Studies of Surgical Masks Efficacy: Masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease (even during surgery)

 Masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and, if anything, are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses.

As a person who went to medical school, I was shocked when I read Neil Orr’s study, published in 1981 in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Dr. Orr was a surgeon in the Severalls Surgical Unit in Colchester. And for six months, from March through August 1980, the surgeons and staff in that unit decided to see what would happen if they did not wear masks during surgeries. They wore no masks for six months, and compared the rate of surgical wound infections from March through August 1980 with the rate of wound infections from March through August of the previous four years. And they discovered, to their amazement, that when nobody wore masks during surgeries, the rate of wound infections was less than half what it was when everyone wore masks. Their conclusion: “It would appear that minimum contamination can best be achieved by not wearing a mask at all” and that wearing a mask during surgery “is a standard procedure that could be abandoned.”

I was so amazed that I scoured the medical literature, sure that this was a fluke and that newer studies must show the utility of masks in preventing the spread of disease. But to my surprise the medical literature for the past forty-five years has been consistent: masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and, if anything, are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses.

  • Ritter et al., in 1975, found that “the wearing of a surgical face mask had no effect upon the overall operating room environmental contamination.”
  • Ha’eri and Wiley, in 1980, applied human albumin microspheres to the interior of surgical masks in 20 operations. At the end of each operation, wound washings were examined under the microscope. “Particle contamination of the wound was demonstrated in all experiments.”
  • Laslett and Sabin, in 1989, found that caps and masks were not necessary during cardiac catheterization. “No infections were found in any patient, regardless of whether a cap or mask was used,” they wrote. Sjøl and Kelbaek came to the same conclusion in 2002.
  • In Tunevall’s 1991 study, a general surgical team wore no masks in half of their surgeries for two years. After 1,537 operations performed with masks, the wound infection rate was 4.7%, while after 1,551 operations performed without masks, the wound infection rate was only 3.5%.
  • A review by Skinner and Sutton in 2001 concluded that “The evidence for discontinuing the use of surgical face masks would appear to be stronger than the evidence available to support their continued use.
  • Lahme et al., in 2001, wrote that “surgical face masks worn by patients during regional anaesthesia, did not reduce the concentration of airborne bacteria over the operation field in our study. Thus they are dispensable.”
  • Figueiredo et al., in 2001, reported that in five years of doing peritoneal dialysis without masks, rates of peritonitis in their unit were no different than rates in hospitals where masks were worn.
  • Bahli did a systematic literature review in 2009 and found that “no significant difference in the incidence of postoperative wound infection was observed between masks groups and groups operated with no masks.
  • Surgeons at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, recognizing the lack of evidence supporting the use of masks, ceased requiring them in 2010 for anesthesiologists and other non-scrubbed personnel in the operating room. “Our decision to no longer require routine surgical masks for personnel not scrubbed for surgery is a departure from common practice. But the evidence to support this practice does not exist,” wrote Dr. Eva Sellden.
  • Webster et al., in 2010, reported on obstetric, gynecological, general, orthopaedic, breast and urological surgeries performed on 827 patients. All non-scrubbed staff wore masks in half the surgeries, and none of the non-scrubbed staff wore masks in half the surgeries. Surgical site infections occurred in 11.5% of the Mask group, and in only 9.0% of the No Mask group.
  • Lipp and Edwards reviewed the surgical literature in 2014 and found “no statistically significant difference in infection rates between the masked and unmasked group in any of the trials.” Vincent and Edwards updated this review in 2016 and the conclusion was the same.
  • Carøe, in a 2014 review based on four studies and 6,006 patients, wrote that “none of the four studies found a difference in the number of post-operative infections whether you used a surgical mask or not.”
  • Salassa and Swiontkowski, in 2014, investigated the necessity of scrubs, masks and head coverings in the operating room and concluded that “there is no evidence that these measures reduce the prevalence of surgical site infection.”
  • Da Zhou et al., reviewing the literature in 2015, concluded that “there is a lack of substantial evidence to support claims that facemasks protect either patient or surgeon from infectious contamination.”

Schools in China are now prohibiting students from wearing masks while exercising. Why? Because it was killing them. It was depriving them of oxygen and it was killing them. At least three children died during Physical Education classes — two of them while running on their school’s track while wearing a mask. And a 26-year-old man suffered a collapsed lung after running two and a half miles while wearing a mask.

Mandating masks has not kept death rates down anywhere. The 20 U.S. states that have never ordered people to wear face masks indoors and out have dramatically lower COVID-19 death rates than the 30 states that have mandated masks. Most of the no-mask states have COVID-19 death rates below 20 per 100,000 population, and none have a death rate higher than 55. All 13 states that have death rates higher 55 are states that have required the wearing of masks in all public places. It has not protected them.

“We are living in an atmosphere of permanent illness, of meaningless separation,” writes Benjamin Cherry in the Summer 2020 issue of New View magazine. A separation that is destroying lives, souls, and nature.
* from Christopher Fry, A Sleep of Prisoners, 1951.

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  6. OK….To clarify a post I made at 9:36 AM today, apparently there are two YT channels that have Jim the Conspiracy Guy videos….the one I cited at 9:36 AM does NOT have ALL the videos


    …BUT, the following YT channel does…..and looks like it’s up to date…I mention this because my server always gives me problems on Jim’s own channel (

  7. Will, I’ve always considered the Jim Stone entity to be rooted in Mossad. You’re a believer in Jim Stone, what’s your take on this entity?

    1. Ralph and Will, did you see Robert David Steele’s criticism of this doc? He says that she is taking low-level players and making them a big deal, as if their actions were the top of the corruption. He says she’s describing a small reflection of the data exploitation that’s really going on.

      Here’s the link:

      I am skeptical of many things that RDS comes up with, he’s a spy, after all, but he makes sense when he talks about this.

      1. I have respect for Steele…but, frankly, I never saw his letters get any response. Did you?
        He speaks of how ineffective the various agencies are in regard to gathering info, analyzing it and using it. But the video is more about the various companies that have taken over the task and apparently taken it to a fine art.
        In the beginning, he mentions AJ was pissing in his pants over it….which I would take to mean he loves it. I rarely listen to Alex, but I did when this story broke and to say the least, he’s actually quite upset (although he hides it quite well) because he sees it as showing Roger Stone in a bad light and as some kind of kingpin in these type of activities. I absolutely disagree with his assessment. Maybe he watched a different video. Roger Stone is spoken of with reverence and a man of high honor in the video. Stone himself admits he plays dirty, but that’s his talent. It also makes it quite clear that Trump turned down using those strategies.
        Personally, I see the video as a work of art and deserving of a Pulitzer prize.
        As far as the arrest of Millie goes, no one seems to know what the hell is going on…BUT, this is Ohio….possibly in the top five corrupt states in the Union…so anything is possible.

  8. I have to smile. I’ve mentioned the yellow Star of David in this blog on several of my comments. Its such an obvious connection.
    Does history repeat itself? You bet it does.

    1. Don…Is your comment in reply to this Jim Stone remark?….”What is a mask mandate? It is the same thing as a star of David. Being forced to wear it to identify yourself as a sucker to the agenda. Being forced to wear it to prove you submit to the agenda”

      In a way, I understand the analogy and in another way, I do not. I would think the agenda in Hitler’s Germany was to distinguish the Jews from everyone else. Was it used to degrade them or make it easier to round up and send to camps? I’m not sure.

      In the present scenario, it would seem the masks are indeed a sign of compliance to the covid agenda. But it would also seem logical those WITHOUT the masks would be the ones to be rounded up and sent to FEMA camps. I am not saying that is what will happen, but it has a small feasibility.

      What do you think?

      1. I read your comment Will. Yes…..the willing compliant. A soft police state like the USA wants to identify the sheep.

  9. Here’s an extremely interesting post from Stone….with which I agree for the most part. In it, he mentions a device called the Karenator….just to clarify, it’s a listening device he developed to listen to conversations at a distance. I doubt anyone will actually use he device, but what the heck….seems his ideas are solid.

    **The new public sentiment (among the living)
    This morning I was taken aback by how people who are supposed to be sophisticated and intelligent have fallen for the Corona B.S.

    They are clearly visible – the IDIOTS who wear a mask while driving their cars alone. Brainwashed stifled idiots. The ones, who rather than have a barbecue, sync themselves daily to the B.S. in the MSM with the TV constantly droning fear and falsehood they never see through, and that makes them GREAT. Better than the people who can see through it all. They are the perfect Nazis. Do people who see through the idiocy realize this?

    What is a mask mandate? It is the same thing as a star of David. Being forced to wear it to identify yourself as a sucker to the agenda. Being forced to wear it to prove you submit to the agenda. Giving the worst of the Nazis a high horse to ride on, to ridicule others who see through it all and point the finger: YOU LOW LIFE. YOU IDIOT. WHERE IS YOUR MASK? SEE, I HAVE MINE!!!! never questioning how worthless the masks are documented to be, never questioning the lies, the fear, the fake death stats, never questioning ANYTHING – merely going along with the agenda, – which makes them superior. THAT is what a Nazi is made of. Brainless compliance that somehow makes them superior, and anyone who does not comply inferior.

    The people who don’t believe and comply anyway out of fear or passiveness or politeness are just as bad, because they give the illusion of everyone believing. They won’t stand up for themselves, they just go along with it all, and are the types who will go along with it all and not question the trains, buses, and diminishing population, and if the AI has slated them for removal because they are silently anti-gay and pray in secret, if they are too often contact traced out to associating with those who can think and have a back bone, they themselves will vanish too.

    And beyond compliance, what will the mask give all of our handlers the power to do? EASY ANSWER: STEAL THE ELECTION. No face recognition is going to nail them as they go around with 20 false identities printed up in China all registered to vote on their fake license, LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR: There are 3 million Jews (out of a larger number) in the U.S. that are going to be voting early and voting often. If each of them have 20 of these fake licenses, they’ll slap down 60 million votes and destroy the election. They are not going to bother with the fact that there will be millions of votes more than registered living people, they’ll just delay the results until they toss out what is needed until they scam it in, and the masks will make it all possible.
    Think about that, these A-holes need to be busted in their own communities via people who have Karenators in parked cars. They are going to steal this, they have set up everything perfectly beforehand to make it possible. We had damn well better stop this or the “mask nazis” will comply with whatever it takes to accomplish a genocide, “contact tracing”? Hiring multitudes to do “contact tracing” over a phony threat? WHY??? Easy answer: That’s how the communists can know exactly who knows who and get rid of people with the utmost efficiency. Corona is just too perfect.

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  11. When fear becomes a virtue, Houston we have a problem. The 14,000 acre wildfire in Glenwood Canyon has rendered me unemployed and the river floating business shuttered as the Interstate 70 closure has crippled traffic with a ripple effect with traffic jams on secondary highways and byways in Colorado. I have been contemplating a move to South Dakota since Colorado is controlled by fear monger clones that closed down a bar I play music at every Saturday Night for the last decade. They closed the bar for 30 days for bartenders not wearing their disease filled slave muzzles and patrons having the nerve to sit next to each other. The Eagle County Health Department’s 30 day closure is in effect a $50,000 fine when you tally lost revenue. I just can’t take the virtue signaling clones anymore.

    I just saw a Gordon Duff video and he says my prediction was true that Israel nuked the port in Lebanon and Trump is aware of the situation. The story is being censored like none before. I know Jim departed VT a long time ago but this video is worth seeing


    1. Good move…get the heck outta Colorado as fast as you can….any of those sparsely populated states are probably a good choice.
      As far as Beirut being nuked…I have little doubt…it all adds up….some really good photos on Jim Stone.

  12. This is another great article proving the face mask is a useless sign of slavery and obedience to tyrannical whim. This must be resisted. These articles must be compiled and sent to the local sheriffs and militias formed to prevent any further harm to our society by tyrants and to prevent the upcoming equally useless vaccine regimen and data chip implants. I will have more on this shortly.

  13. Well, there we go….another shattered myth. Could it be so many die from surgery in the US because the surgeons are deprived of oxygen for who knows how long and would not make the mistakes they do IF the had full capacity.
    I remember in the beginning of this plandemic noticing that 3M was on the verge of bankruptcy. You can bet that’s no longer the case, hey?
    Believe in nature. Believe in your bodies ability to heal itself. All else could well be lies and more lies.


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