Paul Craig Roberts, The Democrats and their FBI Gestapo Have Brought Nazism to America

By Paul Craig Roberts

There is no doubt about it

Watch:  The Real Story of January 6 | Documentary.

The alleged “January 6 insurrection” is entirely an orchestrated event.  The presstitutes have given a completely fabricated account that bears zero relationship to what happened.   This documentary by the Epoch Times, a new large online and print newspaper that is filling the role abandoned by the US media of objective reporting, is a font of truthful information backed up by visual evidence.  Here are a few of the actual facts.  The police behaved as thugs throughout. The police intentionally did their best to provoke a peaceful crowd to violence by shooting into their midst plastic grenades filled with plastic shrapnel.  The police, if indeed they were police, broke every rule of police behavior in their efforts to provoke the crowd into violence.

They were helped by provocateurs, none of whom have been arrested or questioned. These efforts had little success.  So they then killed purely gratuitously two women.  Ashley Babbitt was gratuitously murdered by a black police officer for no other reason than to produce the aura of violence that required deadly police force.  Another women was murdered  by black police as the documentary shows clearly. Neither of the women were doing anything to justify the use of death-dealing force against them.  In neither case was there any investigation of the police use of excessive force.

The Justice (sic) Department gave a free pass to the murderers. None of the required procedures that are required when people are killed by police were followed. In the case of Derick Chauvin they were excessively applied. We have a two-tiered system of justice in which the application of law depends on race.

The alleged “insurrection” was staged by the Democrats and the Gestapo security agencies that report to them in order to discredit Donald Trump and prevent the presentation to Congress of the evidence that Biden’s election was stolen.  It was all carefully planned and organized, and the official narrative was provided to the presstitutes the minute the orchestration began.

The US Department of Justice is a co-conspirator in the plot.  Justice (sic) department attorneys have lied in court before judges that police officers were killed by the alleged “Jan. 6 insurrectionists.”  No police officers were killed.  One died on Jan. 7 from natural causes as medical authorities determined. On the basis of totally false charges, hundreds of Trump supporters have been held in solitary  confinement to extract plea bargains as there is no evidence of insurrection.

The Oath Keepers are accused of “seditious intent,” but there are three documented instances in which they went to the aid of the police.  This is covered toward the end of the documentary.

The documentary is objective.  Too objective in my opinion.  It should have been an indictment of the terrifying Third Reich behavior of the Democrats and their Justice Department Brownshirts.  The documentary is long–one hour and 40 minutes.  But watch it, 15 minutes at a time if necessary.  There is a revolution underway that is creating a situation for you that is far worst than life in the Third Reich.  The documentary gives you a chance to become aware of the facts that your free society is being overthrown while you sit there watching a sitcom or a football game. There is no one but the people to do anything about it. If they cannot be bothered, they are acquiescing in the rise of tyranny.

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