Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., Conspiracy Theorists are Investigating Crimes: No wonder they want to silence us!

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D.

The CIA’s denigration of citizen investigations may be the greatest Psyop in American history.

When you stop to think about it, why should anyone be opposed to new research on the assassination of JFK, the atrocities of 9/11, the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, or the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School? After all, if the “official narratives” we have been given by the local, state and federal authorities were true, then those who are doing research are simply “spinning their wheels” in a pointless endeavor, because the truth is already known! So if those who are doing this research are being subjected to one attack after another–think of Jim Garrison, New Orleans DA, who wanted to establish the who, the how and the why of the death of JFK, but was even lampooned by Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show–you have to ask, “Why?” He was getting too close to the truth so they used Johnny to shut him down.

Egad! Every American was glued to their television set the weekend of 22-24 November 1963, where the networks were reporting in real time the results of examinations of the body at Parkland Hospital, which included that the President had been hit by a small, clean puncture wound to his throat, which Malcolm Perry, M.D., described three times as a wound of entry during the Parkland press conference (“the bullet was coming at him”); and subsequently that “It was a simple matter of a bullet right through the head”, as Malcolm Kilduff, Acting Press Secretary, announced at 1 PM/CT; and where the bullet entered his right temple and exited the back of his head, a finding attributed to Admiral George Burkley, who was JFK’s personal physician, and broadcast around the world on radio and television that day. So if you put together those public reports with the shot to the back and to the back of the head affirmed by The Warren Commission (1964), then you get at least four hits to JFK, which is as simple as 2 + 2 = 4.

And it becomes obvious, because the authorities don’t want you to solve a crime that they did not solve for the equally obvious reason that they were complicit. So in relation to the assassination of JFK, the CIA authored a memorandum on how to discredit serious students of JFK by suggesting that they had nothing new to offer, that they were benefitting financially, and more without addressing the evidence they uncovered–which has remained the case to this day. They were targeting men like Mark Lane, who challenged the “magic bullet” theory, and many others, focusing on those doing the research to put an end to research! David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., the leading expert on the medical evidence in the case of JFK today, performed a simple experiment by plotting the “official” trajectory of the bullet that officials claim passed through JFK’s neck and entered Texas Governor John Connally’s back–and discovered that it is anatomically impossible because cervical vertebra intervene:

When the bad guys control the evidence, they can manipulate, fabricate and prevaricate to their heart’s content. In this case, for example, the home movies of the assassination, especially the Zapruder film, had to be fixed to conceal the blow-out at the back of the head. So they blacked it out in early frames, but overlooked that it might be visible in later frames, such as Z-374 and Z-375. David Mantik conducted meticulous studies using a technique from physics known as “optical densitometry” to determine the relative density of objects whose exposure to radiation had created the images on the X-rays and found that they had been “patched” but where his “Area P” bore a striking resemblance to the blow out visible in those later frames, where the pink extension was a skull flap blown open by the use of a frangible (or “exploding”) bullet, but where the correspondence is striking save for part of the wound covered by hair:

These are objective scientific investigations based upon observation, measurement and experiment. And they demonstrate that, once you separate the fake evidence from the real, cases like these are not especially difficult to solve. Check out, for example, “JFK: Who was responsible and why”. So how can it be the case that more than 50 years after the fact, the mainstream media leaves us in the dark and still insists that JFK was killed by a “lone, demented gunman”, who cannot possibly have been in two places at the same time to fire shots both from behind and from in front. Indeed, we have established that Lee Oswald was standing in the doorway when the JFK motorcade passed by, which means that he not only cannot have been “the lone gunman” but cannot have been one of the shooters, where I have identified six (by name, rank and serial number) and Ole Dammegard a seventh, where there now appears to have been (even) an eighth on the south knoll, whose identity remains unknown as this time. Since we have only limited resources but the government has vast, the government can only have failed to establish the truth because the government wanted to conceal it. We have been played for suckers and saps.

We hear a lot about “following the science”, especially in relation to the Coronavirus phenomenon, but when we follow real science–the empirically-based, data-driven science–as opposed to what passes for “science” in the mainstream media, we discover that there has been no increase in deaths in any age group during 2020, which would be preposterous if we were really undergoing a pandemic. Less direct evidence also substantiates that, if the hospitals were overflowing with patients with upper-respiratory diseases, then there would be a surge in the use of oxygen and of IV-bags and stands–but that is not the case, which proves–directly, in the case of no age group variance; indirectly, in relation to the purchase of medical equipment required–that we are being played by a humongous medical-political deception. And when the Social Media Giants act in coordination with the Deep State by censoring and suppressing discussion of issues of immense importance to America–such as whether or not the CV “pandemic” is real; whether or not the 2020 election was stolen; and whether or not mask-wearing is killing us slowly–we have seriously lost our way and our ability to learn the truth. Our future and our lives are at stake.

We therefore must understand that those who are suppressing freedom of speech and freedom of the press (where amazon.com has banned six of my books about Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando and Dallas, Charlottesville, Parkland and (even) the moon landing!–it’s not because I and my collaborators got it wrong but because we got it right! But amazon.com is not alone in disgracing itself by suppressing research exposing these events as crimes–including fraud and theft by deception not just involving millions but billions in the case of the Apollo moon-mission deception–but then resorting to the courts, the social media or even acts of Congress to silence and suppress those who are seeking to expose them. The treatment of Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is one especially glaring example; the attempt to punish Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is another. We know there was no incitement by President Trump nor any effort to overthrow the government of the United States; yet the Democrats are trying to impeach him for the 2nd time–when he is no longer in office! There are reasons for these bizarre events and they have everything to do with those who are attempting to stop them.

If you want to learn more, visit jimtheconspiracyguy.com or moonrockbooks.com, before they are both banned.






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  4. Dr Fetzer’s 1st Amendment Rights were trammeled in the MUD when Interstate commerce company Amazon banned his books. Mine was also when FB banned me for life over the same issue. Did the Obama AG do anything about these outrages? NO.

    Remember that Trump’s Jan 6 speech is totally protected by the 1st Amendment….every word. The Dems like to overlook these little details.


  5. An awful lot of talk about the C.I.A. in the Comments. Let us not forget, in the Language of Gematria, reference [Gematrinator.com], we connect … “C.I.A.” = 13 = “C.N.N.” = 13 = “N.W.O. – H.Q.” = 13 <<< 6th Prime & 7th Fibonacci. It is absolutely Hilarious that C.N.N.'s Hot Shot Anchor has the Initials of A.C. or (1) & (3), like 13, like "C.I.A." = 13 = "C.N.N." = 13 … If we Decode, … "Anderson Hays Cooper" = 215 <<< Go to Q Drop #215 … Q says … "Focus on his Wife" … This is interesting because his 'Wife', or as my Grandpa would say, 'His Sidekick, Code Named 'Deep Throat' … his name is Benjamin Maisani. There appears to be a Story printed in the National Enquirer, On 2-3-2010, in which it is Stated that Anderson Cooper and his 'Sidekick', are looking to adopt 2 Haitian Babies. Of Course, this is less than 1 month after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. The Earthquake Date was 1-12-2010. January 12 is alot like 112. In Simple Gematria, we connect … "H.A.A.R.P. in Use" = 112 = "Rachael Chandler" = 112 <<< January 12th? … In the Reverse Cypher, we find a very interesting connection in the Names, Follow along … "Anderson Hays Cooper" = 271 = "Benjamin Maisani" = 271 = "Black Baby Blood" = 271 = "Use H.A.A.R.P. to Create Disaster" = 271 <<< 58th Prime Number … "Freemasonry" = 58 = "Agenda" = 58 … I don't know about you, but there seems to be a lot of focus on 3rd World Children, some might say Extreme Focus. My personal opinion is that Andy Cooper, and his Sidekick should NOT be raising Children. But what do I know?

  6. This is a story that sneaked up on me…had no idea this was going on…Just proves there is no extent to which the MSM will not go to cover LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE. I truly believe we are facing a no win situation UNTIL we get up off our butts and in the damn streets.

    I am going to post this as fact, (for a good reason,) given after stating this:

    Madagascar DID withdraw from the World Health organization after the world health organization DID offer Madagascar’s president $20,000,000 to poison a covid cure Madagascar came up with.

    Now read this African MSM report stating it is all false. https://www.premiumtimesng.com/foreign/africa/394856-the-facts-about-madagascar-quitting-who-and-a-20million-offer-to-poison-covid-organics.html

    This is echoed throughout American and European MSM also. And the MSM is lying, I HAVE PROOF. Easy proof:
    Their statement that the WHO did not offer Madagascar $20 million “just because the regional offices of the WHO denied it” is obviously fraudulent. Why?

    Because the president of Madagascar HIMSELF said the WHO offered him $20 million to poison the cure, he said this clearly and plainly right out in public where everyone heard it. Are there any FEEDERS out there that are stupid enough to believe the MSM anymore, let alone when they make a phone call ONLY to the WHO, which made the offer, and not the president, who reported the offer, and then just simply published the denial from the World Health organization as if it was fact? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THE PRESIDENT OF A COUNTRY IS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH SOURCE??? RIDICULOUS! I only discovered the MSM was lying about this when I tried to tie down the timeline this all happened on and exactly when Madagascar ditched the world health organization. All the rigged search engines pointed me to was the same verbatim repeat MSM lie from different sources.

    FACT: If they are lying about this topic by giving the World Health organization’s response to “Did you just offer a president $20 million to poison his own country” 100 percent merit while totally ignoring the fact that the president himself made the claim and not a third person, then Madagascar DID withdraw from the WHO after they did this. My god, only in commieville will the MSM quote the perpetrator rather than the guy who stopped the crime!

      1. The theater continues. One would think that eventually they will run out of actors.

        But, I imagine not because all the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely PLAYERS….

  7. I thought Ollie Stone’s JFK movie was awesome whether accurate or only partially so. Jack Lemon and Ed Asner gave great performances and so did Joe Pesci as David Ferry and Tommy Lee as Clay Shaw. The supporting cast was so incredible that Kevin Cosner could have sleep walked through his starring role… Jim was there parts they got wrong? I just looked at the cast and even author Jim Marrs was in there some where.

    1. Most accurate, complete and comprehensive presentation of what actually happened in Dealey Plaza on 22 November 1963 ever presented to the American people though the mass media. Oliver did not know that Lee was standing in the doorway of the TSBD and therefore cannot have shot JFK; that there were eight or nine assassins rather than only three; and that the Zapruder film had been massively edited and revised. On all three, he appears to have been misled by Robert Groden, who was a technical advisor.

      1. Thanks. I forgot to mention Gary Oldman as Oswald, incredible portrayal. When I think about how much he was made to look like Oswald, a second Joe Biden or a second Killery becomes not only possible, but highly likely. The Paul McCartney replacement theory went front fanciful notion / brilliant marketing trick in my mind to very likely. I remember Dick Gregory saying that there’s two Donald Trumps. In stead of asking why, I now ask why not?

      2. You would like Phil Nelson’s LBJ: MASTERMIND OF JFK’S ASSASSINATION, which comes to the same conclusion, where I had 100 conversations with Madeleine Duncan Brown, who began an affair with LBJ in 1948 and bore Lyndon a son in 1950. Those who knew him up close and personal concluded that the had been behind the assassination, including Billy Sol Estes. Check out my “JFK: Who was responsible and why”, Bitchute.

      3. Mr. Fetzer, Please review these ‘Coincidences.’ In the Language of Gematria, [Gematrinator.com], we again reference the Police Code for Homicide = 187 … In Simple Gematria, we Connect … “J.F.K. Assassination” = 187 = “Conceal Information” = 187 … In Sumerian Gematria, Which is always 6x the Simple Gematria Value. In this Case it is (187 * 6) = 1122 <<< Which Date are we talking about? … The Date Numerology of November 22nd [ 11 + 22 + 19 + 63 = 115 ] … In Gematria, we connect … "Killing" = 115 = "Wet Work" = 115 = "J.F.K. Murdered" = 115 … Very Interesting, because in Jewish Gematria, he was shot in, "Dealey Plaza" = 1017 = "Assassinate P.O.T.U.S." = 1017 = "Propagandize Facts" = 1017. In Gematria the Zero's do not count, so we are left with 117 … we connect … "World Leader" = 117 = Tyranny" = 117 = "Will Die Soon" = 117 Kabbalah = "U.S.A. Tragedy" = 117 Kabbalah = "Hit" = 117 Jewish … If we add all the Digit Sequences, we get [117 + 171 + 711] = 999 … we connect … "U.S. Coup Attempt" = 999 = "Future Media Hoax" = 999 <<< What is this # Upside Down? … Interesting that in Jewish Gematria … "Prophecy" = 666 … Have a Great Day!

      4. Gematria is central to Pi. For example, take an apple pie and cut it into the usual 6 pieces. Take 2 pies and cut into 12 pieces. 12 + 12 +24….that’s the hours in a day…24. Always use an apple and berry pie. That’s A & B…the first 2 letters of the Alphabet. You will never go wrong with that. Now you’re off to a great start with you Gematria.


      5. Don…I usually cut a pie into 8 pieces…is that a bad thing?
        Does it change the hours in my day? Now you really screwed me up. How am I to deal with 32 hour days?

      6. dK…Wow, thanks for reminding me of the cast in JFK…unbelievable…never seen anything like it before or since. For me, Pesci’s performance was off the charts. Four minutes…amazing: (AND, it supports Fetz’s theories totally)


        I could not find Marrs in there, but I know the movie was partially based on his book, Crossfire.

        Even Wayne Knight (Newmann from Seinfeld) had a part.

        Here’s the cast:

        Sally Kirkland … Rose Cheramie

        Anthony Ramirez … Epileptic

        Ray LePere … Zapruder

        Steve Reed … John F. Kennedy – Double

        Jodie Farber … Jackie Kennedy – Double (as Jodi Farber)

        Columbia Dubose … Nellie Connally – Double

        Randy Means … Gov. Connally – Double

        Kevin Costner … Jim Garrison

        Jay O. Sanders … Lou Ivon

        E.J. Morris … Plaza Witness #1

        Cheryl Penland … Plaza Witness #2

        Jim Gough … Plaza Witness #3

        Perry R. Russo … Angry Bar Patron

        Mike Longman … TV Newsman #1

        Edward Asner … Guy Bannister

        Jack Lemmon … Jack Martin

        Vincent D’Onofrio … Bill Newman

        Gary Oldman … Lee Harvey Oswald

        Sissy Spacek … Liz Garrison

        Pat Pierre Perkins … Mattie (as Pat Perkins)

        Brian Doyle-Murray … Jack Ruby

        Wayne Knight … Numa Bertel

        Michael Rooker … Bill Broussard

        Laurie Metcalf … Susie Cox

        Gary Grubbs … Al Oser

        Beata Pozniak … Marina Oswald

        Tom Howard … L.B.J.

        John William Galt … L.B.J. (voice)

        Joe Pesci … David Ferrie

        Ron Jackson … FBI Spokesman

        Walter Matthau … Senator Long

        Amy Long … Virginia Garrison

        Scott Krueger … Snapper Garrison

        Sean Stone … Jasper Garrison

        Allison Pratt Davis … Elizabeth Garrison

        Pruitt Taylor Vince … Lee Bowers

        Red Mitchell … Sgt. Harkness

        Ronald von Klaussen … Hobo #1

        John S. Davies … Hobo #2

        Michael Ozag … Hobo #3

        Tony Plana … Carlos Bringuier


        Tommy Lee Jones … Clay Shaw

        Tomas Milian … Leopoldo

        Raul Aranas … Angelo

        John Candy … Dean Andrews

        John C. Martin … Prison Guard

        Kevin Bacon … Willie O’Keefe

        Henri Alciatore … Maitre d’

        Willem Oltmans … George DeMohrenschildt

        Gail Cronauer … Janet Williams

        Gary Mitchell Carter … Bill Williams (as Gary Carter)

        Roxie M. Frnka … Earlene Roberts

        Zeke Mills … J.C. Price

        James N. Harrell … Sam Holland

        Ray Redd … Dodd

        Ellen McElduff … Jean Hill

        Sally Vahle … Mary Moorman (as Sally Nystuen)

        Jo Anderson … Julia Ann Mercer

        Marco Perella … Mercer Interrogator

        Edwin Neal … Mercer Interrogator

        Spain Logue … FBI Agent #1 with Hill

        Darryl Cox … FBI Agent #2 with Hill

        T.J. Kennedy … Hill Interrogator

        Carolina McCullough … Stripper

        Jim Garrison … Earl Warren

        J.J. Johnston … Mobster with Broussard

        R. Bruce Elliott … Bolton Ford Dealer

        Barry Chambers … Man at Firing Range

        Linda Flores Wade … Sylvia Odio

        William Larsen … Will Fritz

        Alec Gifford … TV Newsman #2

        Eric A. Vicini … French Reporter

        Michael Gurievsky … Russian Reporter

        Caroline Crosthwaite-Eyre … British Reporter

        Helen Miller … Garrison Receptionist

        Harold G. Herthum … Coroner (as Harold Herthum)

        Wayne Tippit … FBI Agent – Frank

        Donald Sutherland … X

        Dale Dye … General Y

        Norman Davis … Colonel Reich

        Errol McLendon … Man with Umbrella

        Bruce Gelb … Board Room Man

        Jerry Douglas … Board Room Man

        Ryan MacDonald … Board Room Man

        Duane Grey … Board Room Man

        George R. Robertson … White House Man (as George Robertson)

        Baxter Harris … White House Man

        John Seitz … General Lemnitzer

        Alex Rodine … White House Man (as Alex Rodzi Rodine)

        Sam Stoneburner … White House Man

        Odin K. Langford … Officer Habighorst

        Bob Gunton … TV Newsman #3

        Nathan Scott … John Chancler

        Jorge Fernández … Miguel Torres (as Jorge Fernandez)

        Roy Barnitt … Irvin F. Dymond

        Alvin Spicuzza … Bailiff

        John Finnegan … Judge Haggerty

        Walter Breaux … Vernon Bundy

        Michael Skipper … James Teague

        Melodee Bowman … FBI Receptionist

        I.D. Brickman … Dr. Peters

        Joseph Nadell … Dr. McClelland

        Chris Robinson … Dr. Humes

        Peter Maloney … Colonel Finck

        Chris Renna … Bethesda Doctor

        Dalton Dearborn … Army General

        Merlyn Sexton … Admiral Kenney

        Steve F. Price Jr. … Pathologist #1

        Tom Bullock … Pathologist #2

        Ruary O’Connell … Pathologist #3

        Christopher Kosiciuk … FBI Agent at Autopsy

        John Reneau … A Team Shooter

        Stanley White … B Team Shooter

        Richard Rutowski … Fence Shooter

        Bill Bolender … Prisoner Powell

        Larry Melton … Patrolman Joe Smith

        Carol Farabee … Carolyn Arnold

        Willie Minor … Bonnie Ray Williams

        Ted Pennebaker … Arnold Rowland

        Bill Pickle … Marion Baker

        Mykel Chaves … Sandra Styles

        Price Carson … J.D. Tippit

        Gil Glasgow … J.D. Tippit Shooter

        Bob Orwig … Officer Poe

        Loys T. Bergeron … Jury Foreman (as Loys Bergeron)

        Kristina Hare … Reporter

        And that’s only a partial list that does not include those who played themselves….

      7. Please do not miss that Pesci clip…I see it as one of the top ten performances in cinematic history.

  8. The great philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said about the “truth”. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident”.

    The evil-doers ridiculed us as conspiracy theorists, but we continue to grow. They then have started banning and arresting and perhaps even murdering us, but we continue to grow. Will eventually what Jim Fetzer and other leading truthers expose be soon accepted as self-evident?

  9. Hey Jim. I was updating my conservative ski pals on washington DC being transformed into a prison camp, the fake inauguration and its ten hours prior broadcast in Spain and all the variation in broadcast times here. That the military was actually in command of the US. And that Biden was just pretending to be President. One of the women said you must be a conspiracy theorist. So I said by conspiracy theory you mean stuff you don’t know about. I mentioned Tom Hanks odd move overseas and his disappearance from public view. I could tell she was a real fan and I decided she wasn’t ready for the truth about him and other celebrities.

    Have you watched anything from Jim Willie? He has some interesting information. Thirty trains heading to California laden with military firepower… looks like they are preparing for something big. Newsome will be arrested for the Chinese kick back scheme with masks from China and many other things. That there was a gun battle in the tunnels below the Whitehouse and that the arrests have been hidden from the public. Other pretty interesting things here…


  10. Jim, I want to tell you [before time runs out], that I have admired your RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF CONCEALED TRUTH for many years. Much of that TRUTH is INCONVENIENT [or worse] to TPTB but you have fearlessly [?] PERSISTED. You deserve a STATUE in Trump’s “Park of American HEROES”!

    1. More complex. Sponsors included the CIA, the Joint Chiefs, the Mafia, anti-Castro Cubans, the Eastern Establishment (surrounding the FED), the Texas oil men and the Mossad. All the above.

      1. OK – they all gave Israel a FREE PASS, but the Mossad did all the dirty work. Israel was DESPERATE to get NUKES and JFK said NO! He paid the ULTIMATE PRICE – but Israel got NUKES anyway [Mordechai Vanunu]. Then THEY used them on 911 to vaporize the WTC Twin Towers! Now that’s CHUTZPAH!

      2. Israel did not “do all the dirty work”. Each of the sponsors appears to have put up their own shooter: one a Dallas Deputy Sheriff; another an Air Force expert; another an anti-Castro Cuban; another a Dallas cop with CIA connections; one a Soldier of Fortune (probably representing the mob); another LBJ’s personal hitman; another an Israeli representative. Your theory is simply too simple.

      3. You know more than I. Did they all fire fatal shots? If not, do we know who did and who planned the assassination? JFK had many enemies [like Trump] but there is usually a PRIME MOVER. Knowing a lot about Israel, I believe THEY [as in “THEY LIVE”] were IT!

      4. No. Five hits, it now appears. One to the back (non-fatal); one to the throat (non-fatal). Then as many as three to the head, at least two of which would have been fatal. So a dozen or more shots fired with (what appear to be) five hits.

      5. It makes perfect sense for Israel to have assembled several “sponsors” to CONFUSE the issue of RESPONSIBILITY. Sort of a variation of their Trademark FALSE-FLAG theme! THEY are CUNNING beyond belief and ALWAYS prepared to do the UNTHINKABLE!

      6. No It was, “All the way With LBJ”! This was his political masterpiece, where he brought these diverse players together to make him President.

      7. LBJ was a Crypto-Zionist who COVERED UP Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty. The Israelis “influence” [CONTROL] just about EVERYONE, despite their different external labels. THEY “OWN” America! [Ariel Sharon]. THEY “OWN” EVERY CONgress CRITTER, and especially Trump!

      8. Jim, you’re the best, but I have to disagree with you on this one. I don’t think LBJ was involved in the assassination of JFK. All of the evidence of his complicity is hearsay and circumstantial. While LBJ did not like the Kennedy brothers–and for good reason from his personal standpoint–the evidence suggests he did not want to be on the ticket in 1964 but was persuaded by Robert Kennedy so JFK could win Texas. He was intensely disliked by the Texas oilmen who conspired with others to kill Kennedy, and he distrusted the CIA, once calling them “Murder. Inc.” He also always maintained that Oswald did not act alone—contrary to his own Warren Commission. True, he packed the Warren Commission with CIA diehards and shills, but let’s face it–he had already seen what the CIA had just done to JFK and wasn’t about to suffer the same fate.

        In the end, JFK was killed because he totally humiliated the CIA and other powerful members of the military-industrial establishment and they knew that going forward he could not be trusted.

        What I find interesting is whether JFK knew he would be assassinated in Texas that weekend and actually did nothing to hinder what occurred. He was suffering from a panoply of serious illnesses (including Addison’s disease) and may not have had long to live: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/08/the-medical-ordeals-of-jfk/309469/. Even in San Antonio the day earlier, his motorcade was left wide open and completely vulnerable. JFK was very reckless in lots of his behavior, although some of the recklessness (courage?) was directed against America’s internal enemies such as the CIA. Whether he consciously or subconsciously sought martyrdom, he certainly didn’t have to expose himself the way he did to make it so easy for the conspirators to have their turn.

      9. No. Lyndon always wanted to be “President of All the People” and was ruthless in attaining his objective. In LA during the DNC convention, after securing the nomination over LBJ, Jack extended the invitation to be his running mate to Stuart Symington of Missouri but gave him overnight to think about it. Bobby went to the Johnson suite to extend a pro forma invitation, never imagining that he would have the least interest. But Lyndon leaped on it, telling Bobby that, if he were not on the ticket, then he would reveal that Jack had Addison’s Disease and was not expected to live a long, healthy life; and that among his many dalliances, he had had an affair with a woman who was a spy for East Germany; and that any legislative proposals send down by the White House would be dead on arrival, since, in his position as the powerful Senate Majority Leader, he would bottle them up. Jack and Bobby were boxed in and had to accede to Lyndon’s demand. When one of his rich backers learned they would run together, he burst into LBJ’s suite cursing and swearing that LBJ would help JFK become President. Bobby Baker took him into a bedroom and explained what they had in mind. He came out all smiles, saying he thought that was “an excellent plan”. Bobby would later declare that JFK would not live out his first time and would die a violent death. Lyndon would subsequently send his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements were in place for the assassination. He was the key.

      10. All of the main evidence against LBJ comes from suspect (in some cases, proven false) hearsay and testimony from unreliable (in some cases, extremely unreliable and shady) sources–Madeline Brown, Bobby Baker, Bill Sol Estes, Roger Stone, etc. (While I didn’t think Stone belonged behind bars for his testimony concerning Wikileaks, I wouldn’t trust a thing he says, either.) LBJ was in a long list of folks who didn’t relish the Kennedys–some for honest reasons and a whole lot more for unsavory reasons. But the fact that most of Kennedy’s own cabinet remained with LBJ–even RFK lobbied to be LBJ’s VP candidate in 1964–argues against the notion that LBJ had their leader killed. A second major fact is that long after LBJ’s death, the CIA was stone-walling the congressional committees re-examining JFK’s murder, lying on virtually every count. Even 50 years after LBJ’s death, the CIA is still stonewalling on the evidence and covering its tracks. The final major consideration is that, aside from Truman (who had already served 7 1/2 years), LBJ was the only president in modern times to refuse a 2nd term–that in and of itself is rather extraordinary.

      11. Rather strange. You really are opposed to the idea–like many others, such as Bill Moyers, who knew better but has done what he can to preserve LBJ’s image. Did you follow up and read Phil Nelson’s book? I doubt anyone who read (even) the first chapters could possibly maintain your position. Another–on the assassination as opposed to his character, even better–is Noel Twyman, BLOODY TREASON (1997), who goes through the most perfect arrangements to succeed, which entailed bringing together the CIA, the Joint Chiefs, the Mafia and the FBI (to cover it up), where LBJ and Edgar were the principals in facilitating the assassination, LBJ in its arrangement, Edgar in covering it up. [Robert Dallek, by the way, is a political hack when it comes to the assassination; and I am always floored by those who suggest JFK “had a death wish” or other complete rubbish. Why aren’t you?] When Nigel Turner, “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”, interviewed members of my research group, he asked me to lay out multiple indications of Secret Service involvement in setting him up for the hit, where there are some 15. I am sorry because I think you have a strong mind and a good heart, but you are simply wrong. Have you even watched, “JFK: Who was responsible and why” or other my assassination videos or read my four books on his death? There was no one else who could have made this happen and then been in the position to cover it up and guarantee no one would be punished. Lyndon was a powerful and persuasive politician but he was also ruthless and narcissistic and utterly uncompromising at attaining his goals. I have heard your arguments before and find the claim that these were all “shady” characters amusing. LYNDON was a shady character; but Madeleine was precious. (Did I mention I had 100 conversations with her, where she became convinced that he had been involved–and for very good reasons?) These were among those who knew him best “up close and personal”. Read their books. And are you also going to tell me that “Mac” Wallace, his personal hitman, was not one of the shooters; or that LBJ did not personally call Charles Crenshaw, M.D., to demand that he obtain a death-bed confession from his patient, Lee Harvey Oswald? A lot of others think as you do, William, but they would also be wrong. It really WAS “All the Way with LBJ!” For reasons unknown to me, you don’t want to accept it, I think because it conflicts with deeply-held core beliefs

      12. Is it not a wonderful thing that two highly intelligent folks can have a debate on this blog with great passion and still not resort to ad hominems and personal attacks.
        And yet, the Dems cannot come close to that civility and even have to resort to assassination attempts, riots and looting to those who would disagree with their “policies”.
        What an indication of WHY we are where we are today in this formerly great country.

      13. In the Language of Gematria, reference [Gematrinator.com], I find it interesting that we connect … “J.F.K. Assassination” = 1122 & 187 <<< Date of Death & the Police Code for Homicide. In the Jewish Cypher, we connect … "J.F.K. Assassination" = 1227 = "Seven C.I.A. Snipers" = 1227 … If that is not enough, in the same Jewish Cypher, we connect … "Seven Marksman" = 1122 <<< Which Date was J.F.K. Assassinated? … In the Simple Cypher, we connect … "Seven Marksman" = 155 = "C.I.A. Black Operation" = 155 & 444 … The phrase "C.I.A. Black Operation" is interesting because this is the Title of (1) of the Steve Jackson Illuminati Cards. In the Jewish Cypher, notice it aligns with another Illuminati Card Titled … "Hitler's Brain" = 444 = "C.I.A. Black Operation" = 444 = "Order of Thelema" = 444 … In Numerology, the #4 is a Dark Digit – an Even Number, and It is very Interesting that (7) is the 4th Prime Number. I see a # 74 = "Lucifer" = 74 = "Masonic" = 74 … If we write out (7) … "Seven" = 65 = "Hit Man" = 65 … If we have to pick a number of Snipers in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963, I think 7 is the way to Go! Have a Great Day!

  11. In 1856 “Spiritualism, a Satanic Delusion, and a Sign of the Times” by Pastor William Ramsey included this passage:

    “One of the most striking proofs of the personal existence of Satan, which our times afford us, is found in the fact, that he has so influenced the minds of multitudes in reference to his existence and doings, as to make them believe that he does not exist; and that the hosts of Demons or Evil Spirits, over whom Satan presides as Prince, are only the phantacies of the brain, some halucination of mind. Could we have a stronger proof of the existence of a mind so mighty as to produce such results?”

    One might very easily change a few words and still keep the spirit of that quote and bring it up to date, eh?…….

    “One of the most striking proofs of the evil of the CIA, which our times afford us, is found in the fact, that it has so influenced the minds of multitudes in reference to its existence and doings, as to make them believe that the things it does do not exist; and that the hosts of collaborators and criminals, over whom the CIA presides as a God, are only CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Could we have a stronger proof of the existence of an ORGANIZATION so mighty as to produce such results?”

    1. I tend to think of the CIA as almost existing in another dimension. We sense them but have never actually seen them.
      [One time in Omaha in the 1980s, our group was having a protest. At some point there were FBI agents everywhere, several cars appearing at our home when a moment ago there were none.]
      Anyway, they sit in some nice office somewhere around a table, having a good time, thinking of ways to mess with us and they are very, very good at what they do.
      They are smart, enjoy life, and for some unknown reason they feel that what they do they do for good, moral reasons.
      William Blum, in his books, listed many dirty tricks the CIA employed in other countries to overthrow leaders who were helping the poor because it was not in the interests of American business.
      I think we now [or maybe only now beginning to realize] see that they do it in other countries, why not here? Especially here.
      I imagine CIA agents smiling, like a writer might after creating something she feels proud of, after having invented a name for some patsy or project and having that name appear on the front page of the New York Times or on National Public Radio: Horn Man, Pussy Riot, Umbrella Man, Dylan Storm Roof, Reality Winner, Ciancia, the Lebowski check at Ralph’s Grocery in the opening scene, a man with the name Barack Obama winning the U.S. presidency in the age of Osama bin Laden. I’m sure there are many more.
      They are very good at what they do, and they are full-time, with benefits.

      1. Indeed they are very good, Mike…..and as Schumer said, they have six ways from Sunday to mess with ya….or something close to that….One of the few times I believed anything he said.
        The only place we see them is in movies.
        But they do exist……………… unless it’s a conspiracy theory.

      2. In the ‘Big Lebowski’, the check amount is $0.69. In the Language of Gematria, reference [Gematrinator.com], the phrase … “Decode Check Amount” = 69 = “False Flag” = 69 …. Also, … “Decode Check Amount” = 150 = “Terror Attack” = 150 = “Coup Attempt” = 150 <<< Zero's Do Not Count, which leaves us with 15, Like 105 = "Match Check Date" = 105 = "Zionism" = 105 = "Ten Year Plans" = 105 = "Nine Eleven" = 105 <<< Like 911 ? … In the Jewish Cypher, we connect … "Mind Control Operations" = 911 = "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack" = 911 <<< On Which Day did that Happen? The most Amusing part is in the Satanic Cypher, we connect … "Hoax Terrorist Attack" = 911 = "Box Cutters and Knives" = 911 = "World Jewish Congress" = 911 …. It doesn't stop there. Notice the Check #2587. If we look up Q Post #2587 … Q Posts about a Fire at Google Offices in China … Raycom Info Tech Park. It always amused me that he was writing the check to … "Ralph's" = 74 = "Lucifer" = 74 = "Masonic" = 74 = "Gematria" = 74 … It's 1 of the Best Movies Ever!

      3. Jake…I appreciate your ability to decipher all this. I am curious if you can tell us how we may use this beneficially to possibly predict these events or in some way use it to our advantage.

      4. The M.S.M. often puts a Word in the Headline of their Manufactured News Story. These Code Words can be decoded and Matched to Future Date Numerology Codes. You will notice that the M.S.M. will repeat these Protocol Codes over a 1 or 2 Week News Cycle. It is an Ingenious way of having your entire Army on the Same Page. As with everything, Both the White Hat, and the Black Hat, communicates in the Same Fashion. Therefore, if you want to make a prediction, you must Triangulate (3) of the (5) W’s, using [ ONLY ], the information given to you in the form of a Number or a Word or Name. In Steve Jackson’s Illuminati Card Game, the Card Titled … “Name” = 33 <<< Ever Notice you see this #33 thrown in your face constantly? They are signaling you to Decode the "Name" or "Title" … Let's Review the Subliminal Messaging… "Find" = 33 = "The" = 33 = "Magic" = 33 = "Name" = 33 = "Amen" = 33 … To reference an example everyone can enjoy, use the Events of 911 – 01 … If I were told in advance that there will be a 'Terrorist Strike' by Al Qaeda. The first thing I would do is Decode … "Al Qaeda" = 41 <<< 13th Prime … "C.I.A." = 13 = "C.N.N." = 13 <<< Step 1: I would be watching C.N.N. for the Protocol Codes. Step 2: I would looking for a Date Numerology that Matches the "Name" … In this Case, it is … "Al Qaeda" = 41 … And what a Wonderful Coincidence that [ 9 + 11 + 20 + 01 ] = 41 <<< … I also know that the phrase 'Terrorist Strike' is the Title of an Illuminati Card … "Terrorist Strike" = 888 Jewish. Since we want to know which 'Day' this might happen, let's add the word 'Day' … Now we have … "Terrorist Strike Day" = 254 <<< September 11th, 2001 was the 254th Day of the Year. Let that Soak In Deep! Have a Great Day!

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