Bougiecrats are headed for a fall-of-communism-style collapse

Toby Rogers

Sensing defeat they are lashing out in all sorts of weird ways

Background and context

As far back as 2001, Democratic stalwarts John Judis and Ruy Teixeira began making the case, to anyone who would listen, that demographic trends in the U.S. (e.g. immigration and higher birthrates in the Latino population) would lead to a semi-permanent Democratic majority in government. Their book, The Emerging Democratic Majority created a cottage industry of pollsters and political scientists who showed, with fancy charts and graphs, how Democrats, particularly Progressive Democrats, were about to be in the catbird seat of American politics.

Democrats came to see this as their due — they had higher levels of educational attainment and they had been at the forefront of the movements for racial equality, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and environmental protection — and now the arc of history was bending towards justice and they were going to collect their reward. Electing Obama showed that America had turned the page and the 2016 Presidential election was going to cement their place in history as the new hegemonic majority.

And then the wheels came off the bus.

Hillary Clinton was a uniquely flawed candidate with a spectacularly flawed team (made up entirely of loyalists, not critical thinkers) and she lost to a guy who had never held elected office before. Fainting in public at a ceremony commemorating the 9/11 attacks (and following a pneumococcal vaccine) raised doubts about her fitness for office (regarding both her health and veracity) and probably cost her the election.

By the 2020 election, in the midst of a pandemic, Democrats came together with a singular goal — remove Orange Man Bad from office. They settled on a lowest-common-denominator, Weekend-At-Bernie’s-style candidate. If elected, Biden would function as a papal placeholder while the actual power brokers run the day-to-day operations at the White House. Dems barely captured the Presidency but exit polls revealed that their hoped-for demographic waves had evaporated. Latinos abandoned the Democratic Party in large numbers. Democrats still held on to the most highly educated voters but the rest of the electorate is now up for grabs.

So Democrats were already on edge and then the pandemic got worse under Biden after 500 million coronavirus shots were injected into Americans in 2021. Roe will be significantly rolled back by summer, Dems are going to lose the House & Senate in November, and Biden appears to be a one-term president if he can even make it that long.

But the scale of the collapse ahead is so much bigger than losing any one particular election. The coronavirus pandemic was a test, and the entire Democratic theory of the state has failed. The collapse ahead is more like the fall of the Soviet Union. Democrats are not conscious of what is happening yet but on some subconscious level they can feel the political earthquake, and they are lashing out.

The last few weeks have been ugly and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Dems are holding miserable cards and everyone knows it

Sitting at the poker table here are the cards in the Democratic hand:

Their most beloved public servant, Tony Fauci, funded the creation of a chimera virus that killed 5 million people.

After 10 billion doses, coronavirus vaccines are a complete failure as daily new cases have reached a record high.

The entire theory of the case about their most sacred product, vaccines, is now in tatters.

All federal regulatory agencies (set up by the progressive movement over the last century) — FDA, CDC, NIH — have made the pandemic worse.

Empathy — the foundational emotional impulse of the party — is gone. Blue check bougiecrats now resemble something out of Lord of the Flies as they gleefully block access to safe & effective medicines and taunt their victims.

The entire notion of the regulatory state is now discredited as all federal and most state regulators are captured by industry.

Nearly all bourgeois institutions (media, academia, science and medicine) have failed.

The entire notion of “meritocracy” is gone (our leaders are not the best, nor the brightest, but certainly the most corrupt).

Elite universities have been exposed as Potemkin Villages as they are unable to do even the most basic risk/benefit calculations and are completely unwilling to protect students in their care from the predatory cartel.

What remains

The Democratic worldview lies in shambles. The tribe that remains has abandoned all principles and only believes in holding on to power. The Democratic platform now consists of:

🚩 Censorship
🚩 Cancel culture
🚩 Tribalism
🚩 Jim Crow
🚩 Apartheid
🚩 Show-me-your-papers
🚩 Indefinite extrajudicial detention
🚩 State ownership of your body
🚩 Fascism
🚩 Corporate junk science and
🚩 As many useless toxic vaccines in as many bodies as possible, damn the results.

Self-inflicted harm

I’m struck by the fact that the defining characteristic of this crisis is self-inflicted harm. It’s the greatest show of pointless masochism in human history.

Democrats poison themselves and rush out to poison their kids on the first day that they are deemed “eligible” by the state.

Intellectual heroes of the left — Noam Chomsky, Slavoj Žižek — have thrown all of their ideals out the window and now go around mumbling about how they want more fascism.

Over the past week, “reporters” at the Washington Post seem to be engaged in a debase-a-thon to see who can humiliate themselves the most in defending the cartel.

In just the past few days, a handful of washed up former rock stars have cancelled themselves in a sort of ritual human sacrifice to honor their corporate overlords.

And now the rest of the tribe (*ahem* Brené Brown) are jumping into the volcano to prove that they will remain faithful to the discredited ideology to the end.

Here’s our hand:

The #1 cable news show in the country (Tucker Carlson) is with us.

The #1 podcast in the country (Joe Rogan) is with us.

The #1 book in the country (RFK Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci) is with us.

The best rapper in the country (Jimmy Levy) is with us.

The best athletes in the world (Novak Djokovic, Aaron Rogers, and Kyrie Irving) are with us.

We just had an incredibly successful March on Washington that showed that our numbers have increased by at least 10x over the last year.

Our independent media channels on Substack, Telegram, Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute, and Gettr, are thriving. Each episode of The Highwire now gets several times more viewers than any show on CNN or MSNBC.

Almost everything we have said about the pandemic has proved to be true:
◾️ SARS-CoV-2 came from a lab;
◾️ lockdowns cause more harms than benefits;
◾️ vaccines cause more harms than benefits;
◾️ existing off-the-shelf treatments are the best way to end the pandemic.

Our movement is the embodiment of “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” Our weapons are logic, reason, and common sense. We follow the scientific evidence, not any one particular leader.

And now, we have a model for how to overthrow these corrupt governments — trucker convoys. 🙌

But even more than that, our theory of the case has won in a landslide. To wit:
✅ the best check against corruption is to protect the sacred rights of individuals;
✅ the regulatory state is captured and too many “experts” work for the cartel; and
✅ the best way to solve problems is to leave them up to millions of individual citizens using their best judgement rather than centralized, corrupt, statist control.

It’s all over but the shouting.

Blessings to the Canadian truckers. Please pray for them, that they will be resilient and feel our love and support as they occupy Ottawa until the Trudeau government abandons vaccine mandates. May it be the start of convoys for freedom around the world. 🙏

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17 thoughts on “Bougiecrats are headed for a fall-of-communism-style collapse”

  1. Is this not something we discussed early on and suspected all along?


    WATCH: Military Lawyer Says Genetic Changes Caused by mRNA COVID-19 Jabs Create New Human ‘Species’ as Intellectual Property

    Through his research, Callender claims genetic changes from the COVID-19 jabs will technically create a new human ‘species’ under the law.

    Since you cannot patent something in nature, by legal definition, synthetic genomes induced by mRNA gene therapies********* make vaccinated individuals intellectual property.*********

    While this sounds like an extremely far-fetched concept, Callender presents the documents to back up the mind-blowing claims.

  2. Very, very telling and interesting. From Jim Stone’s site this AM. Those hospitals want their bribes…this is scary as hell. Whatever you do, stay away from hospitals…find a vet for keericed sakes!

    Check out the vid on Stone’s site.

    This guy rolled his car. He woke up. He was trying to get out. EMT knocked him out with drugs. They loaded him onto a chopper. 8 hours later he woke up on a vent and and managed to remove the catheter, the IV, and the intubation. He was FINE, there was no reason for it. Hospital told him he had COVID. He was not a sleeper, he knew what they did and GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE with them attempting to refuse him to leave.
    He is trying to get people to contact him for interviews. His e-mail is
    His channel is three hours old and has 10 followers so I put the video here to prevent it from vanishing and get him mass exposure a lot quicker.

  3. If you can bring yourself to listen to this monster, do with it what you will:

    (but remember this, as with Brandon, he’s a demented, decrepit pathological liar and a fool…and thankfully, likely closer to death than Brandon)

    Part of the transcript:

    President Biden has generally adopted the right policies. He told Putin that Russia will pay a heavy price if he attacks Ukraine, but the U.S. will not go to war to defend Ukraine. If Putin attacks, his heaviest penalty will be greater TransAtlantic cooperation. Biden won’t make any unilateral concessions but is interested in finding a peaceful solution. The choice is up to Putin.

    …….Omicron threatens to be Xi Jinping’s undoing. It is much more infectious than any previous variant, although it is much less harmful for all those who have been properly vaccinated. But Chinese people have been vaccinated only against the Wuhan variant and Xi Jinping’s guilty secret is bound to be revealed either during the Winter Olympics or soon thereafter.

    …..Omicron entered China mainly through the port city of Tianjin, which is 30 minutes by high-speed rail to Beijing. By now it has spread to an increasing number of cities across China. It is no longer under control.

  4. Did anyone see Dinesh D’souza’s trailer for 2,000 mules? I know it will have deep impact. He has the cell phone data tracing all the ballot harvesting mules stuffing the boxes.It’s being released soon. He also has video of many of them.

    How about the embalming technician’s interview? He has 20 years experience and has never seen blood clots in the dead like this. There’s some yet to be identified white substance jamming arteries and veins. He found a vaccine passport in one of their wallets. Other technicians have found the jammed up veins.

    Dispatch from the Trenches:
    I red pilled a coworker last night by asking what he thought about the Marshal Fire in Boulder County, Colorado? Dave, age 58 said “they” think it was started by a coal seem fire underground. So I said there’s no porcelain left in the home wreckage. Any idea what the melting point of it is?… He had no clue of course. I said it’s 3300 and the reason I point that out is house fires and wild fires burn at under 1800 degrees f. The rusty gears in his brain started to move ever so slowly and he reached for a life boat as I pushed his head back under water. I showed him the photos of the houses turned to dust and the trees standing next to them chilling out unmolested. The gears came to a grinding halt as he could not explain it. So he said it doesn’t mean anything. So I pulled up the aerial photo of the trailor-hood in Santa Rosa. This is the one surrounded by dense forest untouched by wildfire while every single trailer is white ashen dust. I took my finger and said look at the trees as I traced the border of devastation. I heard the rusty gears in his head grind into motion moving like a snail, but moving just the same. I said you have to admit it looks damn suspicious. Dave said… “I will give you that”. I felt like I just climbed Everest.

    I should have left it at that but I couldn’t resist the urge to ask “have you ever heard of UN Agenda 21 ?” Of course he had not. So I gave him the cliff note version of where, when and who at the Rio meeting. So he goes to his desk and googles it. The first link he gets tells him it’s a conspiracy theory. So I dialed up the UN’s own site and said “is this a theory?” It comes straight from the UN. He was forced to acknowledge it was no theory. Dave sat there and read the first 13 pages while I went back to work. He said it sounded great, how the UN was looking into the future and wanted to do right by the planet and it’s people. I said think again, that’s just scratching the surface. I have looked into this for years now. You can’t spend that little time and understand the plan. I definitely got him thinking and felt like I accomplished something major. Because later he said that there’s no way the people working at the UN could do this. I let him think about it for another hour after showing him the map of the re-wilded areas now sparsely populated. I said that when I saw the map I wondered how they planned on getting millions of people to relocate until I saw the aerial pictures of all the houses turned to dust. Dave immediately reached for the blue pill he was so uncomfortable. When I returned I said “did you figure out how they would do it?” … No… I said through regional government pacts that super seed local and state authority. You have never heard of them but you can look them up. I left it at that.


    1. Dave…keep up the good work. Some will wake up…others will continue to slumber….not much else you can do. They really are under a form of hypnosis….catch that vid i put up earlier from Mark Phillips.

  5. This is highly pertinent information provided by Mark Phillips from a 1996 video. Phillips died in 2017. It will help us all to understand WHY so many worldwide made the bad choice of taking the jab and WHY so many in the media are pushing the jab. I have no doubt many of them are under a form of mind control. It’s long and you can skip around to get the idea.

    1. If you go to around 41 minutes on that vid, you may be as surprised as I that it’s alleged that Senator Byrd was involved in these perversions.

  6. Get ready, you commie traitors…your time draws nigh!

    (remember Brandon in his recent campaign rally in Pennsylvania WHISPERING…”…we won every precinct)….eat this:

    EXCLUSIVE: Last Week’s Court Ruling in Pennsylvania Means *****40% *****of 2020 Ballots Unconstitutional — Without These Ballots President Trump Crushed Biden by a 2 to 1 Ratio in the State!

    …we will see you soon, DC pervs and HAS BEENS:

    Convoy to DC: US Truckers Announce Plans for American Convoy to Washington DC; Expected to Break Canadian World Record

    Bye bye, Nancy pants…..even the FBI is feeling the crunch now…….

    The FBI Comes Down on the Pelosi Family

    A $1,500 check to a rugby club might bring the whole Pelosi empire crumbling to the ground, or at least put a significant dent in it. That’s because the check was allegedly a bribe paid by Nancy Pelosi’s son, one that the Feds are investigating him for.

    …finally, this…

    Corrupt through and through to the marrow:

    US Attorney Doc: IRS Issued Grand Jury Subpoena to JPMorgan for Hunter, James Biden Bank Records In Probe into Biden Family’s China Connections – Breitbart

    “This wide-ranging grand jury subpoena suggests that Joe’s son and brother received transfers from an account with the BANK OF CHINA. The question that remains is WHY BILL BARR directly intervened to ensure that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware’s investigation into Joe’s family was kept from the public for over 17 months until after the election, as previous reporting has confirmed. David Weiss and Bill Barr—or someone with a conscience inside the Justice Department—should answer that question for the American people,” Ziegler said in a statement to Breitbart News.

  7. They better collapse fast as this kind of miscarriage of justice cannot be allowed to continue:

    Judge: Skirt Wearing Boy Who Raped Virginia High Schooler Is Not A ‘Sex Offender’

    “I wonder how she would have ruled if it was her daughter who was raped.”

    Me… would not matter….creatures like this have no feelings.

    …AND, the victims family asked the judge for mercy (well, they raised it). Wanna bet IT does it again?

  8. Good article, but like so many posts of fair commentators, Toby glosses over the crucially important factor regarding the Nov. 2020 election. With all of the evidence already available – and to say, even before sufficient forensic audits to decertify the election of the POTUS/Commander in Chief – it is obvious that it was stolen, at least as far as the top of the ballot is concerned, and with foreign influence involved. Thus, it was an overthrow of the American Republic, by that bloodless coup d’etat. Thus, the U.S. military can now – after one year of such an event (dating from Resident Biden’s inauguration) – get involved, in righting that terrible wrong. Look for its major move along these lines soon. Even disregarding the officers illegally put in place by the Resident, the U.S. military has sufficient patriots, honoring their oath, to do the job that History has assigned to them. So: Trust The Plan.

      1. It is a conclusion based on all of the evidence that I have been able to uncover, in searching the Internet and reading books, for answers to this whole business (dating back at the least to the assassination of JFK). Others have come to the same conclusion. And there is a video to that specific fact, which is rather compelling.

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