The 65 Shows: (24 May-15 Nov 2020)

Jim Fetzer

From 24 May to 15 November 2020, I did a show called “Jim The Conspiracy Guy” on Sunday evenings, where I usually did interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When my original sponsor found they were not drawing a large audience and departed for points south, I continued the show as long as I could afford it at $100 per month. Here is the result. If any of the links don’t play, let me know. I hope you find something of interest. I enjoyed doing them.

The website featured on of my favorite photos with Jesse Ventura and Vince Bugliosi dining together after Vince received an honorary degree from Hamline College in St. Paul, MN

Watch These Shows Now:

#1 (24 May 2020): Coronavirus Phenomenon:
Medical Emergency or Political Pandemic?

#2 (31 May 2020): The Moon Landing Hoax:
How We Know We Didn’t Go

#3 (7 June 2020): The New Zealand Shootings:
Were they real or a political stunt?

#4 (14 June 2020): The Second Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control

#5 (21 June 2020): How to spot a False Flag: A Sampler of Orchestrated Events

#6 (28 June 2020) How to Spot a False Flag: A Sampler of Orchestrated Events (Part 2)

#7 (2 July 2020) Scott Bennett: Former Army Intel and Psyops Officer

#8 (5 July 2020) Pizzagate: Real or Fiction? The American Franchise of Pedogate

#9 (7 July 2020) Carl Herman Nationally Recognized History Teacher

#10 (9 July 2020) Dr. Katherine Horton, Ph.D. : International Expert on Targeted Individuals and Efforts to End it.

#11 (12 July 2020) The DNC/CV Conspiracy: How the BLM, Anitifa, and the Democratic Agenda Fit Together

#12 (14 July 2020) Jack Mullen: The Threat Posed By Antifa, BLM and Progressive Left.

#13 (16 July 2020) Alex Scott: A Law Enforcement Expert Reveals Recent Hate Crimes

#14 (19 July 2020) Kevin Barrett Ph.D. : How does Religion –Judaism, Christianity, Islam — Affect Politics

#15 (21 July 2020) Sophia Smallstorm: The Nature of Viruses: What Are They?

#16 (23 July 2020) Deana Pollard-Sacks: The Godfather of Sexual Abuse: Cosby, Weinstein, Epstein

#17 (26 July 2020): The DNC/CV Conspiracy: How BLM, Antifa, and the Democratic Party Agenda fit together

#18 (28 July 2020) Rebecca Carnes: Newtown Mom Speaks Out about Sandy Hook

#19 (30 July 2020) Alexander Petale, Esq., On Appealing the Sandy Hook Lawsuit

#20 (2 August 2020) Fake News: Issues of Identity

#21 (4 August 2020) Patrick J. McShay: Anarchists, Terrorists and Traitors

#22 (6 August 2020) Art Olivier: 9/11 and the Pandemic:21st Century’s Biggest Rituals

#23 (9 August 2020) The Official WWII Narrative: Historical Fact or Mass Illusion?

#24 (11 August 2020) Ron Avery: Sandy Hook: Abuse of Process Technical Problems (Not Broadcast)

#25 (13 August 2020) Patty Saffran: A World Gone Stark, Raving Mad

#26 (16 August 2020) SHADOWGATE: The Real Shadow Government with Danny Cirrus

#27 (18 August 2020) Jack Mullen: CV Terrorism and Police State Lockdown

#28 (20 August 2020) Dave Gahary: What Happened to the USS Liberty?

#29 (23 August 2020) SHADOWGATE II: Following the Broadcast with Danny Cirrus

#30 (25 August 2020) Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D.:The Poltics of a Pandemic: Planned in the US/Triggered in the UK

#31 (27 August 2020) Sarah Westall: Virtual Conventions in a Fantasy World: How the Media has Betrayed the American People

#32 (30 August 2020) SHADOWGATE III: Loose Ends and Oddities with Dany Cirrus

#33: (1 September 2020): Cyberclops (Anon): Reflections on the State of the Union

#34 (3 September 2020) Lorraine Day, M.D.:The Boston Bombing Hoax and Beyond

#35 (6 September 2020) 9/11: What happened?Who was responsible? How do we know?

#36 (8 September 2020): Jeff Prager: On the use of nuclear devices to destroy the WTC on 9/11

#37 (10 September 2020): Art Olivier, On Azimuths: What they May or May Not Mean

#38 (13 September 2020): Gary Null tosses’s “Conspiracy Guy” under the bus

#39 (15 September 2020): Chris Weinart: Everything Under the Sun and History

#40 (17 September 2020) Dr. Katherine Horton: What Everyone Needs to Know

#41 (20 September 2020) The Conspiracy Guy: Censoring “The Conspiracy Guy” 2

#42 (22 September 2020) Mark Anderson, The Last of the (real, bona fide) investigative journalists

#43 (27 September 2000) The Conspiracy Guy with Danny Cirrus: Kenosha and Louisville

#44 (29 September 2020) SPECIAL LIVE Presidential Debate with Giuseppe Vafanculo: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden Double

#45 (1 October 2020): Scott Henderson and Marcus Allen, Beyond the Moon Landing Hoax

#46 (4 October 2020): What happened in Las Vegas? It was a Movie, Not a Mass Murder

#47 (6 October 2020): Susan Bradford, Unmasked: The Coronavirus Story

#48 (7 October 2020): SPECIAL: LIVE Vice-Presidential Debate and Commentary with Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio

#49 (8 October 2020): Art Olivier: 9/11 Rituals and Post-Election Riots

#50 (11 October 2020) What happened in Las Vegas? Part 2

#52 (13 October 2020) Fetzer Fund Raiser (with Giuseppe and Scorpio)

#52 (15 October 2020) Paul vs. Faul (with Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D., and Clare Kuehn)

#53 (18 October 2020) Osama, Hunter and Joe (with Danny Cirrus)

#54 (20 October 2020) The BIG PICTURE on the CV (Fake) Pandemic (“The Raw Deal”)

#55 (22 October 2020) LIVE Trump vs. Biden II with Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio

#56 (23 October 2020) Shell Games sitting in for Scott Bennett and Michael Jay

#57 (27 October 2020) The Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” w/40,000 emails with Danny Cirrus

#58 (29 October 2020) Jim with Deana Pollard Sacks

#59 (1 November 2020) Tucker, Tony and the Great Laptop Cover-Up with Danny Cirrus

#60 (3 November 2020) LIVE ELECTION DAY COVERAGE with Giuseppe and Scorpio

#61 (5 November 2020) Alison “Sunny” Maynard on Judicial Corruption and Abuse of Law

#62 (8 November 2020) with Danny Cirrus: Stealing America: How the Democrats Plan to Take the Election Almost Worked

#63 (10 November 2020) Jack Mullen: What the hell is going on?

#64 (12 November 2020) William De Berg: Author/Analyst/Commentator

#65 (15 November 2020) What happened to JFK? Did The Warren Report Get It Right?

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  3. Does anyone on the blog believe a non-citizen should be allowed to vote? Is that allowed in any other country?

    Tucker: They are intentionally stealing the country from American citizens.

    PS…Tucker uses the word deciduously (“….the one they stuck to most deciduously) in the first minute. Has anyone here ever heard that word used in this context? I have not.

  4. Thanks for those replays, Jim. I’ll watch them as time permits. When they were live, the interruptions were so bad as to make them un-watchable.

    Just so you know your incredible effort and time is appreciated.

  5. Please, please understand this. We are being played. There is no such thing as a mandated vax. Even as corrupt as the courts may be, it cannot be upheld. if you take the vax, you have done it of your own free will. THAT could be a mistake that will cost you your life. IF your employer is issuing any kind of bs mandate to work there, SHOW THEM THIS!


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