used the FBI and the DOJ to go after over 1000 people on Jan 6, many of whom were peaceful and never entered the Capitol.

The FBI is using dawn SWAT raids to terrorize Jan 6 suspects and their families, most of whom were only charged with misdemeanors. They have been held without bond and have been beaten and threatened like in 3rd world dungeons. Meanwhile, the violent protestors on college campuses are rarely arrested and if arrested they are released immediately.

Remember when Kamala Harris and other Democrats pledged to bail out the Violent Black Lives Matter protestors who fought police and threw Molotov cocktails in occupied police cars? violently took over a police station, set a Federal building and businesses on fire, and looted every business in their path. Biden’s 2 tiered justice system is blatantly obvious and absolutely infuriating!

He has used his corrupt FBI to go after Catholic groups & parents at school board meetings that complained about his administration’s racist DEI policies, X-rated books in grade school libraries & the Democrats’ insistence on sexualizing pre-schoolers.

Biden has also defied a Supreme Court ruling to cease forgiving student loan debt. That order hasn’t stopped this criminal president who announced this week that he will forgive 7.7 billion more student loan debt bringing the total to an astonishing $167 billion.

More Americans every day realize that we no longer have a free press in our country. The mainstream media serve as gatekeepers for the globalists and our corrupt politicians. Our controllers illegally spy on us, they control and censor everything from books and videos to social media, whether the censored information is factual or not.

Biden promised to bring us together, instead, he has intentionally torn us apart. He is forcing businesses to conduct racist DEI training, he empowered the racist and Marxist “Black Lives Matter” cult and he has held up criminals and thugs like George Floyd and Jacob Blake as heroes and saints.

He has unleashed Mentally ill men in dresses into our schools and our military and insists their pronouns must be respected, and he destroyed the military while the ghouls that control him move us closer to World War 3. No one who cares about the future of America can vote for Joe Biden.

Patrick J. McShay is a writer, researcher, and activist whose articles have appeared on over 200 news sites worldwide. Mr. McShay is a retired mortgage broker and uncredentialed historian specializing in real history and uncomfortable truths. He has appeared on the Power Of Prophecy Podcast with Jerry Barrett, the Chuck Baldwin Show, the Jeff Rense Show, the Raw Deal with Jim Fetzer, TNT Radio with Joe Olson, and the SGT Report. His articles have been translated into over a dozen languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Dutch.


If you’d like to support my work, any contribution no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Pat.


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