Israel to Attack Iran? Washington Gives the Green Light to the ‘Military Option’

Phil Geraldi

[Editor’s note: My opinion has long been that Israel–and the media it controls–went all-in for Biden/Harris because, even though he had been extremely generous to the Jewish state, Donald Trump was not willing to attack Iran. That now has become apparent, where the Biden body-double has authorized a military attack by Israel on Iran. I must say that, if this goes forward, the outcome may not be at all what the Zionist masters had in mind.]


Some might recall candidate Joe Biden’s pledge to work to rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which was a multilateral agreement intended to limit Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon. The JCPOA was signed by President Barack Obama in 2015, when Biden was Vice President, and was considered one of the only foreign policy successes of his eight years in office. Other signatories to it were Britain, China, Germany, France, and Russia and it was endorsed by the United Nations. The agreement included unannounced inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities by the IAEA and, by all accounts, it was working and was a non-proliferation success story. In return for its cooperation Iran was to receive its considerable assets frozen in banks in the United States and was also to be relieved of the sanctions that had been placed on it by Washington and other governments.


The JCPOA crashed and burned in 2018 when President Donald Trump ordered U.S. withdrawal from the agreement, claiming that Iran was cheating and would surely move to develop a nuclear weapon as soon as the first phase of the agreement was completed. Trump, whose ignorance on Iran and other international issues was profound, had surrounded himself with a totally Zionist foreign policy team, including members of his own family, and had bought fully into the arguments being made by Israel as well as by Israel Lobby predominantly Jewish groups to include the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Trump’s time in office was spent pandering to Israel in every conceivable way, to include recognizing Jerusalem as the country’s capital, granting Israel the green light for creating and expanding illegal settlements on the West Bank and recognizing the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as part of Israel.


Given Trump’s record, most particularly the senseless and against-American-interests abandonment of JCPOA, it almost seemed a breath of fresh air to hear Biden’s fractured English as he committed his administration to doing what he could to rejoin the other countries who were still trying to make the agreement work. After Biden was actually elected, more or less, he and his Secretary of State Tony Blinken clarified what the U.S. would seek to do to “fix” the agreement by making it stronger in some key areas that had not been part of the original document.


Iran for its part insisted that the agreement did not need any additional caveats and should be a return to the status quo ante, particularly when Blinken and his team made clear that they were thinking of a ban on Iranian ballistic missile development as well as negotiations to end Tehran’s alleged “interference” in the politics of the region. The interference presumably referred to Iranian support of the Palestinians as well as its role in Syria and Yemen, all of which had earned the hostility of American “friends” Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Israel inevitably stirred the pot by sending a stream of senior officials, to include Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to discuss “the Iranian threat” with Biden and his top officials. Lapid made clear that Israel “reserves the right to act at any given moment, in any way… We know there are moments when nations must use force to protect the world from evil.” And to be sure, Biden, like Trump, has also made his true sentiments clear by surrounding himself with Zionists. Blinken, Wendy Sherman and Victoria Nuland have filled the three top slots at State Department, all are Jewish and all strong on Israel. Nuland is a leading neocon. And pending is the appointment of Barbara Leaf, who has been nominated Assistant Secretary to head the State Department’s Near East region. She is currently the Ruth and Sid Lapidus Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), which is an AIPAC spin off and a major component in the Israel Lobby. That means that a member in good standing of the Israel Lobby would serve as the State Department official overseeing American policy in the Middle East.


At the Pentagon one finds a malleable General Mark Milley, always happy to meet his Israeli counterparts, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, an affirmative action promotion who likewise has become adept at parroting the line “Israel has a right to defend itself.” And need one mention ardent self-declared Zionists at the top level of the Democratic Party, to include Biden himself, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and, of course, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer?


So rejoining the JCPOA over Israel objections was a non-starter from the beginning and was probably only mooted to make Trump look bad. Indirect talks including both Iran and the U.S. technically have continued in Vienna, though they have been stalled since the end of June. Trita Parsi has recently learned that Iran sought to make a breakthrough for an agreement by seeking a White House commitment to stick with the plan as long as Biden remains in office. Biden and Blinken refused and Blinken has recently confirmed that a new deal is unlikely, saying “time is running out.”


And there have been some other new developments. Israeli officials have been warning for over twenty years that Iran is only one year away from having its own nukes and needs to be stopped, a claim that has begun to sound like a religious mantra repeated over and over, but now they are actually funding the armaments that will be needed to do the job. Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi has repeatedly said the IDF is “accelerating” plans to strike Iran, and Israeli politicians to include former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have regularly been threatening to do whatever must be done to deal with the threat from the Islamic Republic. Israeli media is reporting that $1.5 billion has been allocated in the current and upcoming budget to buy the American bunker buster bombs that will be needed to destroy the Iranian reactor at Bushehr and its underground research facilities at Natanz.


In the wake of the news about the war funding, there have also been reports that the Israeli Air Force is engaging in what is being described as “intense” drills to simulate attacking Iranian nuclear facilities. After Israel obtains the 5000 pound bunker buster bombs, it will also need to procure bombers to drop the ordnance, and one suspects that the U.S. Congress will somehow come up with the necessary “military aid” to make that happen. Tony Blinken has also made clear that the Administration knows what Israel is planning and approves. He met with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on October 13th and said if diplomacy with Iran fails, the U.S. will turn to “other options.” And yes, he followed that up with the venerable line that “Israel has the right to defend itself and we strongly support that proposition.”


Lapid confirmed that one of Blinken’s “options” was military action. “I would like to start by repeating what the Secretary of State just said. Yes, other options are going to be on the table if diplomacy fails. And by saying other options, I think everybody understands here … what is it that we mean.” It must be observed that in their discussion of Iran’s nuclear program, Lapid and Blinnken were endorsing an illegal and unprovoked attack to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon that it is apparently not seeking, but which it will surely turn to as a consequence if only to defend itself in the future.


In short, U.S. foreign policy is yet again being held hostage by Israel. The White House position is clearly and absurdly that an Israeli attack on Iran, considered a war crime by most, is an act of self-defense. However it turns out, the U.S. will be seen as endorsing the crime and will inevitably be implicated in it, undoubtedly resulting in yet another foreign policy disaster in the Middle East with nothing but grief for the American people. The simple truth is that Iran has neither threatened nor attacked Israel. Given that, there is nothing defensive about the actions Israel has already taken in sabotaging Iranian facilities and assassinating scientists, and there would be nothing defensive about direct military attacks either with or without U.S. assistance on Iranian soil. If Israel chooses to play the fool it is on them and their leaders. The United States does not have a horse in this race and should butt out, but one doubts if a White House and Congress, firmly controlled by Zionist forces, have either the wisdom or the courage to cut the tie that binds with the Jewish state.


Philip Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

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26 thoughts on “Israel to Attack Iran? Washington Gives the Green Light to the ‘Military Option’”

      1. So who do you think gave Israel the Green Light to NUKE America on 911? [probably with NUKES supplied by America]. Does that smell like HIGH TREASON?

      2. Undoubtedly, a Cabal of dual-citizenship American Israelis committed HIGH TREASON before/on/after 911 – and should face a FIRING SQUAD!

    1. Look how long GodSend’s been onto the ALIEN AGENDA! It could have been written today.

      I stumbled onto this in an old Sandy Hook post on this blog from nearly six years ago, in 2016, though it’s surely not his first comment:

      ”DECEPTION is the motto of the MOSSAD – and of SATAN, “the ruler of this world” (biblical). It’s really not that difficult to CONNECT ALL THE DOTS (more like BLOODY BLOBS!). The Sandy Hook HOAX is just a small act of the THEATER OF THE ABSURD, aka the ALIEN AGENDA!”

      1. My brilliant [and consistent] comments have been all over cyberspace since 1996. [26 years]. Thanks, Toni! Here’s where it all started: [that website is aka “The Illustrated Guide to the Universe”].

      2. The website has been visited thousands of times by visitors from just about every country in the world [including ET ALIENS from Orion!].

      3. Consistency is your strong suit, Godsend. But consider that uniformity may also dull receptivity in the audience if one posts the same messages, in the same words, over and over for years.

      4. Well, Toni, the Bible’s messages have been the same for a couple of thousand years and the messages are still full of vitality – in fact, they are LIFE! The dullness, if any, is in the audience, NOT the messages! 😉 “Israel did 911” is a message worth repeating until everyone believes it. Jim’s book on 911 will continue to deliver that message [among others] for many years and to many people – just like my website messages. 🙂

      5. You see? Now this is an original comment in which you incorporated your points in direct response to my criticism. Much more lively than repeating words and phrases, don’t you think?

  1. Yahweh gave the “Green Light” to MELT the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs many years ago. Before long, Israel will be WIPED OFF THE MAP. Hava Nagila [Rejoice!.


  2. All the world’s a stage and we are merely being played. If reports are true that Israel is the most thoroughly vaccinated country, with umpteen booster kill shots… how long before they start dropping like dead flies en masse? Within a few months, I can’t imagine they would be able to invade Liechtenstein with an effective fighting force. Though they would still be able to push button plenty of attacks.

    The American people are still locked in a trance over the Kung Flu, but Let’s Go Brandon!

    1. As shown by “stock” at (just before (!) his site got taken down — you can now find his excellent work and posts now at, another Phoenix risen from ashes of censorship), based on analyses of data from VAERS, the incidence of mortality associated with mRNA experimental genetic modification inoculations (EGMIs) varied dramatically by “batch number”, which, at least up until then, were included along with the other information provided by the database saddled with grave limitations, including post-hoc data removal.

      Based on my research and surveillance, we have NO EXACT KNOWLEDGE of what these EGMIs contain; whether the contents are uniform across countries, regions, localities, or TIME! We lack basic data on mechanisms of action, the possible interaction of such personal variables as age, gender, and ethnicity. Ignorant, therefore, we can have NO CONFIDENCE that the putative EGMIs distributed to Israel and administered to inhabitants bear any resemblance — say, their toxicologic profile and likelihood of adverse events upon injection, taking into account other salient variables — to those distributed to and administered elsewhere.

      Doomsayers — and I count myself as one — have predicted for many months now immediate, latent and longer-term adverse effects, their combined influence resulting in sharp upticks of ailments, disease, and deaths due to the EGMIs, no doubt aggravated and enhanced by other salient variables. As you no doubt know, we have received many reports of emergency room and other health services “overwhelmed” as the Fall (!) progresses. The staunch refusal of many (most?) medical personnel to receive the EGMIs, including “boosters”, exacerbates the situation. As usual, nowadays anyway, Big Media ensures that only snippets, quick looks, isolated and geographically scattered testimonies reach the light of day, even through “alt-media”.

      A “data hound”, mass data analyzer, and statistical modeler during the last chapter of my professional life, I find it impossible to obtain reasonably reliable sources of data to verify, confirm, and discover actual trends, patterns of data from which one may infer, one way or the other. Stock’s work with data from VAERS is exemplary: One can get produce a silk purse from a sow’s ear on lucky occasion. Rubin and Rosebaum’s method (1983) — Propensity Score Analysis — offers a valid, powerful work-around if one has only “observational data”.

      We remain stuck like the little boy tending sheep in the high meadow, charged with looking out for the wolf. We continually put out warnings, and the sheeple themselves have grown so accustomed to this “noise”, their receptivity to dire messaging seems nil. The wolf has a field day! Perhaps the sudden “medical problems” of major sports figures and other celebrities will assist on opening up minds again. Until then, we have a great challenge.

      Finally, if one cannot convince one’s own spouse (mine of 30 years, marriage not age) and close friends of one’s perceived “truth of the matter”, then I have to despair to doing much better and useful than “preaching to a slightly increasing choir”.

      1. The analysis of VAERS data shows that not only did the incidence of death and adverse reactions vary with the lot number of the ‘vaccine’ but that bad lots were shipped to chosen states.

        This Oct. 2021 article from tapnewswire headlined 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data, says “that the ‘deadly’ lots were distributed widely across the United States whilst other ‘benign’ lots were sent to just a few locations.”

        It says, “The investigation of VAERS data also found that specific batches of the pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines which were distributed to between 13 and 50 states across the USA had an unusually high number of adverse event reports and deaths compared to lots that were distributed to 12 states or less across the USA.”

        44% of the bad lots were sent to just one state. The states are not named, but I remember that Orange County in California recalled a Moderna lot back in January due to bad reactions. So I’m afraid California might be that state, a recipient for the bad lots.

        I too was unable to keep my family from getting the jab, though I tried. So disheartening.


  3. Remember 911?

    The Mossad is Israeli.

    The Mossad was deeply involved in the execution of 911.

    The mini nukes that took down the Twin Towers came from Israel. They were former US munitions.

    Israel is one of the most dangerous countries on earth.


    1. I tend to disagree a bit here, Don…but I could be misunderstanding your words. The Mossad is no more Israel and the average Israeli than the CIA is America and Americans. They may be in back of much that is bad (run by the Rothschilds, of course), but they do not represent the true spirit of the people. Unfortunately, the people are the victims, just as we and the world are the victims of a rogue CIA. They all work together against the average man and woman to enrich and protect the elite.

      1. The Israeli Mossad went on Israeli TV after 911 and explained how they did 911, all the time speaking in Hebrew. The leaders of Israel said nothing to counter their words. I guess they were in accord with what had been said and done….eh?

        The CIA has over 21,000 employees and all of them are paid for by Congress. All of these 21,000 people are US citizens. You may not like what the CIA does but they’re all Americans. I would assume that most all of them are very loyal to the USA. JFK tried to get rid of the CIA and look what it got him…eh?

        The “spirit” of any people is another topic altogether, Will two.

        If anyone wants to ”change” the USA/CIA, then an entire overhaul of the Congress and government of the USA must happen. Will that happen? Doubtful anytime soon.

      2. ((The Israeli Mossad went on Israeli TV after 911 and explained how they did 911, all the time speaking in Hebrew. The leaders of Israel said nothing to counter their words. I guess they were in accord with what had been said and done….eh?))

        Don, the MSM in the US consistently and constantly lies to the American people (how about Anderson Cooper who is a CIA asset?). Other than Trump, what other leader here had the gonads to call out the press? How many traitors in our Congress have the gonads to call out the blatantly lawless activity of the CIA? VERY few, if any. Yeah, the CIA may be loyal to the corporation known as the USA, but certainly not to the American PEOPLE or the citizens of the world. They serve their corporate masters.

        ((If anyone wants to ”change” the USA/CIA, then an entire overhaul of the Congress and government of the USA must happen. Will that happen? Doubtful anytime soon.))

        Then fact that’s it’s not happening does not mean it SHOULD OR COULD NOT HAPPEN. Our leaders (sans Trump), for the most part have hid their head in the sand since that assassination. How does that demonstrate courage? Trump may have caved on the vax, but he showed more courage than past leaders and certainly more than the present thing in office. The CIA put a gay Obama with his tranny wife in office. How does that sit with you? How LOYAL is that??

        Don, you are welcome to reply, but I will not take it further, since it’s obvious (from post after post) YOU have given up on this country. I have not.

  4. What else could we expect from a demented president doppelganger and an insane dem party. Of course, the US will not get involved (technically). They don’t have to since they have supplied Israel with weapons for Gawd knows how long. Do us all a big favor, Iran and turn Israel into a sheet of glass.
    It’ll make one helluva skating rink
    The madness continues. The big question being when will enough be enough.
    No one seems to know.

    Let us pray that Tuesday, McAuliffe gets the big boot. Could be that will be the beginning of something.

    In the meantime, here’s some more insane news from Florida….and of course, Broward County.

    Anything below the line is not written by me.
    Florida School Takes Kids to LGBT Bar

    Wilton Manors Elementary School in Broward, Florida, decided to take a field trip to an LGBT bar that offers “amazing food and sassy fun”


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