Joachim Hagopian, Mike Gill Turned Down $50 Million in Hush Money to Expose Criminal Cartel that Owns the World

Joachim Hagopian

Ukraine is the International Deep State Cabal money launderer and that’s why in sheer desperation, the bloodline controllers are so willing to push humanity off the nuclear Armageddon cliff in order to protect themselves and their criminal interests from full public exposure and long overdue karmic punishment. The cabal’s criminal network obviously operates from the global top of the predatory food chain on down to the local state, county and municipal levels, which explains why the explosive scandal emerging out of the fifth smallest state in America – New Hampshire – is so telling and all-encompassing. Exposure of this diminutive northern drug cartel state bordering Quebec, Canada holds even more closer to home secrets than the Ukrainian “devil’s playground’s” rabbit holes. And because 2023 promises to be the year of reckoning for hardcore, unadulterated, filthiest dirty laundry coming out fully exposing the worldwide Luciferian cabal that runs this world, the New Hampshire mafia drug and organized crime cartel is key to liberating us from Lucifer’s earthly stranglehold. If the so-called devil’s dominion is here on earth, and the “devil’s playground” is Ukraine, then the devil’s den of iniquity has to be the “Live Free or Die” State of New Hampshire. This presentation attempts to explain the many reasons why.

Meet New Hampshire’s “den of iniquity” state whistleblower Mike Gill, the 66-year old former mortgage broker and award-winning horseracing industry owner worth near a half billion dollars as a 2016 independent candidate for state governor. But now Mike is in financial ruin yet still tirelessly combatting the rampant criminal corruption in his home state of New Hampshire that extends of course to Washington DC and beyond. As a once extremely wealthy businessman just a few years ago, he was approached by the same club that the late great comedian George Carlin referenced when he said, “It’s a big club and you and I ain’t in it.”

The statewide mafia in New Hampshire running its pay-to-play extortion operation game opened up Mike Gill’s eyes, ears and heart of a truth warrior on how his state and world are run by thieves, thugs and murderers, starting with his mini-state cabal that allegedly owns this beautiful scenic state of New Hampshire. Because Mike Gill meticulously, religiously recorded everything he observed as criminal documentation on paper, or as audio-video evidence, his every Quixotean interaction and transaction that this man was privily exposed to in the last decade. As an ethical citizen within his community, glimpsing inside the corrupt dark criminal world operating at the highest political and financial level in America, Mike has been able to uncover how organized crime runs this world down to the national, state and local levels through bribery, blackmail, extortion and murder. Yet this one-man army dared to take it on as a heroic figure in humanity’s war between good and evil.

After presenting his evidence to local law enforcement, naively expecting the criminals in high places would automatically be investigated and brought to justice, only to learn that police, judges, politicians, are all part of the same criminal cabal club that you and I ain’t in, all having been leveraged and overtly compromised through bribery, blackmail and extortion. The whistleblower then began paying for local billboard space in his tristate area (near Massachusetts and Maine) outing corrupt sitting police chiefs, judges and politicians at state and local levels and the “community pillars” as their partners-in-crime. Because all authorities had already been bought off and captured, Mike kept trying to take his evidence to the next higher echelon of power, documenting all corruption encountered along the way, figuring the buck had to stop somewhere, but it didn’t.

Mike Gill’s life endangering crusade brought him face-to-face with the halls of power in Washington, but without the Mr. Smith ending, at least so far. Mike Gill acquired so much hard evidence against the bureaucratic establishment in recent years at grave sacrifice and cost to himself and his family, this ethical, law-biding citizen exhausted every avenue seeking justice that appeared bleak and mostly in vain. Because the system is so thoroughly corrupt and morally broken, Mike’s life quest to do the right thing, gathering the overwhelming evidence, threatened him physically, financially and psychologically, including the breakup of his once close family. But Mike knew he has the goods that could bring down the Deep State’s house of cards’ shaky, crumbling to its core foundation, and his dedicated, obsessive life mission with the public display of billboards, his “State of Corruption” radio and video broadcasts, began slowly gaining traction.

As expected, the mainstream media portrays Mike Gill as an uncorked lunatic in his fight with “city hall,” but the death cult mafia establishment realized he was a threatening force to be reckoned with, attempting to murder him three times. The state of New Hampshire tied him up in courts with bogus lawsuits. Yet singlehandedly this undaunted warrior continued through his travails exposing the pervasively entrenched criminality atop our communities, states and nation, to the point that the system actually attempted to buy his silence with a $50 million hush fund offer in exchange for signing a legally binding nondisclosure agreement and future mafia protection. Mike Gill courageously brought all his exposed crimes to both the FBI, the DEA, DOJ and eventually even to the Trump camp in office. Mike painfully learned that organized crime is operating not only at the local state levels throughout our nation but at the national and international levels as well.

Mike Gill secured evidence that he ultimately gave to the US Attorney General William Barr, that, along with the banking cartel, the IRS just might be the biggest money laundering agent in this entire criminal cabal. Gill found out that even the Trump friendly conservative publications like the Washington Times, owned by South Korea’s Unification Church and the Epoch Times, owned by the anti-CCP cult Falun Gong, are more interested in exploiting Mike’s body of criminal evidence as weaponized extortion to leverage their enemy China, moving the US closer to war, no different from the Putin hating left. Gaining leverage through extortion and blackmail crimes over adversaries and allies alike, sadly, this is how the name of the game is played in this dirty world.

Even the Rothschild owned international news agency Associated Press ran the September 30, 2017 headline “274.5M may be the largest in state history” after Michael Gill lost a defamation lawsuit filed in April 2016 by three prominent Manchester, NH businessmen. Mike’s “crime” was publicly accusing these three criminals on local electronic billboards – Andy Crews, owner of AutoFair, a Honda automotive dealership, Manchester developer Dick Anagnost and Primary Bank founder William Greiner of opioid drug dealing, extortion, money laundering and attempted murder.

When the prosecutor asks only for a $1 million judgment but the settlement ends up 274.5 times higher, what does that tell us? It’s the crime cabal sending the loud and clear message, or more accurately, sending the clear threat that telling the truth in this world of Luciferian control risks bludgeoning to death by murder or by financial slaughter. Your life can be made a living hell if you stand up to power with the truth. That’s the takeaway here. But even with so much ruthless, evil power against Mike Gill standing up for all of us, we can and should unite in civil disobedience and unity to be inspired to beat back the genocidal tyrants. Just as Mike Gill has not given up, nor should we. That’s his message to us.

Those who are soiled dirty by all this overt organized crime cabal are placed in gatekeeper positions. According to Mike Gill, one such character fitting this mold in New Hampshire is Alex Walker, who on July 1, 2021 was promoted to Manchester’s Catholic Medical Center as president and CEO. Exactly one year later, the Board of Trustees of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) voted to elevate Walker to take the helm as their Board of Trustee chairman. These brokers of power and influence of course work with government officials at all levels.

As far back as March 2014, Mike Gill was lauded in an obscure article out of Pennsylvania exposing the state government’s racketeering ring flourishing in New Hampshire not long after the state’s largest financial crime bust in history, at the height of the Great Recession’s 2010 FRM Ponzi scheme that implicated and incriminated then Democrat State Senate majority leader who is the current US Senator Maggie Hassan, who in her recent November 2022 race to keep her seat, accepted $20,000 in FTX dirty money kickback, compliments of mega crypto-crook Sam Bankman-Fried, whose upcoming trial in October is likely to further expose the Biden crime family, Biden’s US Treasury Secretary-ex-Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen who oversaw their humongous DNC Ukraine money laundering scheme with the “devil’s playground” fronted by bad actor Zelensky in Kiev.

Per Mike Gill, the longtime New Hampshire mafia godfather of its organized crime operation is prominent attorney and former federal DA Bill Shaheen, since 1972 the well-connected husband of former NH governor turned current US Senator Jeanne Shaheen for the last two decades. Bill Shaheen was the successful presidential campaign chairman in 1976 for now 98-year old Jimmy Carter, currently stricken with terminal cancer opting to receive home hospice care in his final days. Once president, Carter immediately rewarded Shaheen in 1977, appointing him as America’s youngest district attorney for the US federal district of New Hampshire. Bill Shaheen also played a key role as Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign co-chair and over the last half century has been a heavyweight kingpin amongst the Dems’ Who’s Who criminal lineup.

Bill’s wife Senator Jeanne Shaheen sits as senior member on the US Senate Arms Services Committee. While introducing gun control legislation in July 2022 designed to unconstitutionally confiscate private gun ownership from America’s law-biding citizens, the Shaheens are profiting mightily from New Hampshire arms manufacturer that three months earlier in April 2022 had just secured the largest, unprecedented $4.5 billion DoD contract manufacturing rifles and ammo for the US Army. So, those bent on removing our rights to defend and protect ourselves from tyrannical overreaching federal government, presently committing bloody genocide against us, are simultaneously benefiting the most arming US soldiers that may end up ordered soon to shoot unarmed citizens because that’s where today’s Washington powerbrokers are fast taking us, especially with Braindead Biden’s plan to hire an army of 87,000 armed and dangerous new IRS agents out to go after waiters’ paltry tips with an $80 million IRS overhaul, destroying the already decimated American middle class, not the criminal elites.

Mike Gill learned the hard way how drug cartels both foreign and domestic are married to corrupt government politicians in bed with the US judicial system, responsible for China-made Fentanyl shipped to America through Biden’s wide open, lawless border trafficked in by the Mexican drug cartels, resulting in an unprecedented epidemic of overdose deaths approaching a quarter million Americans. More than 104,000 OD deaths in the 12-months prior to end of September 2021, and it’s only growing dramatically worse since, with death toll doubling from 2015 to 2021. You better believe that Biden is in cahoots with both the Mexican drug cartels as China’s notoriously owned and controlled puppet.

Gill asserts that he discovered that family court corruption is spiraling out of control in New Hampshire (backed up by my own personal experience as a licensed therapist in LA County for many years). Meanwhile, deadly drugs are criminally flooding retirement homes, drug detox centers and prisons killing young people in droves today brought in by cartel couriers to be distributed. Gill’s discovery of a major drug cartel and enormous money laundering operating inside New Hampshire led him to turn to the federal government, the FBI and the DEA, of course all to no avail because they are major players.

Three years ago, Gill asserts that journalist Patrick Howley, former reporter for Breitbart under Steve Bannon, was also working with Roger Stone, the longtime Trump ally and friend of controlled opposition Alex Jones. Mike Flynn and his attorney Sidney Powell also approached Mike Gill on behalf of Trump to make it appear that they didn’t receive Gill’s evidence at a prior time, to give the appearance that they hadn’t like all the rest in this den of iniquity sit on the dirty evidence playing the game of protecting the crime cabal.

The alleged “laudable” conservative anticorruption outfit Project Veritas that recently exposed the Pfizer linked executive marketing the kill shot scam of the century, resulted in rumor the watchdog group’s founder James O’Keefe was let go, though the executive director disputed that claim. It turns out that Mike Gill also had been courted by O’Keefe and his associate Aaron Day, both given reems of evidence by Gill.

According to Mike Gill, many of these conservative movement Trump allies turn out to be dirty too, at the least, libertarian O’Keefe is also controlled and limited to exposing only certain truths, always stopping short of turning on the floodlights to bare the whole dark ugly criminal cabal that is the colossal elephant in this crowded den of iniquity room. It appears all media, both mainstream and alternative, are a controlled limited hangout, unwilling to bite the criminal hand that feeds them, as the Democrat and Republican uniparty is also part of this same criminal cabal. Gill differentiates between the Shaheen Democrat mafia backed by corrupt DAs and judges and the Sununu faction of allied GOP mafia players. They are all racketeers committed to protecting their own criminality but whenever the light of truth exposes them, as the cockroaches they are, they run frantically for the cover of darkness, turning on one another to save themselves from prison or death penalty. Alex Jones, James O’Keefe and Patrick Howley are all beholding to the cabal henchmen possessing higher pay grades. For that matter, even Trump is too, beholding to his bloodline masters. After all, it was Rothschild agent Wilbur Ross that repeatedly bailed Trump out of bankruptcy.

So, Epoch Times and National File muckraking journalist Patrick Hawley met several times with Mike Gill, accepting the whistleblower’s remarkable body of hardcore evidence exposing the criminal cartel, yet chose to stay silent refusing to report on it. Other than a slap on the Shaheen wrist in October 2020 a month prior to the stolen election, all that ace reporter Howley could come up with deemed fit [or safe] to print was his National File article exposing how Bill Shaheen bragged about getting a confessed pedophile out of jail, no different from alleged pedophile Hillary Clinton caught boasting how she also got a known child molester to walk in the mid-1980s. Though Howley’s piece at best only hints at the Shaheen machine being pedo-enablers, it changes nothing with the criminal operation’s business as usual while Howley continues sitting on the biggest corruption scandal that nobody’s heard of this century… until maybe now. Mike Gill’s beef with rotten crime cabal USA is starting to gain traction.

Mike Gill had earlier correspondence with Trump contact Corey Lewandowski who early on was his campaign chairman. Just as conservative media refused to act on Gill’s hard evidence, a similar fate with the Trump administration resulted. The closest Mike got was VP Mike Pence’s proposed New Hampshire visit to corrupt Governor Chris Sununu, son of Bush senior’s chief of staff John Sununu, aborting midflight after having delivered criminal evidence that was ultimately ignored by Trump and company as well. Gill learned that when it comes to politics, both sides of the aisle are beholding to protect the same criminal power interests both controlling and protecting them for their complicit silence. That’s why Mike Gill’s only hope for justice is taking this corrosive truth to the people. But upon learning the truth, it’s imperative that millions of us keep spreading the word and demand action to prosecute the crimes.

Speaking of undaunted, Brendon O’Connell often pejoratively speaks of the controlled alternative media darlings like Whitney Webb and James Corbett as movable “useless idiot” parts belonging to the same power behind the curtain – the Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) that’s taken over as the control filter of the digital media domain. Brendon has been extremely acerbically vocal, broadcasting for many years from the rooftops as an Australian fugitive expatriate exposing with insightful big picture detail about the elite power structure’s agenda, specifically the Israel/cybersecurity technologies/Unit 8200 controlled by City of London and its secret alliance with China’s Belt and Road Initiative Smart Cities prison planet. A few years ago, he also revealed that former NATO Commander and longtime Atlantic Council chairman, retired General James Jones Jr and his son Jim Jones III’s Dynology and ClearForce are subversive private military contracting agencies working directly with the NSA and US military intelligence, surveilling and controlling social media while engaging in cyberintelligence warfare operations. The Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) allegedly determines who becomes the next rising alt star and who according to AI logarithms remains unknown in obscurity. Incidentally, Gen. James Jones was also Trump’s first choice replacement for the fallen General Michael Flynn as Trump’s short-lived National Security Advisor, but Jones turned him down. Both father and son are also closely linked to Roger Stone as well.

Brendon O’Connell has learned quite a bit from discussions with ShadowNet whistleblower Patrick Bergy, seeing how the IIA censors and controls both alt- and MSM media outlets. Bergy’s appearances on Alex Jones and his article exposé entitled “The Military has a name for fake news and it’s called Interactive Internet Activities IIA” are eye-opening. In the end, Brendon O’Connell thanks Bergy for revealing how the IIA’s military psyops and information warfare operations control virtually all news outflow and media information. But Brendon criticizes whistleblower Patrick Bergy for concluding that Bergy is also compromised, like Alex Jones and the rest, avoiding criticism of Israel and its direct Rothschild-Kissinger-City of London ruling elite kingpins. Brendon O’Connell discloses that James Jones, both father and son, are also intimately linked to Trump’s Paul Manafort’s company 3EDC LLC and Ukraine, and according to the leftist Slate article from October 30, 2017, Paul Manafort was hired to work in the Trump election campaign based on Trump advisor Roger Stone’s recommendation.

Another player that O’Connell links to these hidden cabal controllers run by the likes of James Joneses was the onetime US Marine Corps Commandant from 1987 to 1991, the now 94-year old retired General Al Gray, who according to Kay Griggs ran the homosexual military brotherhood within the US military intelligence’s counterinsurgency operations, as “Papa Bear” Al was the boss of whistleblowing wife Kay Griggs’ former husband, the late Marine Colonel George Griggs. All of Kay Griggs’ bombshell disclosures of drug running, weapon sales, sexual perversion and assassination squads are verified by both historical account and subsequent confirmed research, including my own Kay Griggs revelations included in Pedophilia & Empire’s Book 4’s Chapter 4. It dovetails consistently with how the Illuminati secret societies like Yale’s Skull & Bones operate at the highest echelons of power throughout the global hierarchical infrastructure, atop government geopolitics, military, banking, education and the corporate world. All of this is controlled by the bloodline overlords, personified by the Rothschild, Rockefeller and royal black nobility dynasties and their secret societies that are my journalistic focus.

Brendon O’Connell also specifies that former US Marine Corps and CIA officer as well as “NATO psychological warfare officer” Robert David Steele was General Al Gray’s memoir ghostwriter, insisting that Steele has only glowingly positive things to say about his former “seedy” boss General Al Gray. Robert, who as my friend wrote the Forward to my Pedo Empire 5-volume series, reportedly died in a Florida hospital two weeks short of completing his Arise Tour in late August 2021, allegedly due to Dr. Fauci’s murderous hospital COVID protocol. I believe Robert was assassinated for publicly exposing the fake pandemic/genocidal kill shot along with promoting my work exposing the planetwide pedophilia scourge, the criminal duopoly of the leftist Democrat-RINO GOP corrupt uniparty control system and Wall Street’s stolen trillions. He also pioneered and promoted open source transparency in government. Though Brendon O’Connell regularly badmouths RDS, readily linking him to heavies like Al Gray, Roger Stone and the old adage, once CIA, always CIA, my own experience with Robert was professional. Never did Robert try to influence what I wrote whatsoever.

Former Utah GOP Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr served as Atlantic Council chairman for four years prior to accepting his next big gig under Trump in September 2017 as the US Ambassador to Russia until late 2019. This illustrates the fact that regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are in power in DC, since the end of World War II, the two lynchpin “think tanks,” the Council on Foreign Relations and Atlantic Council have controlled the aggressively hostile US foreign policy towards Russia in nonstop illegal regime change mode for 20 years now wanting to overthrow demonized Putin to let the oligarchic thieves move in to once again rape Russia (as in early 1990s Soviet breakup and the “NATO not one inch eastward” lie. It’s always been to encircle Russia with NATO enemies to ultimately control all its vast natural resources. And for years the Atlantic Council has been led by retired General James Jones Jr. whose also been instrumental behind the subversive IIA psyops operation through info warfare control.

Growing desperate to make Mike Gill disappear and go away, render him unable to continue delivering his bombshell proof that the Rothschild-Kissinger-Soros-Schwab led international crime cabal is losing its control grip on the world. New Hampshire’s subversive criminal mafia control belies its image as the progressive libertarians’ paradise, so much so that an alleged libertarian movement is said to exist. The libertarian Cato Institute selected this Live Free or Die State as the freest in America. Perhaps the people need to wake up to the real reality than continue deluding themselves with feel good fantasy.

After an absence due to the Deep State temporarily confiscating Mike’s car, his phone, and his capacity to continue doing his broadcasts, fortunately he has recently resurfaced, supported by truth patriots like Anonymous, podcaster journalist Johnny Cirucci and Australian rabble-rouser Brendon O’Connell, now actively promoting and spreading Mike Gill’s harrowing story and the enormous truth bombs he is still bravely disclosing in his obstinate refusal to be silenced, $30 million bribe he walked away from, the evil Luciferian criminals operating this global criminal cabal are currently losing their stranglehold on humanity and, God willing, will soon be brought to justice.

Stripped away of all assets and wealth, Mike Gill underwent a strained divorce settlement, forced to forego contact with his kids who’ve also been leaned on, harassed and threatened, been denied his legal rights to present evidence on his behalf that would prove the state’s criminality, subjected to repeated murder attempts on his life, and then the $50 million dangling carrot stick submitted by the bribing criminals during his long drawn out court proceedings intended to wear him down and out, to break his spirit and will, this diabolical system has amazingly failed to defeat this strong-willed whistleblower. Mike Gill is determined to bring justice to this upside-down Luciferian world, and by spreading his story, the truth ultimately will set him and us all free from the death cult agenda’s destruction and inhumane bondage. Again, the only one who can save us are We the People.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for the last decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently  as well as As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!).

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  18. Here is a brand new one with Gene Decode interviewed by Nicholas Veniamin…
    still listening and sorry no notes to post…but there was mention of Walmart in the last part…have not heard it all yet but wanted to post – N

    Gene Decode Discusses GESARA Banking Collapse & Alliance Moving Fast with Nicholas Veniamin

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  20. Thanks, Nina…I appreciate the response…it’s rare. I would like to concentrate on the idea in both those clips that Trump rolled out Warp Speed to get the dark side (my term) to expose their plans. All I’ll say is that I find it unacceptable to maim and sacrifice the lives of millions in the name of some strategy….did not Madeleine Albright think the same? And that was not a one time sacrifice…it’s a “gift” that keeps on giving. But, I will say I still intend to vote for Trump in spite of his short comings. At this moment, he’s all we have…IF WE CAN MAKE IT UNTIL THE 2024 ELECTION. DeSantis is not ready and any Republican attempting to de-unify the party is not thinking clearly.

    1. Dear Bill,
      I agree about Trump….I am listening to this now and suggest you might want to as well to broaden the horizon with more history as well and some future considerations as well….not heard it all to relay more but please do:)

      Klanmother Karen Macdonald is very knowledgeable – I feel it is wise to consider everything – N

  21. Good for Lee county….let’s see what DeSantis does, eh?

    Republicans in Florida County Pass Resolution to BAN COVID-19 Jab

    Republicans in Lee County, Florida, passed a resolution to ban the sale and distribution of the experimental COVID-19 jab.

    “A member of the Lee County Republican Party wrote the resolution for the executive committee to consider.

    After a heated debate, the resolution passed with a two-thirds majority.

    The “Ban the Jab” Resolution now goes to the desk of Gov. Ron DeSantis for his consideration to ban the shot state-wide.

    According to WINK News, DeSantis isn’t obligated to take action on the resolution.

    The passage of the resolution will just bring it to his attention.”

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  24. The biggest can of worms I’ve seen opened (in this vein) is in the Arizona election hearings at the legislature. This investigator has uncovered the grandest scheme of them all. First the computer systems for Maricopa County were rebuilt in 2014. The backdoors installed allowed for third parties to upload fraudulent documents and delete valid ones. This video will take several viewings to understand the gargantuan reach and complex interplay into manipulating the court system and facilitating real estate fraud to launder Cartel money all-the-while bribing Judges and Politicians and falsely prosecuting anyone that dares oppose the scheme. It’s so evil-ly brilliant it makes me think the same system was used in Fetzer’s case. That’s just a thought. Just wait until you hear this lady’s investigation. She says Gubner Katie Hobbs is up to her eye balls in this scheme. Hobbs name appears on quite a few fraudulent deed transactions. This outfit tried to whack Kari Lake’s daughter by sabotaging her car.

    The corruption is so vast and so pervasive it’s not surprising Kari Lake’s election fraud case will never get traction. After seeing this information, perhaps every state in our land is operating under similar schemes. You need a college degree and can’t be bothered to attend college, no problem. This outfit will furnish one. Need to be admitted to the Arizona Bar and don’t want law school to stand in your way, no problem. This system could install a corrupt Judge into the court system without even going to college. The real estate fraud is used to bribe the Judges even before they get appointed to the bench. They will just back door your credentials directly into the government’s data base. Rigging any election in Maricopa County is a foregone conclusion. It’s easy to see that controlling the entire state revolves around controlling just one county. By controlling Pima County as well, the state is totally dominated by the cartel. This is evil brilliance beyond all belief. The legislature had to cut off this lady’s presentation right when she got to the legislature itself. But she got a torpedo below the waterline before they did.

    Before it’s News does it again! Day in and day out some of the hardest hitting content in our tribe’s realm. Her presentation is at the 6 hour 43 minute mark.

    1. Dave, to you and Toni who presented the same video….thank you both. I would ask everyone to watch this and send it viral. Be sure you watch it to the finish and listen to the Arizona voters giving their opinions of the Arizona election debacle…they’re disgusted and as myself, come the 2024 general election, will not vote until there is initiated a one day, one vote paper ballot (with multiple verifiable copies independently counted) and ID system. The courts are corrupt. Where do we go for justice and accountability when we have exhausted the courts all the way up to SCOTUS? I have no idea, but we have the numbers IF WE CHOSE TO USE THAT ADVANTAGE. If we do not, kiss this Republic good-bye and blame no one but us for our failure to use what the Constitution guarantees…..A REDRESS OF OUR GRIEVANCES.

    2. This election steal in Arizona seems laid out so perfectly that no one could deny it is a crime. But so was the 2020 election, and that was steamrolled over and puppets installed to inflame another war. I wonder if this new Kari Lake steal will make a difference. The Biden family crimes, the covid hoax, the attacks on the environment (and I don’t mean the ‘climate change’ sham) – all this is over-ridden to fulfill the aims of the government/corporate alliance that uses the media and ‘non-profits’ to cover its criminality through social engineering.

  25. Worth posting in full:

    Honesty is dead. Its time of death is not certain, but it might have been the day Bill Clinton, in a national address, looked into the camera and proclaimed, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky…”

    Americans trusted and supported President Clinton–he portrayed himself as an honest, hard-working public servant. When the first allegations appeared, he denied them and his wife blamed a “vast, right-wing conspiracy.” When asked in an interview with Jim Lehrer, “were you alone together in the Oval Office” He replied “I don’t recall…”

    When confronted with the proof on the blue dress, he finally admitted that he had engaged in an “improper physical relationship.”

    Just prior to the independent counsel’s grand jury he said “While my answers were legally accurate, I did not volunteer information. Indeed, I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong. It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on my part for which I am solely and completely responsible.”

    People believe habitual liars because we, ourselves, are honest in most situations and we trust others to speak the truth. In fact, the bigger the lie, the more likely we will believe it.

    We also find it difficult to question those we trust most, our news media, doctors, military leaders, scientists, judges, and educators. It’s almost impossible to believe that those who have dedicated their lives to public service would lie to those they have sworn to protect.

    After seven years of lies, distortions and misinformation told by his political opponents and a corrupt news media, that have proven to be wrong, 59% of Americans still have a negative view of Donald Trump.

    Those in the current administration claim to be environmentalists and say global warming will destroy the planet if we don’t curtail use of fossil fuels immediately. They claim that electric vehicles are the only answer, and gas powered cars and trucks, need to be eliminated, despite the fact that we don’t have the minerals to build them.

    They say our borders are the safest they’ve ever been, and crime is under control in the inner cities despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary
    They say our borders are the safest they’ve ever been, and crime is under control in the inner cities despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

    Our military leaders tell us that it’s in the vital interest of the United States to send billions to Ukraine to stop the Russians despite evidence of widespread financial corruption.

    Our teachers tell us it is important for our children to know multiple details about sex starting at the age of five, and that they should attend drag queen shows to learn about homosexuals and transsexuals.

    Many Americans still believe our administration’s doctors and fear the COVID virus. Over 70% have supposedly gotten at least one injection despite learning it doesn’t work and has multiple deadly side-effects.

    When people refuse to even consider they are being lied to, their minds will jump through hoops to continue believing. The psychological term is “cognitive dissonance,” “The inconsistency between what people believe and how they behave motivates them to engage in actions that will help minimize feelings of discomfort. People attempt to relieve this tension in different ways, such as by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding new information.”

    So how can anyone know what to believe on ANY subject? How can we know if our beliefs are correct or if we are just fooling ourselves? Do we have to become experts on hundreds of topics and do our own independent research?

    Perhaps the greatest lie of all is wokeism
    First, be willing to admit that each of us have been wrong in the past and are likely to be wrong again. How many people believed that the Lewinsky scandal was a right-wing conspiracy designed to hurt Bill Clinton? How did they feel when he finally admitted his affair?

    Second, look for beliefs that directly contradict each other. How can we believe the government is serious about stopping climate change when their own predictions show that their favorite programs, like the Paris climate accords spending trillions of dollars, will only reduce the temperature of the Earth by less than a degree? Or when we thought the only way to stop COVID was to take the vaccines and we got COVID anyway? If the Biden administration truly cares about the environment and clean water, why are they ignoring the Palestine, Ohio disaster and a serious threat to 10% of our nation’s water supply in favor of a presidential trip to Ukraine?

    Third, and most important, look at who benefits from a lie. When a teachers’ union opposes private schools, they don’t have our children’s quality of education in mind, they don’t want to lose any of their funding. If they truly cared about our children, they would insist on better teaching methods and would want to fire dangerous or incompetent teachers.

    The people who lie about our elections being “fair and honest” are those who won those elections.

    Those who claim our borders are safe don’t care about fentanyl deaths, sex trafficking or terrorist infiltrators, don’t care an iota about Americans’ safety or human rights.

    Perhaps the greatest lie of all is wokeism. Tom Klingenstein, in his article “DeSantis Goes to War, lauds Ron DeSantis and Fox’s Tucker Carlson for their fight against wokeism and how is 100% anti-American. “…we are at war with a deadly regime, the woke regime. You cannot win a war unless you know you are in one.”

    Teachers’ unions ignore skills our children need to be successful and instead teach lies about our country and dumb down critical thinking, while pushing sexual promiscuity and transgenderism

    At its core, wokeism claims that America is fatally flawed with its past of slavery, racial discrimination and sexual discrimination. They maintain that whites, especially white males, must be discriminated against in order to right the sins of their forebears.

    Who benefits from wokeism?

    If their goal is to tear down all of America’s finest beliefs and institutions and replace them with permanent Democrat/Marxist rulers, then wokeism is the ultimate tool.

    “Hard work leads to success” is replaced by benefit programs designed to make Americans dependent on government handouts.

    Teachers’ unions ignore skills our children need to be successful and instead teach lies about our country and dumb down critical thinking, while pushing sexual promiscuity and transgenderism.

    Democrats pretend to have the interests of African-Americans at heart by penalizing whites and giving preference to blacks even if they are unable to do the work. But more and more are realizing that Democrat policies are destroying our inner cities and dooming black children to lifelong poverty and death.

    Klingenstein says “For the American regime, a just society is one in which free men and women pursue happiness according to their abilities and according to nature. Such a society is one where merit rules. For the woke regime, on the other hand, a just society is one where the regime imposes identity group quotas based on victimhood rankings. Such a regime makes war on merit.”

    We need all Americans to expose the truth about the Left’s woke lies and restore honesty and integrity in America’s classrooms, boardrooms, courtrooms and voting booths. Otherwise we are all doomed to a life of censorship, crime, poverty and totalitarian control.

    1. Please remember one thing. OIL is not a fossil fuel. It comes from about 40 miles below the earth’s surface and is created from several gases under huge heat and pressure. It then percolates up to the surface, either freely flows out or is pumped out and refined into many liquids. One such liquid is gasoline.

      Wikipedia has totally changed its definition of abiotic in the past ten years. Ref: wikipedia.
      It now contains many pages of total lies. These many pages are meant to scare and frighten you into paying more and more for gas at the pump. Abiotic oil is created all the time and replenished. Many planets also have huge oceans of such oil. When abiotic oil flows to the surface it does contain tiny particles of biotic material. These particles fool many scientists into thinking it must be biotic but its not and never has been. Oil has not evolved from dead dinosaurs or dead plant life.

      1. That’s an interesting catch, Don. It’s a term that’s been around for so long, I would doubt it’s leaving our lexicon any time soon. Have you done any research as to what oil really is? I have not. In any case, stating “Many planets also have huge oceans of such oil”, might be quite a stretch, since the truth of that would rely on NASA’s research and we all know they are not very reliable. Might you agree?

      2. Bill and friends: I commented on abio oil on this blog several years ago if you were here at that time you might remember. At that time wiki was loaded with several pages on abio oil. Now ALL of that info is GONE. It appears to me that the OIL companies have replaced that abio oil with their own PROPAGANDA. The former abio oil was mostly about a certain Russian scientist that wrote papers and maybe a book about oil and he used the term abiotic oil.

        I remember he said that oil was created from 3 gases deep inside the earth. It simply travels about 40 miles upward and its pumped out. We call it oil—-black gold. Ha.

        The TRUTH about oil is being scrubbed every day. The oil companies want to keep you worried and scared. In Saudi Arabia the oil just freely flows to the surface. I have quart of local oil from the Huntington Beach oil fields at the ocean. I can burn it with a beautiful blue flame. Its sold to the local CA refineries to make GASOLINE. It does not contain the dead remains of any dinosaurs. Dead dinosaurs or dead plants did not create oil….that’s a total myth.

        BUT dead plants did create coal and peat bogs….this has been well known for centuries.

        I have read and studied astronomy where it states that oil as we know it is common to many planets.

        Wiki is a trove of thousands of LIES. Look at Sandy Hook Massacre….you will read that its a total FACT. Lies, lies, lies page after page.

      3. I found this at wikipedia:

        This overly-complicated page (for wikipedia) claims that, “A historical overview of theories of the abiogenic origins of hydrocarbons has been published.[2]” while downplaying its reality. Wikipedia believes it to be a fringe idea and that, “Mainstream theories about the formation of hydrocarbons on earth point to an origin from the decomposition of long-dead organisms…” then goes on to “explain” it.

        It’s almost impossible for a layperson to decipher this page. It’s so out of character for Wikipedia which is in the business of dumbing everything down. They would make the whole idea too easy to understand if they made it plain, so they made it abstruse.

      4. Thanks Toni for your reply to my comment.:
        If wiki can’t weasel out of the facts of something they lie about it and obviate the evidence. When that fails, wiki starts name-calling. They call me a nutcase, a kook and a conspiracy theorist when I say that a massacre never happened at Sandy Hook School. I’m proud and happy to be a conspiracy theorist.

  26. I am just listening to this now but Kerry mentioned Mike Gill at 46 min.
    Kerry began answering Patriot’s question about how Trump will come out, having pushed the COVID jab…Encourage seeing the entire show but if you want to just focus on this question which leads into mention of Mike Gill, please start at 42 min – N

    1. So, Nina…looking at the video at the time you suggest, Trump has made a deal with the dark side which includes the Illuminati and the aliens to roll out warp speed….do I have that correct?

      1. Hi Bill,
        I have a few others from Gene Decode that talk about Trump too, for example:
        This is from my notes:
        41:34 min – throwing everything they got left at you….
        It is what Trump did with Warp speed…got them to show their cards….and now we know the narrative is baloney….and the truckers are showing us…it is rolling all over the world..we need to stand up and not allow thee governments to enslave us more…lawyers need to get out and do the Front Line Doctors ..

        14:28 why Trump did Warp Speed
        15:15 Queen Romana – people escorting her are top military…from my info those people are the true people in charge there, as explained before…the right gov will be installed for, by and with the people…
        hundreds of thousands missing children….
        mandates making people wake up…that why Warp Speed…

        28:30 -.Mandates based on nothing..qtip 8in – goes right up just under pineal….keep doing that …getting same thing, various things to mitigate…still go to Dr. Ardis, Zelenko…to help treat…don’t want any to have any way out of this…Georgia Guidestones…Trump go them to do plan too soon…5 yrs too soon…needed to break economic system…people sick..
        immune compromised..high levels of carbon dioxide all day,etc

        Blackrock and Vanguard..right and left arm – own all…literally taking those dying and recycling…look at ingredients…
        FAST FOODS……FDA tested their plants…it is 70% human dna…they are all that way…look and get your own sample… saying Wendy’s, MacDonald’s…in with this…like in England had guy told me correct, I work for a major meat packing plant..been there 30 years…mad cow….
        then food changed…chunks of meat changed…not furry…not on cow…smell and color different..bones are different..
        those not bones of a cow..know what bones of…if meat from major shopping center..

        did you want to say anything else…

        Trump’s Warp Speed…you say things will come out..with all the numbers in the states…will …do you see Trump returning..yes he will come back…explain about 1871 what changed US into a corporation…Grant did that and since that time not had a a president…1812 burned original constitution…that one will come back for these US …

        we will know who fought wars and why…like Bob Dylan…
        that was their thing.. funding both sides…Gene will show the history on his channel…Hitler went to Argentina..his wife Eva Braun had several children….
        I am not a member of his website but I do try to listen to everything he shares.This is another good one from last fall with Taino:

        and this newer one:
        Time Travel – Plan To Save The World with Gene Decode

        rather comprehensive summary of Kerry’s research…again she mentions Gill and how there is so much he is not aware of:

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