Kyle Becker, Biden Declares ‘National Emergency’ After Creation of New DOJ Task Force to Combat Domestic Terrorism

The Biden administration has quietly perpetuated the state of ‘national emergency’ that was initiated after the 9/11 attacks, which were carried out by Islamic terrorists twenty-one years ago this month. On Tuesday, the White House declared the alleged ongoing state of national emergency by referring to the 2001 terror attacks:

The actions of persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support terrorism continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.  For this reason, the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13224 of September 23, 2001, as amended, and the measures adopted to deal with that emergency, must continue in effect beyond September 23, 2022.  Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency with respect to persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support terrorism declared in Executive Order 13224, as amended.

The perpetuation of the national emergency comes amid accusations by rank-and-file FBI agents that the Biden administration is “exaggerating the threat of White supremacists and pressuring agents to cook up domestic terrorist cases involving racist extremists.”

“Current and former FBI agents told The Washington Times that the perceived White supremacist threat is overblown by the administration,” the report stated. “They said top bureau officials are pressuring FBI agents to create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White supremacists to meet internal metrics.”

“The demand for White supremacy” in the FBI “vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy,” said one agent, who spoke with the Washington Times on the condition of anonymity. “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

The FBI agent said the bureau’s leaders “have already determined that White supremacy is a problem” and have set a policy to prioritize finding incidents of racial violence to fit into the mold of ‘domestic terrorism.’

“We are sort of the lapdogs as the actual agents doing these sorts of investigations, trying to find a crime to fit otherwise First Amendment-protected activities,” one FBI agent said. “If they have a Gadsden flag and they own guns and they are mean at school board meetings, that’s probably a domestic terrorist.”

The FBI’s categorization of racial violence that may be domestic terrorism goes in only one direction: White suspects who commit violence against any ‘person of color’ is a potential case of domestic terrorism. If a person of color commits an act of violence against a white victim, that is typically not considered to be a potential act of ‘domestic terrorism.’

The Center for Strategic and International Studies in a 2020 analysis provides an illustration of how think tanks seize on politicized terrorism data to fit the left’s narrative that ‘right-wing extremists’ and ‘white supremacists’ constitute the single greatest threat to U.S. national security:

This analysis makes several arguments. First, far-right terrorism has significantly outpaced terrorism from other types of perpetrators, including from far-left networks and individuals inspired by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Right-wing attacks and plots account for the majority of all terrorist incidents in the United States since 1994, and the total number of right-wing attacks and plots has grown significantly during the past six years. Right-wing extremists perpetrated two thirds of the attacks and plots in the United States in 2019 and over 90 percent between January 1 and May 8, 2020. Second, terrorism in the United States will likely increase over the next year in response to several factors. One of the most concerning is the 2020 U.S. presidential election, before and after which extremists may resort to violence, depending on the outcome of the election. Far-right and far-left networks have used violence against each other at protests, raising the possibility of escalating violence during the election period.

The CSIS provides a chart of the ‘percentage of terrorist attacks and plots by perpetrator orientation’ below (1994-2020):

While a CSIS frequency chart conflates the number of ‘terrorist attacks’ and ‘plots,’ which further clouds the actual nature of the argued terrorism threat:

The Department of Homeland Security in a 2022 National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin provides a snapshot of recent acts of political violence that highlights how terror attacks can be misclassified as “right-wing”:

  • The suspect in the grocery store attack in Buffalo, New York in May 2022 claimed he was motivated by racist, anti-Black, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, often referred to as the “great replacement” or “white genocide.”
  • A violent attack in May 2022 in Laguna Woods, California targeted congregants of a church that serves the Taiwanese community.  The attack killed one individual and wounded five others.
  • In April 2022, an individual wearing a gas mask threw two smoke canisters and opened fire on a New York City subway during morning rush hour, resulting in injuries to dozens of individuals.

Here are a few facts about acts of political violence that have occurred under the Biden administration. Payton Gendron, the suspected Buffalo mass shooter, had leftist leanings and hated Fox News. The Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre that killed 5 people and injured 40 others was allegedly committed by a black nationalist who supports Black Lives Matter. The NYC subway mass shooting suspect was a black nationalist and BLM supporter. The July 2021 Capitol barricade attacker was a follower of Louis Farrakhan and National of Islam supporter. Salvador Ramos, the Uvalde mass shooting suspect who allegedly killed 19 schoolchildren and two educators, is a Hispanic-American and clearly not a ‘white supremacist.’ The Laguna Woods shooting suspect is a Chinese nationalist who was upset about Taiwan. A Tulsa hospital shooting suspect who was believed by some to be a ‘white supremacist’ was a black male upset at a local doctor.

The list could go on. Potential terrorism cases are arbitrarily not being included for reasons of political inconvenience, while others are distorted to fit the Biden administration and FBI narrative about ‘far-right extremism’ and ‘white supremacy.’

As the Washington Times points out, the FBI whistleblower accusations coincide with the White House’s creation of a new DOJ task force to combat domestic terrorism:

The agents’ revelations coincide with President Biden’s “United We Stand” summit Thursday at the White House. The summit built upon the administration’s push to root out racially motivated domestic violent extremists, which included the creation of a specialized Justice Department unit to combat domestic terrorism.

However, the FBI denies targeting groups according to their political ideology or radical identity.

“The FBI aggressively investigates threats posed by domestic violent extremists,” an FBI spokesperson told the Washington Times. “We do not investigate ideology, and we do not investigate particular cases based on the political views of the individuals involved. The FBI will continue to pursue threats or acts of violence, regardless of the underlying motivation or sociopolitical goal.”

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22 thoughts on “Kyle Becker, Biden Declares ‘National Emergency’ After Creation of New DOJ Task Force to Combat Domestic Terrorism”

  1. WHY isn’t EVERY state doing this??

    BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin County Takes Control Away from Dominion – Approves Hand Recount of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and U.S. Senator Race in November Election

    Reader David sent this in:

    A few weeks ago I recommended to our County Executives to provide funds for a hand count of our upcoming 2022 governor and US Senate races in selected municipalities. I emphasized this would provide proof to those of us that are skeptical of the voting machines.

    The Washington County Executive Committee recently announced that the Washington County Board has provided funds to perform a hand count of ALL the votes in the entire county!

    This is a great first step. Please announce this on your website so as to encourage other counties in Wisconsin and elsewhere to do the same.

    I”f we find the machines are not tallying the votes correctly, that will be prima facia evidence of the fraud. If the tally is correct, we’ll need to move on. But we definitely need more counties to do what Washington County has done; do a hand count to compare the two. Yes, we are counting the paper ballots not machine images.

  2. I don’t care how you feel about abortion. Personally, I think a woman’s body it a woman’s body and the government has no place in making decisions regarding her sovereign right. That said, what happened here is ABSOOOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. IN FACT, IT’S DISGUSTING and goes against everything this country is supposed to represent…especially religious freedom.

    Fully Armed FBI SWAT Team Raids Pennsylvania Evangelist’s Home, Terrorizes Family Over Pro-Life Views

    “A fully armed FBI SWAT team was dispatched to a Pennsylvania evangelist’s home on Friday and terrorized his family for sermonizing pro-life messages and spreading the Christian gospel.

    We need to disband the FBI along with the CIA. Period..

  3. Every time I listen to some new level of hypocrisy from a leftist politician or pundit, I say to myself “how low can they go…how much further can they speak from the side of their mouth without speaking into their own ear? And then, with the next article or transcript I read, I always get my answer which is….”always lower and always further”. That’s the thing about lies and corruption, it always must build upon itself to continue the astounding deception.

    CNN’s Wallace: Alarmed By ‘Weird’ Trump Rally – He’s Going ‘Darker And More Extreme’

    “And what one wonders is, and he is under tremendous pressure, you know, in terms of the January 6th investigations, in terms of the documents and in terms of what he conceivably or may have done down in Atlanta with the DA there, now you’ve got Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, on whether he committed fraud by inflating the value fraudulently of his businesses. You know, he seems to be going in a darker and more extreme direction in terms of American politics. And, you know, that would be interesting, but not particularly important, except for the fact that there are millions of people who seem to be willing to follow him in those directions.”

    Chris Wallace took the legacy of his father and turned it to shyte.

  4. With the IRS militarized against the average tax slave, does anyone expect this to go anywhere?

    “A conservative activist group has filed a complaint with the IRS asking the agency to deny personal tax exemptions for Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan arising from the couple’s funding of grant programs to help municipalities pay for the 2020 general election.

    In a second complaint, the Center to Renew America (CRA) requested the removal of tax exemptions for three Zuckerberg-supported non-profits: the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), and the National Vote at Home Institute (NVAHI).

    The complaints allege that the Zuckerbergs and the three organizations pumped almost $500 million into the 2020 election process in an effort to influence the outcome in favor of candidate Joe Biden and other Democrats.”

      1. Thank you for that, Toni. There IS still some life on this blog. Have you found any connection between Becker and IJR? Quickly perusing the articles, I don’t seem his name anywhere. And now, when I go to that Linked In, they want me to sign in. Have you ever heard of Becker? Am I being paranoid? The other two links go nowhere…is that your experience?

    1. Although, I don’t see the article or Kyle Becker’s name anywhere at the Independent Journal Review. I saw and read the article from my “feedly” list earlier, before Jim posted it here, though I don’t remember the site.

      In a web search of the title, I found it published everywhere. Diamond and Silk posted with no author at Frank’s Speech. Here it is at USSANews:
      with the author as Constitutional Nobody.

      But other places, it’s Kyle. Weird that you intuited that something was off.

      1. Appreciate the reply, Toni….Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then….or something like that. And the acorns are already falling in Suwannee……a sure sign of a rough winter ahead for this area. Last year was bad enough

  5. Kyle Becker, author of this article. is full of nonsense. ”Islamic terrorists” had nothing to do with the 911 attack. The attack was the operation of the CIA, White House and the Israeli Mossad. It was basically the USA attacking itself.
    Nothing personal Kyle, its just that your ”what happened” FACTS are all wrong.

    1. This is the problem. The official narrative gets burned into the public’s mind. This is what the FBI is trying to do with their bogus raid on Mar-a-lago. They make the claim that Trump had “classified” documents and was going to leak them, when in fact the FBI stole his private documents, and then could plant false evidence and leak it. They wouldn’t even have to plant it. They could just leak false information which they do all the time, 9/11 being a prime example.

      1. Burned and for too many Americans, etched in the depths. This is no more apparent than in that series Dave Kraft turned me on to called Homeland…wonderful stories…great writing….and superb acting…but the 9/11 official narrative is ceaseless and unending….the Arabs did it…certainly not the Jews or the Mossad or the CIA. But I will say at times they do portray Israel in a bad light. That surprises me.

  6. Trump shot himself in the foot in that interview with Hannity. Saying he could declassify anything with a thought was his ego speaking. He’ll regret that statement. From all I have read and heard (even from Turley), Trump or any president can declassify any document. I don’t think this is in dispute. So, why all this back and forth continues has me befuddled. It would seem it’s all to keep the raid in the forefront prior to and right up to the 2022 midterms. The illegality of the raid does not matter….just the perception by a highly gullible and unthinking populace.

    Appeals Court Rules DOJ Can Regain Access To Trump Raid Docs

    “For our part, we cannot discern why [Trump] would have an individual interest in or need for any of the one-hundred documents with classification markings, said Judges Robin Rosenbaum, Britt Grant and Andrew Brasher (the latter two of whom were appointed by Trump). “Classified documents are marked to show they are classified, for instance, with their classification level.”

    “According to the judges, Trump “has not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information contained in the classified documents,” according to the decision.”

    “In any event, at least for these purposes, the declassification argument is a red herring because declassifying an official document would not change its content or render it personal,” the panel continued. “So even if we assumed that [Trump] did declassify some or all of the documents, that would not explain why he has a personal interest in them.”

    Me…why does he have to have a need to know? Why is that any of their business if the documents are unclassified? It’s his private personal business. All these damn officials want to get into our heads. Do not let them…they have no right to be there. Fucking privacy….what happened to it?

    1. A complete Red Herring from my point of view. Why does Trump have to prove anything? What happened to innocent until proven guilty. It’s not clear what is even in the documents and if the FBI even has the right to look at the classified documents themselves. There are supposed to be three equal but separate branches of government. Where does the FBI fit in? Their track record when it comes to Trump and many others is very poor. Trump having private papers that were locked up is not a crime, but the unhinged loons that stole the election don’t see it that way. We need an investigation into Biden’s illegal activities. Illegitimate Biden is the problem, not Trump. Biden is a total catastrophe in all respects. Opening the Southern Border is an Act of Treason. Stealing elections is illegal. Lyin’ Biden should be behind bars.

      1. 100% agreement. Of course, Hillary’s bleach feat is to be forgotten, eh? It’s a rogue government and the midterms had better reflect what the vast majority knows. If not, it’s time to hit the streets….especially the streets of DC…foreign nation or not. Trump made some serious mistakes, but everything taken into consideration, he’s our best bet in 2024. DeSantis does not have the national following, but he would be great for the VP slot to further assure a victory.

  7. I’m a retired school teacher and former US Peace Corps Volunteer in the Micronesia I program. The individual person I fear the most is Joe Biden, who is clearly not of sound mind, and has a track record of criminal activity, combined with very irrational decisions that are extremely damaging to the country. He’s driving the world unnecessarily into WWIII by provoking the Russians and fueling the fires of war with massive amounts of aid to Ukraine.

    The group I fear the most is the Democrat party which has nothing to do with democracy despite it’s name. It has become the party of freaks, misfits, and thugs who wholeheartedly believe in totalitarianism and rigged elections. There is no way that I will ever believe BIden was legitimately elected aside from independent audits of the 2020 election being conducted in all 50 states that would prove Biden’s vote count was not counterfeit.


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