Whereas Part 1 of the Epstein-Rothschild nexus focused on revelations exposing the Swiss branch of the banking dynasty in Ariane de Rothschild’s intimate ties with the pedophile, part 2 will examine the late Evelyn and his widowed wife Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s enduring close relationship to both Epstein and Guislaine Maxwell as well as the Clinton crime family. Right after Epstein’s staged jailcell “mishap” in August 2019, conveniently quickly ruled suicide, hardly anyone believes it was anything but another “suicided” murder by the criminal cabal in order to keep powerful child rapists out of prison. Epstein made statements that he was not suicidal despite an already failed attempt by his cellmate to murder him. The standard false narrative of suicide is debunked by overwhelming strong evidence that he was either murdered, or may even still be alive living a comfortable, protected life incognito in Israel. Definitely the photo of the corpse wheeled out on a gurney that was supposed to be Jeffrey Epstein is not, as the shape of the nose is too discrepant a giveaway that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be staged yet another hoax for public consumption, again to protect their own.

Meanwhile, the Rothschild family is said to have protected Epstein’s partner-in-crime, his handler Guislaine also as one of their own. Epstein-Maxwell sexual assault victim Maria Farmer, the first to report the couple’s sexual predator crimes to police in the mid-1990s, having lived with them for more than a year as an Epstein employee, Maria Farmer got to know Jeffrey and Guislaine up close and personal. Because Maxwell as a Jewish supremacist spoke highly of her Zionist Jewish roots, looking down on goyim Maria, and on record referring to sex victims as “white trash,” in contrast Guislaine constantly bragged about her cultured, aristocratic upbringing. Maxwell always spoke highly of elites, boasting that the English royal family and the Rothschild family were her best friends since childhood. After Epstein’s July 2019 arrest and death a month later, in an interview with journalist Whitney Webb, Maria was convinced that the then yearlong fugitive Guislaine was very likely protected in Rothschild safehouses around the globe.

But in early July 2020, Maxwell was found walled up in her isolated hideaway estate in New Hampshire north woods. It was no accident that she was discovered hiding from the law in the “Live Free or Die” state as the surprisingly shameful epicenter of the world’s largest global drug-human trafficking cartel worth near a trillion dollars ever exposed, by the still on the run for his life whistleblower Mike Gill. In early July 2020, Maxwell was arrested, taken into custody and placed in a Brooklyn detention center jailcell to await her trial that would eventually find her guilty of co-trafficking sexually exploited underage minors and given a twenty-year prison sentence. Since July 2022, she’s been serving her time in a cushy low security Florida federal prison.

Epstein’s partner-in-crime Maxwell, vis-à-vis her superspy father Robert Maxwell, knew all the criminal titans on the planet, and as Epstein’s expertly groomed handler, she opened many a door to the innermost sanctuary atop the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s power elite (RKM).But all the infamously known fellow pedophiles from Guislaine and Epstein’s entrapment operation caught explicitly on camera for years committing the most appalling, disgusting crimes are still walking free as a bird, which only proves that the uber rich and powerful continue raping children at will and are still getting away with it, signifying no change or progress towards justice on this earth for the multitudes of victims of child sexual abuse spanning far too many centuries. What does this say other than the untouchable elites are still untouchable. This unending scourge must stop. God willing, during this year of reckoning, the guilty will soon be paying for their sexual atrocities.

Global pedophilia operations have forever remained above the law because the pedo-network overlords meticulously ensure that their depraved Satanic crimes against defenseless vulnerable children always stay so heavily insulated and shielded by handpicked gatekeepers pledged to dutifully seal off and prevent public exposure at all cost. That’s why criminals like Queen honored Dame Esther Rantzen whose ChildLine helpline organization begun in 1986 for UK children to call in to report sexual abuse trauma, has a history of methodically screening calls out, making certain that reported crimes involving VIPs are never investigated by law enforcement authorities. That’s why ChildLine was subsumed by UK’s largest child protection charity – the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) as another gatekeeping front. After all, Queen Elizabeth’s job was to reward notorious gatekeepers with knighthood honors. Serial adulterous home wrecker Esther Rantzen first had an affair with married Scottish MP and minister, adulterer and pedophile Sir Nicholas Fairbairn. Daily Mail ran a July 2014 headline “My shock over my MP lover’s links to Elm House paedophile ring.” Once the Sir Jimmy Savile revelations broke in 2012 a year after his death, the longtime BBC employed Jewish drama queen Rantzen working for decades alongside him, all the while knowing he was the biggest pedophile in Britain, Esther got very good at pretending shock, epitomizing the Satanic role of the VIP pedophile gatekeeper.

Speaking of gatekeepers, it’s why pedophiles Prince Andrew and Lord Peter Mandelson became NSPCC longtime patrons and NSPCC chairman Sir Peter Wanless protected his boss former UK MP-minister Michael Portillo, then has the audacity to demand prosecution of anyone that covers up child sex abuse. From my Pedophilia & Empire Book 2 Chapter 5:

NSPCC trustee Esther Rantzen and NSPCC chief executive since 2013 Peter Wanless have been the two highest profile figures atop UK’s child protection system. Yet each has a history linked directly to pedophilia and pedophiles. For years prior to his current gig, Wanless was Principle Private Secretary to confirmed pedophile Tory MP and Cabinet Secretary Michael Portillo who was involved in the cover-up of the notorious Westminster child sex ring.

Through over four years of researching the global pedo-network, I found that NGOs and charities often serve as gatekeeping havens, intel services’ cutout covers for child sex crimes. It’s the same reason why Prime Minister Tony Blair selected infamous pedo-gatekeeper MP Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer of the Bavarian Illuminati bloodline) as his Minister for Children after her notorious track record on the Islington Council allowing pedophiles galore to flagrantly infiltrate and overrun her borough into another  hushed up national scandal, then rewarded by gatekeeper puppet war criminal and neighbor Tony Blair.

It’s also why American child sex trafficker Laura Silsby, caught red-handed with 33 Haitian children in tow trying to cross the Dominican Republic border shortly after the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, was quickly rescued by presidential gatekeeping pedophiles Bill Clinton while his Satanic priestess wife Hillary was Obama’s Secretary of State. And why Laura never had to answer for her crimes, later found working under her husband’s name while employed by Department of Justice’s Amber Alert system, within America’s NSPCC equivalent, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. To be a lifetime VIP member in this sick Satanic Pedo Club, sealed off and guarded with lifetime guaranteed protection atop this global parasitic food chain, one must literally sell their soul to the devil first. Pedophilia & Empire fully exposes elites’ innermost sanctum of their Satanic Club, literally devouring and defiling God’s innocents with total impunity for centuries.

Guislaine Maxwell is a former member of the Clinton Global Initiative while Epstein attorneys credit Epstein with starting the Initiative with the Clintons. It’s well-documented that the Clintons, the Rothschilds and Epstein and Maxwell are all extremely close, with the Rothschilds and the trafficking couple donating generously for years in support of both the Clinton candidacies as well as their criminal Clinton Foundation.

After the Rothschilds’ December 2000 wedding in London, newlyweds Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild could have gone anywhere in the world on their honeymoon, but they chose to spend their first night together as husband and wife at their dearest friends’ mansion – the Clinton White House. A released Wikileaks email exchange a decade later in 2010 between Hillary and Lynn shows how intimately self-serving their friendship goes, and how Satanic priestess Hillary sickeningly grovels for forgiveness from the dynasty hand that feeds her. In 2010, A sample of Lynn and Hillary’s exchange under Lynn’s subject heading “Miss you,” she tells Hillary “would love to catch up” and “I remain your adoring pal.” Clinton writes back, “Let’s make it happen,” signing off, “Much love, H.” While it was all lovey-dovey between Lady Rothschild and Hillary, her hubby President Bill for years allegedly carried on a torid affair with Guislaine Maxwell, who was invited to daughter Chelsea’s wedding in 2010, two years after ex-boyfriend Jeffrey’s conviction.

This episodal exposé of the Epstein-Maxwell saga also extends to Rothschild globalist puppet Peter Mandelson, intent on streamlining one world governance while carrying on a secret bromance for over a dozen years with Epstein. A quarter century ago, UK’s “ruthless, media savvy spin doctor” Lord Mandelson was the embodiment of Tony Blair’s New Labor Party as the “gerbilling” British de facto deputy prime minister under former PMs Blair and Gordon Brown (1997-2010). In case you’re unfamiliar with the slang terms “gerbilling” or “felching,” it’s a disturbingly disgusting cheap thrill most often indulged in by kinky, gay, perverted degenerates like Peter Mandelson, who was reportedly hospitalized in France with a dead hamster lodged up his highly scraped up, lacerated rectum.

As of 2008, it was evident that the Lord Mandelson, long captured by the dark side, was yet another Rothschild handpicked, highly groomed globalist puppet serving Satan as one of the Rothschild Khazarian mafia overlord favorites, a key pedophile gatekeeper in UK, EU and global politics. All these mafia accolades came despite his name showing up in 2002’s US undercover cyber-Operation Ore when the known pedophile was caught purchasing child pornography. Of course, the UK minister was quickly protected by crossdressing pervert Prime Minister Tony Blair’s prompt issuance of a D-notice concealing Mandelson’s child sex crimes, sealed even tighter by his extremely close ties to 4th Baron Jacob Rothschild, his heir apparent son Nathaniel Rothschild and daughter Hannah Rothschild.

The Labor Party MP since 1992 holding three ministerial positions under Blair prior to becoming the EU Trade Commissioner from 2004 to 2008, forged the globalist agenda violating conflict of interest while making chemtrail deals with fellow RKM “stalwarts” Nate Rothschild aboard Russian aluminum magnate oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s yacht, and soon catapulted to the top of the power pyramid by 2008, entering the House of Lords to take on more important ministerial posts during Gordon Brown’s premiership.

For most of 2010 as a documentarian, RKM assigned author Hannah Rothschild tagged along with Minister Mandelson during the final year of Brown’s Labor government, noting that “Mandy” plainly wielded far more power than his supposed one-term PM boss, hence Hannah consistently called Mandy “the real PM.” A fawning November 2010 Guardian piece entitled “Mandelson – The Real PM? keeps the prince of darkness,” reported that during the 2010 political campaign when Tory PM candidate-elect David Cameron was referred to as “a mummy’s boy,” the Rothschild tagalong asked prima donna Mandy if he’d rather be thought of as mummy’s boy or prince of darkness, and his predictably unabashed reply was, “Oh definitely, a prince of darkness.” Satanists once in a while actually utter the truth in plain sight, but thinly cloaked in tongue-in-cheek dark humor, or disguised as Satanic predictive programming.

Three months after finishing his post as EU Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson in January 2009 allegedly contacted disgraced pedophile Epstein while he was doing overnight sleepovers at his Palm Beach private jailhouse wing, requesting a favor that the pedophile arrange a meeting between “Petie” (as Jeff affectionately called Lord Mandelson) and Jeffrey’s longtime JP Morgan billionaire banker CEO Jamie Dimon.

Mandelson’s phone numbers show up in Epstein’s infamous black book ten times. After more than a decade as Epstein’s go-to money laundering JP Morgan bank, currently still in litigation with a potential October trial date, under growing weight of Epstein liability back in 2013, JP Morgan finally gave its most scandalous client the old heave-ho, forcing him to take his shady business elsewhere. So, is it coincidence that Epstein’s highly influential friend, Lynn de Rothschild, sitting on Deutsche Bank’s board of directors just when Prince of Darkness “Petie” hops on the same board and Epstein opens up multiple Deutsche Bank accounts into the multimillions? This is hardly coincidence as these Dark Side players are all lifetime members from the same Satanic Club. Last year The Sun posted an August 2006 photo of Epstein blowing candles out on a cake with smiling Mandelson looking on in Paris, right after Epstein was charged with having sex with an underage girl on his way to his sweetheart deal sleepovers.

It’s publicly known that Epstein and his fellow pedo-pal “Petie” enjoyed intimate encounts with their Rothschild overlords, among them Jacob and son Nathan Rothschild, Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild, as well as Ariane de Rothschild. Mandelson lived in a home paying rent to owner Nathan Rothschild next to his estate. Similarly, birds of a feather flock Satanically together, as accused pedophile, estranged and disgraced royal Prince Andrew and buddy Lord Petie both took on the same philanthropic assignment as patrons officially fronting NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign against child abuse in March 1999. Talk about gatekeeping pedo-foxes guarding the child henhouse. And a mere year later, Peter Mandelson and Prince Andrew are selected as star witnesses at billionaire Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s December wedding ceremony. Less than two months prior in October 2000, for $8.5 million, Lynn de Rothschild sold her expansive 12-bedroom Upper East Side Manhattan mansion with Epstein money just for Guislaine to reside, calling it her home. After all, it’s one big happy Satanic family.

It was Lynn Forester de Rothschild who was talking up Epstein as soon as President Clinton entered the White House in 1993. Just three years later Lynn sold yet another of her Manhattan townhouse properties directly to Guislaine this time. Back in 1995, Clinton supporter and friend Lynn de Forester-soon-to-be Evelyn de Rothschild’s wife, wrote thanking Bill for meeting with Jeffrey Epstein that the future Mrs. Rothschild aggressively promoted to their innermost power circle. Epstein made at least 17 trips within the 7 remaining years of the Clinton White House. One of the richest persons in the world Lynn was aggressively promoting an international child sex rapist-trafficker with near certain knowledge of what her close friends Guislaine and Jeffrey were up to for a decade. What does that tell you about perhaps the planet’s richest, most powerful family of the last near three centuries? It says that the world’s been stuck in hand basket hell for literally ages.

Even after the Epstein-Maxwell blackmail racket was fully exposed, both the Rothschild and Clinton crime families also actively went out of their way to support Guislaine’s TerraMar Project long after Epstein slept a few months in jail. To further her diabolical cause, Guislaine’s 2012 founded now defunct NGO TerraMar Project, supposedly advocating oceanic ecology, fully supported by Deep State crime families the Rothschilds and Clintons, was intended to forge inroads into such NWO bastions as the UN and Council on Foreign Relations where Guislaine regularly had VIP speaking engagements after her unprosecuted crimes, no doubt implicitly bolstering global impunity for her and her Zionist Israel’s criminal blackmail operation.

In fact, all the major global players are psychopathically, socially and criminally intertwined with their Epstein-Maxwell entrapment operations within the same rarified international elite circles. Lifetime globetrotting overlords within the same Satanic country club embraced the high-end trafficking couple at all the places Epstein owned his swank properties – in Manhattan, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Virgin Islands, New Mexico. Right up to his 2019 arrest, the elite controllers of this world embraced Epstein as one of their own.

Who first introduced Guislaine to Epstein attorney Alan Deshowitz? According to Dershowitz, it was Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild. It was Evelyn and Lady Lynn de Rothschild who first introduced Israeli intelligence operative Epstein to his former lawyer friend Alan Dershowitz, according to namedropping, multiple accused, “never-his-friend” Dershowitz. In Epstein’s infamous black book, both Evelyn de Rothschild and Edouard de Rothschild are listed on page 48. Again, Epstein’s Manhattan palace, the largest residence on the high turf island, made him a likeminded New World Order club member among earth controllers and a close neighbor of Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild and Henry Kissinger.

And who first introduced Epstein to Bill Clinton? According to several sources, again Lynn’s hubby Evelyn de Rothschild. You see the pattern here? Every one of these people that the Rothschilds intentionally brought together are accused child sex predators. At the River Front overlooking the East River where the Rothschilds in January 2019 placed their posh pad on the market for a cool $22.5 million, another River Front neighbor Henry Kissinger, also listed in Epstein’s black book, introduced Evelyn de Rothschild to the American attorney-Democratic Party activist Lynn Forester at the 1998 Bilderberg meeting. When the Illuminati matchmaking guru puts Rothschilds together and they in turn bring famous pedophiles together, you begin seeing the disturbing Luciferian trend in this highly interconnected web of the most egregious crime network on earth.

The world controllers at the River Front lived only a 1.8-mile distance from the mafia-linked godfather Les Wexner’s onetime owned property, the largest Manhattan residence at 9 East 71st Street that Wexner gave away for allegedly $1 to his protégé and made man Epstein in the global Rothschild Khazarian mafia cabal, making him the world’s most infamous child sex trafficker on the planet. Again, Guislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s Israeli intelligence partner-in-crime who as his handler ran the world’s largest VIP sexual blackmail operation for decades, purchased her Manhattan townhouse in 1996 from Lynn Forester, thanks to Kissinger soon to become a Rothschild. You can’t make this shit up. It’s really a very small mafia-controlled world run by a smaller club of planetary controllers that worship Satan.

Yet another rabbit hole link that Lynn Forester shares with an early child sex trafficking ring in New York is through her first marriage to Andrew Stein, a Democratic New York state senator. Stein’s brother James Finkelstein married Cathy Frank, the granddaughter of liquor distiller Lewis Rosenstiel, who with Jewish and Italian mob ties ran a pedo-ring in New York within the same social criminal circles as Trump’s mentor and East Coast pedo-ringleader Roy Cohn. During Lynn Forester’s divorce from politician Andrew Stein on her way to her third marriage with Evelyn also married three times, she reportedly felt comfortably close enough to Epstein to, according to the pedophile, request money from him.

Lynn de Rothschild’s on the board of directors at Estee Lauder companies owned by heir Ronald Lauder, a powerful Mega Group member which Epstein financier Les Wexner co-founded with Charles Bronfman. While Charles Bronfman’s nieces financed the sex trafficking sex cult NXIVM, resulting in Clare Bronfman doing nearly 7 years behind bars, it was Austria’s US ambassador Ronald Lauder back in the 1980s that illegally arranged Epstein’s fake passport with a Saudi address. Again, it’s this ever-so-small Luciferian world wheeling and dealing that makes this world go round and round in a permanent state of hell on earth. But now their wagons are circling in desperation to hold onto their unbroken impunity that appears to be coming to an end as humanity enters an epic time of epic reckoning.

We also know that the Rothschild and Bronfman Jewish crime families reign supreme, sharing a joint family financial advisory business together. Yep, it’s one big happy Zionist Khazarian mafia crime family using groveling useful idiot goyim like the Clintons when it suits their diabolical purpose. Lynn de Rothschild partners with Mega Group member Edgar Bronfman’s son Matthew, heading the investment firm Bronfman E.L. Rothschild, ranked #2 as the second fastest growing firm among Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) listings according to Financial Advisors Magazine in 2016. The company apparently no longer lists its website online. For what it’s worth, in 2019 the Bronfman E.L. Rothschild firm has become a mere subsidiary of Sontag Advisory, no longer listed in any of the RIA rankings.

As of September 2019, Bronfman E.L. Rothschild firm held assets worth $6 billion employing 64 advisors on staff, apparently still in existence with a listing on The website of the 2003 founded E.L. Rothschild family investment company, belonging to Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild that co-owns Economist Magazine is still online, but the joint Bronfman E.L. Rothschild investment firm founded in 1997 apparently has gone cyberworld dark, no doubt in recent years due to the two crime families’ increasingly bad publicity.

Both Lynn de Rothschild and Jeffrey Epstein also share a history with the scandal-prone Deutsche Bank together as well. Epstein through the decades engaged in illegal money laundering into the millions, perhaps billions. In the 1980s it was the notorious CIA operated BCCI bank till its collapse in 1991. In July 2020, Germany’s largest lending institution Deutsche was fined $150 million for violating anti-money-laundering laws. Last week the notorious German bank agreed to a $75 million settlement to Epstein victims. Over the last two decades, Epstein used his multiple accounts at Deutsche Bank to make out of court settlements with dozens of his victims, paying legal fees and even paying off his co-conspirators. For a half decade, the bank knowingly looked the other way, letting the convicted child rapist flaunt his crimes without ever questioning or holding him accountable.

Shortly before his July 2019 arrest, Deutsche Bank finally ended its relationship with him, although it made referrals to other banks and stated the boldface lie that “it was unaware of any problems” with any of his past accounts. Essentially, Deutsche Bank gave the hardened criminal carte blanche, never challenging his countless irregularities and non-compliance with the law. Meanwhile, Lynn de Rothschild has been an advisor at the Deutsche Bank Microfinance Consortium and is also a board member on the Alfred Herrhausen Society of International Dialogue of Deutsche Bank. Her banking clout and name alone was the reason Epstein had his way at Deutsche from 2013 to 2018. Just like Guislaine introduced Epstein to Prince Andrew, at least 7 years of friendship had elapsed by the time in 2013 that the protected pedo Prince of Darkness and the elites’ favorite pedo-blackmail operator converge on one of the world’s biggest pedo-launderers Deutsche Bank with Lynn de Rothschild conveniently already perched atop its board of directors.

Here’s another Deep State rabbit hole giveaway illustrating the Rothschild Khazarian mafia operation. The most important airport hub of the entire Maxwell-Epstein trafficking blackmail operation was the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, just 12 miles west of New York City, where more Lolita Express flights touched down and lifted off transporting underage sex slaves than any other airport on the entire world. Based on released court documents from August 2019, records from just one amongst a pool of Epstein pilots submitted a total of 730 known flights using the Jersey airport between 1995 and 2013.

It’s also worth noting that Lynn de Forester Rothschild’s father, J. Kenneth Forester, was a WWII pilot and aviation pioneer that founded the Teterboro Airport’s longtime aviation services company Meridian, a fixture at the exclusive private airport serving international business executives and VIPs since 1946. Lynn de Rothschild’s brother, Air Force Academy graduate Ken Forester Jr. in 1974 took over the family business of the father, who died at age 94 in 2016. As a one stop all purpose aviation service company providing both maintenance and charter flights, Meridian has expanded its services to three other small airports in California and Florida. That covers two of the three states where Epstein maintained US residences. It may well be a legit company, but the question begs to be answered, especially with all the interconnected dots with what we know about Lynn de Rothschild and her intimate ties to such shady bigtime criminals Epstein, Maxwell, the Clintons, the Bronfmans, all certifiable pedo-gangsters part of the larger Rothschild Khazarian mafia, and Lynn’s bloodline family’s blood money prominence supporting the notorious #1 Epstein-Maxwell child trafficking hub, it can’t be by pure coincidence and is evidence of how dark and sinister the RKM operation goes.

Two Bill Clinton cabinet members, Bill Richardson and Larry Summers, are advisory board members of Genie Energy, the only company with drilling rights in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Other board members include Clinton’s CIA director James Woolsey, Deep State media mogul Rupert Murdock, Mega Group member Michael Steinhardt and Lord Jacob Rothschild. Lynn de Forester Rothschild was also on Obama’s Secretary of Energy Bill Richarson’s advisory board while Richardson held the post. And the former New Mexico Governor Richardson was also accused of child sex crimes by Virginia Giuffre at the Epstein’s New Mexico ranch. And onetime Harvard president and Obama’s Secretary of Treasury Larry Summers and Epstein were intimately tied friends that carried on some shady money laundering dealings while Summers was running Harvard. This ever-so-small circle of deep pocket Deep State chums steeped in Epstein’s filthy criminal operations is also obviously no accident either.

Yet another company that chose to maintain way too cozy a criminal relationship with Epstein is the old Rothschild subsidiary JP Morgan Chase Bank via CEO Jamie Dimon and former exec Jes Staley. Recall from part 1 that in recent years it was leaked that Apollo founder Leon Black, co-founder Apollo founder Marc Rowan and Swiss Edmond de Rothschild Group CEO Ariane de Rothschild and her deputy CEO Cynthia Tobiano all converged repeatedly on Epstein’s infamous Manhattan mansion to talk up yet more shady business together with Epstein’s 2012 Southern Trust startup company that proposed genetic sequencing experimentation on poor kids in the Virgin Islands as part of these NWO globalists’ transhumanist 5th generation warfare against the human race.

Superspy-media mogul Robert Maxwell’s youngest and favorite of four daughters Guislaine grew up in silver spoon-fed opulence, surrounded by an exclusive elite society circle of Jewish royals like the Rothschilds as well as the English royals, at one point reputedly dating Prince Andrew, spotted romantically holding “hands over lunch at a fashionable New York restaurant” in 2000, possessing a surplus of global VIP social contacts to jumpstart what would evolve into the world’s largest international kiddie blackmail operation. Without her social connections, the upwardly mobile Jeffrey would have been left in the peripheral bush league shadows.

We’ve come full circle from the Zionist Ashkenazi-Khazarian mafia moneylenders to their indelible criminal fingerprints on the Epstein-Maxwell blackmail operation, augmenting the Rothschild-Epstein crime nexus part 1 through the late Edmond de Rothschild heir’s 1997 inheritance granted his only son Benjamin de Rothschild (1963-2021), then his untimely death in 2021 to today’s widowed CEO wife Ariane de Rothschild. It’s no accident that the other humongous Rothschild dynasty’s British-American branch with Lynn and Evelyn de Rothschild’s ties binding so tightly with both Epstein and Maxwell are also even more prominently interconnected than part 1’s Swiss Rothschild link. Blackmailers can still hold court over those they compromise, unless of course they own the world… head honcho Rothschild widow Lynn after husband Evelyn’s November 2022 death joins Ariane’s binding ties with the world’s most infamous pedophile whose name four years after his alleged death cannot be removed from today’s breaking headlines until all guilty tentacled parties receive their long overdue justice.

No doubt a part 3 to this ongoing crime story drama will soon be coming as more incriminating evidence emerges from the ongoing Virgin Islands lawsuit against Rothschild’s US affiliate bank JP Morgan Chase, prosecuting its decade plus of criminal Epstein money laundering. The fact that the Epstein crime saga includes such a large cast of shady characters, front and center being JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon for the last 18 years, whose RKM powerbrokers brought both Dimon and Epstein to global prominence, speaks volumes. With subpoenas issued to the alleged richest man in the world Elon Musk, Hyatt hotel heir Thomas Pritzker, and Google co-founding billionaires Sergey Brin and the still missing-in-action Larry Page, and the scheduled trial set for this October, there will be much more bombshell evidence to come.

The latest is on Tuesday May 23rd, amidst the heat of the US Virgin Islands territory’s lawsuit filed late last year against JP Morgan, the Rothschild affiliate has launched a countersuit against the Virgin Islands, maintaining that territorial officials knew Epstein’s child sex trafficking was going on. The obvious bank strategy is jockeying for leverage to cancel each other’s lawsuits out. US’ largest bank is alleging that a “quid pro quo relationship” existed between Epstein and the island government for over two decades.

Regardless of what happens next, the ultimate big question is, are we finally reaching the turning point that will bring long overdue karmic justice to all the criminally powerful sickos still walking free? That’s the biggest question because if the VIP pervs go down, it’s becomes a potent pivotal indicator that the entire Anglo-American-Zionist RKM Deep State cabal is also going down. And that day would mean the liberation of humanity from the soulless bondage of pure evil that has plagued this earth for eons of time.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for the last decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!).

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    1. Great find, William. While my immediate reaction was to think Putin knows more about what’s happening in the US than the average American, I had to think again. What is being forced on our populace is NOT supported by the majority. The MSM and the current regime is pushing a perception that is not how most of us feel or what most of us accept. IF it was so, Bud Lite, Target, Nike, Adidas et al would not be losing billions. We are being played. Unfortunately, many are going along …but not MOST. Normality will be restored and all this madness will come to it’s inevitable end. Meanwhile, as I posted earlier, there is something we can all do. NOW…as simple as it gets:

      And then:

    2. Dear Mr Bill,

      To your question:
      “Is that the best you have?” please carefully read below:

      I study Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophically oriented spiritual science by comparing the epistemological development in three of his books:
      Grundlinien einer Erkenntnistheorie der Goetheschen Weltanschauung (1886/1924),
      dissertation published as Wahrheit und Wissenschaft (1890),
      Die Philosophie der Freiheit (1894/1918).
      To better understand Steiner’s epistemology I also study works of his pupil Herbert Witzenmann, Bruno von Freytag-Löringhoff, and Hans-Eduard Hengestenberg. I studied Heidegger with F.-W. v. Herrmann and others at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität whose works I compare with Steiner, as well as the Neo-Brentonians Kevin Mulligan and Peter Simons. Unfortunately, I cannot study Steiner’s Dreigliederung der sozialen Organismus due to lack of time and money.

      1. Btw, what’s wrong…afraid to quote what I said exactly….”Is that the best ya got”? Think it will lower you to use a colloquialism?

  2. Happy to say I never voted for this fake:

    Larry Sinclair on his homosexual affair with Obama, and Coke use…. ‘He actually came back for seconds’

    “Larry Sinclair tells of his alleged homosexual encounter with Barack Obama. The American people wouldn’t care that Barack Obama is gay, they care that they were deceived about the Obama family perversion”

  3. Good to see the blog up this AM. It was down for many (according to “Is it down”) yesterday morning, so……anyone else notice. Oh well…..

    This woman is brilliant. I find it hard to believe the “Queen” was her patient. But the rest of what she says is on target. She states the biggest strength We the People have is our numbers and our ability to think independently. Take the time….you will not regret it:

    Dr. Rima Laibow Exposes It All

    1. Bill, Rima Laibow gave essentially the same story to Jesse Ventura on his 2009 program. But she did not mention a monarch and specifically ruled out Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. In fact, at the time she claimed it was a female head of state, not a monarch who told her the information: There were only two prominent ones at the time, in Ireland and Panama. Perhaps a minor lapse, but it bothers me that she might be a disinformation source? Some of her 2009 information turned out to be incorrect, although she was spot on as far the eventual COVID-19 “pandemic”.

      1. William, dis-information or not (who can really tell in this (un)reality, but her idea about using our numbers is spot on. All that keeps us from that is fear. They use lies and propaganda to keep our “numbers” from the truth; yet we fail time and time again to use those numbers to change the course toward hell on which we find ourselves. THAT befuddles me to no end.

    2. The author begins by claiming his first part “exposed the Swiss branch of the Rothschild banking dynasty”.
      That is pure bullshit, with all due respect.


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