By Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (ABD)
Former U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer and State Department Counterterrorism Contractor


There may be more to the New Zealand shooting event which just occurred than meets the eye. In fact, there is a very real possibility that it may have been the “Pearl Harbor” attack in a long campaign against President Trump, designed ultimately to neutralize the conservative republican base, weaken President Trump, and take-over America in a blitzkrieg of political turmoil. Here’s how, theoretically, the plan seems to be unfolding.


Now let me first start out by saying that after thoroughly examining the 17 minute video of the shooter frame-by-frame, and after applying deductive reasoning in the forensic analysis, I am convinced this was a false-flag event for the following reasons:

  1. No bullet holes or shattered wood or glass or clouds of sheet rock or exploding plaster or cement can be observed or heard as the guns are firing into them and the victims. This is possible only when no solid projectile is fired from the muzzle, which means no solid bullets were fired into the walls, doors, windows, or victims bodies—only the concussion of air—which means either blanks or paint or gas or other non-solid projectiles were fired from the guns. This means, essentially, nothing solid impacted the victims bodies, therefore no physical damage resulted, which means no living person was lethally wounded or killed by an outside force. It’s simple physics, which Newton’s law establishes in the theorem: a body at rest stays at rest; a body in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Applied to this situation, we might similarly establish that a living body remains living unless impacted by an outside force that lethally disrupts the body’s life processes, such as a bullet destroying arteries and vital organs.
  2. No blood splatter from the close-range impact of the high-caliber bullets upon the victims can be observed anywhere on the walls, doors, floors or furniture. Several of the victims are shot at point-blank range as they are crawling or passing by the shooter, yet no visual impact of the bullets can be observed, which would have undoubtedly “kicked” or “thrown” the victim with tremendous force. Only one victim lying on the ground appears to have a red spray appear next to his head as he is allegedly shot, but this could be explained as a “paint round”, since no physical impact of the bullet or explosion upon the head is observed.Additionally, no pools of blood can be seen either around the bodies on the floor after being shot, except from one body which strangely appears lying next to the first victim in the doorway, which was not present when the shooter initially entered. So this suggests the body or actor was placed in that position, with blood added afterwards.
  1. The victims’ physical reactions to being shot, especially at close-range, are not at all typical human reactions, as military and law enforcement experience and data confirm. Typically, the moment a person—especially a civilian—is shot, they instantly fall into a state of hysterical physical and emotional shock, delirium, panic, and desperation. Their bodies are flooded with adrenaline, triggering them to violently sprint, run, or crawl away from the source of the muzzle blast and deafening concussion. They do not simply fold up and fall to the ground like a sack of sand, and lie motionless. It is pure subconscious, animalistic instinctual self-preservation. Their body and instincts explode with movement in the first three (3) seconds, and their minds have no ability to stop it. There are also no screams of horror, rage, fear, or agony filling the air, only seemingly muffled moans.
  2. Upon leaving the Mosque, the shooter allegedly fires at a woman about 25 feet away at a corner of the yard, and upon walking outside, finds crying, “Help me, help me”, and lying on her side on the street, her face looking away, and holding her right wrist with her left hand. The shooter aims and fires at her at about 5-7 feet away, blowing a wad of her hair off of her scalp and seemingly causing a red substance to exit her wrist—which may have been a controlled device activated by the woman’s left hand which was holding her right.
  3. he presence of music playing in the background during the shooting event is also quite significant. At the beginning of the event, as the shooter is walking around the property, a pipe and drums band is playing an American patriotic tune, suggesting some kind mission equivalent of a “American Founding Father type revolution.” Then as the shooter reenters his car to escape, a voice giving a religious sermon begins screaming a bombastic “fire-and-brimstone” punishment type intro to a song that plays as the shooter drives away, running over the woman allegedly shot on the ground.
  4. Finally, as the shooter is driving down the street, several times he presses his shotgun muzzle against the windshield of his car and fires, but the windshield is not damaged or broken or penetrated by any bullet. Instead a smoky cloud bursts against the window and temporarily fills the cab of the car.
  5. He then fires out of the side passenger window at a man, and seemingly shatters the passenger door window. This may have been caused by the muzzle of the shotgun hitting the window of course, and not the result of a projectile being fired through it.

The shooter then drives off with music playing in the background, either from his car radio or bluetooth headset, that resembles some kind of hokey Pulp Fiction type soundtrack, as he comments on the shooting thrills and challenges to his Youtube type audience. The video then stops.

Complementary Analysis Jim Fetzer: click here



I have translated the New Zealand PSYOP campaign into the standard metrics of an advertising campaign, which implements a specific layout of goals, objectives, strategy, tactics—with each element working to compliment, advance and achieve the ultimate goal of the campaign.

This might explain the agenda of the far left globalist democrat and how the New Zealand operation fits into the bigger picture. It’s what I would do if I was a God-hating, sexually schizophrenic, liberty fearing Leftist—which thankfully I am not.

The leftist campaign may unfold as follows:

THE GOAL: Political takeover of the United States

OBJECTIVE: Neutralize Right-Wing, Conservative Republican Christian base of President Trump

STRATEGY: Brand Right-Wing, Conservative Republican Christians as violent extremists threatening civilized society.

TACTIC: Generate false-flag events where Right-Wing, Conservative Republican Christians are blamed for acts of violent extremism, such as shootings, bombings, staged protests, government building takeovers (i.e., Malheur Refuge, etc.).

TACTIC: Orient Department of Justice and all law enforcement agencies to elevate white, right-wing, conservative republican Christians to top of list of domestic threats and terrorist list, and consequently increase incidents of “stop, investigate, and arrest” actions against this group.

TACTIC: Increase red-flag gun confiscation laws by including the justification for this action will include allegations of participation in white, right-wing, conservative republican Christian suspect groups or activities.

TACTIC: Conduct Democrat controlled House Committee hearings on white, right-wing, conservative republican Christians and directly associate President Trump with rhetoric and beliefs and agenda of this white, right-wing, conservative republican Christians terrorist group.


Who benefits? Certainly not right-wing, christians-conservative republican white Americans—or white people in general. Certainly not Trump, as the shrill cries by leftist Democrats calling for blood, punishment, and repentance by him for seemingly speaking rhetoric that conveniently resembles the alleged rhetoric of this kind of shooter—even though the manifesto allegedly written by the shooter does not claim support for conservatism. Indeed the manifesto seems more likely written by a leftist inarticulately trying to channel or inhabit the language and ideas of conservatives, albeit deceptively.

The winners in this always seem to be the political-police-military industrial complex who get expanded budgets, more powers, less limitations, and more license to control and abuse the civilian population; as well as the media—which like vampires feed on the fear of their audience through Nielsen ratings. And who controls the media? From what I’ve seen by many sources and analysts, judging by most ethnic- religious-political identity charts—and I say this with no phobic prejudice or bigotry in mind—it is always a Jewish-Israeli establishment of Ivy league leftists. That’s just how it is—good or bad. The next question becomes, “Why is that?” Perhaps we can explore that another day. For now, let’s stay on the shooting event and evidence of fakery.

Jim Fetzer and Scott Bennett on “Incendiary Radio” (17 March 2019)


The two years of needless agony the American people were put through during the Watergate hearings are nothing compared to what the media and democrats have intentionally put the American people through in their accusations of treasonous corruption and indeed spying they have made against President Trump.

It is important to understand that this act by the media and democrats was more than acrimonious or even deceptive political debate. It was an act of the most grotesque and violent selfishness and hysterical arrogance and blind self-righteousness manipulation ever to transpire in American politics. It is nothing more than a shabby—albeit vicious—attempt at overthrowing America’s political system and leadership in a Bolshevik type revolution by implementing the tyranny of the majority to overthrow the American Constitutional Republic into a mob like democracy where numbers of people—legal and illegal—in the United States ultimately supplant the electoral college and sovereignty of the individual states. It is an attempt to overthrow the Republic and replace it with a police state socialist democracy, with the “enlightened” political-academic-media elite at the top, the thuggish police-military industrial complex in the middle, and everyone else on the bottom.

This cannot be allowed to take place, and indeed civil wars and wars of independence and spiritual revolutions and revivals ignite as a result of these types of conditions and events.

Time will tell how Americans will react to the next stage of this psyop, but I can say boldly, “as for me and my house, we will serve the truth”….and the God of all truth, without any fear of man.

Scott Bennett

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  2. Media reports some 40+ dead at this 1st mosque. Looking at the video tells you that there was around half of this figure.
    Lies, Lies and more lies.

  3. 6:53 – Shooter pans down to the left of the hallway, even shining his flashing gun light, onto the bullet cartridge left on the floor i.e. acknowledge that it’s there. This will be later used when exiting the building and firing up the sidewalks. A bad mistake by this psyop or a safety measure to ensure that blanks are fired and so as to ensure that the general public is not injured by real bullets?

    6:56 – Main room of mosque : Black bookshelf on Right standing.
    7:00 – Bookshelf slides into frame from left of screen as camera does not move for a moment.
    7:03 – Black Bookshelf definitely no longer standing and is on the floor ???

    7:00 – Right of room and all huddled into corner where there is a door. Counting the segments in the floor carpet tells me that this door goes into a side passage and not into the room to the right of the hallway. Why didn’t people attempt to use this side hallway to flee past the shooter coming down the hallway?

    6:56 – As shooter pans and shoots left there are one or two people next to the side door.
    7:19 – Shooter re-enters main room of mosque and pans left. There is a person on the floor who escapes through a door on the side of the room. Why didn’t all the people on the left hand side of the room escape through this doorway?

    7:31 – The shooter by now has entered the main mosque room twice to fire, coming back down the hallway, why doesn’t the shooter push open the door to the room on the side of the hallway ? The door is even a tad bit open and inviting the shooter to push it open to take out more people ?

    8:27 – Why doesn’t the shooter ever aim and shoot at the guy under the bench on the left hand side of the main room i.e. the guy that goes from under the 2nd row of seats to the 3rd row of seats later at 11:21 ?

    8:42 – Rather than pick up the psyop stored magazine and start shooting along the length of the street and up driveways of the mosque, why doesn’t the shooter use this bullets to find and shoot people in rooms of the mosque he has not entered as yet?

    Why shoot people somewhat randomly, who are in a huddle. Personally I would have moved quickly in the main part of the mosque and aimed at peoples heads i.e. more kills and conserve ammo.

    These points along with all the points that Kert Haskell has come up with, inclusive of going to Christ -Church to the abomination of a mosque, all reveals another country gun grab, race/religion friction, inclusive of the luc1ferian / syn4g0gue of s4T4n doing it’s usual gl0b4list psy0ps.

  4. With Podesta being in the area right before this operation makes one consider the fact that the person or persons that stand to lose the most in all things related to population control in the world are at the forefront of all these false flag atrocities …. and its coming apart at the seams for them all ,

  5. Remember one thing: These hoaxes are planned for the next 50 to 75+ years or until the USA as nation is totally destroyed and have lost their Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

    This is what Thomas Jefferson inadvertently predicted in 1776…>>>>>>>>> INTERNAL ENEMIES.

  6. You guys are funny. I’ve downloaded the video from 3 different sources Jim, you know me. We’re far from strangers and I’ve seen you do this before, make something of nothing. I bumped it up to 120 frames per second, which just duplicates frames but provides more clarity and watched in freeze frame and various levels of slow motion and guess what? All the bullets eject and can be seen on the ground. When he returns to his car and he stops momentarily to shoot the woman crying out in pain on the ground and whimpering, we see her brains fly across the pavement. You shouldn’t be allowed to do this, but it’s still legal.

    1. Jeff, You are a good guy, but easily deceived in this instance. The alleged weapons are not even real. Several with expertise in firearms agree: they are fake or toy weapons. They are not real. They do not correspond with any weapons known too experts. You have done excellent work on 9/11, but you are lost dealing with New Zealand. You probably also think Sandy Hook was real. Sad!

    2. The woman lying in the gutter? The blast you see of her hair moving is not a bullet but the blast of a blank round.
      Blank rounds have a charge and that blast goes out the barrel of the gun. I’ve used blank rounds.

      In a real round, the blast goes in the other direction because there’s a bullet in the barrel.

      Jeff, you’re not up to speed on how real and fake guns operate.

      [Jon-Erik Hexum was an American actor. He died as a result of an accidental self-inflicted blank cartridge gunshot to his head on the set of the CBS television series Cover Up, in which he played the male lead. Died: October 18, 1984, Century City, CA. Even blank rounds can be deadly if you son’t handle with care.]

    3. No offense here, Jeff…but did you watch the 8th update on the complimentary link from James?
      I doubt you can watch the vid and come to the same conclusion. Lawd, ar one point, the shooter supposedly shoots through the windshield that fails to shatter, yet there is a fake blood splatter on a car to the left as you look out the windshield. If that does not wrap up the hoax, I do not know what would.

      1. Most of it is also in a Bitchute link Jim provides on the most recent posting today by Steele.

  7. Great work Jim. As I shared with Henry, the body with head under the SECOND white seat must have thought the filming was over and had come out from there to be told to get back into position for in the shooters final visit to the room his head is now located under the THIRD seat! I can see no alternative explanation for the inconsistency.

    1. In a an article titled, “Use This Rifle Caliber Chart to Pick the Right Ammo for Hunting”, Bass Pro Shops says:

      “Caliber” is generally the measure of a bullet’s diameter; the higher the caliber, the bigger the bullet, and generally the larger the game it can be used for.

      What exactly is your complaint, George E. Hand IV?

      1. Thanks, Willy.
        I’m not convinced that confronting ideological blindness in people is always productive, but when they’re a jerk about it, I can’t resist.

      2. There are times that passion must be satisfied…but I do believe it’s wasted against certified shills. I just think this poster is a bit confused.

      3. Oh, maybe! I didn’t think of that.
        I didn’t think of it mostly because of the way he put “expert” in quotes like that, and the ‘stay in your lane bro’ remark, too.

        We’ll see if he’s more than a hit-and-run.

      4. Here’s the hilarious part, that I wasn’t even getting. The out-of-their-lane “experts” are:
        Scott Bennett, Former U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer and State Department Counterterrorism Contractor
        James D. Fetzer, Former U.S. Marine Corps Commissioned Officer… in an Artillery unit!

        Naw, they don’t know nothing about bullets.

  8. Mr Fetzer I have been a long time disbeliever in the MSN
    I live about 15 minutes walk from the dean’s Ave mosque I have watched the video
    This is close & personal for me & seeing you have always taken an extreme viewpoint on any controversial topic
    eg Doorman JFK
    I took it with a grain of salt he just has an extreme point of view
    But looking at your track record
    you are either getting paid for it or you are totally batshit crazy or both either way you are a shill
    Even worse you are making $ or getting attention off people’s very real pain & misery -think about it before the obligatory rant -reply

  9. The video of what happened in Christchurch appears to have been made up before the real shooting took place. I know there is more to this than what we are being told, but the truth behind it is not exactly obvious yet. I know it is to cause division and stir up trouble.

  10. Have you noticed how, for the first time, many blogs worldwide wont publish the video, even anti MSM alt news blogs like Caitlin Johnston. Its as if the word has gone out that to publish it is disrespectful to the victims! Hell if I was a victim and really dead I would HOPE the video was shown over and over to let people get at possible cues as to what is going on. But if I’m an actor and NOT dead I would only sign a contract saying I will participate in the charade IF that video is NOT shown.
    I predict real videos of false flags will become harder and harder to find from now on.

    How convenient to have the shooter doing his own video! You can control the narrative and discredit all the other possible videos. There is always a brave person, even amongst victims, with a cell phone willing to video such an event. Why are we not seeing this out of so many people if the whole thing is real?


  11. Hi Jim. I was just doing a search on youtube for videos of the Mosque shooting in New Zealand. My guess is youtube is actively blocking videos that don’t buy the official story, more so than usual. My gut reaction to any event of this nature is deep state sponsored synthetic terror until proven to be organic and real.

  12. Most Americans and citizens of other countries are misinformed, victims of very sophisticated propaganda and their own cognitive dissonance. No doubt we live in an asylum, but those running the mad house are insane, not the inmates (citizens).

  13. Here’s the crux of the problem today. Ready? Millions of people look at the shooter’s video and hear about the NZ event. They look-look-look but they do not SEE anything. They don’t understand *what* they are seeing and hearing.

    Many millions of people saw videos of the WTC towers falling down with big clouds of dust. But they do not understand what they are seeing. That’s the problem. We are actually seeing a 3rd generation fission mini nuke going off inside the WTC building.

    Whoa….that changes the whole picture…doesn’t it folks?

    Jim Fetzer and others are doing their best to EXPLAIN all of this. The huge power of the media and Internet have the ability to spread BOTH true or false information to the world. Its all gotten very Alice in Wonderland.

    We live in a world gone mad.

    Remember that the inmates of an insane asylum think they’re perfectly sane.

  14. Reported shooting : New Zealand, Christchurch Mosques and Donald Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban.

    Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13769 aka “The Muslim Travel Ban”, on January 27, 2017


    From POTUS Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13769 aka “The Muslim Travel Ban”, on January 27, 2017

    to the New Zealand, Christchurch Mosques event on March 15, 2019 is :

    = 777 days


  15. Reported shooting : New Zealand, Christchurch Mosques and the Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna

    Beware the Ides of March …

    Hassan al-Banna

    Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna ( 14 October 1906 – 12 February 1949 ), known as Hassan al-Banna, was an Egyptian schoolteacher and imam, best known for founding the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the largest and most influential Islamic revivalist organizations.[1]

    Last days and assassination

    On 12 February 1949, al-Banna and his brother-in-law Abdul Karim Mansur were scheduled to negotiate with the government’s representative, Minister Zaki Ali Pasha, at the Jama’iyyat al-Shubban al-Muslimeen headquarters in Cairo ― but the minister never arrived. By 5 p.m., al-Banna and his brother-in-law had decided to leave. As they stood waiting for a taxi, they were shot by two men. Al-Banna eventually died from his wounds. King Farouk and his Iron Guard of Egypt were accused of being behind the assassination.[19]


    From the Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna, murdered on February 12, 1949

    to the New Zealand, Christchurch Mosques event on March 15, 2019 is :

    = 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days


  16. CHCH was my home town before immigrating, recently I was impressed by NZ fighting above their weight when they wouldn’t go along with the USA and Australia over Venezuela, and also supporting Palestine, but then you get this fake attack, for what??
    I e mailed a friend with a somewhat tongue in cheek that harm will come to little NZ over it’s stand against US/Aust.
    Spoke over the fone to friends in NZ and they are Im afraid, wondering sheep. No idea.

    1. Some of us are wide awake and have been right from the get go…. Mossad are involved in this… Israeli PM threatened reprisals when NZ wouldn\’t agree to go along with USA and Australia over Venezuala and also our supporting of Palestine. Dig a bit deeper folks, the evidence is all there…. Sadly, many New Zealanders are still asleep and blindly believing the official narrative…. This whole thing didn\’t sit right with me from the beginning but, what the hell would I know….In most people\’s eyes I\’m just a senile old woman who doesn\’t know what she\’s talking about!

      1. Another old man had the same thoughts. What actually going on here. Things have taken a further step towards dictatorship.

  17. It seems to me people would stampede for the door as they do in a fire no matter what, even towards the gunfire. I would have expected more flight or fight chaos and screaming. These people all “play dead” and even stay put when he goes out for the other gun? Where’s the fire exit? Are mosques immune from New Zealand fire regulations?

    As for the shooter; why not strap the other gun over your shoulder and take both, instead of risking running out of ammo? So we are to believe these were all kill shots? No squirming as one would expect. The wall behind the one headshot should be red and dripping. No “pink mist” or caved in skulls from high powered rifle fire? The amount of smoke from the rounds should have been sufficient to trip smoke alarms within 30 seconds.

    I also find it peculiar the one worshipper wearing all white is the one chosen for the copious amount of blood scene. After Sandy Hook, they needed better stage production and more realism, yet this is far from convincing to me. No wonder they are trying to suppress NZ citizens from seeing this B-movie.

    1. Yes, the NZ media does not want the locals to see the shooter’s 17 min. video because it looks like it was made by an idiot. He’s obviously shooting blanks.

      Yes, there are no bloody walls, etc. Poorly trained crisis actors at the Mosque.

  18. Can someone explain why the video is so easily deemed fake? Are we considered to be that stupid that we would accept that video as real? Or is this a test to see who is skeptical and needs “counseling”? JFK, RFK, MLK, 9/11 ect. They really executed humans. Why not at Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, ect. and now New Zealand? Is this the gentler side of these animals?

    1. A real shooter could be stopped or killed by an angry mob of relatives and friends. Psyops are safer. Local members of elites may also baulk at being part of actual mass murder but can be convinced of the ‘good sense’ of a strategy to get rid of guns. If you still think Sandy Hook was in any way real then you simply haven’t looked at the overwhelming evidence for its ludicrous fakery.

    2. robert….The evidence these are all false flags….and many you did not mention….in most cases is overwhelming….FAR beyond the “evidence” they are real. In the this article, Bennet and Fetzer have provided extensive lists of the anomalies in the NZ “shootings.
      Have you read it?

      1. As a quick aid, look at the link to Fetzer’s ‘Complimentary Analysis’…..UPDATE 2: CGI Analysis of Faked Casings… which the CGI is made outrageously obvious.

    When he was barely 20 years of age, Al Capone controlled all the rackets in Chicago, gambling, prostitution and liquor and some horse racing too. This was the era of prohibition of liquor when all H broke loose in society. This black and white video has real Tommy Guns, Real Shootings, Real holes in walls and cars and windshields, Real deaths, Real extortion, Real protection Rackets, Real but black blood and Real pictures of dead bodies. The most the authorities could convict him for was the invented crime of tax evasion! He died in 1947 at about age 48 but is regarded as a folk hero then and now. He quit school at an early age.
    If Al were alive today he would have a good laugh watching the nz fake video. He would probably say, “People today are even dumber than when I came up.”

  20. This event is so obviously staged, it begs the question to what end would those behind the scene stage such blatantly obvious theater. This degree of “in your face” arrogance screams a psychological operation to further instill how powerless they think we are. Are they trying to measure how far we can be pushed until something explodes?
    President Trump needs to jump on this quickly. There is just no way he can justify not seeing through this farce.

    1. Don’t hold your breath for Trump to do anything. Listen to this video and you will be convinced.

      But I do have a question…. What is it going to take for the general population to catch on to all these idiotic junkie stunts that our controllers stage on practically a daily basis now? Because it’s only common sense that a population this stupid cannot remain free.

      1. “Remain free”?…..What freedoms are left since 9/11?…possibly the 2nd Amendment….and even that seems to be on the way out.

        I wish I had that answer.

        “What’s it going to take”….must be the most asked question from those with some level of awareness AND the most unanswered.

        Nobody knows.

    2. JFK tried to exposed the elite power structure of the USA-CIA and they taught him and the Nation a lesson in Dallas… the presence of his wife. The rogue CIA spends billions of secret tax dollars [ black budget funds ] to control the Media.

      The politics of the USA is currently a blood sport. No one is safe.

      The murder of JFK was a blood coup that’s still in operation. The old USA and the Rule of Law via the Constitution no longer exists. The Constitution is not followed for even the highest office of the land….the President.

      The USA is currently a grotesque, hideous version of what was hoped for in 1776. Thomas Jefferson feared one thing …” internal enemies”. He was very correct!

      The USA?…..welcome to Hell on Earth. Prove otherwise.

      1. Don,
        as a Canadian I can’t agree with you more.
        Trump is not stupid, he knows what is going on but he is afraid. Afraid he will end up like JFK.
        It will take a revolution or civil war in the US to change things, but I fear it wont happen because the population is slowly being lulled to sleep by the MSM. The MSM exerts mind control while the police state is now effectively IN control through fear.
        Canada has had its Mosque attack. Now New Zealand. I predict Australia is next on the false flag list.

    1. Well, we actually study the evidence. What about you? How gullible are you? Do you think Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, San Bernardino, Orlando and Dallas, Charlottesville, Las Vegas or Parkland was real? Let’s hear your argument. What is your proof? It appears to me that you are one more gullible sap who believes everything he sees on television. That’s rather pathetic.

      1. If your “research” on these events is at the level of your research on Sandy Hook, you’re likely not proving much. I have studied Sandy Hook closely. Some of the weakest arguments I’ve ever encountered have been in your edited book on Sandy Hook. You being the editor, they obviously had to get past you, so I attribute the arguments in that book to you as well.

      2. Hey 1888, what arguments about Sandy Hook don’t you like? What do you disagree or agree with?

      3. Please elaborate. Your drivel is worthy of a third rate shill, let’s see if you can reach at least second rate shilldom. Attaboy!
        Without giving us reasons for us to ponder, you think your errant blather is enough to convince us of your acumen? Or, are you just one of the other shills that’s changed his/her moniker to make it look like you have de novo joined the fray to fight the forces of truth, justice, and the American way? Shills emanate a characteristic and odoriferous stench to their writings and they are always blatantly obvious on the very first “explanation”. A shill is a shill is a shill.
        Bring it on, Big Boy.

      4. JAMES you are absolutely right and there are a lot of gullible “SHEEPLE” who just don’t “GET” it and never will , good work JAMES!

      5. I’m certain it’s fake bullshit.
        But to imply it is from the “left” to overthrow some genuine “leader” such as Treason Israel-First Trump is ludicrous.
        Trump is completely in on these psy-ops, and they are for the benefit of Israel, no one else.

      6. Thanks for directly answering the saps, James. Indeed you do study the evidence and give accurate conclusions about all the hoaxes you mentioned, about which I will be forever mosgt grateful! I use your research in my teaching moments.

  21. The on-site video, shot with a helmet cam, of the NZ ”shooting” is the most fake thing you could imagine. No wonder YouTube and other platforms are desperate to scrub the video from their sites. Its sadly laughable. A high school video class of teenagers could have done a better job of it.

    When the shooter enters the worship room the crisis actors are already playing dead on the floor and in corners of the hall. He then commences to fake-shoot all of them….several times over. There’s no blood, no holes in the walls…nothing. Its like watching a demented video game. The crisis actor’s faces are mostly concealed.

    We can safely add this fiasco to the long list of hoaxes about gun-control and other political issues.

    Its been learned that the Prime Minister of NZ , Jacinda Ardern, has a close friend in the USA…….Hillary Clinton. What a shock that is…..NOT.

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