The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America

(Natural News) The deep state is at war with America. The CIA is running an attempted coup, and all the CIA’s puppet “journalists” (actually nothing more than CIA-run media hacks) are all-in. The Democrats are betting everything that they can remove Trump from office and somehow avoid a popular uprising that would likely see millions of armed citizens taking action to defend this republic against the lawless deep state and its authoritarian rule.

You are witnessing the final chapter. The Democrats, CIA and media hacks are throwing everything at Trump in a last-ditch effort to remove him from office before the 2020 election, which the Dems know they cannot win (because Democrat ideas suck, and they have no ideas other than communism and handing out free stuff to everyone). Just today, lunatic Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters called for President Trump to be “imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement,” probably so the deep state can pull a Jeffrey Epstein on him, where magically all the security cameras simultaneously malfunction while the prisoner is executed.

The fake news corporate media has abandoned any last shred of credibility and is now literally faking every “bombshell” about Trump, Ukraine, Russia and the so-called “whistleblower” (who is really nothing more than a CIA spy). In reality, all media hacks have become crisis actors who have been handed scripts by the CIA, and they are role playing those scripts to pretend like Trump has been caught carrying out heinous crimes… the very same crimes that Joe Biden actually committed.

Crazed Democrats are obsessed with Trump, but they ignore the real issues facing Americans

This face off ends with just one party left standing. The Democrats cannot survive this if they do not decisively take out Trump, because in escalating this brazen, fabricated assault on our president, Democrats have demonstrated to all Americans that they don’t care about any real issues Americans are facing such as health care costs, the collapse of liberal cities and the growing power and corruption of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Instead, Democrats are willing to watch America burn and collapse as long as they think they might be able to get Trump in the process.

Democrats have become terrorists, criminals and lunatics, and they have reached the point of insanity where they quite literally want to see this country burned to the ground rather than witness Trump win a second term.

Understand that this current “soft coup” against President Trump is just the beginning of what they have planned. If this soft coup fails, they have a plan of escalation that will ultimately reach the point where deep state criminals like John Brennan and Barack Obama attempt to carry out plans that include the assassination of President Trump. But that’s not even where this ends. If that fails, they have more moves in store for America, and all these attempts will result in the loss of innocent life. Bluntly stated, if Trump doesn’t order the arrest and prosecution of all these deep state traitors and CIA operatives — across Congress, the fake news media fiction factories and even the judiciary — they will unleash deadly terror and lawlessness across America in a desperate effort to reclaim authoritarian rule (while, of course, ordering the executions of all Trump loyalists).

“It may appear that the Democratic Party, furious over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, is the driving force behind this ongoing attempt to remove Donald Trump from office, but at every turn we see the fingerprints of the CIA and its allies in the US deep state,” writes Ron Paul. “Brennan and his deep state counterparts James Comey at the FBI and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper launched an operation, using what we now know is the fake Steele dossier, to spy on the Trump presidential campaign and even attempt to entrap Trump campaign employees.”

The deep state must be stopped, and that clearly includes Big Tech, the fake news “media” propagandists, and the corrupt sectors of the intelligence community (FBI, CIA, DOJ, State Dept.). If Trump doesn’t stop them, here is the escalation of tactics that will unfold as the radical Left unleashes war on U.S. soil:

Level 1: “Soft coup” attempt

At this level, which you are witnessing right now, deep state spies and operatives inside the bureaucracy fabricate fake accusations against Trump while media crisis actors pretend they’ve found a smoking gun that doesn’t actually exist. By whipping up mass hysteria via the CIA-run media, Democrats hope they can trick America into going along with the impeachment of Trump by accusing him of carrying out the corruption crimes that Joe Biden actually executed.

Level 2: Criminal framing attempt using crisis actors

If the soft coup fails, the same deep state operatives and crisis actors (Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Obama, Clinton, etc.) will fabricate fake financial documents and pretend that Trump committed a vast array of financial crimes. The documents will be as fake as Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate which, of course, was Photoshopped into a 17-layer digital file with bits and pieces switched together from various scans of old documents.

The Obama deep state has extensive experience fabricating fake documents, and they will put those skills to use in trying to frame Trump for criminal behavior that he didn’t commit. Remember, trust nothing reported by the media. They lie about everything. They are just “following orders,” after all, handed to them by the CIA.

Level 3: Area effect “terrorism” that attempts to injure or murder Trump

When the criminal framing attempts fall flat, the deep state Democrats will ratchet up their plans to a “hot” phase of the civil war. In this phase, operatives run by the FBI — all of whom have extensive experience planning and carrying out acts of terrorism across the United States — will go live with “area effect” attacks that attempt to kill President Trump with nuclear, biological or chemical attacks.

Notably, this level of desperation by the deep state equals that of the staged 9/11 attacks which were of course planned and carried out with the authorization of the very same deep state that’s now trying to destroy Trump. That’s why building 7 was rigged with explosives months in advance, as is now admitted by a senior analyst at CNBC.

It’s also why the Pentagon launched a cruise missile at the Pentagon building, then the media tried to gaslight the entire nation to falsely claim the Pentagon was struck by a commercial passenger jet. Yet amazingly, there was no wreckage from a passenger jet found at the scene. Not even a seat cushion or a scrap of metal from a wing. That’s because the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a passenger jet. It was the FBI that confiscated all the hundreds of surveillance videos from across the region, burying all video evidence of the cruise missile that actually struck the building, just as planned.

This is important to note because if there’s a rogue faction inside the Pentagon that’s still controlled by Obama loyalists, they could literally launch a cruise missile at the White House then gaslight the entire nation to claim it was an act of terrorism from “white nationalists” or something similar. They can make up anything and push it out as “authoritative news,” even if it’s complete fiction.

The most likely area effect weapon, however, is a dirty bomb using cesium-137, a radioisotope that’s deadly in very small quantities. It’s a blue powder, and because the half life of Cs-137 is so short (about 29 years), it gives off an enormous amount of ionizing radiation every second. The Democrat deep state is already well versed at carrying out assassinations and executions of political enemies (Seth Rich, anyone? Andrew Breitbart?), so they already know how to mix Cs-137 into other products to make, for example, car bumpers out of it. Or a painting, or a dinner plate, etc. For this reason, Trump’s security team had better be carrying out portable radiation meters to make sure they can whisk the president out of the way should ionizing radiation be released by the deep state.

For the record, I am the patent holder of an invention called Cesium Eliminator, which is a formula that removes radioisotopes of cesium from the digestive tract. My ISO-accredited mass spec laboratory also runs ICP-MS equipment which can detect Cesium-137 and, frankly, almost any isotope of any radioactive substance. The sensitivity of the instrument is so high that we still see echoes of uranium isotopes released during above-ground nuclear testing carried out by the United States and other nations. If anyone from the Trump administration needs private testing of food, water, clothing, hair or other substances, we can carry that out with total privacy, with rapid turnaround (just a few hours after receiving the sample). We are also experts in food and water contamination, and we run a mass spec time-of-flight instrument that can detect unknown chemicals via accurate mass determination, which is useful if you suspect something has been poisoned but you don’t know which poison was used. From ICP-MS-TOF scans, we can derive chemical equations of poisons and other contaminants, even if we have no idea what molecular masses to look for at the start.

Getting back to the war against President Trump: Deep state terrorists may also attempt chemical attacks or biological attacks. Biological attacks are far more complex in terms of sourcing the weaponized strains, so the more likely weapon delivery system is a chemical attack or a dirty bomb nuclear attack. Chemical attacks could include drone-delivered aerosolized fentanyl, for example, which is nearly impossible to defend against in you’re out in the open. One breath and you’re dead. It’s worth noting that a lot of the methods of weapon delivery in the future of warfare — including deep state warfare against America — will be conducted via drones. This could include small-scale dirty bomb packages delivered by drone and detonated in open spaces to rain down highly radioactive material onto the target zone. Think Chernobyl, but smaller.

Note than in all these scenarios, thousands or even tens of thousands of Americans will be killed in the process. But as we learned with 9/11, this has never stopped the deep state before. If they have to nuke a U.S. city to take out Trump in the process, they will not hesitate to do so (as long as they can blame Trump and gun owners, of course).

It’s worth repeating this so that you get it. The Democrats and their deep state handlers are truly at war with America. There’s nothing they won’t do. The FBI is, as we have exhaustively documented, is a straight-up terrorist organization, and the FBI ran the murders of JFK, RFK and MLK, Jr., as well as running the Oklahoma City bombing and taking part in the 9/11 cover-up. Nearly all the acts of mass destruction and terrorism that you learned about in U.S. history were actually carried out by the deep state itself, always for political purposes. Oklahoma City, for example, was run under President Clinton to try to take out Rush Limbaugh and censor conservative talk radio. 9/11 was carried out to expand the very same domestic surveillance powers which Obama and Clinton weaponized against Trump. JFK was taken out because he threatened to end the Federal Reserve and bring the money supply back under the control of the U.S. Congress. Dr. King was assassinated because he preached racial peace and unity instead of violence and hatred. The list goes on…

It’s not just present-day events that are being staged and faked by crisis actors, in other words; it’s the entire post World War II history of the United States. The deep state has been running this show for 75 years, and they won’t give up power without waging war on the outsider (Trump) who threatens them.

Level 4: Direct assassination attempt to murder Trump

When all the other attempts fail, a direct assassination attempt will be leveled against Trump, but it will of course be made to look like a death by natural causes in order to suppress a patriot uprising. If Trump is killed via a shooting or some similarly violent attack, that will be the tipping point for American patriots to self-activate and rise up against the corrupt, criminal deep state and the Democrat traitors across the country. So the deep state will attempt to make the assassination look like an accident or a natural death, and of course the autopsy will be covered up, the body will be cremated and all evidence will be swept under the rug as quickly as possible.

After all, they took out JFK and got away with it. And RFK, too. The deep state can murder presidents and get away scot-free because the media will gaslight the American public and follow the CIA propaganda scripts. The only thing different today is the existence of the independent media, which is precisely why InfoWars, for example, is under extreme lawfare assault and demonetization attacks. The only way the deep state can achieve success with its gaslighting operations is if the independent media is taken offline. That’s why they are infuriated that the indy media has been so resilient, to the point where we are launching our own platforms to compete with YouTube, for example. Just as I have launched, Alex Jones now has Both platforms dare to allow people to tell the truth about world events, despite the censorship attempts by the establishment.

Level 5: Unleashing planned invasion of America with Chinese and UN troops

Finally, if the direct assassination attempt fails, the deep state will unleash an international war that will invite Communist Chinese and U.N. troops to invade and occupy the United States through California and the Southern border, respectively.

Calif. Governor Newsom has already sold out to the Chinese and will no doubt welcome a communist Chinese invasion of California, granting millions of Chinese troops a beachhead on California soil. The lunatic left-wing Democrats in California will cheer at first, at least until the Chinese troops begin raping, pillaging and mass murdering the residents of Los Angeles as they sweep eastward. (Note to California libtards: Communism sounds awesome until it arrives at your door. Then it’s murderous.)

Should this scenario happen, patriots in rural California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona will not only engage and disrupt Chinese military operations; they will also seek out and remove all the collaborators (i.e. Democrats who went along with the invasion). Dave Hodges at covers this scenario in great detail in his excellent reporting which is based on sources in the intelligence community. Read The Russian Scissors Strategy Part 1 and Part 2 for an overview of the multinational invasion of the USA that’s being planned with the help of Obama and other traitors.

Along the U.S. Southern border, U.N. troops will invade Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, deploying all those U.N. armored personnel carriers you’ve seen shipped across the country on trains. The goal will be the complete occupation and control of pro-Trump regions of the country, which include Middle America and most western states. Should such an invasion occur, patriots in Texas and elsewhere will engage these United Nations invading forces with extremely effective disruption / guerilla tactics that they learned in the United States military. Texas alone has over a million retired veterans who are highly capable, deeply determined and extremely well-equipped.

Even a few hundred thousand blue helmets far from home, spread out along difficult supply lines and unfamiliar territory, are no match for retired U.S. Marines, special forces, Army and police SWAT. Add to that the massive firearms and ammunition supplies that have been stockpiled by citizens across millions of private homes and businesses across the western states, and you have an unwinnable war for UN forces, who will be confronted by long range engagements by patriots who grew up hunting deer and other game at long distances. For a Texan, engaging an enemy UN soldier at 500 yards doesn’t even require any effort. And Texas residents already own large caliber weapons used for hunting purposes, such as 300 WM, or 338 LM, or even 50 cal platforms such as the Barrett, which can disable UN vehicles with a single shot. (Because 660 grains of hot lead slices right through engine blocks…)

Prepare for massive, nationwide disruptions: Grid down, fuel shortages, food lines, left-wing riots

You’ll notice that in several of the scenarios described above, there will be extensive disruptions of the basic infrastructure of modern society. Even if you don’t live in cities where riots and lawlessness will occur (i.e. liberal-run cities), you are likely to experience the ripple effects of infrastructure disruptions. Those may include temporary disruptions in the power grid.

JohnyMac at has published an excellent new article that discusses the importance of realizing that your comms will go down when the grid goes down. This means you won’t be able to communicate by phone, or internet or any common carrier. What will continue to work? Radio frequencies, of course, which is why HAM radio operators and technicians will rule the recovery.

As JohnyMac asks:

Once your electrical substation goes down communication along with other things that electricity provides will be gone too. What is your plan to generate enough electricity to keep your furnace going, freezers freezing, and communications happening? Certainly, if you have a generator and plenty of fuel you and your family can survive but, all the power in the world at your home will not allow you to communicate blocks away let away states away if the cell towers have no power. What is your communication plan post a grid down situation and the backup generators at the cell towers run out of fuel?

If you don’t have communications gear, you’re basically screwed in this type of situation. To get up to speed quickly, go take one of the Brushbeater courses, held in North Carolina.

I also mentioned in a previous article that if you don’t have night vision gear, you’re screwed again, since night time is when all the troublemakers come out to try to steal your supplies or just flat-out kill you so they can occupy your home. has a solid selection of night vision devices and is run by patriotic Americans.

If you’re looking for food supplies, we’ve got our ever-popular Ranger Buckets at the Health Ranger Store. (Which are currently sold out, but we’re ramping up another production run.) These are certified organic, lab-tested, long-term storage food staples that can be made into hundreds of different recipes. You’ll want to stockpile some olive oil, lard or coconut oil in addition to what’s in the buckets, by the way.

I also noticed that Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner machines are sold out until 2020. This means Americans are buying them like crazy and making their own homemade firearms to get ready for a foreign invasion, authoritarian rule or Antifa-ignited civil war. This also means Americans have no plans to surrender their firearms. If anything, they’re making more.

It’s pretty clear the American people are fed up with being ruled by an authoritarian deep state cabal of treasonous actors. Americans are tired of media lies and blatant propaganda being spewed forth by CNN and NBC (Nothing But Communism). The American people are going to see this through, and they’ve decided that defeating the Democrats is the only way to preserve this nation.

Be prepared for anything, because it’s false flag season in the minds of deep state Democrats. Watch for mass shootings, explosives, chemical attacks, dirty bombs, engineered social chaos, fake news crisis actors, extreme censorship and possibly even a Democrat-run foreign invasion of U.S. territory. There’s nothing they won’t try to topple Trump. Which means you need to be ready for anything to occur.

Ultimately, the only way to save America is to tear down the FBI, CIA, DOJ and State Department, then start over with strict government budget limits that force the federal government to shrink by 95%. Only then will the American people ever be safe from tyranny. It’s time to drain the swamp, and Trump is the only person in Washington D.C. who seems to be willing to pull the drain plug.

Stay informed. Keep reading this website for details as these events unfold. If we are taken offline, it means the deep state is actively moving forward with its assassination and invasion plans. Stay on high alert at all times, and watch your six.

Stand by for stand by.

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17 thoughts on “The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America”

    1. Here is an amusing video that perfectly

      only watch the first 4:37.

      This guy is doing his daily vlog from a park in Alaska and some vitriolic tree hugger crazed woman and her husband come up and attack this guy. I have seen intelligent people act just like this woman when they get on subjects like how it is crucially important to let wolves multiply and roam free all over the western states and they get crazy vindictive just like this woman.

      Well, I guess this is really not so amusing but it does show real people who have somehow having the reason and conduct co-opted by some odd forms of worship.

      1. “Sorry to say that woman’s interference looks staged….if not, why leave it in?”

        He left it in because it perfectly demonstrates what he “preaches” about, that is, that “the Left” and “the Dems” and the “elites” are crazy and many of them are satanic pedophiles.

        Yes, this is “staged” but only in the sense that this woman and her husband heard him saying to his video camera very “Right wing and Christian” words and that always seems to trigger their crazy button and they both went out of their way to come over and verbally harass him ending with the usual “EFF you.”

        (I went through my waking up phase in the mid-1990s and I know all about vaccines and every other form of Brotherhood of Darkness activities and have learned about the true revisionist history of the USA, my Church, and the education I received. So seeing all the people waking up now is like deja vu all over again for me.

        Everything is a racket and a set-up and a trap. I think that is why Jesus told us to be not conformed to this world system and to be not afraid and ask for His help and He will give it..

        This guy, whom I do not follow closely but I think does a pretty good job of covering news stories related to apprehension of human traffickers and child abuse / pedophilia perpetrators, chooses different Alaska national parks and other scenic remote places as a beautiful background for his videos. No way he “staged” having that dizzy woman come up to him.

        Here is another woman who does a pretty good job on reporting on all of the craziness and satanic or Luciferian evil.

        •Oct 3, 2019

      2. Dachsie…I have no problem with his content…there is very little, if anything with which I disagree.
        To be perfectly honest, there is so much deception in this world, on all sides, I don’t know what to believe. I would certainly yield to your trust in this man whom I have never seen before.

  1. Ya gotta love this one from Stone:
    In case you can’t see it where you are, Trump posted a video of Biden being asked if he was aware of his kid’s Ukranian gas dealings. Biden said no. The next scene is a photo of Biden with his kid AND the Ukraine gas executive all arm in arm together. BUSTED.

    But when you go to Trump’s twitter….you get this…..

    This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner

    So, I guess they could not shut down Trump’s twitter…but did the next best thing….removed the video.


  2. I do not know how to take this, but here is Jim Stone’s must recent……

    Fortunately I had it drawn down to about $5 USD but they did go to the details of taking even that. It was not a “random bank expense” that did it, in Mexico they can’t do that, someone actually accessed the account and took even the last $5 out of it.

    This is key info for EVERYONE in alt media, during any communist takeover crap like this happens. They de-fund all opposition in ways that are totally illegal, but if the law is never going to be enforced again, who cares?

    If anyone can, please contact Claudia for Western Union, we will need at a bare minimum $150. That’s less than the original request but it is possible because I worked the alt income plan harder than usual, and $100 also made it via Western Union via 3 different transfers previously. I will post what makes it here, like the usual Paypal which is now obviously toast.
    The communists are not going to pay attention to law at this point, and any impeachment proceeding will not be real. They are not even going to bother with that. They are likely to simply try to take it all now, however, I think they were forced to do this before they were ready to so that might work in our favor in the end. DON’T BET ON IT, AND –

    I have noticed ALL the forums are posting threads about “what are your plans for a civil war” – What are you going to do, and what unique weapons do you have, or unique methods of fighting can you come up with” FOLKS, DO NOT BE STUPID AND POST IN SUCH THREADS, IT IS ONLY THE COMMUNISTS HAVING YOU BE PART OF THEIR THINK TANK, IN THEIR EFFORTS TO DESTROY YOU. IF YOU WANT TO DESTROY ALL HOPE, PUT YOUR BEST IDEAS THERE.

    Also, pay no attention to other commentary and writings that claim there won’t be a civil war, civil war is the LAST THING THE COMMUNISTS WANT, ESPECIALLY SINCE TOO MANY AMERICANS KNOW WHO THE TARGET NEEDS TO BE.

    Here is what THEY know that they don’t want YOU to know:
    No government building is a target. Any attacks on them will be stifled and ineffective.

    Don’t bother with ANY public targets, the communists live in soft areas and only by attacking the soft areas are you going to have ANY IMPACT AT ALL, they absolutely WILL back off to the possibility of having “little jacob” be dead.

    Did I say that clearly enough?

    Additionally, I have held off on saying this, But their most feared weapon in OUR HANDS is gasoline, and THAT is why they want gasoline powered cars banned. The combination of gasoline in a stick built nation, and guns, will put joe blow American on par with potent military forces, with the only difference being air superiority and armament. In the American situation, the importance of air superiority and armored vehicles is F***ING NIL, THE ARMY IS HERE, TIMES 200,000,000 and they absolutely CANNOT put that away if the correct targets are chosen, and gasoline is used.

    I know I am risking this site by posting this, but who the hell else will?

    Use the gasoline to flush them out, and then shoot them dead.

    IT IS THEIR FAULT. We offered them a peaceful solution with Trump, and THEY SAID NO. Tough luck after that.
    DO NOT be afraid of police operated armored vehicles (or any armored vehicles for that matter). Just get them out of sight, and the SECOND they don’t have a line of site to shoot you, keep doing what you’re doing.

    If Americans fight, and the correct targets are chosen, THE “COMMUNISTS” DO NOT HAVE A CHANCE. They’ll be trounced so hard it will be comical.
    All the body armor is made to handle an AR-15 but it won’t handle bobby’s “lowly” 30/30. That AR looks cool, but against any armor at all it is totally worthless. 30/30, 30.06 and the best penetrator is a .270 And any shotgun with slugs will be horrible for a recipient wearing body armor, it may not penetrate but getting hit by a truck matters.

    That’s where we are at folks, REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANYONE SAYS AGAINST A CIVIL WAR, LOCK AND LOAD. The attack signal will be “Trump is gone”.

    1. The problem I see is putting all our hope in one man and the few who might be behind him. It’s an impossible task for one and those few. And if all this leads to a civil war, fighting each other is not the answer. A revolution, NOT a civil war is what’s necessary. They WILL listen to 300 million souls………they have no choice.
      One man cannot solve the unimaginable corruption of the US, INC. and the rogue state of Israel.
      It will take all of us

  3. Is it possible for you to explain here why certain authors at Veterans Today are anti-Trump? Are their fears justified or is the anti-Trump position a ploy of some kind?

  4. This story Jim posted of Mike’s is something pretty scary if any of the scenarios come true. I have a small residual normal-cy bias that prevents me from thinking too hard about the civil war scenario or the foreign invasion scenario. I have a lot of love for the Health Ranger. I have been nagging him to test out the Simple Truth brand of organic everything. The price seems too low to be legit. I like the brand, but you know what they say about something too good to be true? I heard there was a test for glyphosate in beer and 8 out of 10 tested positive! Yikes.

    I have seen the pictures of many thousands of plastic coffins stacked in Georgia was it? I have also seen the pics of the UN armored division stashed near Hagerstown, MD. The pics of the special prison train cars and the videos of the warehouses next to train tracks with barbed wire facing in, newly added heating systems and the buildings aren’t being used for anything – YET !

    I have previously mentioned my research into murder statistics. I found out in 2017 that 46% of all murders were committed with handguns, only 2% were murdered with all types of rifles. Since pistols are exponentially more likely to be used for murders, why aren’t the collectivists trying to ban handguns? Why the obsession with banning rapid fire rifles? If you read between their lies, it sure seems like something far bigger than 911 is coming our way and they need to pave the way for low resistance. Maybe Mike is not so far off.

    My dad use to talk about the possible break down of American society when I was a kid when we went out duck hunting. It scared me then and it still scares me

    1. On be half of William de Berg:
      You make a lot of good points. Some of your scenarios are spot on, but some are way off (e.g., the U.N. can’t even keep the peace where its peacekeepers are currently stationed and would be no match for an armed American public). Any martial law will be made in America, enforced by U.S. military engaged. And, while you raise the obvious rhetorical point about why so many politicians want to take away rifles when they are used in so few of the firearm homicides (actually, it’s 6%, not 2%), Trump is far from the only counterweight to gun confiscation as no serious rifle bans in the U.S. occurred even during the Obama years due to congressional opposition.

      As far as your main point is concerned, I agree that the Deep State wants Trump out desperately. But, it is almost certain that Trump would not be removed from office even if impeached, and there will be a tremendous backlash against the Democrats, who ran in 2018 on things like health care and have accomplished nothing of substance since elected. Assassination is always a possibility, but it is not easy given the many protections and precautions Presidents use these days. And, a major false flag event like September 11 or Oklahoma City would be difficult to achieve without the support of the highest echelons of power, which Trump would mostly control. I think it is more likely that, even if Trump is elected, the Deep State through its penetration of government and the courts will continue to obfuscate and delay until the clock runs out on the Trump administration. Unlike Carter, whose CIA director fired almost 200 CIA officers and with congressional support quickly exposed serious crimes and corruption by the CIA, Trump is moving very slowly. Although there are rumors that major criminal investigations against Deep State officials are moving along, it’s fair to say that many if not most Deep Staters will still be around even if Trump lasts until 2024.

      So, while there is a remote chance that your nightmare scenarios could come to fruition, it is more likely that the Deep State will try to run out the clock and end the Trump era with a whimper rather than a bang.

  5. How did he think he would drain the swamp when pretty much everyone he
    gave positions too are the swamp. Either both sides as are playing America
    or Trump is grossly incompetent.

    1. Trump is primarily interested in number one. Jews own him as a result of banking.

      The country and constitution are secondary considerations for Trump:


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