Miles Mathis, Fake Trans Shooting

by Miles Mathis

[Editor’s note: Since Miles doesn’t prove it was fake, I am adding a couple of my shows that bear that burden. One of the most striking proofs is that he/she was wearing one type of sneaker (also black-and-white) coming in but another (multi-colored) when taken down. This may be the most amateurish of all the “false flag” events I have covered and represents a catastrophe for FEMA, which runs these drills and pays “big bucks” to the participants.]

I am not even going to bother proving this one was fake. If you can’t tell in the first 30 seconds of mainstream coverage, you aren’t keeping up. They have already released footage of officers shooting her? But that’s not suspicious, right? I am just going to skip straight to commentary.

First: why are places like Infowars selling this as real? Why is Paul Watson selling this as real and then spinning it? He has to know it is fake. Paul and Alex sell themselves as brilliant analysts, but in 2023 they still can’t spot an obvious false flag? Alex is the one who mainstreamed the term, but he still can’t spot one in 2023? Same for Tucker Carlson, selling it as real and then spinning it against the left. Why? Because that is why it was created.

The Raw Deal (29 March 2023) with John Carman & Bonnie Faulkner

Just as I have been warning the gays this is all planned to bounce back on them, I have been saying the same of trans. This over-promotion of gay and trans, like the previous over-promotion of women, was always a project, one meant from the beginning to harm its own members. Feminism was never meant to benefit women, it was meant to disarm them and herd them—or at least after it was infiltrated by Intelligence—which was very early. Same with gay rights and now trans rights. Gay and trans have been used in this latest project, setting them up as the bogeymen and then exploding them on purpose, for political points. The point of the greater project is to move the country hard right again, right into the waiting arms of the new Republican party, all in order to avoid revolution. They have done this before, you know. Remember Ronald Reagan? Remember Teddy Roosevelt? They still sell Roosevelt as a progressive. You have to laugh. History is on repeat.

I mean, how obvious is that? A trans day of vengeance? With a knife and red fingernails? Because that won’t trigger the 99% of people who aren’t trans, right? Fear, 24/7.

To do that, one of the things they have created is a gay/trans movement out of control, for you to hate on. The CIA and other agencies have created tens of thousands of purposely unattractive and unhinged people to say divisive, scary, and nonsensical things. Why? Two reasons. One, to draw your attention and keep your mind off more important things, like the vaccine genocide and the fall into tyranny. They need events like this to give people like Tucker Carlson something to talk about every night, so that he doesn’t have to create a real show.

Two, to create a big enemy they can defeat, to re-earn your alliance and allegiance. Donald Trump or someone else is going to ride in and “defeat the deep state”, and when that happens one of the major targets will be this manufactured LBGT movement and the linked BLM fakery. Over 80% of the country will cheer as those people are routed, though it will all just be a simulation. Most of those people are just agents, so routing them won’t mean anything. It will be nothing more than a change of clothes and a change of assignment. A new script.

The Raw Deal (31 March 2023) with Danny Cirrus

But it is hoped that you will be so relieved the country is getting back to normal, you won’t bother to revolt, bringing to justice all those in both parties who pushed the vaccines and the accompanying tyranny. They will give you the trannies and BLM protestors if you let the bankers and politicians and doctors and media off the hook. That is what this is about. So don’t be diverted.

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4 thoughts on “Miles Mathis, Fake Trans Shooting”

  1. Look at the strip/laces of the Puma’s and the Vans. The laces on the Puma’s are at least an inch forward of the stripe. On the Vans, the laces and stripe line up perfectly. Can’t believe people miss that.

  2. Mathis is correct this time. I had made a comment with a similar statement. WHY is everyone pushing it? So far, only Jim Stone, Fetz (along with his usual crew) and now Mathis are calling it out. Even very few comments on ZH are exposing this as a fraud. And what gets me is (as Mathis has said) this is the most obvious of all. Could it be this is the final push to grab our weapons? Lock and load!


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