Patrick J. McShay, Joe Biden: New World Order Crime Boss

Patrick J. McShay

“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gate is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through the alleys, heard in the very halls of government.”

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Once you start censoring you’re on your way to dystopia and totalitarianism”

— Robert Kennedy Jr. (testifying in Congress last week)

Anyone with a pea-sized brain can see that we now live in a post Constitutional oligarchy, controlled by a cabal of criminal globalists, Satanists, and Communists who hate Americans, the Constitution, Christians, and White people. It’s gotten so crazy that every time President Biden or his son has a new scandal about to be exposed, Donald Trump gets indicted again.

If there was ever a case that should be turned over to a special counsel it is the Biden corruption and bribery scandal. There is already enough information that has been made public to convict both Joe and Hunter Biden of treason. Joe’s denials of being involved in Hunter’s deals have been refuted by other partners like Tony Bobulinski along with Hunter’s incriminating emails and texts.

Former FBI Assistant Director of Intelligence Kevin Brock says there is enough evidence in this case to warrant a full-field criminal investigation into the Biden family’s suspicious activities, and the US Attorney and lead investigator in the case said President Biden and Merrick Garland obstructed his investigation and made it impossible to bring the charges he wanted to bring.

Rudy Giuliani said he has never seen a better case as a prosecutor, and that the evidence against the Bidens is stronger than the evidence against the New York Mafia when he prosecuted mobsters from the five families. The criminal Democrats are currently trying to take Giuliani’s license to practice law.

We know that IRS Agents were blocked from talking to Joe’s sister Valerie and Hunter’s daughters after it was discovered that Hunter had made them beneficiaries of large payments from foreign governments. And while federal agents and Merrick Garland had no issues raiding former president Trump’s home, IRS agents were blocked from searching Hunter’s home for much more serious crimes.

Hunter’s daughter Naomi flew to Ukraine and attended Burisma Oil board meetings with the owner, Mykola Zlochevsky’s daughter. Zlochevsky is the Ukrainian oligarch who said back in 2016 that he bribed Joe and his idiot son Hunter with $5 million each to fire prosecutor Viktor Shokin. who said, “My dog is smarter than Hunter”.

Zlochevsky also said he was “coerced to pay Biden and his stupid son” and that he tape-recorded 17 conversations he had with the Bidens, two of them with Joe. Bank records show that nine members of the Biden family received thousands of dollars of dirty foreign money, for what reason, no one knows. They know that the FBI hid corroborating evidence that the Bidens received $10 million from Ukraine.

*Here Joe Biden brags about forcing the firing of Prosecutor Viktor Shokin

Deep State fixer Bill Barr had all of this information and did nothing! Asked in January of 2020 if he would appoint a special counsel in the Hunter Biden case Barr refused, saying the prosecutor in Delaware would take over the investigation. Sadly, Delaware is where investigations into the Bidens go to die.

The mainstream media’s narrative argues that Shokin was fired because he was corrupt and everybody, including other NATO members, wanted him fired. That however is a lie. Shokin’s only crime was investigating corruption at Burisma. He was later exonerated and cleared of any wrongdoing.

Everything coming from the mainstream media is a lie, which is why Biden’s controllers were setting up a “Ministry of Truth” to censor social media and online news sites until it was stumbled on and exposed by Matt Taibbi & Michael Schellenberg in their expose of Twitter censorship.

It’s why the criminal Biden Administration is openly defying our Constitutionally protected free speech. In several interviews in recent weeks Barack Obama has cautioned against having more than one narrative calling it dangerous. The only danger is the mendacious narrative coming from the Marxists on the Left. They call news that counters their lies with verifiable facts, malinformation, and uses it to shut down comments and articles on social media.

A recent article on makes the case that we are currently in the middle of a color revolution, a cultural revolution, and a Bolshevik revolution. Stolen elections, election interference from our intelligence agencies, foreign globalist interference, the Communist left becoming more unhinged by the day, the LGBTQ brainwashing and sexualization of our children, the attacks on Christians and the traditional family, the corruption and loss of faith in all of our institutions and a two-tiered justice system at the FBI and the DOJ have most Americans very nervous about their future and the future of their children. See that article here:

The Three Revolutions Being Carried Out Against The American Republic

Even the recent investigation into the cocaine found in the White House was compromised. Nicholas Ballasy from reports that a security expert said he was surprised the Secret Service didn’t find the culprit that left cocaine just outside the situation room as the Secret Service is an independent agency, and that someone in power had stopped the investigation before its conclusion.
This is a pattern with the Bidens.

The borders are wide open in a “Cloward and Piven” style invasion to drain the system and bankrupt the nation. Crime is skyrocketing, criminals are allowed to roam the streets with no fear of arrest while our brain-damaged president insists that taking guns from law-abiding citizens will make a difference.

The Four Steps Of The Cloward–Piven Strategy

*Overload and Break the Welfare System

*Have Chaos Ensue

*Take Control During The Chaos

*Implement Socialism and Communism Through Government Force

The same Jewish banking families that killed Czar Nicholas and his family, as well as Rasputin, and funded the Jewish-led Bolshevik Revolution that killed tens of millions of people, mostly Christians, over a hundred years ago, are the same families behind the anti-American Communists’ intent on destroying America today.

Joe Biden has surrounded himself with Jews in most positions of power in his Administration. The country is being run by Communist Jews with dual Israeli citizenship. They are anti-Christian, they are admittedly behind the push to force illegal immigration on Western countries, behind the LGBTQ agenda, and the sexualization of children. They are pro-abortion, anti-gun, and anti-free speech. Their values are not American values! They seek to destroy our sovereignty and American citizenship and bring us into their dystopian and totalitarian New World Order dictatorship.

Biden’s ridiculous trillion-dollar green agenda is a response to the UN’s Global Warming hoax and Agenda 2030 edicts coming from Klaus Schwab at the New World Order’s headquarters at the World Economic Forum. Schwab infamously said, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”. No more gas-powered cars, no gas stoves, no gas generators, and just this week Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Grandholm announced gas water heaters and air conditioners are next, this is just the start of their green tyranny.

Scary, considering FEMA whistleblower Celeste Sollum says we can look forward to future pandemics, forced vaccinations, Climate lockdowns, and rolling blackouts. Solum is on record saying the Pandemic and COVID vaccine agenda was long planned.

Over a thousand top scientists from around the World, including Nobel Prize winners, recently signed the World Climate Declaration. They state, “There is no climate emergency”. It is a ruse to consolidate resources and ultimately achieve mass depopulation which the globalists deem a top priority. Nobel Prize winner for physics, John Clauser’s scheduled speech at a climate conference sponsored by the IMF, was recently canceled for debunking this junk science hoax. See here:

 For the complete article, click here.

The Left is poised to steal the 2024 election the same way they stole the last two unless they are stopped. Where is the Republican call to end the mail-in voting scam? Trump was leading in every swing state by massive margins after midnight on election night and led in Pennsylvania by 680k votes until trucks filled with ballots with no chain of custody or signature verification were unloaded and counted, breaking every election law, while poll watchers were locked out and not allowed to do their jobs. The complicit media did their best to convince the naive and trusting public that the old racist Biden had won.

The Kari Lake hearings in the challenge of her election for governor of Arizona against Katie Hobbs proved that ballots were brought into counting centers with no chain of custody of ballots, no proper signature verification, ghost ballots, Republicans trying to vote in person were told they had already voted, and machines malfunctioned in Republican precincts that had been tested the night before.

Enough ballots that should never have passed the signature verification process were found that would have given Lake the victory by tens of thousands of votes, and the Republican that ran for Arizona’s State Mining Inspector received 400k more votes than Kari Lake. Despite this evidence, & the “2000 Mules” style ballot harvesting that was uncovered, and much more, the judge threw the case out!

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell recently launched the FedNow service he claims “was built to help make everyday payments over the coming years faster and more convenient. The problem many claim, is that FedNow serves as the infrastructure for the coming Central Bank Digital Currency System (CBDC).

The goal of course is to track everyone’s purchases and switch off your purchasing power if you get out of line, or refuse to get the new mandated vaccine, making our enslavement complete. I wrote about this in my article “The WHO’s PandemicTreaty Is A New World Order Communist Police State.” See it here:

 To read the article, click here.

The Democrats impeached Trump for merely asking about the ongoing corruption in Ukraine, and they are now attempting to shield Joe and Hunter Biden from being exposed as the criminals and cheats they clearly are. The public is well aware of Biden’s two-tiered justice system and is thoroughly disgusted by this open criminality.

Why hasn’t this majority Republican Congress already voted to impeach FBI Director Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has protected the Bidens at every turn? The FBI and DOJ must be gutted and the criminal elements expelled.

Forty-eight people went to prison for their participation in the Watergate burglary and cover-up, which I’ve always believed was a conspiracy to involve Nixon in the cover-up in order to impeach the most popular president in our history and imprison his most ardent supporters because of his refusal to bow to the Deep State’s agenda.

The Biden Crime Family’s treason is far more egregious than the break-in at the Watergate. He must be impeached, and we must sever all ties with the UN, the WHO, and the WEF if we are to move ahead as a free nation and constitutional republic.

Patrick J. McShay is a writer, researcher, and activist whose articles have appeared on over 200 news sites around the world including,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

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    1. Will has asked me to post this on his behalf (and hopes to join us shortly):

      Jonathan Turley Warns: Biden Allegations ‘Shaping Up to Be One of the Greatest Scandals in History’

      Legal scholar Jonathan Turley has warned the American people that the unfolding allegations against Democrat President Joe Biden and his family are shaping up to be one of Washington D.C.’s greatest scandals.

      As Slay News reported, whistleblower Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s longtime friend and business partner, gave an explosive testimony before Congress on Monday.

      Archer said he was involved in at least 20 business meetings that Joe Biden joined while serving as Obama’s vice president.

      According to Archer, the Biden’s have been enriching themselves for years by selling “the brand” – access to the White House.

      The testimony adds further damning evidence to the allegations of influence-peddling, bribery, and money laundering against the Bidens.

  1. What IF this was the plan from the beginning?

    “There is, however, the ultimate “break-the-glass” option that I raised previously if the Bidens and their supporters could not rig the process: Joe Biden could pardon his son and then announce that he will not run for reelection.

    With that, Biden could bow out of the election without admitting (as many on both sides are saying) that old age has taken its toll on his mental and physical capacity. He would end his political career with an act as a father, which some would condemn but most would understand. That would clear the way for a new generation of Democratic candidates who would have a better chance of defeating Donald Trump or another Republican presidential candidate.”

  2. Demented Joe’s biggest crime is a conspiracy. It is the theft of the 2020 US presidential election by the undemocratic Democrats. Additionally they engineered and managed the January 6th psy-op they refer to as an “insurrection”. It was an insurrection carried out by the undemocratic Democrats themselves, not the peaceful protesters who were there to protest the obviously fraudulent election. The illegitimate pretendent immediately began to destroy the country and the Constitution in every way imaginable. All of this was done with the assistance of Deep State operatives, Ray Epps being presumed by many to be one of the more obvious. It is doubtful the country will ever recover form the disaster known as the (illegitimate) Biden presidency.

  3. Best news I have heard recently:

    Hunter Biden Plea Deal Unravels

    The Hunter Biden plea deal is DEAD after the judge expressed MAJOR concerns about the pretrial diversion program for Hunter’s felony gun charge that would wipe out additional tax charges.

    NBC’s Tom Winters notes on MSNBC that, if the differences can’t be resolved between prosecutors and Hunter Biden’s legal team, “the trial clock is on” and, as he left the courtroom, the judge was talking “as if there was no plea agreement at all.”

  4. Mr. McShay…would you not agree the best and maybe the only way out of this miasma, corruption and criminality is for We the People…en masse….to demand accountability and justice?


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