Susan Bradford, The Trump Phenomenon Was a CIA-Orchestrated Psych-Op

Susan Bradford

[Editor’s note: Since the question has arisen, let me observe that I often publish articles with which I either do not entirely agree or, less frequently, with which I complete disagree because they raise issues that are provocative and deserve discussion and debate. I continue to be reprimanded for my hope that Trump may come around and turn out to be a good guy who repudiates his lockdown and the introduction of the vax. Meanwhile, read this with interest. It’s VERY provocative. This blog is committed to. freedom of speech and freedom of the press, without which we lose our moral compass.]

Donald Trump, who was heavily indebted to the Rothschilds, was groomed decades ago to serve as President of the United States to preside over the transfer of power from the Rothschilds back to the Crown while protecting the interests of the world’s most infamous dynasty, the City of London, and the Vatican.

Trump’s star launched in 1987 after he acquired a 93 percent stake in Resorts International, an establishment Europe Reloaded characterized as a “CIA/Mossad front” for money laundering, drug and human trafficking, and gambling.  Among the casino’s principal investors were Tibor Rosenbaum, David Rockefeller, and Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

A Hungarian-born Swiss rabbi, Rosenbaum had longstanding ties to organized crime figures, like Meyer Lansky, the father of organized crime who founded the National Crime Syndicate in New Jersey; and trained assassination squads for George Herbert Walker Bush.

A Lansky-backed group financed the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s early casino operations – efforts Trump would later champion as he attempted to secure a Las Vegas-style casino for the tribe whose efforts paved the way for tribes across the nation to acquire their own casinos.

At the same time, reform efforts were gaining momentum as knowledge of predatory banking practices and entrenched corruption among public office holders spread.  New strategies were needed to douse growing public awareness and pacify the public.

In 1988, a class action filed on behalf of farmers whose land had been illegally foreclosed upon by the banks, revealed substantial fraud within the financial system; the litigation formed what would later be called the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. (NESARA).

Through NESARA, reformers were taking constructive actions to expose corruption and restore integrity to financial and government systems, forcing the government to serve rather than oppress the people. At the same time, litigation and legislation required the government to unleash trillions of dollars in prosperity funds for the public good.

In response to growing populist and nationalist demands, a plan was conceived whereby the elites would appear to do take steps towards reform while actually doing the opposite. This was the essence of 5-D chess – saying one thing and doing another while keeping everyone confused about what was actually going on.

Royal biographer Joseph Gregory Hallett recalled that in 1988, “the esoteric CIA” tapped him to serve as future King and Messiah who was to usher in the New Age alongside Trump, who, as future President, would restore virtue to governments worldwide.

The Rothschild’s 200-year contract with the Crown, which was established during the Napoleonic Wars, was set to expire in 2015. By crashing the British stock market, the Rothschilds were able to purchase breeding rights into the British Royal family, otherwise known as “Victoria’s secret.”

After acquiring control of the British Monarchy, which had been the “defender of the (Christian) faith,” the Rothschilds proceeded to breed themselves into Royal families, topple governments, establish monopolies for their companies and industries, and siphon the assets and resources of the fallen nations – plunder that was further facilitated through a secret breeding program that allowed them to put their own people into positions of power.

The Rothschild governments and banks were color-of-law, Hallett said.

Once the contract expired, the truth would be revealed and the Crown would be restored to honest hands. Those governments that had been compromised in the process would fall as the Rothschilds returned the keys to the kingdom. In the process, virtue and integrity would be restored, and rule of law would reign supreme throughout the land.  At the same time, wars would end, and people would once again prosper.

The esoteric CIA, he said, was responsible for fulfilling Biblical prophecy – that is preparing for End Times and guiding the people into the New Age as laid out in the Bible.  Predictive programming by way of encoding messages in films, books, TV shows, and video games was part of the effort to prepare the people for the inevitable, as the elites had planned it.

Trump embraced his destiny with both hands, taking to talk shows to promote his brand and America first agenda, hinting that he might become President one day. Throughout his appearances, Trump always blamed the dumb politicians for the problems confounding the nation while deflecting culpability from the bankers.

Not long after Trump entered the casino business, he found himself in hot water. As Trump struggled to make payments, investors sought to push him out, but Wilbur Ross, the Rothschild’s leading bankruptcy negotiator, appreciating the value of Trump’s brand,  negotiated new loan  terms that allowed him keep a stake in casinos while retaining his brand as a “successful businessman.”

Trump’s First Presidential Run

By 1999, the elites were getting desperate. President Bill Clinton was rushing against the clock to implement the New World Order before NESARA could take effect. With House Speaker Newt Gingrich  and House Majority Whip Tom DeLay mobilizing support among Republicans, Clinton was able to secure Communist China’s membership in the World Trade Organization, setting on the world on a path to elevate China to global hegemon while devastating the United States.

According to NESARA researchers, the U.S. Supreme Court, which was responsible for  implementing reforms, was dragging its feet. Patriots within the military, they said, attempted to force the federal government’s hand by having Congress pass the 75-page National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA).

While NESARA was gathering dust in Congress, Trump was not taking principled actions on behalf of the people. Rather, on July 13, 1999, The New York Daily News reported that Trump had decided against a 1999 presidential run, based upon polls coordinated by Schroth & Associates, a firm located at 1101 30th Street Northwest Suite 220 Washington, DC 20007, the address for Ikon Public Affairs, a company run by Trump lobbyist Roger Stone.

This Knight in Shining Armor would be Played in Rothschild’s 5D Chess Match with the American People

(Schroth may have been an abbreviation for Schulte Roth & Zabel, a firm which represented Merrill Lynch, the Seminole Tribe’s financial advisor; and which served as counsel in real estate deals on behalf of the Wilbur Ross-led Invesco. In 1900, George Herbert Walker, a member of the Bush clan, founded an investment bank, G.H. Walker & Co., which eventually became a part of Merrill Lynch. Walker was also President of the investment firm, W.A. Harriman & Co., which was founded by Averill Harriman, who established the National Security apparatus within the United States.)

On July 25, 1999, just two weeks after Trump pulled out of the presidential race, Russell Jay Gould stole the American flag and proclaimed himself Chief Executive of the United States, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, and Post Master General “We sued the United States for the flag of the United States,” Gould said.  “I got myself in position so when the bankruptcy ended, I would be the man with the last flag standing. (From) that night on, I held the secret that there was no Presidency. There was no Constitution. They  did not have a flag. They did not have a military. They did not have a Treasury. They did not have any ports. They did not have any department within their construct of government.  (We)’re at war with the people, but the people don’t know that.”

What is important in Gould’s statement is what he did not say. He did not mention NESARA or provide any basis for the people to extract themselves from this corrupt system or provide a solution on how the system could be reformed. Rather, he “stepped in and (attempted) to take legal control of a series of institutional dominoes resulting in (his) becoming the U.S. Commander in Chief, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and much more.”

Alaska Judge Anna Von Reitz, who has led efforts to correct the fraud perpetrated against the American people, has contended that Gould “is not a hero, (but) a pirate.”

“Like his pal, Keith Livingway, he stole back our flag from other pirates,” she asserted. “Keith stole back copies of the Articles of Confederation, but didn’t return it to the proper owners — the American states and people. (He)  instead claimed that he had captured the Title IV Flag for himself and his buddy, (and) away they went to Rome to cut a deal with the Vatican. (They) are trying to use our looted property as the basis to set up shop for their own governments — (they) are pretending to be the Successors of our lawful government.”

Gould accurately predicted that no President would be elected in 2000, but would instead be installed, or selected. This is precisely what happened as the election stalled over hanging chads in Florida  – an election that was ultimately decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Helping to stop the recount and shore up victory for the Bush-Cheney ticket were Roger Stone and the Carlyle Group’s James Baker, with Greenberg Traurig, Trump (and the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s) counsel, representing Bush in his legal contest.

Once installed, the Bush Administration proceeded to suspend American civil liberties in response to the War on Terrorism, precipitated by the events of September 11, 2001.  BKSH, a consulting firm Trump retained to help him fight competition to his casinos in Atlantic City, drove the false intelligence reports that led the world into War against Iraq.  According to NESARA researchers, on that fateful day, the NESARA documents were held at the World Trade Center while the part of the Pentagon which had been struck was the command center from which NESARA was to be coordinated.

Giving hint to NESARA, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld alluded to the “missing trillions” that could not be accounted for at the Pentagon.

Deep State Psych-ops

Trump loyalists have often spoken of a second White House at Trump’s Mar-a-lago club in Florida, asserting that he was secretly in control and working with “white hats” and taking out Deep State actors, even though the opposite appears to be true. His campaign and Administration were infested with the swampiest of Deep State creatures.    

Notably, as Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitki wrote in George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, there is a second White House of sorts around Mar-a-lago; it’s not controlled by Trump, but by the Bush political machine.

Jupiter is the headquarters of George H.W. Bush intelligence and psychological warfare operations. It is also the location of the Trump National Golf Club.

Victoria’s Secret mogul Les Wexner who was “accused of being a participant in Jeffrey Epstein’s  cabal of child rapists” and “sued for allowing Epstein to use (his) home for his liaisons with underage girls” has a home there as do Lara and Eric Trump.

The island is roughly 20 miles from Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-lago Club and five miles from an estate purchased by Don Trump Jr. and his wife, Kim Guilfoyle.

Joseph Reed, who worked for the Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman; and his wife, Permelia, the daughter of Sam Pryor, purchased the nine-mile-long Jupiter Island in 1931. Known as the “merchant of death,” Pryor partnered with Averill Harriman, Prescott Bush, and Nazi leader Fritz Thyssen in the banking and shipping industries.

Averill Harriman: Father of the Deep State 

Harriman had also bankrolled Yale University’s Skull & Bones secret society which groomed and financed the rise of world leaders, like Mao Tse-tung, who led the Communist Revolution in China in concert with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA. Among the most prominent Skull & Bones members were George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush.

Jupiter connects to Palm Beach. Situated nearby is the Seminole Tribe’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Ft. Lauderdale.

In 1991, a newspaper reported that George H.W. Bush frequently visited Jupiter, which was described as an “astonishingly private club (where properties were) only sold to those who fit in.”

The island became “the staging ground for (Harriman’s) 1940 takeover of the U.S. National Security apparatus,”  Tarpley and Chaitki wrote. “It was this connection that the island became possibly the most secretive private place in America,” a powerful center for the covert management of the federal government and an incubator for psychological warfare operations to ensure “a stable worldwide environment favorable to (the City of London’s) financial and political interests.”

High atop the Bush – and City of London’s  – agenda was blocking NESARA  and keeping the New World Order on track.

Q Psych-Ops

In lieu of genuine reform, Q posts promoted the notion that Trump was taking down the Deep State. Hopeful patriots were fed stories of blood-drinking pedophiles and children being rescued from underground tunnels. If such activities were happening,  no proof was ever provided. Rather, patriots were told to “trust the plan.”

Nor was any proof provided of the elusive tribunals that were prosecuting and executing treasonous celebrities and politicians – some of whom were replaced with clones, as alleged in parody websites, like Real Raw News, whose allegations were embraced by followers of the Q-Anon movement as the gospel truth.

            At the same time, Gould claimed to be “under contract as Commander-in-Chief conducting the largest military court martialing in the history of planet Earth.”

            “I conducted the world’s largest court martialing at the Washington obelisk in Washington DC every 45 days for four years, where I conducted numerous trials with 20 to 50 video cameras  at all time with their microphones, with a Chinook and Apache helicopter sometimes above my head with their cameras out with their guns looking at me,” he said.

            Yet, none of these videos have  ever been released to the public

            Gould also claimed that he invented and copyrighted the Quantum Banking System upon which the Quantum Financial System was based: “I took my Quantum Banking System into the United Nations where I met with 82 ambassadors, sharing them the technologies (and) how it correlates to the postal systems in their respective countries, also tying it (into) flag etiquette.”

This was the QFS to which one Q spokesman, who professed access to Deep State “intel,” Trump, and Gen. Michael Flynn, offered opportunities for followers to become first in line to receive  its benefits.

The NESARA promoted wasn’t the class action-inspired legislation, but, reportedly, an entity labeled NESARA, reflecting the sort of rhetorical deceit that typifies the Deep State.

The leading Q personalities who garnered the most views and were actively promoted had acquired prominence within the movement after attempting to launch Hallett as King and Messiah.

Leading the movement were CIA agents, various people professing access to secret “intel” that was often found wanting, and various people of British extraction.

At the same time, the patriot movement, which was being run by the Bush political machine, according to Von Reitz,  kept the people passive while tapping their resources, energy, and attention and preventing them from taking constructive action towards genuine reform.

Q Psych-Ops: Go Back to Sleep, Patriots 

Trump communications and Q posts appeared to be coordinated, reflected in common verbiage and timing.  Trump’s National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, even built a business around “Digital Warriors” and promoted the Q-Anon tagline, “where we go one, we go all” (WW1WGA) only to concede to celebrity attorney Lin Wood that Q-Anon was a psychological intelligence operation, one that Wood claimed was making patriots look insane.

Q mouthpieces encouraged actions that resulted in the criminalization of patriotic activities, as if leading patriots into a trap – whether that amounted to speaking out aggressively at school board meetings or convening on Capitol Hill to overturn an election.

Astute observers compared Q-Anon to the Bolshevik psych-op from Soviet (Rothschild-controlled) Russia in the 1920s called Operation Trust, which kept those who challenged the corrupt, predatory Communist forces overtaking their government, passive, inactive, and fed reassurances that the military was in charge and secretly routing out  the criminal usurpers.

Disinformation disseminated throughout the Trump years made it difficult for people to discern truth from fiction – and in the fog of their confusion, the United States was being conquered and devastated, following the pattern of Soviet Russia.        

            As patriots celebrated the memory of President John F. Kennedy, one Q-Anon influencer claimed that he was to the President’s long lost son, JFK Jr., back from the dead, except that he wasn’t.

            Given the fixation held by elites to fulfill Biblical prophecy even though many among their ranks are sacrilegious, it should not come as a surprise that patriot tours traveling around the country and led by Q personalities and intelligence assets are given religious names like “The Resurrection,” as if signaling the return of Christ.

The Ghost of Epstein

If shame and compromise were the glue that held the Deep State together – along with grift, bribery, and sub rosa patronage, then Trump couldn’t have been aligned with the Deep State more perfectly.  While Epstein was exposed on Trump’s watch, this was not of Trump’s doing. In fact, Trump appeared to make every effort to suppress knowledge of the pedophile’s crimes.

Apparently Epstein had been indicted in two separate jurisdictions – Florida and New York. Epstein’s case was sealed in Florida, leaving the case in New York in play.

Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, appointed Geoffrey Berman to the position of U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  Since New York prosecutors were not bound by the terms of Epstein’s deal in Florida, Berman and his team unsealed the case in the Manhattan Federal  Court.

Once the damning information concerning Epstein’s involvement with powerful political figures and celebrities became public, Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer for Trump and Epstein and close personal friend to Lynn Forester de Rothschild, came forward to take credit for unsealing the documents. “There are no new accusations against me (with regards to my engagements with Epstein) in the documents I got unsealed,” tweeted Dershowitz.

At the same time, alt-right figure and Info Wars talking head Mike Cernovich, who was close to Dershowitz, claimed that he was the one who had unsealed the documents.  With no mention of the New York prosecutor or credit given to Sessions, Cernovich wrote: “Over 2,000 previously sealed documents in a case involving Jeffrey Epstein are now available. The documents were sealed under court order until Mike Cernovich of Cerno Media filed a motion to unseal the documents. The Miami Herald soon joined his lawsuit, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the records unsealed.”

While these two were kicking up dust over their alleged involvement in unsealing the Epstein papers, Trump demanded Session’s resignation on grounds that the Attorney General recused himself from Russia-gate and did not properly defend the Administration from false accusations.

Sessions was promptly replaced with William Barr, who had worked for Kirkland & Ellis, the firm which represented Epstein in 2008 and negotiated the pedophile’s sweetheart deal with Florida attorney Alexander Acosta whom Trump had appointed Secretary of Labor.

When asked during confirmation hearings whether he would undergo a “full and thorough” investigation into the Justice Department’s handling of the Epstein case, Barr said, “I have to recuse myself from Kirkland & Ellis matters, I am told. I think Kirkland & Ellis may be involved in that case, so I need to sort out exactly what my role can be.”

Once appointed, Barr fired  Berman.

When Sessions tried to regain his Senate seat in Alabama, Trump actively campaigned against him by backing the Senator’s challenger, Tommy Tuberville.

Even though Sessions reportedly characterized himself as an ally and supporter of Trump in campaign literature, Trump distanced himself, tweeting: “Three years ago, after Jeff Sessions recused himself, the fraudulent Mueller scam began. Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions. He let our Country down.”

On the contrary, Sessions did the country – and the world, a huge favor by appointing the attorney who unsealed the Epstein case.  He should have been hailed as a national hero!

Jimmy Saville and Jeffrey Epstein: A Crown for Your Child

That Trump would champion the interests of Epstein over those of the victims should tell patriots all they need to know about the President and lead them to question everything else.

It is clear that Trump owed his career to people whose power was acquired through the compromise racket. For example, Lansky compromised judges and political figures on behalf of the Mossad. Following his example, Roy Cohn, who was mentored by Lansky, invited influential people to orgies and took pictures of them for safe keeping. Cohn, in turn, mentored Trump while serving as counsel.

Allegations of pedophilia among the political classes emerged during the Nixon Administration. As New York Detective “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein reported, the Watergate scandal, which concluded in 1974, was really about recovering a book of influential pedophiles.  That year, the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) launched in England to normalize pedophilia and eliminate the age of consent.

Why were the elites so intent upon compromising leaders during the Nixon years? The Nixon Administration was moving forward with normalizing relations with Communist China – an agenda resisted by many national figures. Assisting Secretary of State Henry Kissinger with his China diplomacy was George H.W. Bush and the CIA.  Bush would later become CIA Director, with both men serving the interests of the City of London.

The Washington Times would later report on pedophile rings surrounding people of influence connected to Bush and President Ronald Reagan while Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher entertained the notorious pedophile, Jimmy Saville, who had links to the British Royal family and many influential British politicians.

President Barack Obama was apparently compromised too. While the Illinois Senator was campaigning on a platform of “hope and change,” Roy Black, an attorney who had negotiated Epstein’s “sweetheart deal,” with Dershowitz and Ken Starr, held a fundraiser for Obama, no doubt enhancing the Rothschilds’ influence within the new Administration.

Starr was the nephew of AIG founder C.V. Starr who worked with the OSS to gather intelligence on Chinese businesses and infrastructure and helped map out China for Western corporate takeover prior to the Communist Revolution.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild was connected to Epstein by way of Trump’s attorney and mentor, Roy Cohn, while Rothschild was aligning with World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab and the Vatican during the Trump Administration to promote the Great Reset and Inclusive Capitalism – that is, the New World Order, rebranded.

In the end, Stone reportedly was overheard in a phone call with a friend, characterizing Trump as “the greatest single mistake in America” and a “disgrace.”

Trump “betrayed everybody,” he said.

If Trump has taught us anything, it’s that the people must look to themselves (and God), rather than personalities for their own salvation.  The information, resources, and tools are available for patriots to restore the United States to a country and Republic of, by, and for the people of God, with liberties restored and assets returned.  It is not too late nor are we out of options, despite efforts by the Deep State to demoralize the people. Eternal vigilance has always been the price of liberty.

Susan Bradford is the author of The End of Globalism: How the Rothschilds Used Donald Trump as a Trojan Horse to Deceive Patriots; Perpetuate Color-of-Law Governments and Central Banks; and Rig Elections to Keep the Failing Plan for World Tyranny and Global Pillaging on Track

(c) Susan Bradford 2022

All Rights Reserved


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24 thoughts on “Susan Bradford, The Trump Phenomenon Was a CIA-Orchestrated Psych-Op”

  1. Folks, Bradford’s article is conspiracy-theory run amok. Among the huge amount of nonsense:

    “Royal biographer Joseph Gregory Hallett recalled that in 1988, “the esoteric CIA” tapped him to serve as future King and Messiah who was to usher in the New Age alongside Trump, who, as future President, would restore virtue to governments worldwide.” Really?

    “Harriman had also bankrolled Yale University’s Skull & Bones secret society which groomed and financed the rise of world leaders, like Mao Tse-tung, who led the Communist Revolution in China in concert with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA.” Funny but all the evidence I’ve read is that the CIA tried to get rid of Mao from Day 1.

    “Allegations of pedophilia among the political classes emerged during the Nixon Administration. As New York Detective “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein reported, the Watergate scandal, which concluded in 1974, was really about recovering a book of influential pedophiles.” Really?

    “Perhaps it is no coincidence, then, the first Q post appeared on October 28, 2017, just four days after Callista Gingrich, the wife of Newt Gingrich, was sworn in as Ambassador to the Vatican.” Sorry, but yes, it really is a coincidence.

    For those of you who really believe Trump was an agent of the Bilderberger/Rothschild/gllobalist elites, why would the elites expose themselves so massively to the tune of frantically creating 20 million fake votes to defeat a guy whom they already controlled?

    1. Bear in mind that I publish some articles the present an alternative point of view with which I may or may not agree. It took me a while to decide that this one offered a provocative perspective that deserved to be assessed. So I welcome serious comment, critique, and debate.

      1. No worries Jim. It’s good to get all sides, and there are certainly things that Trump did or didn’t do that puzzle one. However, I attribute most of his disappointing actions as due to the need for establishing a political base (e.g., Israel) or constraints by Congress (forcing him into certain Cabinet secretaries), or refusal of the courts and bureaucracy to support his actions. It took Putin 20 years to clean up the swamp in Russia and even to this day Rothschild globalist 5th-columnists stalk his administration.

    2. Part of the theater, William. I cannot name one project during Trump’s admin that at the time seemed to be something positive for We the People that has not been reversed. Maybe you can. He could have initiated serious election reform in those four years which of themselves may have saved his re-election. He did not. Why?

      1. Trump had many important accomplishments, including construction of the wall, re-negotiation of NAFTA, prohibited entry of asylum-seekers, ending the military presence in Afghanistan, tightening our immigration laws, reducing our presence in Syria, bringing back millions of manufacturing jobs, avoiding any new international military conflicts, and prohibiting federal vaccine mandates. The reality is that there is only so much a president can do without the support of the Congress, courts, and bureaucracy. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Trump is his refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election and the use of that as a litmus test for GOP candidates running in primaries, which may eventually transform the GOP into a true anti-globalist party.

        All of the above ran counter to the globalist agenda and almost all of it was reversed by Biden, to the detriment of the U.S. But the fact that Trump achieved even this much carries much more weight than some old photos of him and Epstein and Clinton and Bush 41 or the fact that he had a Jewish lawyer (after all, his business was situated in New York City!)

      2. The Democrats have learned how to cheat. The Electoral Colleges makes it somewhat easy. All they have to do is concentrate their cheat efforts on the 3 or 5 tightly contested states and the Repubs will have their heads in a toilet. Game over!!!!

        Trump had NO election reform because the Dems prevented it.

        The US is sunk as far as honest elections are concerned.

      3. William, you make some valid points which I accept. But whether or not he accepted the election results is moot, since only an act of divine intervention will change what is. We needed and still need serious election reform, which to me means paper ballots with several verifiable copies. Minus that, 2022 and 2024 will once again be stolen. And certainly, much of what happened in the 2018 midterms could have been avoided.

        At this moment, election reform is of prime importance and it must be done prior to November 2022.

        I care not about his relationship with Epstein or the Clintons. I DO care about his promoting the vax and until I hear some kind of stepping back in that regard, Trump will never get my vote.

    3. Nope! Trump was just a puppet of the NWO or Satanist as I call them. And as Will stated below he was just a actor in the theater of distraction in the final days of America. Just as Barry Soetoro the Indonesian trust fund baby was the Democrat party savior,Trump was for the Republican Party. He absolutely did nothing in his four years installment as president that benefited any Americans.

      And facilitated the growth of the Military industrial complex thru Operation Warp Speed. A known narcissist and sexual child abuser.
      Here is a link for you reading & research.

  2. Absolutely tremendous law just signed by Governor Kemp of Georgia!

    Georgia hopped on the bandwagon and passed a Constitutional Carry bill that will make owning firearms in Georgia easier to do for law-abiding citizens. According to Fox5, the bill will allow citizens to carry handguns WITHOUT a license. This is a big win for gun-owning Americans.

    Now, all we have to do is get a few other states to follow…

    Dark green is Permissive open carrying (permitless with full preemption)

    Light green is Permissive open carrying with local restrictions
    (permitless with possible local restrictions)

    Yellow is with a permit

    Orange is anomalous (Open carry is generally prohibited)

    Red is non permissive (in the case of Fl, that means concealed carry WITH a permit..DeSantis should hop on board and get rid of that nonsense)

    Obviously, the yellow in GA has now changed.


  3. I have said it day one. Watch the walk. Screw the talk. Trump says all the right things, great tweets, great rallies, etc but in the final analysis not much changed. Trump was used. He was about dividing people. The single greatest tactic used so far. Make his brand of make america great again, nationalism, patriotism, anti big government, anti all sorts of things divisive. Split all those in two. Make them controversial. Nothing Trump talks about should be controversial or hated. The problem though ultimately isn’t trump. It’s the people. In the end it doesn’t matter what trump is. It’s what he says/said and the people should have demanded the change he talked/a about. They didn’t.

    1. DonaldD….Have no fear according to the following in which Mike Adams interviews David Wilcock. All is going according to The Plan from Howard Hunt. It’s very likely the cabal will all be taken down before the 2022 election. Many are already in prison. Wilcock has received prophesies from Michael the Archangel. Q is on target. Trump’s hole-in-one was a message and if we are all good, that is doing anything to show we are anti-cabal, we will become bullet-proof. He knows because he’s one of the smartest people on earth.
      Yes, indeed.

    2. “Watch the walk. Screw the talk. Trump says all the right things, great tweets, great rallies, etc but in the final analysis not much changed.”

      My sense of things is I know most of the federal government is deep state. And I lean 95% or so that Trump is another DS lackey. I do think he might be legit though. Although with my belief in my sense of Christian prophecy – things progressively worsen until the mark of the beast scenario – things are unlikely to get better before they get worse again and the end ushers in. So my sense is a data point that suggests Trump cannot be for good.

      That being said, in terms of “watch the walk.”

      – Trump closed the border. I saw a report that in the past year we’re talking 750,000 illegals crossing. Huge difference.

      – Trump with the economy. We were a net exporter of petroleum. Gas was around $2.00/gallon. Huge difference.

      – Trump with respect to war. We had no war under him.

      – Trump on covid. He promoted HCQ. Had his suggestion been followed, there’d essentially be no covid. (His endorsement of the shot is a huge red flag, I acquiesce.)

      – In the fall of the cabal series, it appears he took over Saudi Arabia (the ritual with the sword), British monarchy, the pope). Huge difference.

      – He went after human (including child) trafficking with a vengeance.

      – The speaker of The Moneymasters video, Bill Still, said the Trump administration solicited him for recommendations on monetary reform and he said it appears they utilized his suggestions and the Fed may be nationalized. Another huge difference.

      I am sure I could drum up more, but my point is I don’t think your assertion that nothing changed holds water.

      Again, I don’t “get” Trump and also, I of course have serious reservations about him promoting the jab.

      But I don’t see that his actual deeds were no different then everybody else.

  4. It is hard to get rid of corruption. The crooks take advantage of the innocent, they have no common decency or fair play. You are fighting human nature.

  5. I woke up that Trump was just a fake a long time ago. It seems Fetzer, Alex Jones etc are often wrong. But the mainstream media are usually wrong. I just take things one topic at a time.

    1. Well, Susan makes a powerful case. I have faulted Trump for the lockdown, assassinating Soleimani, and kowtowing to Israel, which (no doubt) she makes more explicable. But I still have a certain degree of faith in the man and cannot see anyone else in American who has the potential for taking charge to set things right. It’s a quandary, but I like the guy in spite of his flaws–which I concede are serious and substantial. I still support him.

      1. …and supporting the vax, eh Jim? I understand your point. How sad is it that we have to once again choose the lesser of two evils. And this is not because there’s not possibly a person of integrity out there in our peasant ranks. It’s because the system has made it impossible for anyone to run with less than a billion bucks to throw away OR who is not on the list of a “chosen” one. Add to that, a voting system that has yet to be corrected and you have more than a quandary…you have a catastrophic failure of this Republic UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE STEP FORWARD AND CHANGE IT THROUGH WHATEVER MEANS WE HAVE LEFT (and I think we all know what that means).

      2. On 9/11/2001 Trump said it must be a bomb to blow up the towers because in 1993 a bomb blew out half the columns in the base of the North Tower, and it never fell over. He also said I hope Larry Siverstein,my mate, is OK. Now the first was true and the second showed why he never put Larry and his fellow crooks,who did 9/11, in jail. Now , Al Gore should have been president. When the now bad guys of the democrats wanted Al Gore to have a recount of the votes and needed “one senator” to sign their petitition, Al Gore said not one had signed it. Since Gore could have signed it, and was vice president to Clinton, and President of the Senate,he obviously did not help himself win. Next we have Trump being robbed of being President by the same Democrats who were robbed by Bush and their own Senate President. This is what I have seen of the american voting system.

      3. BillAu….As best I remember (I lived in Palm Beach County at the time), the recount was in progress per Florida law and SCOTUS stopped it with the tie breaking vote from Scalia. It was obviously a steal and Bush was to be president no matter what. It would SEEM that Jebb, Harris and eventually Scalia made sure that would happen. When it came to certifying the results in CONgress, Gore had little choice but to go along with the SCOTUS decision. Can CONgress overeride a SCOTUS decision? I do not know and do not remember any petition post that decision. If you have any verifiable info in that regard, I sure would appreciate it.

      4. The Supremes were all eager and excited to jump into the fray concerning Gore and Bush.

        When it came to the Election of 2020 the Supremes were terrified and cited the possibility of nationwide riots if they did anything. The great Supreme Court justices were like blocks of ice.

  6. The entire living population must die before the US has even a slight chance of salvation of its original plan.

    There is hope…yes. But this current crop, except a very small few, has not the slightest interest in stopping corruption in the US. The recent health pandemic was nothing compared to the institutionalized corruption in the US.

    As long as 99.9% of people still believe that 26 people were killed at Sandy Hook school, there is NO hope for the USA.


  7. ((If Trump has taught us anything, it’s that the people must look to themselves (and God), rather than personalities for their own salvation. The information, resources, and tools are available for patriots to restore the United States to a country and Republic of, by, and for the people of God, with liberties restored and assets returned. It is not too late nor are we out of options, despite efforts by the Deep State to demoralize the people. Eternal vigilance has always been the price of liberty.))

    That’s the take-away, even if the entire article above that statement is false.
    ….and we had better get to it.


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