Al Perrotta, Our Braveheart Moment

Al Perrotta

It’s not about one man. It’s about freedom.

Perhaps the most gut-wrenching scene in Braveheart occurs when William Wallace discovers he has been betrayed by a man he thought of as a friend. The heartbreak on Wallace’s face is far more terrible than the torture Wallace would later suffer. You expect brutality from your enemies, but not from your friends.

Robert the Bruce had done what was politically expedient at the moment. Betraying Wallace — and his own heart — increased his chances of becoming Scotland’s king.

Right now, a lot of people are doing what is political expedient to rid themselves of a brash, unorthodox, charismatic, fearless leader who was overturning the status quo. We know his enemies. They have been swinging swords at his head, clubs at his knees, using every means, legal and illegal, to take him out for five years. Right now, they are engaged in an extremely brazen effort to steal an election from him.

Need To Know (20 November 2020) with David Scorpio and Carl Herman

Oh, don’t give me your “baseless allegations” garbage. You know it, and I know it. You saw it happen with your own eyes. You know it in your gut. And if you’ve closed your eyes to the mounting evidence, failed to research it yourself, failed to be honest with yourself, that’s on you.

And that is the heartbreaking part. For the temporary political expediency of seeing Orange Man gone, otherwise good people are turning away from the fight for our country.

Abandoning Their Neighbors

They are leaving bloodied on the streets those attacked Saturday in Washington, D.C., by Antifa and BLM armies prowling the streets hunting MAGA supporters.

They are turning away from the two Wayne County certification members who voted against certification, only to be doxed by their colleagues. One revealed the schools his GOP colleague’s kids went to after calling her a racist. He endangered her kids.

They are turning away from the rule of law, rules of fairness, rules of equal protection under the law. Away from the things that made America the envy of the world, and the inspiration for millions “yearning to be free.”

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They are silent as conservative voices are silenced, conservative websites de-platformed, and legitimate news stories are censored.

They are silent as members of Congress and media figures call for hit lists on Trump supporters.

We look on them as Wallace looked on Robert the Bruce. If we look closer, will we, too, see shame?

We Know There’s a Target on Our Back

We know there’s a target on our back. That for many, supporting Trump is a career death sentence. And for some, like Bernell Trammell, a literal death sentence.

We know that the dukes and earls and lords of the Swamp would be happy to see us routed on the field, even at the hands of a foreign enemy, even by betraying our founding principles. As long as their own realms are protected.

Need To Know (20 November 2020) with David Scorpio and Michael Ivey

We know the odds are long, the flaming arrows and charging cavalries come at us from all sides.

But know this: The shield of faith shall extinguish the flaming arrows. While others trust their cavalries, we will trust in the name of the Lord. The fight is far from over. The fight for a free and fair election is right.

Robert the Bruce felt shame for his betrayal. That turned into bravery and support for the cause of liberty. We pray this will happen in America.

It’s About the Nation

Because this is not about one man. It’s about one nation conceived in liberty. It’s about millions of Americans, mocked and forgotten, demanding accountability. It’s about millions of Americans not yet born who deserve to know “liberty and justice for all.”

Yet, even if our neighbors do not join the battle, if deceit is to carry the day, if we are to go down, if we are to be figuratively dismembered, if we are to be alone, at least we will leave with one word on our lips: “Freedom.”

Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you aren’t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg.

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7 thoughts on “Al Perrotta, Our Braveheart Moment”

  1. The PM of Australia recently considered that police should throw people to the ground, restrain them and jab a vaccine needle in their arm… [ppl that refuse a vaccine ]. He thought about it for a day or two and then decided that was not a good idea and that vaccines should be voluntary.

    Will wonders ever cease.

  2. A spiel from Stone to remind us of a major factor behind this take-over:

    It is once again time to remind people exactly who stole the election. Who rigged it, who infiltrated on all levels, who paid the poll workers, who kicked the poll watchers out –

    As it turns out, Bill Gates was at least partially involved in paying the poll workers who rigged the election. What religion is he? As it turns out, Zukerberg did all he could to censor and assist in the stealing of the election. What religion is he? What religion owns CNN? What religion owns the rest of the media, including even Newsmax? What religion runs Hollywood? What religion is George Soros? Answer these questions, and you’ll know who stole this election. If that specific group did NOT steal this election, they’d use their media outlets to shout the theft from their rooftops. Instead – Crickets. Back stabs. Extra work done to seal the steal. Regardless of whether or not Venezuela was involved, it was ONE group of people who stole this election, and they continue to do so, outing themselves EVERY DAY with what they spew through their media outlets. IF THEY DID NOT STEAL THE ELECTION, WHY WOULD THEY CENSOR ALL WORD OF WHO WAS INVOLVED IN DOING IT?

    Never forget WHO is actually behind this steal, people can finger China all they want but the MSM which is trying to enforce the steal is owned by ONE GROUP, a group that believes it is above “humankind” to such an extent they can destroy civilizations with all the wanton abandon of an alien race, hell bent on destroying the world for whatever reason – and I know the reason after being in their community and seeing it from the inside – the reason is simply to prove they are superior and there’s nothing more to it – They will CRUSH US with total carelessness and arrogance, believing they served their God by doing so. Or should I say their G-d, they skip the vowel when they write for whatever reason, (that is something I never figured out).

    This “Alien race” as some confused and befuddled people claim must be behind this because “no psychopath wants all of mankind wiped out so they have to be alien” lives among us, in their own private enclaves, and will cry straight faced to you about the destruction of society while they stab you in the back. They are THAT EVIL, and their “great reset” will be what delivers them their ultimate superiority over mankind. If you are wondering why their “great reset” will be realized when no one outside their group owns any property it ties into their prophecy of each of them having “1,000 goy slaves” and SLAVES DO NOT OWN PROPERTY. GOT IT?

    There. I said it. At 2:30 AM because I could not sleep, tossing, turning, flipping over what the F***ING bastards are doing, trying to trigger a genocide, just look at what they have written lately about “The enablers of Trump must be dealt with” and “white privilege”, going into a “great reset” – do you think that will end well? Do you think they are bluffing?

    IF they manage to backstab Trump out of office – IF they steal this, don’t shoot up a sonic burger, for GODS SAKE do NOTHING AT ALL other than take your greivances to where they will actually have an impact when expressed. Failure to address the enemy where it sleeps and quickly will definitely result in genocide.

  3. If it’s happening in NYC (probably the most locked-down city in the US)… can happen all over. Folks are starting to understand there is NO LAW that can force you to wear a mask or close your business. It’s all based on media propaganda, fear and intimidation. It’s not based on LAW. Many of us have have been fooled into compliance. Stand up NOW. Let them know the scam is over. Let them know you will not comply and obey. Let them know you will not yield to fear and harassment. Let them know you are onto them. Do not compromise. Do not wear a mask because you must have something in that store you can really do without. I guarantee you don’t need it and it’s not as important as your freedom.
    These folks did it in NYC and so can you. Stop going along to get along. THAT is a path to slavery and indignity. This is where it stops. Now or never. Just say, NO, I WILL NOT COMPLY.

  4. zero comments, hmmm. The most ridiculous thing I saw today was a Japanese Lady kissing her American boyfriend while both wore masks on the bus. I asked if they always kissed with masks on and the man said… only when we are in public. I just wanted to hear them answer not caring what it was… trying to point out how ridiculous it was to kiss with masks on. Then I was in the ski lift line today and the liftie scolded me for not covering my mouth right after a ski run. I asked if he was the mask police? he went into a semi-rant of he didn’t want to lose his job and have the Vail Ski Area closed. I had no idea I possessed so much power and influence


    1. Citizens now have to understand that there are things at this moment that are more important than their continued employment. Their very lives, their future and the lives of their progeny are at stake.
      Their priorities have been skewed to force them to believe their social credit score is more important than their very freedom…..freedom to be without a mask…freedom to NOT take a vaccine or be tested…freedom to care for their own health…freedom to exist outside of tyranny…..


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