Jim Fetzer, The $33,000,000 Sandy Hook Settlement is Insurance Fraud

Jim Fetzer

In response to the announced settlement between Remington and families of nine of the alleged victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, I have authorized William Sumner Scott, one of the attorneys handling my defense to Pozner claims against me pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, to contact the CEO of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, which wholly owned subsidiary Ironshore Specialty Insurance Company, together with AXA XL, will be saddled with most, if not all, of the $33,000,000 payout, to assert that this appears to be an elaborate scam.  I am eager and willing to produce evidence (see below) that would demonstrate nobody died at Sandy Hook. Below is a copy of the letter to David H. Long, the Liberty Mutual CEO.  The letter sent to C. Scott Gunter, the AXA XL US CEO, is substantially the same.






(908) 294-5363



July 30, 2021

To:  David H. Long, Chairman and CEO

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and its wholly owned subsidiary or member

Ironshore Specialty Insurance Company



Dear CEO Long,

This letter is written to you in memory of William Branden Shanley to report a massive fraud appears to be in progress in the Remington Outdoor bankruptcy pending before the US Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama at case number 20-81688-CRJII.

Claims have been filed by alleged families and survivors of children alleged to have been murdered on December 14, 2012, in an incident commonly called Sandy Hook.  In response to those claims, news organizations have published that an offer to settle for $33,000,000 has been made.

Prior to that report, on April 19, 2021, I provided notice on behalf of Dr. James H. Fetzer to the attorneys defending those claims who are among those on the copy list to this email, that Dr. Fetzer was available to serve as an expert witness in support of his research and book that he co-edited and authored, in part, titled Nobody Died At Sandy Hook, It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2nd ed., 2016).

In addition, on July 29, 2021, I followed up with notice to the lawyers handling the Remington debtors, creditors committee and litigation trust positions before the bankruptcy court.  They too are on the copy list to this email.  No response to either of those emails has been received which leads Dr. Fetzer to believe the fraud continues in progress.

Dr. Fetzer is aware of a similar bankruptcy fraud related to the 911 damage claims of Larry Silverstein against the American Airlines bankruptcy that thus far has been covered-up.  The risk of exposure of the Sandy Hook Fraud is greater than the American Airlines fraud for the following reasons:

  1. The entire population of Newtown, CT is aware that the Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed for over a year prior to December 14, 2012, the date of the alleged shootings.
  2. Payments have been made to the families of the children who participated in the mock drill to keep them quiet. The amounts were different in form and amounts.  There is dissention in the ranks.
  3. No payments were made to the families of the 489 children who were in school or at home on December 14, 2012. They are positive they were not evacuated from the Sandy Hook Elementary School as claimed by the false narrative.
  4. The children are now approaching 16 years of age. That age produces loose lips.  Doubt they all will remain silent.  Many of them believe they should stop living a lie.  Many of them have no reason other than fear of reprisal to protect the fraud.  Many of them are angry their families did not participate in the spoils.
  5. Fetzer’s book, Nobody Died At Sandy Hook, It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control, sold over 500 copies in less than a month before it was banned by Amazon.com and has been estimated to have been downloaded by over 10,000,000 people on the internet.
  6. The Sandy Hook truth community grows larger every month. Their scholarship is awesome.  Their ability to overcome the violence and censorship they face is promising.

The situation is urgent.  The Sandy Hook claimants need only accept the offer and the settlement approved by the Court to become final.  In that event, your companies will have participated in a fraud that was obvious at the time the settlement was presented to the Court.  As your lawyers are expected to tell you, fraud on the Court can be investigated by any court and any time.  There is no statute of limitations.  Liberty Mutual and Ironshore have far more to lose than they will gain if the settlement is allowed to go forward.

Very truly yours,

s/ William Sumner Scott


[Editor’s note: The official account (by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky, III) claims 489 students were present. Minus the 20 allegedly dead, that should be 469.] 


As matters proceed, I am prepared to present proof that nobody died at Sandy Hook, which means this “settlement” represents a massive insurance fraud. Here are some examples of the evidence we have amassed as samples from my book (with 13 contributors, including 6 Ph.D.s) and subsequent research:


(Exhibit A) FBI Consolidated Crime Report for 2012 for Newtown, CT: Zero (0) murders:
(Exhibit B) The evacuation photo sent around the world was staged:
                   (B-1) Shannon Hicks of The Newtown Bee took this famous photograph:
                   (B-2) But she also took this one just a few minutes before the second:
                  (B-3) Whoa! They stopped to rearrange the kids to get a better shot!
(Exhibit C) They faked victims using photos of older kids as children:
               (C-1) Kelly noticed a resemblance between “Noah” and his step-brother:
              (C-2) A GIF shows “Noah” was Michael Vabner when Michael was a child:
            (C-3) Wolfgang Halbig has shared a photo of Sandy Hook girls alive and well:
(Exhibit D) The “Official Report” by Stephen Sedensky, III, was a failure:
                   (D-1) It took nearly a year for Sedensky to complete his report:
                      (D-2) He was unable to connect victims, shooter and his weapons:
For a more thorough and extensive presentation of the proof that nobody died at Sandy Hook, watch my latest video on, “What happened at Sandy Hook?” (17 July 2021), which includes the GIF. Don’t miss it! [Editor’s note: Ron Avery has done a brilliant compilation of the documents in this case from the Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals and now the Wisconsin Supreme Court. My petition to the WI Supreme Court may be found there as Document #68.]


Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and the co-founder of moonrockbooks.com.


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88 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, The $33,000,000 Sandy Hook Settlement is Insurance Fraud”

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      1. That’s clever: What would it take to convince you that a staged event was not staged? Perhaps if the school had been open, if there had been any students there at the time, if it had not been a FEMA “mass casualty exercise involving children” would help. You appear to know every detail of this elaborate scam, which suggests to me you were involved in its planning and now are assuming a role in covering it up. I don’t think any of us here are being fooled. Nice try!

      2. Start listing all your Proofs, evidence is Not Proof. Go ahead we will wait , if you can’t that’s okay.

      3. Sandy Hook is no more real than the Jussie Smollett attack. Except, Sandy Hoax has the deep state, the courts and the media pushing the lie. With the likes of Obama and Eric Holder two of the Sandy Hoax producers in the background making sure the giant fraud is not exposed.

      4. Jim, all due respect. 76 comments at this point and many, if not most, dealing with an obvious disruptor. When is enough enough? We are in the middle of a world wide genocide and catering to someone who is here ONLY as a distraction. A while back, I heard you ask on a thread (basically attacking me and calling me a liar on which all I was doing was defending myself) “can we get back to normalcy”. Now, I am asking the same. Sandy Hook is incredibly important, but I am of the belief we have spent enough time defending the truth to someone who gives not a damn about the truth and is here only to make us all look foolish. This, along with our “alien” invaders is turning this place into a circus. I love debate and free speech, but are we not now listening to someone shout “fire” just for the fun of it?

      5. Will Two, I think you’ve got it right. CountryBoy has laid out his case, which is that the “official report” and State Police got it right, while at the same time acknowledging that Stephen Sedensky III failed to establish a causal nexus that connects the alleged shooter with his alleged victims and the weapons he is alleged to have used–which means that there is no good reason to believe that anybody died at Sandy Hook. He advances lots of details adopting the confirmationalist methodology that would have you believe every penny is made of copper (where billions of examples can be produce in its support) but ignores the falsifying evidence (where in 1943 pennies were made out of steel because copper was needed for the war effort). Don’t let yourself be played, even when it’s being done by “the best of the best”. Watch may most recent video about the case, which is linked above, as an antidote.

      6. Thanks for the support Don. I normally do not like to interfere, but man, 75 comments that are pretty impossible to follow because of the system. Anyone just visiting will walk away in frustration. Anyway, I hope it’s over after these final additions. I think CB got way more attention than he deserved. But, I will say it was a nice refresher course in SH.
        The most disappointing thing for me is that Halbig gave in. Not that I blame him…just that he was a great voice like the Fetz. But when these bastardz come after your family, there is little choice. Now he’s probably in debt up to his eyeballs after mortgaging his house for 450K….if that’s true.. Anyone know how to start a Go-Fund-Me?

      7. Thanks, Jim…I already watched that vid on BitChute. Very well done, but they still remove my comments…attached to another or not. I sent you an email. I do not know who that commentor is who constantly derides you, but he’s the one who should be banned…not me. Seems like BitChute is not as neutral as they could be.

      8. I think our security was breeched but that we may have solved the problem. Try it again. Let’s make this work. Agree about the trolls. Thanks!

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  3. It does look like the Mass Media Cartel and their owners have been successful at perverting and corrupting every profession in America, Operation 9/11 turned architects and engineers into whores for big developers. Operation Sandy Hook turned lawyers and judges into deniers of justice and truth. Operation Covid-19 has made doctors deny their oaths to heal and guard the health of people.

  4. I believe the photos of 6 year olds and those of young teenagers is hard to prove on mere images and photos. There would need to be some other confirmation that the pictures are of the same kids at 6 and at 13 or so. But there is better evidence the school was closed. I like the Way Back Machine showing a cessation of internet activity beginning in 2008. I did my own research on the handicapped parking requirements which can vary from state to state. In Connecticut it can be different colors, it does not need to be blue and white it can be yellow. But lets face it the handicapped parking is very hard to see in the photos taken the day of the event while the white parking stripes look freshly painted. What striping contractor forgets to paint the handicapped spots.
    But I have several reasons I think Sandy Hook never happened 1) The police report is massive, unintelligible and useless meaning there is no purpose for the report other than useless data clog to coverup the truth; 2) No pictures of the student body ever leaving the building; 3) No EMS on site at any time in any photo; 4) The man in charge of the crime scene did not know who cleaned up the blood and when asked the question he replied “what blood? 5) The obvious resistance to aid those who want to make schools safer, like Mr. Halbig; 6) and now the unlawful treatment of Dr. Fetzer by granting a bogus Summary Judgment against him. That piece of judicial mutilation should have been denied in trial court and overturned at the appellate level. If it is not overturned at the Wisconsin Supreme Court it will be the end of law in that state. See the summary judgment with the least merit in modern history at http://postwtc.com/frame-pvf.html

  5. Your former wife is dead, your son has allegedly killed 26 people yet there is not a single TV interview of the father Peter Lanza.

    Sounds odd and also Peter killed himself later. Any such suicide to me would be very suspicious.

    File: Peter Lanza


      1. People have been send to the gas chamber based on the ”opinion” of jurors. Country Boy reveals he has no knowledge of how the legal system operates.
        “……Reasonable Doubt” can include a verdict of guilty of murder.

      1. Thank you Stephanie. Its very hard to find information on Peter Lanza. Has he disappeared into a hidden identity?

    1. No, I haven’t. But the facts are the facts. What do you regard as the most important proof that nobody died at Sandy Hook? Tell us. What are your “Top 10 Proofs”? Enumerate them.

      1. There’s different kind of proof. There is proof for a judge/jury and there is proof for the internet. There is great research by people on JFK, 911, but there is also bad research on conspiracies. Too many people rely on their opinion or speculation and do not offer actual evidence.

        Like that photo of the teenage girls, just saying they look like the Sandy Hook girls isn’t enough for a judge/jury. It’s enough for people on the internet, but that won’t help you in court.

      2. A photo of car’s license plates at the Sandy Hook school lot was researched. The research revealed that the cars in the lot on fraud day came from a police impound lot. Are we to believe that the teachers were all driving police impounded cars? [Those photos and the YouTube on same have been scrubbed from the Internet]. Most all of the damning photos concerning Sandy Hook have been rigorously REMOVED from the Internet.

        I stated on FaceBook that no one was killed at Sandy Hook and my FB account was deleted… for life.
        The First Amendment does not exist on FaceBook.

      3. YES. And the center two rows are all parked facing the school, when the driving instructions would have you turn to the right and then curl around and park facing away from the school. It was easier to just bring them in in a single line and park them two-by-two, facing the school. After all, who would even notice? They were just props, after all! There must be 100 lines of proof it was staged.

      4. So kids were helping prep the school to serve as the stage? If anyone wants proof this guy is not on the level, you have it here in spades. He has too many obscure photos at hand. He’s clearly an intel op. Notice, especially, that some of his photos confirm my stance. The first of the parking lot shows it’s bereft of a feature that we find in every parking lot in active use: oil stains. They aren’t there because the school had been closed since 2008 and not in use. PLUS notice the absence of designated handicapped parking. None of the familiar blue-and-white signage. No designated parking areas. Which means this school was not in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act and cannot have been legally operating as a public school, where I checked both state and federal law at the time. It was not open (as the absence of oil stains shows) and could not have been legally operating as a public school (as the absence of handicapped parking and signage shows). So thanks to CountryBoy for providing proof he is wrong. That he’s here means they are worried.

      5. I have photos at hand? It’s not diffciult to do a search for photos.

        You mention the ADA and the blue/white signage. If you look at Google Earth images of the Chalk Hill school in Monroe, they also do not have any blue/white signs. They have the same yellow painted lines in their parking lot that Sandy Hook had.

        Chalk Hill March 2012.


        This is the most recent one of Chalk Hill, they still don’t have the signs. So if Sandy Hook was not ADA compliant, neither was Chalk Hill.

      6. Interesting you bring up Chalk Hill. Wolfgang has documents showing that food was being delivered to Chalk Hill under the name of Sandy Hook Elementary, because they were sending the kids from Sandy Hook to Chalk Hill. I find it extremely interesting that you seem to be dealing with all the key aspects of the scam. And if Chalk Hill was not compliant, then my inference would be that Chalk Hill had been abandoned just as had Sandy Hook.

      7. But if Chalk Hill was abandoned, where were the children going to school. The documents that Halbig received were misleading. The invoice shows they were modified on 1/2/13. Since the children started at Chalk Hill on 1/3, the address for food deliveries would need to be changed. Once the schools address was changed, the database would list the address of Sandy Hook elementary as Chalk Hill not Dickinson.

      8. You have too many answers to too many questions. Wolfgang is the expert on Chalk Hill, not me; but that you would dispute his documents tells me you are very deep into the cover up–which further confirms my suspicions about you.

      9. Wolfgang also was sent a paper document that listed a food delivery to 12 Dickinson Dr on Sept 6 2012.


        In a database, the address would change in the system but a paper document would still show the old address.

      10. CountryBoy says:
        August 1, 2021 at 10:32 pm
        ”I have photos at hand? It’s not difficult to do a search for photos.”

        The above statement is false and untrue. Its now impossible to do a search for photos.
        I have thousands of photos of various frauds and hoaxes from the past 25 years. I have them because I saved them before 99.99% of all culpable photos were removed from the Internet. The only photos that exist now are ones that exist in private collections.

        File: The names of the Newtown Choir members have never been released but they do look like the dead kids from Sandy Hook school.
        One of the dead SH kids even appeared at his own funeral. Please explain how the dead can appear in public after they’re dead.


      11. Great points, Don. And I discuss a clear-cut case in the video, which our “CountryBoy” says he has watched. She can’t have died and still be singing.

      12. “One of the dead SH kids even appeared at his own funeral. Please explain how the dead can appear in public after they’re dead.”

        Don, you’re making a claim again with no evidence. What proof do you have for what I quoted? The SB claim is another opinion. You’d have to prove it’s the same kids.

        Again, there is a difference between internet evidence and what you could present to a judge/jury. You would not be able to just say in court those kids at the SB are the Sandy Hook victims, just because you say they look a like. You’d have to bring a lot more to prove it.

      13. The following report is obviously bias, but I present it for information purposes only. Right now, this is all I can find. it’s disappointing, but that’s the way it goes. Halbig endured an incredible amount of harassment, so who can blame him. I am most certainly not presenting this to support Country Boy who is obviously here to disrupt the blog. I’ll be checking further for a less skewed article.


    2. I actually left Wolfgang a message tonight to check on him. Wolfgang was harassed and his life was threatened. He told me personally. He told me they came in the middle of the night and beat on his door and then walked him through the dark woods with no lights… his life was ruined. Sandy Hook is no joke to just talk about nobody died, the major agenda behind it was for their greater good. Remember, Lt. Vance warned us this: What he really meant is anyone who does not comply with the official story will suffer… This is why Sandy Hook is a subject no one wants to talk about.

      “Misinformation is being posted on social media sites,”
      Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance said at a news
      conference Sunday. “These issues are crimes. They will be
      investigated, statewide and federally, and prosecution will take
      place when people perpetrating this information are identified.” – Lt. Paul Vance.

      This is what the Fraternal Order of Police have pledged to do nationwide…

    3. Wolfgang Halbig asked a simple question ‘Who ordered the Sandy Hook port-a-potties and when were they delivered?’ For this simple question detectives showed up at his door and threatened his life.

  6. A couple of things, that phot of the teenage girls didn’t come from Halbig. The woman who has the site first posted that photo on Twitter.


    The problem with the photo you show is that on the woman’s site is another photo, with another set of teenage girls who are said to be the same girls in the Halbig photo.


    Aside from the girl is supposed to be Emilie Parker, the girls are different than the ones in the Halbig photo.

    About the FBI report, you need to look at the 2012 Connecticut state crime report. In the report it also lists zero murders in Newtown, but with a footnote that says they’re included in the state totals. If you look in the state section of that report, the murders are listed. The sate police were in charge of the investigation, so the stats came from them.

    https://www.dpsdata.ct.gov/dps/ucr/data/2012/Crime In Connecticut COMPLETE 2012.pdf

    The murders are also listed under Middlesex County. Why would they be listed there? The HQ of the state police is in Middlesex County.

    1. Very interesting. Are you telling us that Sandy Hook was real? Because I am now beginning to have questions about you. Yes, there was an effort to obfuscate the FBI’s Consolidated Crime Report. But there’s the number: a big, fat “0” (zero). And they got it right. You are right, of course. Many efforts have been made to explain it away. But CT was involved from head to toe. Completely corrupt. And I am concerned that you seem to want to defend the official account. Am I right? You are here to claim 27 did die at Sandy Hook? I sense it.

      1. I don’t know if 27 died or not, but the FBI part has been explained. They list zero for the same reason the Connecticut report does. Officially, the state police did the investigation, so when the stats are reported Newtown would report zero murders, since they officially didn’t report any.

      2. Yes. The FBI Report has been explained because nobody died in Newtown in 2012. That parts easy. Trying to worm out of it ain’t, but that’s where you come in. Your task is to raise enough uncertainty that nobody knows whether or not anybody died at Sandy Hook. But that’s because that’s your role here. I invite anyone to watch the video that I have linked here for a more encompassing presentation of the evidence, which leaves no doubt about it. The photo of the girls is interesting but I don’t rely upon it in any of my legal pleadings, as I am quite sure you are aware. You are too clever by half! Nice try.

      3. The Hicks photos wouldn’t work in court either. Saying the two boys are the same in both photos is just opinion. Why would Hicks use the same two boys in both photos, that would not make much sense. Either find two diffferent boys or just have the 2nd photo have two fewer kids.

        I watched the video. Can you think a reasonable reason why people in the middle of a Friday would have name tags on? Since the people there would have come from the offices, wouldn’t it be reasonable to ay that those name tags were ID badges that people use to swipe to enter an office building? I’ve used them, likely you have to in your life.

        You bring up the porta potties, but there is no evidence they were setup before the morning of the 14th. The time stamp on the dash cam that shows the porta potties being brought in says 12/14/12 1:32PM. You’d have to prove that dash cam time stamp was fake.

        Did you know that at Columbine, the Red Cross and local businesses near the school brought food and water to the families and first reponsders there? Why couldn’t some local stores around Sandy Hook do the same? The cops and families were going to be there all day, people need to eat and drink.

        There is no evidence the check-in sign was there before the shooting. That screenshot of Rosen is from Dec 18th,.

        Your book says the Lanza home was staged, but that’s just opinion. The only way really for you to prove that is to have someone there come forward and admit it.

      4. Bad stuff. Grasping after straws. Typical divide-and-conquer. You sound like the guy who calls himself “Lenny Pozner”. Tell me now that the two rows of cars in the parking lot are not parked facing the building when the closer row should be parked facing away? Tell me Eric Holder did not meet with Governor Malloy on 27 November or that the Mayor of Boston did not appear on “Greater Boston” and tell the host (Andy Rooney’s daughter) that gun control “would be a done deal” by January 2013? Tell me that there was a real evacuation of the 469 other students? or that there was a surge of EMTs into the building? or that a Med-Evac chopper was called? or that there was a string of ambulances to take their little bodies to hospitals where they could be declared dead or alive? or that the bodies weren’t left in the building over-night or that the IDs weren’t done using photographs? or that Wayne Carver didn’t say he hoped this did not come crashing down on the people of Newtown? You are a complete phony. I have dealt with the likes of you before. The sign was there and Patricia Llorda, the First Selectman for Newtown, even admitted (under oath) that it had been placed there by DHS, when DHS was not supposed to be there. Or that the sign does not correspond with the statement in the manual that “everyone must check in with the comptroller upon arrival”. Or that FEMA does not provide restrooms and refreshments as standard elements of their drills, where everyone is identified by a color-coded name-tag on a lanyard? You can practice your art of disinformation somewhere else. You really are the type I thought when you first posted. I was always right about you.

      5. Country Boy: I have some news for you. “coming forward and admitting” something does not prove anything.
        People lie under oath every day in court rooms.

      6. Don, but the only way to prove the Lanza home was staged would be if someone involved came forward and told their story. Just an opinion that it was staged isn’t enough.

        What evidence is there that the sign was thee the morning of the 14th?

        I never said FEMA provided porta potties or water, no one has made that claim. At Columbine the Red Cross and local business brought food and water. It’s very possible a local business did the same at Sandy Hook or people just went to the store and brought them over to the school for the first responders there.

        Have you ever had to swipe an ID to enter an office building? If all the players had ID badges, why do none of the children there have them? It’s only the adults and not even all of the adults have badges.

      7. Notice he has an explanation for EVERYTHING. When you put all the pieces together, events on the ground confirm that it was a 2-day FEMA exercise presented as mass murder to promote gun control. Even Paul Preston reported that he was so disturbed by what he saw broadcast from Newtown that day that he reached out to his contacts in the Barack Obama Department of Education, all of whom confirmed to him that it had been a drill, that no students had been harmed and the it was done to promote gun control. It’s in the book. CountryBoy knows it. He knows he’s lying because that’s his job. He’s paid to do this–and he’s very good. You are watching a top-level spook in operation with his posts. This is how it’s done. The stakes are very high. That’s the reason he’s here.

      8. The Lanza home was staged by CT State Police. Many of the closets had rows of State police uniforms hanging in those closets. Are we to believe that State Police lived in the Lanza home? hahahahaha….sure.

        Country Boy, you’re may not be aware but this blog has many real pros at spotting hoaxes and phony people.

        You’re attempting to one-up and flummox Jim Fetzer….its not going to happen.

      9. Don, do you have a link to a photo of those uniforms in the Lanza closet? I’ve seen the crime scene photos of the home and have not seen any cop uniforms.

        Dr Fetzer, do you have evidence the check-in sign was up before the morning of the 14th?

      10. Yes. I’ve seen photos of the sign being there that day–and the Porta-Potties. I have asked law enforcement if they had ever heard of Porta-Potties at a crime scene. They laughed. And we know parents were bringing children to the event, which would have been absurd had it actually been the scene of a child-shooting massacre. Do you have any idea how silly you look? Classic disinformation. Knowledgeable about details. But obscuring the big picture.

      11. What I do (as you well know) is bring together multiple experts to sort out what really happened. When the time comes, I am sure these photos can be produced. But if you place such confidence in first-person witnesses, it seems to me you ought to concede that Paul Preston’s personal report about having been told by his contacts in the Obama Department of Education that it was a drill, that no children were harmed and that it was done to promote gun control ought to weigh heavily in my favor. But of course you weigh evidence the way that works best for you. For you, this is all a game. You can’t tell us which arguments are the strongest. Your assignment is to deny it.

      12. Do you have a direct quote from an Obama official or do you just have Paul Preston saying what the official said.

        You say you’ve seen a photo of the sign the the morning of the 14th, but you do not produce one. That’s the point I’m making, just saying things is not evidence. When you make a claim, you need to provide evidence.

      13. Right. And you produce photos that confirm Sandy Hook had not been in use for years (no oil stains) and that it was non-compliant with ADA, which means that it cannot have been legally operating in 2012. But you simply sluff that off, because you want to ignore any evidence that undermines your defense of the “official account”, even if it comes from you! I think everyone can see the game you are playing. Paul Preston is an honorable man, which I very much doubt can be said of you. Surely you have read the book, which amazon.com banned (even though it had sold nearly 500 copies in less than a month). You have no respect for evidence, even when I point out that Stephen Sedensky III failed to create a causal nexus that tied together the alleged shooter with his victims and the weapons he is alleged to have used. That means there is no good reason to believe it happened at all, which you conveniently leave to the side. Why in the world should anyone believe this story, which you want to defend? It’s a fantasy.

      14. I wasn’t on the phone with them; that would be Paul Preston. But he reported his experience in a chapter of the book. Have you read it or not? Your technique is to move the goalposts to undermine any evidence that works against your objective, where I have pointed out (a) that you know too much about the case not to be a spook; (b) that even when the evidence comes from you, you ignore or deny it; and (c) that the failure of the Sedensk’s report suggests that the reason he could not establish a causal nexus between the alleged shooter, his alleged victims, and the weapons he is alleged to have used is because it didn’t happen. He could not prove it because none of it was real. All the evidence points in that direction, which is why you are here.

      15. Why are you not producing the photo of the sign there the morning of the 14th?

        I found the photo that Don thinks shows cops uniforms. He is missremembering what the book says. On page 117, Ex 43 it says:

        “Did a forensic’s guy break in to set up the house after the incident? Before is even more likely. And he cleaned up for the official visit, but left his clothes behind”

        This is the photo used in the book.


        There are no state police uniforms in that closet.

      16. Again, you know too much to be for real. You are clearly here to play a game, where the stakes are high. He may or may not have been talking about that photograph, but it’s remarkable how quickly you have that photograph at hand. Go back to the first reports from Newtown and you find massively conflicting reports that raise serious doubts about what happened–because it wasn’t real. But you know that already. Why should anyone believe you when the official report on Sandy Hook doesn’t connect the shooter, his victims and his guns? And since the FBI has had over a decade to correct the record if the number who were murdered in Newtown during 2012 was not 0, why haven’t they done that? Not as though it’s an unimportant case. BECAUSE IT WAS 0.

      17. The report also says the Bushmaster cannot be eliminated.


        i already explained the FBI report. The FBI is just going to use the same data the state used. Officially the Newtown cops did not report any murders. the Sandy Hook murders were reported by the state police.

      18. This is Table 5 of the 2012 FBI report.


        It lists the total murders in CT at 146. If you add up the total for each town in Table 8, you don’t get 146. Why do you think that is?


        Add up the murders reported by each town you get 110. That’s a 36 murder difference. What that means is there 36 murders in 2012 that were not reported by local cops.

        Table 5 would not include murders reported by the state police. for example. Understand?

      19. That’s not the photo I am talking about with the CT Police uniforms. You can believe me or not Country Boy but I have seen several photos with police uniforms in Lanza’ closets. You can even see their shoulder badges in the photos that ID the uniforms.
        The photos were on the Internet but fat chance you can see them now because all of these photos have been scrubbed into eternity, never to be seen again.
        There were even photos of the Lanza garage that looked like a furniture store. It was loaded with household items ready to be installed in whatever room they were needed to stage the house.
        The house did not look like people actually lived there. There were no items that one would ordinarily be found in a real home, with real people. The most fake looking room was the master bedroom where the Lanza mother was allegedly killed.

        File: Lanza kitchen looking unreal. There were also boxes everywhere in the house. One is seen in the foreground. Items were brought into the staged house and the boxes remained.


      20. Don, the only photos of the Lanza home are ones released by the state police report in late 2013. Any photos you saw came from that report. Those are the same photos that are in Dr Fetzer’s book. If there was a closet with state police uniforms I am very sure those photos would be in the book, but they are not.

        Opinions on how the house looked isn’t evidence, how it looks to you isn’t how it looks to someone else. Speculating on the boxes isn’t evidence either.

        Ronavery. explain the 36 murder different in the two FBI tables. The table that lists the reported murders in each town add up to 110, but the other table lists 146 total murders in the state.

      21. The FBI has had nearly a decade to set the record straight, if they had it wrong. They haven’t because they got it right. There were 0 deaths in Newtown during 2012. And the “official report” by Sedensky III is a legal absurdity. There is no proof it wasn’t a FEMA drill and massive evidence that it was.

      22. One thing I find interesting is:

        Adam’s father, Peter Lanza, reportedly an executive at General Electric, was reportedly paying Adam’s mother Nancy over $240,000 a year as part of their divorce settlement. However, according to the publicly released divorce decree, Nancy and Peter are both to remain the property owners of their home in Sandy Hook as part of the divorce, but that Nancy was to sell the home and move out before February 28th, 2011. The shooting happened December 14th, 2012. Several initial reports did claimed no one was living in the home. Was Nancy already out of the house? The divorce document – https://www.scribd.com/doc/117174624/2687-001#download&from_embed

      23. atruerag, the divorce document says that on or before Feb 28 2011 shall sell OR refinance the house Peter isn’t responsible for it anymore.

        On 2/08/11 the Lanza’s did a quitclaim deed on the home. the home was transferred to Nancy.

        Go here and click “search records as a guest”. Just enter the name and you’ll get the records on the house.


        You’ll also see there it was taken over in March 2013 by a martgage company.

    2. Country Boy,
      I’ve heard this argument before but I’m not buying it. The report is from the FBI and it is a report on Crime in the United States and it is crime that is known to LAW ENFORCEMENT. Further even the FBI would list this in this report since it was highly publicized world wide. If this report missed the worst mass shooting that year in the US then the whole report is worthless.

  7. The reactions to claims Sandy Hook was a staged event can be visceral and ugly. It’s blasphemy to suggest it was not a real and organic event. As a man approaches senior citizen discount status, the chances of trading blows in a street brawl become less frequent. At no time in the last three decades did I come closer than the top of a ski lift when I made the claim. It really stands out because the hatred oozed out this man’s pores like fresh burning lava. I was unprepared for this reaction, I was called “you conspiracy fuck”… This man was the dictionary picture of rage. His voice was shaking with anger. He could barely audible-ize the words.

    I think Jim knows a thing or two about “Sandy Hook was a hoax” Rage. Thanks to Jim and others taking flack and hot tracers, progress has been made on barely awake people. Shane is one of those. He immediately spotted the fraud on the King Soopers shooting in Boulder. Did everyone notice how fast that fake shooting vanished from public discourse? That was in my old hood in South Boulder; lived there in the mid to late 80s. The first clue was no Boulder City Police or Sheriff’s Deputies present. None of their cars were visible. How could they be so foolish as to not include them?

    I played a show for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club yesterday in Keystone just a stone’s throw from Mt. Rushmore. I decided I wanted to join the Sturgis Rally so I bought this fixer upper… might need a tune up before I hit the road

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  9. I applaud Jim’s effort. It’s a most brilliant move, I would not expect less. BUT, are we to believe the US, INC. is not collaborating with Remington and the various insurance companies in their effort to continue this hoax and do anything to make sure it’s will never be exposed? Are we to think the courts and some judge will break ranks from their masters? I am sorry to say this has as much chance getting to discovery as George Floyd and Ashli Babbit being exhumed.

    But, I pray for a miracle success.

  10. People sue many times because they and their lawyers know that insurance companies have deep pockets which means they have lots of MONEY.
    But insurance companies do not like to be robbed…that’s why there is ”discovery” in court proceedings wherein the Plaintiffs must prove there is real and substantial damages.
    Good to see that this never-ending issue is brought to the forefront, Jim, in your Post here.

    File: Sandy Hook dead boys all grown up. I thought they were dead. Now we see them as almost adults.
    Isn’t the insurance company aware of this?


    1. The boy on the right that is supposed to be Noah Pozner, does not look like Michael Vabner. Looks more like a young Louis Rossmann.

      1. If you mean the image of the four in the comments, you might be right. I agree that it does not look like Michael Vabner. Good catch! I have been meaning to make that point myself. Thanks!

      2. When I was 14 years old I did not look anything like I did when I was 6. People’s facial features change over the years, especially the face. I even had different teeth….as my baby teeth were in a jar by then.

        Those 4 people in my photo only look slightly like they did as little boys.

      3. Sure. But that’s not doing a scientific comparison, where the pupils of the eyes are set equally-distant from the same perspective and then, if they are the same, their other features align. Larry Rivera did this brilliantly for Oswald in the doorway and again (for me, unknowingly) with “Noah Pozner” turning into Michael Vabner. Check out the video. Or watch my “Fake News: Issues of Identity”, which is links on the “The 65 Shows: jimtheconspiracyguy.com” blog.

  11. Sandy Hook was a MASSIVE HOAX, perpetrated by CRIMINALS in the Federal, State and Municipal governments and their Agencies on behalf of their ALIEN CONTROLLERS, who were “calling the shots”! At the top of this GUN CONTROL HOAX was ObamaRahm-a. A close examination of the videos of and surrounding this STAGED EVENT reveals the presence of emotionless “parents” and other HHA actors, also present at similar FAKE MASS SHOOTINGS. All of these HOAXES are part of the Alien Agenda!


    1. MASSIVE DECEPTION has been perpetrated on the American People ever since 911 and on to the 2020 “Selection” of Biden/Harris and the DemonicRATS. DECEPTION is the HALLMARK of the MOSSAD and the DEVIL – it all makes sense as the ULTIMATE EXPLANATION [ALIEN AGENDA].

    2. Sandy Hook is an ongoing felony charity fraud operation that has taken in over $100 million for a fake event orchestrated by the Obama administration to institute gun control. BTW the charity donation sites started going up 2 days before the fake event.

      1. The Principal at Sandy Hook school gave an interview to the local Newtown paper AFTER she was DEAD.
        How does that happen. Plus, she also appeared an another hoax event a few days later. For a dead person she really gets around. Spoooooooky for sure.

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