Jim Fetzer, How the Courts Continue to Play the Public over Sandy Hook “BIG TIME”

Jim Fetzer

With my authorization, William Sumner Scott, one of the two attorneys representing me before the Wisconsin Supreme Court–where my Petition (Document #68 in Ron Avery’s Archive) lays out the grounds for my appeal–has discovered that the Bushmaster Sandy Hook Settlement appears to be proceeding in Connecticut without considering whether or not anyone died at Sandy Hook. One of the claimants in the CT case is Leonard Pozner, the same person who sued me in Wisconsin for defamation.  Instead, my WI case, which resulted in two judgements against me for a total of $1.1m,  was a claim for defamation, which was resolved on a Motion for Summary Judgment. Remarkably, I was not allowed to present my defense that this was a FEMA Drill posed as mass murder to promote gun control. A portion of my WI case is now on appeal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

As my Petition to that Court explains, the question of did anyone die at Sandy Hook has never been subject to a judicial determination.  The courts in my WI case and in the Soto v Bushmaster case have asserted not only did 6 adults and 20 children die, but in Soto the CT Supreme Court claimed that Adam Lanza absolutely did it.  That conclusion is without merit as the  Soto case appeal concerned a preliminary motion to strike the complaint rather than on the question did Sandy Hook occur and who did it.

The WI circuit court, nonetheless, declared that no one could believe that Sandy Hook did not occur as reported. (App. at 67.) The court’s surmise, however, is not a proper basis for decision, nor otherwise does it make Fetzer’s evidence incredible as a matter of law, meaning “such as being in conflict with the uniform course of nature or with fully established or conceded facts.” State v. King, 187 Wis. 2d 548, 562, 523 N.W. 2d 159 (Ct. App. 1994). The court did not even read my book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2nd ed., 2016), before dismissing it as irrelevant.  Nor did the Court consider that my objections to the Pozner uncertified death certificate presented a question of fact that was required to be presented to a jury.

The Court of Appeals makes similar unsupported statements of fact. Although res judicata is not specifically mentioned, the Court cites two cases implying that whether nobody died at Sandy Hook has been finally decided in other legal actions. Jones v. Heslin, No. 03- 19-00811-CV-2020 WL 1452025, at *1 and *4 (Tex. Ct. App. 2020) and Soto v. Bushmaster, 202 A.2d 262 (2019).) No attempt to prove that nobody died at Sandy Hook was made in either case, and quotes that people died at Sandy Hook from those cases constitute non-binding dicta in my WI case.

Here is my attorney’s letter to the insurance carriers and other key players in this legally and morally indefensible Bushmaster settlement process in the Soto case, which ought to be vitiated by reviewing the evidence that nobody died at Sandy Hook published in my book, which has thirteen (13) contributors, including six (6) current or retired Ph.D. professors.

In reliance upon the facts in my book, his interview of me, and other due diligence, my lawyer sent the following letter by email:

To: two Remington insurance carriers, Soto defense attorneys, and attorneys representing the Bushmaster interested parties in the Remington bankruptcy:


Bushmaster filed an appeal in the Connecticut Supreme Court case reported at 331 Conn 53 (conn 2019), 203 A. 3 rd 262 that resulted in an opinion that concluded at Section VI:


“On December 14, 2012, twenty year old Adam Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown and, during the course of 264 seconds, fatally shot twenty first grade children and six staff members, and wounded two other staff members.  Lanza carried out this massacre using a Bushmaster XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle that was allegedly manufactured, distributed, and ultimately sold to Lanza’s mother by the various defendants’ in this case. There is no doubt that Lanza was directly and primarily responsible for this appalling series of crimes.”


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. takes issue with the conclusion that Sandy Hook occurred.


The above cited conclusion in the Conn Supreme Court opinion combined with the decision by Bushmaster, et al, with the approval of its insurance carriers and the Remington bankruptcy debtor in possession to offer to settle the D’Avino, Barden, Hockley, Lewis, Pozner, Rosseau, Sherlach, Soto, and Wheeler claims for $3,660,000 each (total $32,940,000) have allowed the case to be cited as authority for the legal determination that the Sandy Hook massacre actually happened when no decision on the merits of the Soto claims have been made.  As you most likely know, the offers to settle were made before the Bushmaster defendants filed an answer and have taken discovery on the merits.  The offers to settle are sufficiently premature to be classified a travesty of justice.


Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, it was a FEMA drill to promote gun control.  See book by that title authored and edited by Dr. Fetzer and Mike Palecek, ISBN 978-0-692-94417-1 (copyright 2016 – Moon Rock Books).


Dr. Fetzer offers to be a consultant to the Bushmaster defense team in the Soto case currently pending before the Connecticut Supreme Court at case number uwy-cv-15-6050025-s, complex litigation docket, judicial district Waterbury, to help put an end to the sham being committed upon the American people, particularly their legal system, the Second Amendment, and the gun industry.




William Sumner Scott, J. D.
Attorney at Law
8 Lombardy Street
Suite 129
Newark, NJ 07102


908 294 5363

My understanding is that, in cases of alleged defamation, truth is an absolute defense. What this means–as William Sumner Scott’s letter concisely conveys–is that a $33,000,000 settlement is now in the works in Connecticut, where none of the Defendants has made the least effort to ascertain whether or not anybody died at Sandy Hook.

The Bushmaster settlement offers must be withdrawn, and the case allowed to proceed on the question, did anybody die at Sandy Hook.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota Duluth and co-founder of moonrockbooks.com.

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26 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, How the Courts Continue to Play the Public over Sandy Hook “BIG TIME””

  1. @Jack Hammer >>The fact that most of the nation including millions who swore an oath to the Constitution…>>

    >>…set the stage for the current plandemic which is shaping up to be one of the worst genocides in all of world history.>>

    In my pdf that only one person here downloaded and Jim never commented on, I had this:

    The TOTAL US Deaths from the CDC:

    2013: 2,596,993 2014: 2,626,418 2015: 2,712,630 2016: 2,744,248
2017: 2,813,503 2018: 2,839,205
    2019: 2,855,000 
2020: as of 11/14/20 total deaths= 2,512,880

Death rates in nations worldwide have remained about the same, or in some cases, 
decreased since the WHOs declaration of a pandemic in March 2020. 

    So the so-called “COVID-19” virus has really done nothing much in the mortality numbers. What will probably fill your estimation are the various graphene filled injections 1/2 the citizens of the US have taken over the next 3-5 years.

    >>When you allow those lying to you and attacking innocents in America and around the world to proceed as if there is no problem and those exposing the lies and crimes are disparaged and abandon to fight alone it’s only a matter of time until the satanic killers are knocking on everyone’s doors.>>

    IMO, there is a real danger of using religious nonsense myth (satan) when offering truthful observation of human behavior. Evidence leads to proof which is then a fact.
    There is NO evidence of god, Jesus, or Satan just at the most, heartfelt OPINION.

    They are all man made myths to steal sovereign spiritual expression to control humans out of fear. Therefore there can be no anti christ or satanists. Just because psychotic, sociopaths choose to hide their evil ways in religious mythology does not validate the myth. They are simply cowards playing malevolent games of hate and harm. To be a true warrior these days, IMO, one must eliminate all reference to the myths that have imprisoned humanity for a couple of thousand years.

    We have to come out of Plato’s Cave and into the light of facts, not feelings.

    Your point is well taken about the lack of true policing and justice. In our short memory public consciousness, the facts of all the evil done harvesting adrenochrome, torturing and murdering children, the guilt of Hillary, Epstein, and all the others like Reagan, Sen Bird, etc. going back in history the revealing of all this by the brilliant, courageous Cathy O’Brien in her book Trance Formation of America (1995) which, in our litigious society has NEVER been sued for libel is astounding.

    The evil courts are not only playing the public over Sandy Hook, etc. they are tearing up any remote possibility in the subconscious of citizens that true justice can be found, much like training animals to understand their boundaries.

  2. The story of Sandy Hook is believed by so many people, some of which are making decisions based on a made for TV story. A story that pulls on the heart strings of the sympathetic but gullible American people. These decisions are based on a false perception of a non-factual based theory, some would call fake news. The story, for almost 9 years running, has fallen short of any and all hard core proof that this was a real shooting. Lawyers and judges are making decisions based on a belief without even having any factual proof for a death certificate. I could write on a napkin that the moon landings were indeed real and many would agree, also stating they saw this on TV, so it has to be real. The evidence of this event and many others leads to the conclusion of fiction, not reality. Some of us would agree that the story reminds us of the tooth fairy, even though in the morning the tooth is missing and replaced with a quarter or two, Does Not make the tooth fairy real, only in a young mind, this evidence would appear to be proof, but only in fantasy.
    For myself, watching how these judges operate on a predetermined set of conclusions is mind boggling and embarrassing. This fight is worth continuing, now is the time more than any, to keep pushing these criminals back and march forward. Our country is too important to let these weasels get away with it.
    Thank you Jim for all you have done and keep doing.

    1. Peter…..my off the cuff research reveals that 99.9% of all US citizens still believe that SH was a real event and that indeed 27 people were killed that day inside the SH school.

      The fraud level of the US still travels at warp speed>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

      Since Amazon banned a scholarly book on Sandy Hook, you know the PTB are scared as h-ll that the truth will be revealed………eventually.


      1. I think that far fewer than 99.9% of Americans believe that Sandy Hook was a real event in which children died, Don. But, it is certainly true that more Americans accept the official government narrative of Sandy Hook–or at lest the current version of it–than believe Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK or that four planes brought down the WTCs (including #7).

        It doesn’t matter. Fetzer and Halbig have 100% proof that SHES was not the subject of a mass shooting on December 14, 2012 and that the SHES students were safely ensconced at Chalk Hill Middle School in nearby Monroe. The fact that Remington was bankrupted over the case they were apparently forced not to defend-even though SCOTUS rulings are on its side even if there had been a real shooting–is a warning sign to other gun manufacturers that they, too, will be mowed down over fake mass shootings in the future.

        It is not surprising that evidence concerning Sandy Hook has never been heard in a court of law. There has never been a 911 lawsuit that has been heard in open court, no election fraud cases have been heard in open court, and the defense lawyers in the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon cases–the same, BTW–took a dive in both instances and never presented exculpatory evidence.

        Out judicial system, like virtually every other institution in America, has been corrupted and compromised and coerced. Only the majority of the military seems above it all–for the time being.

      2. William…If the majority of the military is above it all, what the hell are they waiting for?

    2. Wolfgang Halbig asked a simple question ‘Who ordered the Sandy Hook port-a-potties and when were they delivered?’ For this simple question detectives showed up at his door and threatened his life.

      1. Your comments here about Sandy Hook and other hoaxes are very astute, Jack.

        It was CT detectives that showed up at Mr. Halbig’s door and told him to ”keep his mouth shut” about Sandy Hook.
        The CT police had traveled from CT to FL to scare Halbig. Halbig is a former cop, so he knows how to talk to police.

        That 100 million SH bag is now liable to grow by a 33 million insurance fraud money.

        Will this SH hoax ever end?


  3. I understand that no forensic fingerprints were taken of the dead “Adam Lanza”. In a so-called case of 27 dead people WHY were no prints taken of the murderer? Is this certainly complete police malpractice?

    They were not taken because there was no Adam Lanza.

    1. If the NRA had any integrity they would have joined the fight right beside James Fetzer and Wolfgang Halbig. Just one more American institution we can no longer trust.

  4. Sandy Hook case is based on multiple murders made by a person who NEVER existed. Ryan and Peter Lanza should be cross examined under oath concerning the imaginary brother “Adam”.


  5. Here is Dylan Hockley with his parents. Dylan is attending his own funeral. The amount of fraud in the Sandy Hook case is monumental. This is photo evidence of FRAUD on a huge scale.


    1. Sandy Hook is no more real than the Jussie Smollett attack. Except, Sandy Hoax has the deep state, the courts and the media pushing the lie. With lowlife criminals Obama and Holder in the background.

  6. Jim, You have done and taken Sandy Hook as far as anyone possibly could, including Wolfgang Halbig. Anyone who has looked at the information and analysis you and others have provided could only logically, reasonably and honestly come to one conclusion……Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill that was made to look real through illusion, media and mass suggestion. It’s a man-made ignis fatuus so horrendous and encompassing that is dissolution would rock and turn to dust the already teetering vestiges of this republic. The black magicians used our children to tug mercilessly at the hearts of the TV stricken masses who would never suspect a deed this underhanded…this dark…this dastardly. It’s for that exact reason they will never allow discovery and thereby truth to penetrate the ears of a judge or jury unless there is some earth shaking shift in reality. Make it so……please!

    1. >>Jim, You have done and taken Sandy Hook as far as anyone possibly could, including Wolfgang Halbig. Anyone who has looked at the information and analysis you and others have provided could only logically, reasonably and honestly come to one conclusion……>>

      Sadly the assumption is someone “looking” would really “see” the truth without answering to their own agenda of dominion over a highlly reduced, undarmed citizenry. :-/

      Speaking of looking, my chemtrail activism for 15 years gets the same results…denial. I recall being in Mission Bay Park in San Diego watching all the yuppie moms walking their precious kids in $400 strollers and when I approached them to do one simple thing, look up, they continued their Zombie stroll and wouldn’t even look up.

      People are afraid of everything. Even here, only one person, thought it was two, has gone to the email site I set up to receive a powerful pdf that can be used to help normies wake up or at least question what is going on in the world.

      Offer people simple questions like “Why do you think the two kids at Columbine were murdered on the floor of the library about noon (blood splatter on lower shelves) and why did gunfire continue for two hours after?” Or, “Where did the stated x hundred gay Orlando patrons park their autos in a lot for 30 or so?” Or, “If we had technology so good that Astronauts could go to the Moon through the Van Ellen Belt 50 years ago, why haven’t we gone back?”

      We are living or dying in mad world friend :-/

      1. The permit for the Pulse Club expired 3 years earlier. That’s when it was repainted black–and it only had parking for eleven (11). Stunning!

      2. I am sorry to say my fellow men and women are in some kind of hypnotic state….some trance. I don’t know what else to call it. When I used to shop at Wally World it was quite obvious. They were stuck in some alternate dimension. I rarely shopped there without witnessing someone calling another to ask what size this or that they should get. It wasn’t that they wanted a real answer. They HAD to be on that phone.
        As you, I spent a few times trying to bring their attention to the trails above. The lack of response was deafening. I gave up after a while.
        Tomorrow, if the rain ceases for a bit, I’ll go to Lake City, make some copies of the pdf and see if I can pass them out. We’ll see what happens.

      3. Jim…Gawd forbid any reporter should do the slightest due diligence and check the county records, eh? It’s pathetic.

      4. Researchers went to the Pulse neighborhood the day after the event. There were a hundred people inside the club on event night, so there should have been many cars on the local streets. There were virtually none.
        This is because the Pulse patrons of that night were from Puerto Rico and had been flown in to Orlando on a plane and left the same night to return to their Puerto Rico homes.

        File: the two hoax loving politicians placing flowers at the fraud site in Florida.


      5. Don’t forget Parkland, Vegas and my favorite Christ church NZ. Did you ever watch that video? I see why it was quickly banned and scrubbed off the internet. Easily proves it didn’t happen. I would love to know what it was. New video game technology? The run through for later CGI? Who knows. Sounds crazy but if you’ve seen the video you know nothing happened. And an entire country gave up their guns because of it. Scary stuff. NZ where the elites plan to escape to – makes more and more sense everyday.

      6. Jim, I seriously believe “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” should be published again. If there are a few lines the judge objects to why not delete those lines and publish again? I know many people who want the book in hardcopy.
        Don’t let the bastards win. Thanks for your brilliant work. Trump should have given you and Wolfgang Halbig Medal of Freedom Awards.

      7. Sandy Hook is one of the most well documented and investigated hoax false flags ever including a 404 page full color thoroughly footnoted book by Dr. James Fetzer which has been forced out of publication by the deep state.  Something that should be considered is the $100 million in charity donations the Sandy Hoax gang has raked in. That is $100 million in felony charity fraud since it is based on a FEMA drill to promote gun control pretending to be a massacre. Also of note is the donation websites started going up two days before the event.

      8. The fact that most of the nation including millions who swore an oath to the Constitution chose to stick their heads in the sand concerning 9/11 and Sandy Hook among other events set the stage for the current plandemic which is shaping up to be one of the worst genocides in all of world history. When you allow those lying to you and attacking innocents in America and around the world to proceed as if there is no problem and those exposing the lies and crimes are disparaged and abandon to fight alone it’s only a matter of time until the satanic killers are knocking on everyone’s doors.

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