Paul Craig Roberts, The Suppression of Free Speech Has Close to Majority Support in America

Paul Craig Roberts

Almost every minute of every day I see overwhelming evidence of America’s collapse as a free country.  Elon Musk conducted a poll on whether Twitter should allow President Trump to use the social media platform. Fifteen million people responded.  51.8% of the respondents said “yes,” but almost an equal number 48.2% said “no.”  In other words, almost half of the 15 million social media users who responded to the poll oppose free speech for a former president of the United States.

No doubt, being as indoctrinated as they are, they see Trump as a “pussy-grabber,” a Russian agent, and an insurrectionist and regard cancelling his First Amendment right as punishment.  Many of the same crowd want pedophiles to be relabeled “minor-attracted persons,” a step toward removing limitations on sexual relations between adults and children. They are content with the free speech right of pedophiles to advocate, but not for President Trump to express political views on Twitter.

In the case of Julian Assange, Wikileaks’ founder who published the leaked information documenting US war crimes and lies to allies, my headline doesn’t go far enough. A large majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans in practically equal percentages, desire Assange to be prosecuted for doing what journalists are supposed to do. President Trump and his Secretary of State Pompeo denounced Assange with the same intensity as Nancy Pelosi.

Members of both political parties believe that free speech that challenges official narratives should be suppressed. Even more stunning, almost 100% of American print and TV reporters want Assange prosecuted.  Here we have the entirety of the US print and TV media renouncing their own profession.

Those who oppose free speech for President Trump probably think of themselves as virtuous, the salt of the earth.  In fact, they are stupid, brainwashed people easily indoctrinated who are so badly educated that they do not understand that free speech is essential to the preservation of liberty.  They are so utterly stupid that they do not understand the meaning for their own  lives of the fact that the governing elite are doing everything possible to censor everyone, no matter how distinguished and expert, who dissents from the lies that comprise the official narratives.

Throughout the Western World truth is being rapidly closed down. Honest journalists, such as Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi are evicted from print and TV media.  Medical doctors who saved lives by treating Covid patients with Ivermectin and HCQ instead of following the murderous imposed protocol that let them die rather than to admit that there were cures, which would have threatened vaccine profits, are having their medical licenses confiscated as if they had committed a medical crime by saving lives.

Scientists who don’t accept the Woke ideology that gender is self-declared, not biologically determined, are disciplined and fired as “transgender deniers.”  Anthropologists  and sociologists who understand that a diverse, multicultural Tower of Babel is not a country are demonized.  Historians who understand that the United States is not based in “white racism” are branded “white supremacists” and “threats to democracy.”  Elections can be stolen in plain view, and no one is permitted to say so. The incidences of suppressions are not merely a few isolated cases that can be dismissed as anomalies.  They are across the board.

The so-called media speaks with one voice and it is all lies.

Russian and Iranian news sources that do not adhere to the official Western explanations are either banned in the Western World or forced to register as “foreign agents.”

In other words, the Western World has it fixed so that everything that is not propaganda and a lie in service to official narratives is defined as “misinformation.”  The ruling establishment has set up “fact checkers” whose function is to represent official narratives as the only correct explanations.  Many Americans are so utterly stupid that they believe that someone who calls himself a “fact checker” is one.  The point has been reached where any American who favors free speech, such as Elon Musk, is a prospect for investigation as a foreign agent.

The suppression of truth is the road to tyranny, and 48.2% of Twitter users are all in favor of it.

Americans today live in a matrix of lies. Their beliefs result from osmosis in constantly repeated lies.  Truthful information is difficult to find and is being closed down where it exists. The Western World is living in George Orwell’s 1984, the only difference being that the ruling elite today has far more powerful spying and punishment mechanisms.

And they grow stronger every day.

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17 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts, The Suppression of Free Speech Has Close to Majority Support in America”

  1. Mr Roberts has need to know before he was born that Rudolf Steiner predicted that in 21st century America individual thinking will be banned. If Mr Roberts takes the trouble to research Steiner, Mr Roberts will discover that Steiner also
    predicted the cosmic entity Ahriman and allies will incarnate in 21st century America. As one can easily ascertain reading and viewing available information and pundits like Mr Roberts, Rudolf Steiner
    is eithsr ignored or tabu.

  2. From Fetz’s BitChute channel


    Here’s the actual wording of that law:

    B. Machines or devices used at any election for federal, state or county offices may only be certified for use in this state and may only be used in this state if they comply with the help America vote act of 2002 and if those machines or devices have been tested and approved by a laboratory that is accredited pursuant to the help America vote act of 2002.

  3. Here’s the solution; as best I can reason, the only solution. We cannot fight a war on our knees attempting to use the same system that enslaves us and WANTS US DEAD. We cannot talk our way out of a tyranny with a jackboot on our heads. We cannot use rationality against insanity; the insanity of death jabs for infants…the insanity of allowing children to change their sex….the insanity of wearing a mask…..the insanity of a president and vice president heading the most powerful country on earth who cannot form a coherent sentence….the insanity of blatant and arrogant corruption…..the insanity of the January 6th trial and outrageous treatment of our fellow human beings who dared to follow the CONstitution….the insanity of fraudulent elections…..the insanity of a media that only exists to push the official narrative…..the insanity of a country that does nothing but LIE to its citizens.

    Add more if you wish.

    So, if you care to remain on your knees, brewing in convenience and complacency, hoping more words (other than real prayer) and some hero will come along to save us, don’t bother watching the following. It’s only for those who understand blood MAY have to be shed to restore this country to what the founders created and for those who KNOW we are ignoring We the Peoples most powerful asset….OUR NUMBERS.

    11 minutes….

    1. Following up with a short article from CDmedia

      You Say You Love America, But What Are You Going To Tell Your Granddaughter When She’s A Sex Slave To The Regime?

      by L Todd WoodNovember 27, 20222635

      Our generation has failed and betrayed the republic

      I’m a member of Generation X, born right after the baby boom.

      We didn’t realize how well we had it during our youth. Our grandparents and parents left us everything — a real country, an amazing care-free childhood, patriotism, church, and family.

      Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s all gone now, and we helped it to be destroyed — by doing nothing.

      I meet people who are still ‘surprised’ at what is happening to our nation.

      They are ‘shocked’ at drag queen shows’, LGBTQIX (add more letters here), Facebook censoring posts, Biden sending money to Ukraine, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.


      It’s pathetic.

      Realize that we are in the middle of a fascist, Maoist revolution against our beloved America.


      If you have money, why aren’t you building a PAC? Why aren’t you funding legal costs for those fighting the corruption, vaccines, and other forms of tyranny? Who are you saving it for? Your retirement at the Villages?

      Good luck with that…


      Are you still shopping at Walmart, sending your money to communist China?

      Are you still on Facebook? Allowing your data to be harvested by Beijing?

      Are you still shopping at Amazon? Sending your money to the corrupt Washington Post to fund the information war against America?

      If so, you should be ashamed.

      Don’t call yourself an American, call yourself a pathetic, comfortable worm.

      Are you still just bitching on social media?

      When is the last rally you attended?

      What did you do in your county to stop election fraud? Are you camped out on the steps of your jurisdiction’s election apparatus?

      Are you still watching Fox News, run by Paul Ryan who is part of the information operation against the nation?

      It’s not over but the fat lady is getting dressed.

      Thankfully, there is one thing to remember — we are 2/3 of the country. They cannot defeat the people if we don’t accept globalist fascism.

      It’s darkest before the dawn, but not if you have to tell your granddaughter that the best you can offer her is to be a sex slave to the next Hunter Biden.

      Get to work, peacefully, and thanks for letting me rant…

    2. China’s on the edge….as is Brazil and others. What’s it gonna take to get us off our convenience laden, waiting for Godot enigmatic excuses, lethargy saturated, flaccid blogging arses to come to grips with the reality of the following?
      November 27, 2022

      As The Clock Quickly Ticks Down Towards Deagel’s 2025 Forecast Of Less Than 100 Million People In America, A Catastrophic Die-Off Of Over 225 Million, The Globalists Try To Hide Their Genocide

      Living Under A Medical Dictatorship Will Be The ‘New Norm’ If Biden And The Globalists Get Their Way

      “While we’ll never get this news from the evening news nor the mainstream media, according to research being done by Edward Dowd, a former expert Wall Street analyst and BlackRock portfolio manager, there is a staggering amount of ‘excess mortality’ as 2022 nears its close, with over 2,400 EXCESS Americans DYING each day following the rollout of vaccine mandates.

      With Dowd warning Mike Adams in this story that comes out to an alarming 900,000 EXCESS Americans dying in a year, as Dowd explains, excess mortality is running about 32%. Around 7,700 Americans routinely die each day, and 32% of that comes to 2,400+ deaths per day. That’s only counting America. Global deaths are, of course, far higher. Credible estimates of global deaths from covid-19 vaccines have been compiled by other analysts and experts, and they claim that at least 20 million people have already been killed worldwide from covid-19 vaccines, making the scale of this “vaccine holocaust” more than triple the size of the historical Holocaust atrocity.”

      “And while quite ludicrously, according to one medical journal, anti-vaxxers are causing the deadly blood clots in vaxxed people by scaring them about all of the now-proven vaccine dangers (DOES IT GET ANY MORE INANE??), if that’s actually the case, then why didn’t all of the medical tyrants scare all of the ‘anti-vaxxers’ into deadly heart attacks and strokes with their endless medical tyranny, lockdowns, mask mandates and abuse? ”

      The jab is killing people. There is NO DOUBT. This is not fear mongering. It’s phucking reality.

  4. Yes, the growing antipathy towards free speech is worrisome. But, to be honest, I’m not sure I am 100% supportive of the absolute demagoguery and disinformation emanating from our government, mainstream media, and much of our social media. But the cavalry is on the way–as the European economic collapse is ramping up, large percentages of Europeans believe more in the Russian media than in their own: When the economic collapse comes to the U.S., it’s inevitable that a similarly large percentage of Americans will switch sides in the free speech debate.

  5. All due respect to PCR, but in this article, naivete’ may be his downfall. I doubt any poll on Twitter actually represents how Americans feel. Those polls are likely as infiltrated as the election process AND, there are many, as myself (with as many reasons), who would not use Twitter. And that pole re Assange is three years old and also likely quite skewed.

    I have no trust in Musk (as much as he may look like a hero in this moment), as Mr. Space X and the man responsible for a convertible red Tesla SUPPOSEDLY orbiting the known universe….have we all forgotten that bit or prestidigitation?

    That said, we had all better speak up soon. …whatever that looks like.

    If we do not, what’s coming down the pike will be deserved.

      1. Will, I don’t think DeSantis will run. He just got elected to a well-deserved 2nd term as governor of Florida and to begin immediately campaigning for president would be a dereliction of duty. He will wait until the last minute to keep others guessing and then support Trump. By 2028, the field will have cleared and he will have two free years of campaigning after his 2nd term finishes. All the others–Pence, Haley, Youngkin, etc.–are no-counts compared to Trump. The only thing that can stop Trump is a criminal conviction for something, but that’s very iffy, especially since in any normal legal environment the entire raid on Mar-a-Lago would be declared illegal.

      2. Thanks for the response, William….Initially, DeSantis had said he would not run against Trump. I DO believe it’s just been rumour that he will…likely put out there by the illegal regime. BUT, I still know a Trump/DeSantis ticket would be unbeatable. Then again, with all DeSantis has done for Florida, I just cannot see him walking away for the VP position. I also see Musk, as much as everyone seems to support what he’s doing for Twitter, as controlled op…little different than AJ…
        What I would dance naked in the streets for, is a mea culpa from Trump re Warp Speed AND an apology from Musk for his orbiting Tesla hoax… probably will not happen, but I love to dream.

    1. Ah yes, remember this laughable stunt? Tesla even showed earthly photos of their photo stage with this car all propped up on a steel stand so that someone could take ”fake space photos” for a gullible public.
      Laughable, laughable, laughable…………..Elon Musk is a cosmic joke.
      Now he says his Space X is going to Mars….really?…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


      1. Yep….Musk works for the regime taking the edge off like AJ. He’s a front man and not a particularly good looking one at that. As with AJ and Sandy Hook, he’ll only go as far as the length of his leash and then they’ll rein him in.

      2. Elon Musk kind of took over NASA’s space fakery or at least part of it. So many people have fallen for his fakery he has become a total space joke.
        My File shows the Musk studio where they kook his fake space photos of that red sports car in ”space”.


      3. And many see Musk as their hero? Be your OWN hero. Do not trust Musk…

        Elon Musk “Confident” Brain Chip Company Neuralink Can Begin Human Trials In Six Months

        At a live-streamed event on Wednesday evening, Elon Musk announced that Neuralink Corp’s coin-sized brain chip could be implanted in human heads for clinical trials within the next six months.

        “We want to be extremely careful and certain that it will work well before putting a device into a human, but we’ve submitted, I think, most of our paperwork to the FDA, and probably in about six months, we should be able to upload Neuralink in a human,” Musk said during the event at the company’s headquarters in Fremont, California. ”

        Yep…all will be well with a cell in….. our heads….

        Best comment ..

        Hahahaha ah yes, the world is a stage… all the low intellect RepubliCONs who thought this charlatan was a “white knight” are looking more foolish by the day lol. After you sign up for your Twitter account, be sure to get your Warp Speed injection so you’ll be ready to be assimilated by the borg (E.l.o.n) via Nueralink in 6 months 🤣🤣 idiots

        …along with this very revealing short video that spells it out nicely..Who is the crowd that peers through the cage…as we perform here upon the stage?

        Dare ya to watch!

      4. Hmmm….could it be Musk has made that move with Twitter to develop TRUST so he can implant your brain….whatta ya think?? Muskie, let me tell you what to o with your chip….SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE!

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