Mary Maxwell, Sandy Hook Lawsuits by Pozner and Soto against Fetzer and Jones

Mary Maxwell, Ph.D., LL.B.

The Sandy Hook massacre occurred on December 14, 2012. I could express that sentence a bit differently by saying ” The Sandy Hook massacre allegedly occurred on December 14, 2012.” Not everyone thinks it really happened. I have stated, several times, that I think the massacre really happened. But I am no longer so sure and will look into it.

In the past, I have written about two other massacres — one at Dunblane, Scotland on March 13, 1996 and the other six weeks later on April 28, 1996 at Port Arthur, Australia I have not the slightest doubt that they really occurred and involved many deaths. However, the named gunman in each case — Thomas Hamilton at Dunblane, and Martin Bryant at Port Arthur — appears to me to be erroneous. Someone else did the shooting — and has never faced punishment.

The purpose of both those massacres was to obtain legislation for gun control. Am I saying that people were killed for that reason? Yes. Definitely. Do I think the same of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES)? No, I don’t have enough information.

In this article, I list the court cases that have had something to say about the 2012 SHES event. I note that in the two aforementioned cases — Dunblane and Port Arthur — there were no trials, so no court ever produced jurisprudence on the question of what really happened. Here the situation is better — only a smidgeon better but every smidgeon counts.

I will emphasize some peculiarities of the cases, on the part of the judges, in order to shed light on possible abuse of process by the litigants, and also to remind everyone that even the slightest slip of ethical perfection by a judge can prove enormously costly to society.

We need our courts to do what the law tells them to do, both on points of justice and on points of procedure. If that ethic has been abandoned, we are all dead in the water. Or, to express that more positively, I say “Dear Judges, we need your stalwart attention to both the letter and spirit of the law. Please help us — at whatever cost to yourselves that may entail. ”

Pozner and Soto

Of the 20 children who died at Sandy Hook, the parent who has been most litigious is Leonard Pozner, father of Noah Pozner, age 6. Leonard sued several people, including Alex Jones and James Fetzer, claiming defamation, and he is also one of nine plaintiffs in the Soto case.

The Soto case has been organized by Donna L. Soto, the mother of a teacher, Ms. Victoria Soto, who died at SHES. The other plaintiffs include eight other families of deceased kids. They went to court in 2014 to sue the gun manufacturer Remington Arms, for damages. They have announced their case to be worth $215 million. The case is Soto v Bushmaster (the name of the gun.)

You may be wondering if any criminal charges are pending. At one point, Wolfgang Halbig was arrested in Florida for allegedly harassing the victims, but the prosecutor subsequently dropped that charge. Halbig also was sued in Florida – that case was dropped by Pozner and sued again by Pozner in Connecticut along with his videographer Cory Sklanka — that case is pending.

(Two additional suits against Alex Jones, which won’t be delved into in this article, were filed by aggrieved parents Neil Heslin in Texas and Erica Lafferty in Connecticut. Also, Alex Jones’ colleague Owen Shoyer was included as a defendant in the Texas lawsuit.)

Pozner v Fetzer

I am mainly concerned with the case filed by Pozner against Professor James H. Fetzer, principal editor of the book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2nd ed., 2016). You may wonder what happened to free speech, if Pozner was able to sue Fetzer for book-writing. The accusation was that Fetzer defamed Pozner by calling him a liar, in effect, by claiming that the child’s death certificate was bogus.

(In the initial filing, two associates of Fetzer were included as defendants: his publisher Moon Rock Books, and his “Nobody Died” co-editor, Michael Palecek. Both settled with Pozner for undisclosed amounts.)

Fetzer is now facing the music alone. A judge in Dane County Circuit Court in Wisconsin, ruled that Mr. Fetzer had defamed Mr. Pozner, and on October 15, 2019 a jury, selected to determine damages, awarded Pozner $450,000.

Seeking Justice

All individuals in the US can seek justice through the courts if they feel they have been wronged. The cases must be brought where one or more of the defendants reside. For example, Alex Jones was sued in Texas, where he lives, and James Fetzer was sued in Wisconsin, where he lives. (Note: The Sandy Hook cases are all at the state level; those that were removed to US courts have been remanded because Federal law is not involved.)

So here is the gist of the above cases:

1. The plaintiffs want compensation for the loss of a loved one. There is normally a freedom from liability for the maker of weapons. However, there is a Connecticut Supreme Court decision in the Soto case against Remington that interprets the Federal exemption from litigation statute to exclude military-grade assault weapons. In that same decision that court also ruled that one of the Sandy Hook guns, a Bushmaster AR-15, is an assault weapon.

2. As the father of one of the 20 deceased children, Leonard Pozner, sued several persons who had said he had presented a fake death certificate of his son Noah. According to Pozner’s lawyer, Jake Zimmerman, Mr. Pozner supplied Noah’s birth and death records, and a DNA sample that matched Noah’s, “stored as a little drop of blood on a special piece of paper,” at the Connecticut medical examiner’s office.

Status of the Cases as of September 11, 2021

During litigation in Soto v Bushmaster, Remington Arms declared voluntary bankruptcy. They have closed their Bushmaster gun-making business and sold their ammunition-making and other gun-making businesses. They have offered a settlement of $33 million to Soto et al. So far, the nine plaintiffs have not accepted their offers.

Remington is in receivership, with $33 million or more having been set aside by the insurance companies and from the proceeds of sales. The insurance companies have never asked for proof of death of the children. There are also many unsecured creditors of Remington, who have lower priority than Soto. Bushmaster (Remington) could withdraw the settlement offers and demand information about the massacre but have not done so. (That is in spite of repeated requests from one of Fetzer’s attorneys, William Sumner Scott, to do so.)

It would be normal for a defendant, Remington, to question every aspect of the claim made against it by the plaintiff, Soto. But it has appeared to be cooperative with the plaintiffs.

Reeves Wiederman, writing an article entitled “The Sandy Hook Hoax,” in the New York Magazine, says:

“By January [one month after the December 2012 event] a 30-minuteYouTube video, titled ‘The Sandy Hook Shooting — Fully Exposed,’ which asked questions like “Wouldn’t frantic kids be a difficult target to hit?,” had been viewed more than 10 million times.”

Ten million is a huge number, yet the question of the truth of the massacre has not really entered into any of the judicial decisions. On September 10, 2021, Fetzer filed a Motion to Intervene in the Soto v Bushmaster (Remington) case to attempt to raise the hoax question.

The basis on which he can do so is that, when Fetzer appealed his $450,000 Wisconsin judgment (Pozner v Fetzer), the Wisconsin appellate court said that the massacre was not a hoax. The Wisconsin court hadn’t arrived at that conclusion by seeking any evidence of the massacre, but merely by citing the following passage from the Soto Connecticut Supreme Court opinion (that ruled the Bushmaster an assault weapon):

“On December 14, 2012, twenty year old Adam Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown and, during the course of 264 seconds, fatally shot twenty first grade children and six staff members, and wounded two other staff members. Lanza carried out this massacre using a Bushmaster XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle that was allegedly manufactured, distributed, and ultimately sold to Lanza’s mother by the various defendants in this case. There is no doubt that Lanza was directly and primarily responsible for this appalling series of crimes.” [Emphasis added]

But those words from the Remington case had never been based on any adjudication of the matter either. You might say the reality of the massacre has not been put to any legal test, so far — even though big sums of money have been offered or awarded.

In any case, Professor Fetzer now wants the words from the Soto case removed from the judgment against him in the Wisconsin case (i.e., Pozner’s suit against him, i.e., the $450,000).

Halbig’s Freedom-of-Information Searches

Another issue needs to be raised. Namely, the stubborn refusal by authorities to reply to Freedom of Information requests by a citizen, Wolfgang Halbig. For the aforementioned article in the New York Magazine, Reeves Wiederman interviewed Halbig in his Florida home. He reports:

“Halbig says that, initially, Sandy Hook had horrified him, and he donated $200 to the town of Newtown and the local United Way. ‘The first ten days, they had me hooked,’ Halbig told me…. He had worked in school security for a number of years, and he said that it was only after he was asked to give a presentation to the Florida School Boards Association about preventing such an attack that he began seriously investigating the shooting. “I didn’t have the answers,” Halbig said. “So, I said, ‘I’ll find out.’”

But he has not “found out” and thus neither have the rest of us. Has someone got something to hide?

My Worries and Doubts

Thus far, although I do not claim in any way to have researched the facts on the ground, I see that there are peculiarities happening in court, which to me is a very worrying sign. I am wondering if the Soto people and the Remington people are in cahoots with one another. They could both be pursuing the goal of gun control.

A rather strange goal for an arms manufacturer, you may say? Indeed. But why hasn’t Remington ever seemed to try to avoid paying Soto? Granted, they tried to claim immunity, but the result of that effort was to have the Connecticut Supreme Court tell them they were not immune. They, their insurers, and the unsecured creditors would normally put up a fight, but haven’t.

It also has to be noted, this time as a fault of the Dane County court in Wisconsin, that Professor Fetzer was not allowed to have discovery on the question of “did anyone die?” He should have been able to introduce evidence on his allegation that Nobody Died at Sandy Hook which would axiomatically prove the Noah death certificate was false. He did appeal, to get his right to discovery, but was defeated at the appellate court in Wisconsin.

Currently, Fetzer hopes his case will be accepted for a further appeal at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This would do a service to the 10 million people who supposedly were suspecting a hoax, while watching the aforementioned video in January 2013! (Personally, I would halve that number to 5 million, given that view counts are often exaggerated and that many people watch a video twice.)

Also, Fetzer had no trouble finding readers for his book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — but Amazon has banned it and he is under court order not to share it.

Doesn’t it also seem odd that groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union would not jump up and down about the Freedom of Speech aspects of the cases against Fetzer and Alex Jones?

The Disciplining of Angels

One more oddment. Last week, out of the blue, there was an article in The New Yorker by Melissa Chan, reporting that the Remington defendants had sought “the children’s school records and disciplinary records” and that the Soto plaintiffs are asking the court to seal those records.

I smell a fish market. In some lawsuits, there is an effort to determine the damages to be paid by calculating how many years the injured or deceased person would have worked and earned a salary. Surely the kids’ records were not needed for this. I reckon the gesture was intended to arouse public agreement that any “disciplinary records” of little angels now in heaven, ought to be sealed for privacy and dignity. Hence it will now be impossible for Fetzer’s lawyers to see the said proof of the children’s existence.

I consider this whole thing an emergency. Let Fetzer have his discovery. Surely the whole nation is entitled to see the death records of persons killed in a massacre. The way things are going today, everyone is in fear of the government going off the rails. In my new book, “Keep the Republic,” I say: “Act now while we still have a legal system in place. Once we lose it, there won’t be any way to get it back, will there?”

Really, will there?

Fetzer’s Motion to Intervene

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40 thoughts on “Mary Maxwell, Sandy Hook Lawsuits by Pozner and Soto against Fetzer and Jones”

    1. From that highly bias article:

      ((The motion to intervene fails to articulate a single cognizable interest that would warrant intervention,” wrote Josh Koskoff in a motion filed on Monday.))

      Did anyone even bother to read the intervention? I doubt it.

      ((Bellis has since approved an order to seal those records from the public eye.))

      Ever see a false flag where the evidence was not destroyed either immediately or soon thereafter? Records? Proof? Documentation? We don’t need no stinkin’ records. Justice in the US is close to dead. Take those scales of justice to your local butcher shop. They’ll serve more purpose there.

      Little different than the current system supporting a non-existent virus….CORRUPT TO THE BONE!

  1. I believe the lack of financial backing from the NRA, and all gun manufacturers in the case against Bushmaster, and the deliberate collusion to avoid disclosing of evidence about Lanza or the victims says a great deal about who orchestrated the event. Researching another topic, I was intrigued to find an article that mentioned Scalia used the Federation of Lawyers to ensure “the right” judges heard high profile cases, especially those involving CIA-connected pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein. It certainly lends one to believe the judges in these cases are controlled as are others involving firearms. (Certainly, my case in Oregon against Medford 549C). Anyone who watched the film Wag the Dog in the 80’s would have no doubts that Sandy Hook was fake, as are a majority of news stories, including “war footage”, etc. Our country has been deliberately destabilized by fake elections, the current bioterrorism campaign, etc; no one is holding those accountable for failing to protect constitutional rights, including freedom of speech. Your court opponents are suing you; I don’t see how that is possible without proving a shooting did occur with evidence of the students existing, documentation of Lanza, etc. My first thought when I heard about the incident was that he was another victim of psychiatric drugging and programming. We know if the dark & twisty agencies sacrificed thousands of Americans on 9/11, a handful of teachers and children would be insignificant to obtain their objective. Do you have a fund set up to help offset legal expenses? This is a fight for every American.

  2. That crime stat chart for the FBI … should include a new category … Grand Theft Election… One Republican precinct reported that 70 % of people showing up in person to vote, were told they had already voted! Ashley Babbitt received three mail in ballots as an alleged famous dead person.

    Does anyone here think Gavin Newsome legit won the recall election?

      1. …and I mean SERIALIZED paper ballots. If we can print fake paper money with one of a kind serial numbers we can sure as hell do it for the most important right we have. That is not rocket science. There is absolutely no reason we could not have done that 100 years ago.

  3. Jim, has anybody investigating SH ever produced or cross-referenced Adam Lanza’s identity with all of his official school yearbook annuals? Is there any physical evidence – bound hardcover books – that can show his timeline as fully enrolled at said specific school?

    All that has been shown, to my knowledge, are a just a few alleged school pics, all distributed by the mainstream media. Ive never seen anyone produce an actual book.

    It would be nice to see his student body single picture (w corresponding name next to it) in the following books – 6th grade Reed Middle School, 7th Grade St. Rose of Lima, and his Fresh – Soph books at Newton High School.

    In the long run, it may not really matter. Nowadays, I see people on ebay selling reprints of HS yearbooks, so it probably wouldnt be that hard to produce a fake one.

  4. Mary, you are trying to get to the bottom of the Sandy Hook shooting but I believe you’re mostly retracing ground that has already been plowed. You are rightfully posing questions about Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES), but you need to move on to the supposedly closed Chalk Hill Middle School (CHMS) in nearby Monroe, where the entire SHES was allegedly moved in a matter of days (!!!) during Christmas vacation in 2012. Mind you, this supposed move entailed moving elementary school students to a closed middle school without a functional heater and a school that isn’t designed for them—even the toilets wouldn’t be the right size! (BTW, fake newspaper accounts of the move were all over the place–and completely farcical).

    Wolfgang Halbig has invoices and emails that prove that the SHES students were at CHMS at least as early as August of 2012. There are also satellite images that show lots of activity during 2012 at CHMS, which would be impossible for a closed school. The Monroe Public Schools gave CHMS to the town after it was closed in 2011, but it was in great disrepair. Boilers blew up when the heat was turned on, and Rick Zini, Jr.–then head of the Monroe Planning and Zoning Commission–said CHMS would need $15 million in repairs to become operational again. For many months, there was constant discussion by Monroe officials at public meetings as to what to do with the closed middle school; then, in June 2012, when the final decision was supposed to made as to the fate of CHMS, the entire issue of CHMS renovations was tabled and Rick Zini, Jr., promptly resigned. Why? Because he realized then that something bad was breaking about CHMS that he didn’t want anything to do with–that CHMS had already been renovated! So, who was the paymaster for the substantial renovations at CHMS? One possibility is that the Monroe Public Schools had been building up a huge secret fund that supposedly approached $700K in 2011, but there were probably other funds–and paper trails galore.

    One may ask, if SHES were closed in fall of 2012, why are there many cars in the parking lot on satellite images. My theory is that students and teachers parked at SHES and then were transferred by vans to CHMS. There are satellites of a fleet of large mini-vans in the SHES parking lot in satellite images, and Wolfgang Halbig has privately confirmed that SHES students–yes, they are alive and willing to talk, evidently–were indeed moved in vans.

    The avenues need to be pursued, Mary, but good luck–no one is wittingly releasing documents and no one in the area seems willing to talk, obviously out of fear of the rogue FBI. If they were, I bet a lot of folks would confess to having seen students moving to and from and all about the closed CHMS in Fall of 2012.

    1. Judge Bellis has issued an order regarding the pending motion to intervene #375. It can be found on the efile system at #375.10. I have pasted a copy of the order into this email for your convenience and due to the very close due date for objection and reply.



      09/10/2021 375.00 MOTION TO INTERVENE

      The foregoing, having been considered by the Court, is hereby:


      Any objection must be filed on or before 9/20/21 and any reply must be filed on or before 10/7/21. The matter will be adjudicated by the court without oral argument.

      1. Attempting to understand this legaleeze….so if there is no objection by 9/20, and/or a reply by 10/7, the intervention goes forward? “The matter will be adjudicated by the court without oral argument.”…which means what? It’s in the judge’s hands?
        What I get is that essentially, you are asking the court to intervene in the settlement and grant yourself more time to get a Connecticut attorney because you also have a dog in this race. Am I even close?

      2. Yes. The Court has reviewed my Motion to Intervene and directed the parties to respond by 9/20, to which I will have the opportunity to reply, exchanges completed by 10/7, and then will take the matter under advisement and decide whether to grant it.

  5. Major crisis actors at Sandy Hook Hoax was the Greenberg clan. The members live in Canada, Florida and other locations. Their oligarch is a billionaire who lives in Israel….they clan visits him often. The members played many crisis actor parts in Sandy Hook…parents, the fake concerned, fathers, husbands, victims, and school staff. I have no figures but I am sure they were each paid a ton of money to participate. If the SH scammers needed a participant, the Greenberg clan was the go-to source.
    They used to have a large presence on Flicker and Facebook but most all of that has disappeared.


    1. Don’t know why none of these so called “awake” folks here won’t reply to my comments. dave and the others like you I guess but I am the “bad boy” or something. F**k em. I’m out of here. You know how to contact me Will. Thanks Jim.

      1. What the hell? We are all busy coping with issues in our own lives. To depart because you aren’t getting enough attention is ridiculous. I have found your posts extremely interesting. Reconsider.

      2. Ej……Don’t let it get to you. I’ve been through the same thing and not a day goes by I don’t think about it. It’s not the contributors here. It’s the comment system. At least that is my conclusion. Add to that, the idea that Fetz has to moderate each comment because he was constantly under attack (as he is now from whatever he puts up on BitChute). Word Press is at fault. That’s just the way it is. Zero Hedge used to have a great comment system….it worked in REAL TIME. Since they changed their format, I go there no longer. ICH had a great system and now I think that too is gone. Could be the folks who are behind all this or have influence over it, do not want us speaking directly. I don’t know.
        We all have something to say and want to share it. That’s why we come here. We have no control over who may read it and comment.
        Incidentally, what do you think of that video I posted under which you made your comment? Is that part of the SH psyop?

      1. Which would mean that “call in” is just another part of the psyop to convince us he’s real. Agreed? Notice the comments. No one is buying into this.

  6. The Cult’s local Deadwood chapter… a million tourists walk by this every year and don’t notice the inverted pentagram and pyramid symbols. If you want to get something done in Anygiventown, USA… might want to stop by the Cult to get their stamp of approval. Greasing the skids is one of their specialties. Wouldn’t shock me if Noah dropped by the Madison Branch of the Cult before he filed his case.


    1. In the 50’s in Antioch, California, then a peaceful town of 6000 folks or so, a yearly celebration of Christmas was ironically held in the local Masonic lodge. It was fun to sit in the big chairs and see all the odd stuff. That was where the Demolay also met.

      1. I was checking on masonic lodges and churches around the country and found it more than interesting that some of them are actually called synagogues. No surprise there, eh?

  7. Practice trying to convince a person who believes Sandy Hook is real rather than talking to one another. After a few attempts you may appreciate the quality of Dr. Maxwell’s explanation.

    1. Mary Maxwell seems so sophisticated that it’s difficult to appreciate she could still believe Sandy Hook could have been real. Those who regularly visit this blog, of course, know vastly more (and in detail) about what did and did not happen there on 14 December 2012.

      1. Indeed. Much thanks to you and Halbig and the woman who questioned about the blood clean up and others for your much appreciated investigations and harvesting of truth in a world of lies.

        It seems cliche’ to say it these days but the recent 20 years history is like some Stephen King and The Outer Limits production of reality.

        To think that 20 year old kids in liberal colleges are tearing up our history and lives and they weren’t even awake for some of the most significant events. Forcing a school to spend $50,000 to remove a boulder because it is racist!!

      2. You got that right! Can you imagine my embarrassment when UW-Madison moved that massive boulder? Even our best institutions of higher learning and displaying colossal stupidity of a degree that boggles the mind. UTTER STUPIDITY ABOUNDS!

  8. I read the whole shebang and I did not skim it. The 33 million number just jumps right in my face. It lets the aware know this a cult operation… lock stock and barrel. I have been living on a road with an Elks Lodge and golf course. For the area, it’s pretty high end. As I rode my bike by the Elks Lodge I was struck by the address… 3333…. what are the chances of that being random? I would put it at less than zero. It doesn’t matter whether you or I attach any significance to numbers, the cult does. Jim’s court case exposes how corrupt the court system is there in Cheesehead land. It is indicative of how corrupt the system is in general. Then you head to Connecticut… different region and you get a 33 million dollar settlement. I am surprised Jim’s “truth-tax” was not $666,000

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  10. Wow, this “Ph.D.” lost me at hello. Anyone who thinks the “Sandy Hook Massacre” could be real is either totally ignorant, or, well, totally ignorant. There’s no excuse. One has either done a minimum of research and seen the dozens, possibly hundreds of glaring anomalies in this totally fabricated narrative intended solely to disarm America, or one has a monstrous will to stupidity matched only be a fatal streak of journalistic laziness. Sorry, Mr. Fetzer — while you, as a wise and courageous patriot, a truly great American, have more of my respect than practically any other human being on the planet, in my humble opinion, this ludicrous screed does not belong in a blog followed by intelligent patriots. Anything you have or could have written would have been far better. Word up.

    1. I get it, Joseph. But I also welcome diverse points of view. It surprises me that Mary, who joined me and another in an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court in the Boston bombing case, should still think that Sandy Hook was real. But she does appear to be reconsidering her position. Thanks for those kind words.

      1. Jim&Joseph I think she is playing it safe, in case she gets sued like Jim.
        Port Arthur in Australia seems to be the cops-like guys did it. I met a lady who said her husband talked to the guy who was charged with Port Arthur. The so-called shooter said he wasn’t even there???

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