Open Letter to Donald Trump: Covert Invasion Disguised as Migration Relocation?

Jim Fetzer

As a former Marine Corps officer, who believes in the Constitution and continues to respect the Oath I took to preserve, protect and defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic, I write to you as the only national leader in whom I–and most of the American people–continue to have confidence. A new report about the Biden Administration bussing “thousands” of illegals to Red States has caused me and my colleagues alarm. As my research colleague and California attorney, David Kenney, replied, “They look like unarmed military!”


When I took a second look, he was exactly right: they overwhelmingly appear to be the right age and deportment, where distributing as many as 30,000–the equivalent of 3 divisions–to Red States would be potentially catastrophic. But Biden/Harris has been moving rapidly to undo every constructive act you have taken to strengthen the United States economically, socially and politically, as expeditiously as possible. This would be the ultimate and staggering betrayal of the American people. How could anyone believe that they could possibly do such a dastardly act? 

Your dedication to “draining the swamp” received massive outpouring of support from the citizens of this nation, where the explanation for undoing what you have done may have arisen from the determination by the leaders of the Democrat Party–including Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden himself–that their own personal futures are in jeopardy. Consider the following as three extremely telling signs:

* 70% of the political elite in this country appears to be engaged in pedophelia, including Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden (see “Pizzagate: Real or Fiction? The American Franchise of Pedogate“);

* The Democrats have used BLM and Antifa as the fund-raising arm of their party, where the chaos they have sown and the movement to “Defund the Police” have alarmed every American (see “The DNC/CV Conspiracy: How BLM, Antifa and the Democratic Party Agenda fit together”);

* My colleagues (Giuseppe Vanfanculo, David Scorpio, Michael Ivey, Carl Herman, Chris Weinert and I) have been documenting and reporting the theft of the election, the pre-recorded inauguration and the abuse of Executive Orders to transform the nation five days a week during our “Need to Know” presentations.

It has become painfully obvious the Democrats welcomed the COVID-19 pandemic because (a) it deprived you of your massive rallies; (b) it “explained away” keeping Joe in the basement; and (c) it destroyed the American economy, which was your greatest strength entering the 2020 campaign. A party that would decimate the US economy to promote its political agenda would not hesitate to commit even more drastic acts, if its leaders felt the noose was tightening around them.

And from a military point of view, it makes sense to infiltrate the Red States that would provide a base of resistance. For the record, let me add that I have regarded myself historically as a JFK/FDR democrat, who voted (twice) for Bill Clinton and (twice) for Barack Obama. But when it came to the choice between you and Hillary, it was a “no brainer”! I therefore write in the belief that you are the only major American political leader who could cope with the threats posed by this illegitimate Biden/Harris administration. And I hope that I am wrong.

With admiration,


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.




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33 thoughts on “Open Letter to Donald Trump: Covert Invasion Disguised as Migration Relocation?”

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  2. This “Open letter” and the notion of writing such a letter I find pathetic. To me it’s akin to a man who has been
    cuckolded by his ex-wife or girlfriend who also drained his bank account and spent it on gifts for her lovers, and
    rarely if ever kept house or fixed a good meal … But honey … “You were suppose to uphold our marriage vows,
    and honored our relationship, were supposed to have respected my finances. Where are you now, my life is not
    going too well. Is everything Ok ?! Remember me ?! I’m the ‘constitution’ !!” Pathetic. Professor, I got news for
    ya. Your ex sweetheart is playing golf with Bill Clinton, and after they’re done with 18 holes and have a drink at
    the clubhouse, guess what comes next ? That’s right – the 19th HOLE ! Donald Trump, a slut who screwed us,
    never came clean, gave us Fauci out front on a platform, presided over the economic shutdown, opened the
    vault door to the treasury for big jew pharma to clean up, then pimped us to take the bio-weapon injection they
    long had planned … need I go on ?!! Oh yeah, he pardoned some criminal and traitorous jews on his way out
    of town. Great job Don. He deserves to be shot like any common traitor who sold us down the river. Like so
    many others. But he won’t be. Instead he’ll play some golf, socialize, and collect a pension. Meanwhile …
    go ahead and write a letter to apprise him of our predicament. Nice idea. But I have a feeling he can’t be
    bothered. Call it a hunch. Yeah, that’s it – a hunch. (P.S. Keep this comment up = Free speech !)

  3. 1000% proof from Mike Lindell the election was stolen through a nation wide algorithm. A physicist caught them red-handed…send this viral. It’s not over …..Please, not to be missed….from Fetz’s BitChute channel.
    HOW will SCOTUS dismiss this? What will Trump have to say? WILL this be his final litmus test?

    1. 1000% proof huh ?! And who exactly will this proof be presented to eh ?! Our enemy controlled
      courts ? Our enemy controlled media ? Our enemy politicians ? > It’s not over < you write.
      Really ?!! Dude – it's been "over" for decades. It's so far past over only a naive child could
      think there's anything left but the fighting that may not happen due to weakness. Only
      the fighting or the complete destruction remains. Trump ain't gonna do anything

  4. Trump faced a similar crisis, the ‘caravans’, organized and semi-organized groups of migrants, encouraged and aided by NGOs, who showed up at the southern border to apply for asylum (a new mass tactic). Trump supporters like Fetzer may not want to hear this, but back then Trump, as on other issues (e.g. big tech censorship), did not handle the situation correctly, and hence this current migrant crisis, like ongoing tech censorship, is part of Trump’s legacy of failure.
    What’s needed is a ‘safe third country’ agreement/treaty with Mexico — with such an agreement in place, migrants could not legally travel thru Mexico in order to apply for asylum in the US; they would have to apply for asylum in Mexico. The US has ample political and economic influence to force Mexico to sign such an agreement, but this never got done under Trump (and is not likely to happen under Biden).
    The Dublin Regulation is an EU wide ‘safe third country’ agreement — the 2015 migrant crisis in Europe was largely caused by Merkel announcing Germany would not enforce the Dublin Regulation at its borders — as a result, other EU countries allowed migrants to pass thru their territory in order to eventually reach Germany, where they applied for asylum.
    As a signatory of the 1951 refugee treaty, the US is legally obligated to give due consideration to all claims of asylum; failure to do this will result in successful lawsuits — the Biden administration has considerable leeway in how this is done. Without a ‘safe third country’ agreement with Mexico, legally challenging how the Biden administration handles migrants/asylum seekers on the southern border is much more difficult.
    Every white country must develop a racial consciousness, a concrete commitment to preserve their heritage as majority white nations, and abrogate the 1951 refugee treaty; otherwise they will all be, one by one, destroyed by third world migration.

  5. Looks like Mexico’s Trump took Trump a step further:


    YEAY!!! I can only hope Mexico pays attention to this site, and that he got tipped off to Alex from here. That’s highly probable, and even if that’s not how it went down, that is AWESOME NEWS. There’s little question he’d have received a jab from the lower end of the spectrum of “all shots are not created equal,” he’s one of the few remaining good guys.

    Obviously the MSM won’t utter a peep about this in the U.S, but I can say Mexico will have 4 more good years.

  6. Years ago there were many rumors of UN troops being deployed from bases in Colorado and other Rocky Mountain states. The idea was the UN troops would not have any “dog in the fight” in our cities…no relatives, friends, etc. It was thought they would also be white (Slavic, perhaps Russian)

    In this case, they will not be able to use sleepers who are easy targets, dark skinned and about the same age. So what would it be?? Straight out martial law and live round magazines??

    When I was on your show many years ago Jim I talked about my 10% solution. If just 10% of gun owners in every town and city stood the line that would be one of the largest “Armies” in the world. Perhaps a half million in the LA basin alone.

    The only difference, IMO, from the modern and WWII military is besides food and fuel they need electricity/wifi/satalites, etc. Just how many regular military would stand down we may have to find out. But as I pointed out, THEY will have a “dog in the fight.”

    Folks better make some quick decisions on that $1400 from the government…luxury items or arms, ammo, food.

    1. EJ…I gave the first 1200 bucks away to someone who needed it, but you can bet (IF I ever get the next two) it will be going to MY survival….ammo and food. Things are getting insane.

      1. Indeed.

        I came up with a way to stash “whatever” using the large 12″ diamerter PVC “sewer” pipes.
        X foot length (depending on “stuff”) with a seal cap for the bottom and removable cap for the top (screw on, etc.)
        Dig hole to allow the pipe to slip straight down into it with a bout six inches or so dirt to cover it.
        Load it with “stuff” and when you put the cap on put a lit birthday candle in it to take away the O2 after sealing.
        Cover with dirt. THEN, put a bird feeder, large potted plant, etc. over the spot to conceal it.
        Need to remember small stuf at top since it is a deep reach.

      2. EJ…Darn good idea…I’ll use that when the time comes. I am quite fortunate in my area because I have a neighbor who has a supply of stuff that rivals the local….well, you get it, eh?
        Let us pray it never gets to that point….BUT many of us are ready.
        Btw, I love that 10% scenario. THAT is all it would take.

      3. 10%, just a wee bit more then the participants of the 1st revolution hey??

        Doesn’t sound like much till you start adding up the numbers. A rural town of 2000 could have 100 to 150 armed militia.

        Yes, nothing I want to see happen but these brilliant sociopaths are the school yard bullies with nukes and only respect power. Don’t know if it is too late to count on a legal, legislative approach with all the judiciary so sold out.

        As the Chinese saying goes: “May you live in interesting times” :-/

      4. There is no legal recourse. That has been proved even before the string of assassinations starting with JFK. All we do now, time and time again, is accept the official story/narrative.
        Oh, we hoop and holler for a bit, write books and do interviews, but what is that really about? Is it about getting the truth to everyone ……which we know is impossible. Or is it really about getting those of us who know to some critical mass. Or a combination of both?
        The conversation that I believe many hear in their heads is…what’s it gonna take to get enough of us off our arses and into some place at which we confront these traitors and set them straight one way or another.

        We are far past any reconciliation. Let’s face it, they are literally killing us off. How does one bargain with genocidal mad men, women and whatever other gender (less) they dream up? Where’s the wiggle room? We are actually up against monsters.

      5. To add, to confront these creatures, we need leadership, organization and the media. We have none of those. IF we somehow fulfill those prerequisites, It has to be outside the official political realm because no official can be trusted. We saw them turn on each other in 2020. WE need a true peoples movement, but we are all so divided, I don’t even see a hint. All I see and hear is division.

  7. They’re here….in Suwannee County. A neighbor has seen multiple white buses full of immigrants at the local Wally World in Live Oak, Florida. My car is in the shop. If I had been there, I would have followed the buses. But, from where she told me they were heading, it’s likely it was going to a housing complex that was built for migrant laborers to work at one of those industrial type farms called Suwannee Farms not far from that housing. Strange part of that story is those buildings have been vacant for at least the last 4 years. Could it be there was a dirth of laborers while Trump was in office and now there is a glut with green screen? I don’t know.

    Another quick story. That same neighbor has a son who owns one of those companies that installs cells towers…he’s a multi-millionaire. I have been asked not to expose any locations or names, but the company he owns services a large metropolitan area. An immigrant looking for work as a climber approached one of his foremen for a job and said he expected $40/hr, but not to be concerned about medical because the government pays for his health care.
    Welcome to the invasion. Hold on to your seat. We are in for a ride….on your tax dollar.

    1. This is nit picking, but since you are using “green screen” as a proper noun it should be capitalized, indicating you are referencing the demented fraudulent pretendent, “Joe Green Screen.” I find the name to be very fitting since everything about the creep is an illusion.

    2. I am replying to your two comments to me. For some reason the REPLY hot button often goes missing here??

      Indeed friend, all the cliche’ quotes, etc. about divide and conquer are here. I went into town today for all my errands and a Derm appointment. Fools in cars with windows rolled up and face diapers on, even when the banks are now maskless???

      My Dermatologist, a true Jewish (religious) person I have seen for seven years now, smart, well read, etc. was OK with me not masking in the office of the corporation she works for who demand it. Gave me some hope.

      After all the decades of counter culture activism I am really stumped at just HOW to organize folks. I’m 79, get tired and cranky too quick to take it on and locally and nationwide I see no one stepping up from the 20-40 crowd???

      So true it has to come OUTSIDE of the political realm.

      1. We lack organization, leadership AND incentive. Our population has been spoiled. Their mantra is go along to get along…go along to get along…go along to get along. Couple that with cells, TV and social media and you have what almost amounts to some form of mass hypnosis……a trance if you will. AND, everyone is busy…too busy….with no time to converse, debate, reason and develop true camaraderie. With all the devices most now possess, real communication is lost. It was planned this way…just as with the ‘vid. They don’t want us together. They want us on devices so they know what we are up to….where we are…what we’re doing.
        It’s a masterful plan and they’re winning because they are organized and have an agenda…our extinction.
        Tech has gotten to the point at which WE the People (AND, the people of the world ) are superfluous.

        On a personal note, I would like to go to an eye doctor, but could not find any where I don’t have to wear a mask. I told my insurance company about it and they said they’ll look into the area and try to find an optometrist who does not require hiding your face. So, as with yourself, it takes some effort, but there are ways around this bullcrap. But again, most will go along to get along.

        The 30-40 crowd? Too much in debt and working their butts off to be bothered.

        Btw, after a certain number of replies, the button disappears. We have brought it up a few times to no avail.

      2. On this button thing, I had not realized the was a problem. Will have my web guy take a look. Sorry about that!

      3. Thanks, Jim…It would make the thread flow a little better. I could be a question of space. What I have seen on other blogs is that after a few replies because of the indentation, the comment can get down to four words per line or so. That may be why webmasters avoid it.

      4. Might think about a up vote sort of box, not a good bad thing but perhaps I AGREE, or THANKS. Then we don’t have to take up space and wait for you to OK us.

      5. Something could be done that would help the flow of comments. There are times I wish to add to a comment that yet to be moderated, but there is no reply button on the unmoderated comment. I think adding that button (with the additional comment still under moderation) would make commenting a bit easier and again help with the continuity problem.

      6. >>With all the devices most now possess, real communication is lost.>>

        So ironic isn’t it??

        >>On a personal note, I would like to go to an eye doctor, but could not find any where I don’t have to wear a mask.>>

        Suggestion from a “cyber friend…” Set your ego aside because your body is more important then any political statement. I have not worn a mask in 3 1/2 years since I prepped my Van for painting…BUT I have worn it to get xrays and an exam for a yearly physical.

        >>The 30-40 crowd? Too much in debt and working their butts off to be bothered.>>

        Yeah. :-/

        Glad some of us can make decent communicative effort here.

      7. Yes, EJ……It’s always a pleasure to communicate with you.

        …and no, I will NEVER wear a mask…it IS a political statement although it’s nothing about my ego. It’s about doing what is right and NOT succumbing to tyranny.

        …too early to say more.

  8. Creepy Joe should be impeached post haste. I’ve never seen such outrageous conduct by a president other than LBJ’s invasion of Vietnam, and Reagan’s invasion of Granada. Talking with Democrats has become completely impossible. I play tennis with a black guy who is for the most part very likable but he mentioned that he thought Lauren Boebert was crazy. I asked him to substantiate his claims with specific evidence, and actually agreed that she wanting to open carry in the house of Representatives is a bit odd, but when you think of it, there are armed police inside the building. In any case, the long and short of it is that my friend said in a suddenly hostile manner, “I don’t have to justify anything to you. It’s my opinion.” Well this is the problem. Rank and file Dems are more than willing to force their unsubstantiated claims (opinions) on everyone else, but have no tolerance for any actual rational discussion. We are in a very sad place. I don’t think there is any hope of crawling out of the abyss. Creepy Joe, who most likely did molest Tara Reade, is the end product of a completely fraudulent election. The majority in no way voted for this insanity. The non-president, as he is properly called here, is the mentally incompetent personification of the entire destruction of the country and there is very little we can do about it. Intelligent rational thought no longer matters. It’s suppressed at every opportunity by hordes of quite hostile bottom feeders.

    1. Sorry to say impeaching green screen is impossible with a split SINate and a dem controlled house. Have no fear…when they are ready, he’ll be assassinated and Harris will take over…illegal or not….best I can tell, the CONstituition is dead.

      1. He’ll probably drop dead from “natural” causes. Five masks resulting in a lack of sufficient oxygen. Racist Kwanzala is not going to be any better; in fact, in all likelihood much worse. She’s inherited Swamp Witch Hillary’s cackle. Kwanzala is all giggles, but no fun. I find it strange that people who have been vaccinated are also compelled to wear two masks. A young grocery store bagger was very upset yesterday that someone had come into the store without a mask. Why is someone who is almost completely immune to the dangers of the virus so worried about it? Creepy Joe, who most likely molested Tara Reade, is setting a poor example to follow. He might prove the vaccine and multiple masks are ineffective.


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