Did a Conspiracy Theory Just Collapse? Sandy Hook and Alex Jones

by Daniel Pipes

[Editor’s note: Nice piece of propaganda, where even though Alex Jones may have caved and Mike Palecek may have issued an apology, I remain dedicated to the truth about Sandy Hook, where I now have a Petition before the US Supreme Court to reverse the ruling of the Dane County Circuit Court on the ground that the Summary Judgment protocols in Wisconsin violate my rights under the 7th and the 14th Amendments. You can download my Petition from the SCOTUS docket here. And check out some of my posts about the Alex Jones’ trial for damages, including “Alex Jones Calls Out ‘Murder of Due Process” at Sandy Hook Show Trial” and “Revised” Sandy Hook Parents to Testify Against Alex Jones, and a Culture of Lies”. For more, BeforeItsNews: “James Fetzer: How to Spot a False Flag – A False Flag Checklist. Report.”]

Conspiracy theories tend to live forever; think of those surrounding the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. Therefore, what recently took place in an Austin, Texas, courtroom is remarkable and to be celebrated: the rare likely collapse of a conspiracy theory.


Alex Jones.

Alex Jones, a motormouth endorsed by Donald Trump (“amazing”) and Joe Rogan (“hilarious”), refused to accept that Adam Lanza killed 26 and injured 2 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on Dec. 14, 2012. It was not the deadliest school massacre in American history; rather, “no one died.” The gunman, victims, and parents were all “crisis actors” who followed the Obama administration’s carefully rehearsed script to win public support for stricter gun-control laws.

Over nearly a decade, Jones won a large audience and made a fortune by hawking his inversion of reality. He also caused great pain, especially to parents of the 20 slaughtered children. Jones-inspired conspiracy theorists mocked the parents, threatened them, harassed them, and even shot up their homes. In response to what they called a “living hell,” Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, parents of a murdered 6-year-old, brought a defamation law suit against Jones.


Surprisingly, on the final day of testimony, Jones acknowledged that the shooting was “100 percent real” and conceded that his claim of a hoax was “absolutely irresponsible.” He also apologized: “I unintentionally took part in things that did hurt these people’s feelings and I’m sorry for that.”


But if Jones hoped this last-minute concession would save him money, he erred, for the parents won $4.1 million in compensatory damages and $45.2 million in punitive damages, amounts that Jones’ great wealth just might be able to cover. (A plaintiffs’ expert witness testified that he made $62 million in 2021.)

James Fetzer and Mike Palecek, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control.

Nor is Jones alone in the dock. In 2015, James Fetzer and Mike Palecek published Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control. In 2019, a jury fined Fetzer $450,000 for falsely claiming that Lenny Pozner, the father of Noah, a student killed at the school, filled out a false death certificate for his son. Palecek released a statement of remorse: “The Court has ruled that the death certificate of Noah Pozner is not a fabrication. … I accept the Court’s ruling without appeal and I apologize for any resulting distress that I may have caused.”

The triple-whammy of a conspiracy theory found false in courts of law, incurring large monetary fines, and admissions of falsehood is as important as it is rare, and for two reasons.


First, by penalizing those who defame and torment the victims of an atrocity, the Sandy Hook trials cleanse the body politic. They rebuke the irresponsible, invoke accountability, and impose a cost on fact-free accusations. As Pozner states, the damages awarded him send “a message to hoaxers and conspiracy theorists and others, who seek to use the Internet to revictimize and terrorize vulnerable people, that their actions have consequences.”


The trials provide a welcome interlude of sobriety and sanity in a time of incessant accusations of “fake news” and rampant conspiracy theories, coming from both the Right (e.g., claims the 2020 U.S. presidential election was rigged) and the Left (claims of Russian cooperation with the Trump campaign in 2016). All sides need not just to celebrate this achievement but to build on it.


Second, and more profoundly, the Sandy Hook trials might actually terminate a conspiracy theory, an exceptional occurrence, for they usually fester and grow over time. Debate over major incidents – the violent suppression of the Knight Templars in 1312, the eruption of the French revolution in 1789, the Dreyfus Affair of the 1890s, or the attacks on 9/11 – tend to live on forever. Likewise, suspicions of alleged conspirators such as Jews, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Jesuits, Freemasons, Philosophes, Illuminati, and Jacobins can continue on for centuries, even millennia.

A fifteenth-century illustration of Jacques de Molay, head of the Knights Templars, and another Templar, burned at the stake.
While conspiracy theorists have a talent to deny the obvious facts (just wait for the claim to surface that Jones never apologized; a double did so) and pessimists see their message enduring, the Sandy Hook obsession will now likely be discredited and wither away. Further lawsuits against Jones, Fetzer, Palecek, and other fantasists will help further to nail shut this particular coffin.


Remember always that conspiracy theories are not some harmless diversion but horrid reversals of the truth that too often create a living hell.


Mr. Pipes (DanielPipes.org@DanielPipes) is the author of two books on conspiracy theories. © 2022 by Daniel Pipes. All rights reserved.
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29 thoughts on “Did a Conspiracy Theory Just Collapse? Sandy Hook and Alex Jones”

  1. There’s feasibility in the following video. Soto may be Mireles. BUT, either they are smartening up OR I am a poor researcher. For the life of me, I cannot find an image of Mireles with an ear exposed. Having gone through hundreds of pic , I cannot find any. Could it be she has no ears? Is that just happenstance or are they catching on? I have a good pic of Soto’s ears. If anyone can come up with a shot of Mireles’ ear or ears, please pass it on and we’ll compare the two.


  2. The following is the best high def footage of the “firehouse fiasco” at SH. What’s going on here? Folks just seem to be walking casually around (within the police tape bounds…in itself very telling, as if it’s part of this strange script). The lack of urgency and emergency is astounding. Anyone having no idea of what was supposedly going on would view this as quite bizarre. No one seems to have a purpose other than to look busy doing nothing. Watch the guy in yellow in the beginning. …just wandering about with no direction.

  3. Thanks Daniel for such full of shite essay/article on how easy Americans and the rest of the world believes in a lie. I have no words for AJ. He’s a puppet. I remember getting into heated conversation about the Sandy Hook drill with former friends and co-workers when I was working in Washington DC. And telling them this was a mass casualty drill on steroids facilitated by Obama and friends. I even showed them my old drill ID from one I participated in at Langley AFB in 2011.

    Some of these same individuals was combat veterans with security clearances and one I knew had a National Security Letter like I did ,but I guess he wanted to keep his job, paycheck and a pension. Human beings can only hold on to secrets for so long until the emotional trauma surfaces.
    For those that haven’t seen this documentary it’s a great redux from Sofia Smallstorm.


  4. Sorry, Daniel, but we have drill manuals, drill marquee signs, and drill signature sign-ins of the event plus invoices, emails, and satellite images that prove the students were at Chalk Hill Middle School at the time of the alleged “massacre”. Not to mention the lack of actual death statistics and certificates and the pathetic acting jobs of Gene Rosen and Robbie Parker along with totally fake newspaper accounts (such as the one with the supposedly dead principal!). It is 100% certain that the Sandy Hook shooting never happened. Alex Jones caved on the bad advice of his lawyer, who also broke attorney-client privilege. But would it have made any difference? There has never been a trial in the case of JFK’s assassination or 911 or Sandy Hook, and the ones for Oklahoma City and Boston and Parkland were farcical show trials. But if Jones was going down, at least he could have maintained his integrity like Jim Fetzer did.

    1. There is a problem with the claim that the students were at Chalk Hill in 2012. They found asbestos at Chalk Hill in May 2011 and the handicap parking there is the same as Sandy Hook. Only yellow spaces and no signs.




      If asbestos and lack of ADA compliance are part of the reason Sandy Hook had been closed between 2008 and 2012, why would the children have been sent to Chalk Hill which has the exact same issues?

      Also here is the Wayback Machine results for the Monroe Public Schools website. Looks familiar.


      1. BB….Your first Imgur prove zero as do the next two. The first is obvious, but the next two require at least some explanation. You offer none. And I have no idea what you are trying to say in the final chart. You might consider adding some words of explanation to whatever you are trying to say.
        This type of post is normally typical of someone who is trolling and has little to offer in the way of intellectual debate. I hope that is not the case here.

      2. Did you read the documents? It says asbestos was found at Chalk Hill school in May 2011. According to Halbig, that’s where the Sandy Hook kids were going prior to the shooting.

        If you read Fetzer’s book, it talks about Sandy Hook not being ADA compliant, only yellow handicap spaces and no signs. Chalk Hill had the same yellow lines and no signs.

        Chalk Hill seemed to have similar issues that Sandy Hook did.

        The last image is the Wayback Machine results for the Monroe Public Schools website. Like Sandy Hook, it has a lack of internet activity after 2008.

        The claim about Sandy Hook’s lack of internet activity makes no sense anyway. Even if the school were closed in 2008 and the kids sent to Chalk Hill, the website would still exist. They would just edit the website and put in the schools new physical address.

      3. BB…All distraction. No way are any yellow lines visible in that photo. And if they were, we are speaking of SH, not Chalk Hill and that’s true for the remainder of your diversions.

      4. OK, here’s a better view of Chalk Hill. Only yellow handicap spaces.



        This is from page 39 of the book:

        “For those who are less familiar with the background of the Sandy Hook hoax, here is a summary of key aspects, which include ample proof that the school had been closed by 2008, which included that it was not compliant with Connecticut laws implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act, where there is a complete absence of the familiar white-and-blue parking areas and corresponding signage”

        Bringing up Chalk Hill is not a distraction. According to Halbig, the students had been going to Chalk Hill at the time of the shooting. If Sandy Hook was not ADA compliant, neither was Chalk Hill.

      5. There’s only one mention of Chalk Hill in the book and it has to do with the students being sent there after and how it had been closed and had to be cleaned up to accommodate the students….page 310. I have great respect and admiration for Halbig, but he was not a contributor to Nobody Died at Sandy Hook….

      6. At around 30:00 you’re asked about the graves. You say they have rocks in them and one has an African-American doll? You said there’s no proof anyone died, do you have proof there are rocks or a doll in the graves?

      7. As an investigative journalist, I have sources I cannot disclose. Perhaps at some point after SCOTUS rules I will be able to say more. If nobody died, what do you think was in those coffins?

      8. I still cannot post the word v—–a on this site anywhere??? Its still blocked for me. Is it me or what???
        Will Two has the same problem I believe….anyone else?.


      9. Well, to be perfectly candid, Frank is an idiot. He’s obviously un-informed, close-minded and driven by emotion. It would have been embarrassing IF he had engaged you in debate. He would have been turned into a pile of ash. I think you got set up.

      10. I think you’ve got it right. It was 2:30 AM/ET when there was probably only a modest audience and he wanted to draw me in but where he silenced my mic at the end. I made some important points, but I think you are right and it WAS a set up. Bad on me.

      11. BB…4:39 PM yesterday……as far as “rocks” are concerned, Jim said “may be”. The answer was obviously meant to be conjecture. The only way buried bodies can be confirmed or not confirmed is through exhumation and we all know that will not happen at this point. So, saying bodies are buried has as much behind it as saying there are no bodies. Anything can be staged and that has been proved endlessly. This guy Frank was part of a set-up….in my opinion…

      12. I might also add, this Morano fellow is a contributor to Newsmax which I have come to distrust.

      13. Will Two, based on his reply about not being able to disclose sources, it was more than conjecture.

      14. Both right. Some conjectures are better-founded than others. Still a conjecture but not without a basis. Thanks to you both on this.

  5. Always a good idea to look closer. See those ears?



    Now that I got that up, maybe this will post, since it would not after 5 tries on a different article: (I have never been able to figure out, after hundreds of posts that would not go up, as to why they will not allow them. It’s a mystery.

    Nope….would not take it…oh well….maybe next time….

    Anyway,. at least here’s the link:


    1. The overwhelming response to this comment re the ears has required me to post Jim’s comment from where I posted the same on another article. Maybe this will solicit some response:

      James Fetzer says:
      August 20, 2022 at 10:30 am
      Great catch, Will. Clearly not the same ears, where ears are as distinctive as fingerprints. Not the same boys.

  6. Mr Pipes’ brief essay here is a lot of nonsense. His’ naming Jim Fetzer and others as ”fantasists” is a slur totally counter to reality. Mr Fetzer is not a fantasist, he’s a seeker after Truths and may I add an excellent one.

    Mr Pipes also invokes the name of Adam Lanza. Pipes seems to know little about the Sandy Hook Hoax because we researchers know for a fact that no such person as ”Adam Lanza” has ever existed on this planet. Adam Lanza was the fictional product of the person or people who wrote the Sandy Hook FIMA script.
    Sandy Hook will not wither away…it’ll be around for a very long time. The worldwide company Amazon.com is so terrified that people will know the truth about Sandy Hook that they defied the US Constitution and banned the book from their huge inventory of books for sale…so much for Free Speech. [ a photo of this book is illustrated in this Post.]

    File: Dylan is supposed to be dead….so how is he able to attend a Presidential signing ceremony several days later?


    1. In my File photo we see Dylan attending his own funeral and several days later he attends a Presidential ceremony. Please tell me how a dead boy can be attending events when he’s dead?

      Even then VP Biden told reporters that he saw photos of the Sandy Hook massacre with a lot of children with their faces full of bullet holes and their jaws blown off. Do you get the feeling that Biden is one massive liar???



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