State of the Nation, The Khazarian Cabal vs. President John F. Kennedy: A Fight to the Death

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[Editor’s note: My collaborative research similarly posits eight (8) shooters in Dealey Plaza, but in a slightly different arrangement. If we distinguish between the SPONSORS, the FACILITATORS, and the MECHANICS, then each of the SPONSORS appears to have put up its own shooter, including Lyndon Johnson’s personal hitman, Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, as I have explained on many occasions, where by my take Israel had one shooter, who was in the vicinity of the Pergola. So my arrangement would look more like this than the alternative (above):

I have a Dallas Deputy Sheriff on the County Records Building; an Air Force expert inside the Triple Underpass; an anti-Castro Cuban inside the Dal-Tex; a CIA/Mafia guy at the intersection of the Triple Underpass and the picket fence; a Dallas cop (with ties to the CIA) on the grassy knoll; an Israeli shooter near the Pergola; LBJ’s personal hitman on the west side of the Book Depository (where no shooter was in the 6th floor “assassin’s lari”; and an (as yet unidentified but possibly FED) shooter on the South Knoll. But we have lots of overlap otherwise.]


Khazarian Cabal
’s Post Assassination Plot

Every once in a great while a highly radioactive truth bomb gets dropped that changes everything—EVERYTHING! Well, a JFK truth bomb just exploded and the Internet is now experiencing the massive fallout.

Here’s the critical truth that the Khazarian Mafia has spent nearly 60 years assiduously suppressing with every single major organ of propaganda and prevarication belonging to their wholly owned mainstream media.

Remember, the CIA’s Mockingbird Media was set up by the Khazarian Cabal in the first place. So was The Company, as the Central Intelligence Agency is known in global intel circles.

Actually, what really happened here is that the Khazarians always allow the industry, the business, the enterprise, the corporation, the non-profit, etc, to first be established by the hard-working founders; then they take the commercial entity over via so many financial and economic, political and legal means of effectuating an outright takeover.

JFK truth bomb

The subtitle of a featured article published by SOTN on the 59th anniversary of JFK’s assassination reads as follows:

When Alleged Affairs With Women Were Actually Affairs Of State

The back story is this: For more reasons than can be listed in this short exposé, the Khazarian Mafia had no choice (in their utterly warped collective minds) but to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. And, because of his extremely serious transgressions against the Khazarian Klan, his brutal murder was used as a shocking example to all future heads of state who even thought about leaving the Khazarian-created global reservation.

What that subtitle refers to is the now proven fact that President Kennedy quite stealthily employed a number of high-integrity female agents, who could be trusted with highly classified matters. Each of these ‘glamor woman’, some of whom posed as paramours, were assigned missions and/or tasks of the greatest significance during JFK’s curtailed term as POTUS.

As a matter of historical fact, Marilyn Monroe was such a trusted confidante of JFK’s, who played a major part in covertly assisting in the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis in her role as “Masha”. President Kennedy enlisted Monroe to back-channel highly sensitive information to Russian President Nikita Khrushchev in order to prevent that international crisis from exploding later in October of 1962. Her primary assignment was to establish a secret line of communication with Khrushchev, which she accomplished. Monroe was then killed by the C.I.A. on August 4, 1962 to quickly terminate her vital mission, as well as her clandestine relationship with JFK.

Another valiant Washingtonian woman on a JFK mission was Mary Pinchot Meyer.

On a perfect October day in 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer—mistress of John Kennedy, friend of Jackie Kennedy and ex-wife of a top CIA man, Cord Meyer—was murdered in the rarefied Washington precinct of Georgetown.[1]

Constantly and wrongly labelled ‘JFK’s mistress’, Mary Meyer was deeply involved as an unofficial intel agent relaying top secret information to President Kennedy about CIA black ops especially with respect to the agency’s illicit mind-control drug testing programs.

As any reader of the ever-deceitful mainstream media knows, the fictional list of JFK’s mistresses is seemingly endless. Each and every year another so-called JFK secret love affair is strategically released by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media to further assassinate his character.

The critical point here is that the Khazarian Cabal was determined to assassinate Kennedy twice: once with highly premeditated brutality as his motorcade passed by Dealey Plaza in Dallas; and a second time by way of non-stop character assassination carried out via the Khazarian-controlled corporate media.

Not only does JFK’s exceedingly violent murder in Texas provide a perfect threat to any world leader or influential VIP who is not strictly following Khazarian orders, the annual character assassinations of Kennedy keep vivid that horrifying memory for those same targeted individuals. For the greatest warning issued by the Khazarian Mafia that any President or Prime Minister, King or Queen, CEO or Chairman, etc. could ever receive is:

“Surely you saw what happened to JFK?!”

Or, more bluntly:

“You don’t want to be JFKed, do you?”

KEY POINTS: There are two main types of Khazarian-coordinated psyops where it concerns the purposeful dissemination of false salacious stories about JFK’s faked affairs. The first prong of their unrelenting “defamation of character” strategy was to quickly out (or kill) any woman who was surreptitiously working in cahoots with Kennedy. This highly calculated pre-emptive measure was taken to preclude any harmful truth-dropping by those brave female Patriots in the future. The second prong was to fabricate lurid stories — out of thin air — about sexual dalliances to further damage JFK’s stellar reputation as an authentic Patriot. It’s fairly easy to discern between these two vastly different contexts by examining if there was any proven relationship between Kennedy and the alleged ‘mistress’ DURING HIS PRESIDENCY. In the case of Judith Exner shown above, it’s well-known that President Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had declared war on the Mafia, which then required a trustworthy liaison to negotiate an enduring truce. JFK’s only interest in this regard was to forever break the back of the Khazarian Mafia, and especially its overwhelming stranglehold on the American Republic. In other words, when President Kennedy gave what was the most courageous speech in U.S. history, he was issuing a direct challenge to the hidden tyranny of the Khazarian Cabal. (Listen to JFK’s epic speech in its entirety HERE.) Surely, as “King Khazarian” Karl Marx was the first matter addressed by Kennedy in that presidential exhortation, the wheels were set in motion for his ruthless assassination.


The Khazarian Cabal has obviously been compelled to continuously character assassinate President John F. Kennedy for several reasons, most of them related to maintaining the unfailing efficacy of their all-powerful Global Power Structure & Control Matrix.

By posting false articles every year about JFK’s fictitious ‘sexcapades’, they serve as a very stark warning to any other leader thinking of using the same subversive tactics/strategies that Kennedy did in the fulfillment of his solemn responsibilities to the American people.

In this manner, Khazarian blackmailers like Jeffery Epstein are routinely used to coerce/blackmail anyone in power, anywhere, anytime. Then, the Sword of Damocles precariously hangs over any high-profile victim’s reputation for all time.

Lastly, it’s crucial for those who doubt this studied analysis to consider the following self-evident realities concerning President Kennedy’s entire term in high office.

JFK knew that he was the most closely monitored president in U.S. history up to that point in time. He was not unaware of the massive and extremely sophisticated spying and surveillance capabilities of the CIA, NSA, FBI, and DIA (which was inaugurated during his presidency). Clueless about the USA’s national security and espionage apparatus, JFK was not!

JFK’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, served as the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain and was well schooled in the ways of Anglo-American espionage, state of the art surveillance, latest spying technologies as well as the use of “honeypots”. JFK was particularly aware of the Khazarian’s use of honey traps to advance the interests of the Zionist state of Israel. Therefore, JFK thoroughly understood that his EVERY move was being watched — 24/7 — throughout every single hour of his presidency.

Being the most watched person in America (as well as the whole world), does anyone really think he would even attempt to so wantonly “stray from the Catholic reservation” for the purpose of having whimsical affairs and sexual liaisons?  Why would such a fearlessly righteous leader, heaven-sent to save the Republic, ever engage in such risky and scandalous activity.[2]

Revisionist Historians for World Peace
November 23, 2022
State of the Nation

SOTN Editor’s Note

It’s entirely true that the Chicago-based Mafia clans were directly responsible for JFK winning the Illinois ballot, which was necessary for him to win the 1960 POTUS election.  However, even the initiated are unaware of the HUGE territory wars going on all over Cook County at that time.  While the internecine feuds among the Sicilian Mafia families were raging, the Irish Mafia was also flexing its muscles.  Neither of these organized crime syndicates knew that it was the well concealed “Chicago Supermob” (also known as the original American version of the Khazarian Mafia) that really controlled every square inch of turf throughout the Windy City.  Needless to say, it was the Khazarian Cabal that really put John F. Kennedy in the White House, so they expected absolute allegiance to their various causes.  The Khazarians especially anticipated full support of the rogue nation of Israel from President Kennedy.  When the primary national founder and first prime minster of the State of Israel — David Ben Gurion — was rebuffed by JFK where it concerned the Zionist’s zealous nuclear ambitions, Ben Gurion became disconsolately apoplectic and proceeded to immediately resign in an epic hissy fit.

“Kennedy pressured the government of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to prevent a military nuclear program, particularly after stage-managed tours of the Dimona facility for U.S. government scientists in 1961 and 1962 raised suspicions within U.S. intelligence that Israel might be concealing its underlying nuclear aims.”[3]

What’s the salient point?

Yes, the warmongering Zionist mafiosos in Tel Aviv surely had several reasons to take out Kennedy (click on the following link) given the HUGE obstacle(s) he posed to the implementation of their New World Order agenda that culminates with the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of their long-planned totalitarian One World Government.  However, it was the unimpeded development of nuclear weaponry that Israel wanted the most from JFK, which he resolutely deprived them of even though the Manhattan Project was a thoroughly Khazarian enterprise.  After all, Israel knew that it must possess a full complement of nuclear weapons if Tel Aviv was to effectively blackmail heads of state the world over with their sinister Samson Option.

10 Reasons Why Zionist Israel Assassinated President John F. Kennedy

Because of this major backroom brawl, the Khazarian Cabal came to hate Jack Kennedy with a passion, even more than Adolf Hitler.  In their twisted minds, JFK profoundly deceived them despite his presidency being made possible only by their extraordinary political largesse.  Therefore, the entire Khazarian Klan has, ever since, made it an eternal endeavor to smear President Kennedy’s name like there’s no tomorrow.  And, by the way, in light of the many other ways that the supremely heroic JFK tore up the Khazarian playbook, it should come as no surprise that they had the C.I.A. set up no fewer than 8 (eight) sniper nests surrounding Dealey Plaza on that exceedingly fateful November 22nd. After all, no one — EVER — contravenes the “Khazarian Code of Covert Criminality”.


The 8 sniper’s nests (see sniper icons above) strategically located around Dealey Plaza in Dallas on November 22, 1963  SOURCE: Who but the CIA could have positioned 8 sniper’s nests around Dealey Plaza in Dallas?

On this Thanksgiving Day, every American ought to be deeply grateful to President John F. Kennedy; for it was his awesome and heroic sacrifice that blew the lid off — ONCE AND FOR ALL — the nefarious and multifarious NWO schemes to transform the entire planetary civilization into one giant Khazarian-controlled concentration camp.


[1] 44 Years Later, a Washington, D.C. Death Unresolved

[2] Here’s how JFK totally tricked the Khazarian Mafia and why they really killed him.

[3] Kennedy, Dimona and the Nuclear Proliferation Problem: 1961-1962

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