Sandy Hook families settle with Remington over 2012 school massacre

Jim Fetzer

[Editor’s note: When I sought to intervene in this case, I was opposed by BOTH the Plaintiff AND the Defendant. That the Plaintiffs should object was not surprising, but Remington, too?

Does that give you the least hint that the fix was in? Considering my attempts to make the court and counsel aware have been repeatedly rebuffed, it appears that whether this was a staged event–actually, a 2-day FEMA “mass casualty exercise involving children”, for which we even found the manual and published as Appendix A to NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015; 2nd ed., 2016)–doesn’t matter to the parties in this case. Think about it! I published before that this $33,000,000 lawsuit was an insurance scam. Now I’m told they settled for $73,000,000. And the first name Plaintiff, Donna Soto, also played the role of Susan Bro in Charlottesville.]

What the story tells us

What the story left out

Another photo was taken a few minutes earlier where parents are present.

Comparison shows they rearranged the kids to get a better shot.

A close up reveals parents casually looking on. I call this “Lounging at the Massacre”.

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus is a Latin phrase meaning “false in one thing, false in everything.” At common law, it is the legal principle that a witness who testifies falsely about one matter is not credible to testify about any matter. Can anyone doubt that the photo sent around the world was staged? and if it was staged, the rest of the event was also staged? It’s insulting that we are being played again and again. The fraud is obvious on its face.


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21 thoughts on “Sandy Hook families settle with Remington over 2012 school massacre”

  1. 33 million dollar settlement. Ain’t that a hoot. Hits me right between the eyes. Like anytime I read a headline with a 66 year old gunman does this or that like the Senate softball game shooter… you know it’s a Cult operation. Jim … is there any photos of Lenny Posner? Sounds like Poser.

      1. Sandy Hook was no more real than the Jussie Smollett attack. Except, Sandy Hoax has the deep state, the courts and the media pushing the lie. With the likes of Obama and Eric Holder two of the Sandy Hoax producers in the background making sure the giant fraud is not exposed. Jussie should have had Obama and Eric Holder plan his false flag.

  2. A concise statement from Jim Stone on his site sums it up well:

    Remington hit with a $73 million payout to the Sandy Hook scammers
    The sky is the limit now. If you can just run a psy op and get a payout it is probably game over, the system is too corrupt to function. But we already knew that.

  3. Tucker from what I assume is last night. Hillary need to be held to count. IF there really is a Hillary at this point. She’s been caught red-handed. Of course, she will deny it…that’s the dems way. But many dems are even turning on her. Hey, dems, be aware of Arkancide, eh? Trump was right (as most of us here knew) and even Leslie Stahl from the now INFAMOUS 60 Minutes was DEAD wrong. She also needs to admit it. Tucker out-does himself:

  4. Remington is a huge maker of guns for the military. This settlement is just their PR stunt. They will easily recoup the millions from military gun sales. Business as usual.

    1. Exactly Don. How many automakers and airlines have declared bankruptcy over the past 15 years. And because they’re a DOD contracted company they probably can get a Federal grant. Hence no senior stockholders are screaming fraud !

  5. The alleged Sandy Hook massacre was carried out by a Democrat administration, and the Democrats really are good at pushing a false narrative. The lies told by Democrats are endless. The worst part of it is that most of their rank and file base and many RINO’s buy into the propaganda. I’m noticing something alarming. It looks like the mRNA gene modifying injections are having a negative impact on those who have been fully “boosted.”

  6. Jim…You know as well as I the government cannot and will never admit they were involved in a false flag, a hoax or a cover-up unless it benefits them or their Zionist rulers. Evidence and solid proof has nothing to do with the outcome. It’s a terrible travesty and an outrageous mis-carriage of justice….and at the expense of your character and relentless exposure of lies…but that it what it is and right now. I see no change coming until we all have the balls to do what the truckers are doing. Shut down the entire stinking, putrid system and refuse to budge until the entire rotten to the core government vacates DC and We the People regain our status ABOVE the corporatocracy in which we presently exist.

    1. Yes Will. Frustrating but true. But the average American is too complacent and comfortable to do what those truckers have done. My brother in law is a short haul truck driver and all he want to do is get home on the weekends and watch TV and built shit in his garage.
      Here in the sticks in western Georgia they just want to hunt & fish for fun and shop at Walmart. Wait until summer and the shelves are really empty. Those survival skills better kick in.

      1. Americans became too complacent and comfortable….”Hey, we’re Americans….what can happen to us? That illusion will change soon enough.

    2. Jim, I am sure you understand that comment was not meant to dismiss the incredible work you have done exposing this hoax and others. THAT research will have a place in history because in time, the truth must win out. But as it stands now, until the present regime and deep state is exposed to all the world and the hangings begin, they cannot admit what they have done. Entities such as these do not commit suicide. They are destroyed by fire. It’s up to us (through some form of non-compliance or yes, REVOLUTION), just as it’s up to the truckers to bring all this cosmic deception to an end.

      1. Jim, from all I have seen in the past few years, the scales of justice no longer exist. Law is dead. Politics have taken over. Reminds me of Dylan’s song….” Political World”. Listen to or read the words. 3 minutes

        [Verse 1]
        We live in a political world
        Love don’t have any place
        We’re living in times where men commit crimes
        And crime don’t have a face

        [Verse 2]
        We live in a political world
        Icicles hanging down
        Wedding bells ring and angels sing
        Clouds cover up the ground

        [Verse 3]
        We live in a political world
        Wisdom is thrown into jail
        It rots in a cell, is misguided as hell
        Leaving no one to pick up a trail

        [Verse 4]
        We live in a political world
        Where mercy walks the plank
        Life is in mirrors, death disappears
        Up the steps into the nearest bank

        [Verse 5]
        We live in a political world
        Where courage is a thing of the past
        Houses are haunted, children are unwanted
        The next day could be your last
        [Verse 6]
        We live in a political world
        The one we can see and can feel
        But there’s no one to check, it’s all a stacked deck
        We all know for sure that it’s real

        [Verse 7]
        We live in a political world
        In the cities of lonesome fear
        Little by little you turn in the middle
        But you’re never sure why you’re here

        [Verse 8]
        We live in a political world
        Under the microscope
        You can travel anywhere and hang yourself there
        You always got more than enough rope

        [Verse 9]
        We live in a political world
        Turning and a-thrashing about
        As soon as you’re awake, you’re trained to take
        What looks like the easy way out

        [Verse 10]
        We live in a political world
        Where peace is not welcome at all
        It’s turned away from the door to wander some more
        Or put up against the wall
        [Verse 11]
        We live in a political world
        Everything is hers or his
        Climb into the frame and shout God’s name
        But you’re never sure what it is

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