Revealed: Trump Fired Comey to Carry Out His Campaign Pledge to Work with Russia

There is one major story buried in the scurrilous Mueller report which must be made known internationally, immediately. As LaRouchePAC’s Barbara Boyd writes in her report on the Mueller report: “In the original letter which Trump dictated to Stephen Miller, firing Comey, Donald Trump said that Comey’s refusal to [state publicly that Trump was not a target] was specifically inhibiting what the President wanted to do with Russia, with respect to trade and with respect to collaboration on eliminating ISIS. With the intervention of the same staff whom the media are portraying as unsung heroes, Rod Rosenstein’s screed referencing Comey’s misconduct in the Clinton investigation was substituted as the reason for Comey’s firing. This, of course, created the entirely false narrative that the President had covered up his real reason for firing Comey.”

Similarly, Mueller’s report, as the first of ten events characterized as potentially constituting obstruction of justice, states: “On June 16, 2015 Donald J. Trump declared his intent to seek nomination as the Republican candidate for President. By early 2016, he distinguished himself among Republican candidates by speaking of closer ties with Russia, saying he would get along well with Russian President Vladimir Putin, questioning whether the NATO alliance was obsolete, and praising Putin as a ‘strong leader.’ The press reported that Russian political analysts and commentators perceived Trump as favorable to Russia.”

But, far from implying obstruction of justice, this is why the American people elected him! End the “endless wars,” Trump told the American people, and work with Russia to fight terrorism — no more “regime-change” wars to overthrow governments deemed anti-democratic by the British and their assets in the United States. Being friends with Russia “is a good thing, not a bad thing,” he said over and over. But this, says Mueller, is tantamount to treason, working with America’s “leading adversary” — a characterization of Russia asserted by the same corrupt intelligence operatives in the Obama Administration who worked hand in hand with the British intelligence directors from MI6 and GCHQ to carry out a coup against their lost colony in the Americas.

The American people must be informed. It will not come from the “fake news” outlets, who, despite differences in their views of Trump, all maintain a constant barrage of demonizing hysteria against Russia and China.

So also with Trump and China. While the media and the Congress, and Donald Trump’s own Cabinet members, peddle lunacies about China (the Washington Post‘s “Foreign Policy” website, for example, headlines today: “Catching China by the Belt (and Road) — How Washington Can Beat Beijing’s Global Influence Campaign”), Trump is negotiating what he calls an “epic deal” with China, which can, and must, open the door to U.S. cooperation with the Belt and Road — the “New Silk Road” proposed and organized by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, and now the centerpiece of Xi Jinping’s historic campaign to take the internal development of China, and the elimination of poverty in China, out to the rest of the world.

In Europe, despite open efforts at sabotage from the EU bureaucrats in Brussels, dozens of countries have signed on to the Belt and Road Initiative, most recently Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Business associations in Germany have defied government opposition to demand national support for joining in the new paradigm of win-win development for all nations and all people. Even in the U.S., the “containment dam” against China and the BRI is close to breaking. Geoffrey Garrett, dean of the Wharton School — a training ground for business and finance leaders in Philadelphia — told a student-organized forum on the Belt and Road this week: “Belt and Road is enormous. It’s no overstatement to say it could be the project of the century.” He identified infrastructure development as the key bottleneck to freeing nations from underdevelopment and poverty.

This is what Justin Yifu Lin, the former Chief Economist at the World Bank, now head of the Institute for New Structural Economics in Beijing, said this year: “We have learned from our experience that infrastructure is the bottleneck to development. Entrepreneurs can’t do it — as Friedrich List said, the state must either coordinate it, or do it. You always need two hands.” Garrett, in fact, said further: “Because the Chinese government is thinking about 20 years from today, 50 years from today — I think that the U.S. needs to follow China’s lead and think differently about the way it finances infrastructure development.”

This is the necessary and totally feasible moment for the U.S. to break free from the British imperial noose, to take its rightful place as a leader in peace and development in the world, in full cooperation with the other sovereign nations, as part of the spirit of the New Silk Road, the vision for Earth’s Next Fifty Years, as LaRouche so presciently titled his 2005 book.

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