John Kaminski, Ruthless Agents of Chaos Desperately Trying to Conquer a Broken World

By John Kaminski

The overthrow of civilization has always been their goal, no matter how many corpses it takes to achieve their demonic objective. They don’t even mind killing some of their own to camouflage their guilt in their insane drive to destroy the world and reign over the wreckage of a broken planet.

Their heart’s desire, what they’ve always wanted, is plainly visible today in the pulverized landscape, crying children and mutilated corpses of that hell on Earth better known as the Gaza Strip. In all the world’s history, no people has ever more badly treated its lesser brethren more ruthlessly than the smug, sadistic psychopaths of the outlaw nation of Israel, that deranged Jewish monster now sabotaging societies all over the world.

Setting the stage for their desperately desired worldwide conflagration, Jewish NGOs, in cahoots with an utterly corrupt U.S. federal government, have recruited hungry volunteers from all desperate nations and facilitated their passage to America’s southern border in preparation for a secret revolution that aims to turn the USA into a poverty-stricken Communist state convincingly resembling Palestine.

Fresh off a worldwide conspiracy to poison the population with untested medicines secretly loaded with complicated poisons, the demented Jewish billionaire braintrust has captured the White House, the Congress, the media, the universities, the medical profession and they’ve always had the lawyers and the judges all acting in concert to deprive the people they call cattle of their liberty, their property and their lives.

You have to be a totally brainwashed idiot not to see how the Biden administration stole the 2020 election with a phony epidemic lockdown justifying an interrupted vote count, by which the fix was ushered in. Every move since then — the pipeline shutdown, the open border and the devastating calculated false flag torch jobs — has been aimed at constructing their monstrous one-world AI driven world government.

Editor’s note: The Big Picture (as I see it 12 October 2023)

This witches’ brew of toxic social manipulations caps a broader conspiracy begun with the 1913 capture of the money supply by the 13 Jewish families, the profit swindling of the repetitive Great Depressions, the regularly scheduled World Wars, the secretly planned school shootings and the Pearl Harbor syndrome reenacted at the World Trade Center that enabled the demented Jew-controlled USA to make war on the world.

Judaism is simply the most sinister cultural wretchedness ever to infect world society.

Now comes the trigger mechanism for the wider World War III, as Israel is committing premeditated mass murder under the pretext of being injured by people they have imprisoned and tortured under barbaric circumstances for more than a half-century. Despite their wanton persecution of the Arab people whose land they stole, they continue to label their victims as subhuman animals which is exactly what they are themselves, a deeply disturbing visage verified by their perfidious and perverse collection of so-called holy books, as well as their panoply of repulsive habits.

A corrupt U.S. administration has deliberately failed to defend its own people at the behest of billionaires who bribe these decision-makers to betray their own citizens.

It’s time for the rest of the world to realize that the way Israel treats the Palestinians is the way Jews treat the rest of the world. They say one thing and do another. They promise to do you favors, then steal all your property, and then eventually take your life.

One big psyop since 2012

Naomi Wolf: One Big Psyop . . . Since 2012

The unenviable character of the rest of the world is shamefully revealed by those callous nations which have rushed to support Israel’s demonic treatment of the continually abused Palestinian people.

Foremost among these wretched Israeli allies are the United States and formerly great Britain, leaders of the declining European nations which are totally controlled by the corrupt largesse of the Rothschild-led Jewish banking cabal which controls most if not all the money in the world.

These feckless collections of so-called human beings have had to bury their curdled concepts of honor and justice so deeply in the venal verbiage of cowardly carpetbaggers that the words peace and honor have not been heard in their official pronouncements for many decades.

The string of wars conducted by the United States and its truculent allies since the great deceptions of the world wars has been nothing but pompous abuses of defenseless countries which attempted to resist the exploitation that has long centered around the imposed criminality of Wall Street, the City of London and their bastard Jewish child, the World Bank.

Nation after nation has been bankrupted by these kosher thugs, and America’s allies are not really friends at all, but abused zombies who have accepted bribes and betrayed their people for the tainted pieces of silver their supercilious leaders have accepted. I always think of that mansion on Martha’s Vineyard that the Obamas were given for their capital crimes against Muammar Gadhafi and Seal Team 6.

But today we have Biden sending aircraft carriers to the Gaza shores to make sure the long suffering Palestinians are pounded into the bleeding dust Israeli leaders prefer to deal with, whom they prefer to call “those Arab cockroaches.”

As Americans are forced to line up behind the madmen who have commandeered our country to participate in the continuing gang rape of the Palestinian people, we seem far too willing to remember that the Hamas desperadoes who did to Israelis what Israelis have done to them for so many decades have no chance to win a fair fight against these homicidal maniacs, as the last 70 years have demonstrated.

Hamas, you might not remember, was created by Israel as an alternative to Yasser Arafat, who became too realistic for the Jews to deal with. This leads some of us to speculate just how planned this Hamas attack was devised by untrustworthy Israelis (I know, that’s redundant) in order to create one of their typical over the top responses.

In this case, the over the top response could likely result in World War III, which is quite possibly the Jews’ preferred result.

It makes me think of how superficial and thoughtless brain dead Americans were to reflexively support Ukraine when the Russians decided to protect their brethren in the Donbass from the U.S. skullduggery of positioning their pornographic puppet Zelensky in the roll of president of America’s Ukrainian puppet state.

Given the fact that the USA is totally controlled by Jews and thus joined at the hip to Israel (are you listening, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump?), sending aircraft carriers to within sight of the Gaza slaughterhouse also puts them within striking distance of hypersonic missiles from interested third parties.

And one more item worth mentioning. Should that happen, the 5 million uninvited guests who have just been distributed evenly around the entire USA, given free room and board, phones and credit cards by the aforementioned Jewish NGOs, would be perfectly positioned to further complicate America’s slide into oblivion, or to look on the bright side, to finalize the U.S. inclusion as just another bleeding backwater in the World Jewish Superstate, which some people believe has already happened.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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9 thoughts on “John Kaminski, Ruthless Agents of Chaos Desperately Trying to Conquer a Broken World”

  1. Such a great article…here it is in it’s entirety


    By Wayne Allyn Root

    I am host of the weekend TV show, “America’s Top Ten Countdown with Wayne Allyn Root” on Real America’s Voice TV Network. Each Saturday I identify the top ten stories that every conservative, patriot and person of faith needs to know. These are the stories you’ll never hear on any mainstream media, or even on Fox News.

    Because the people on those networks (who choose the news stories) do not understand the way that true patriots think. They simply regurgitate whatever the DC Swamp, Deep State, Democrats, RINOS and government wants them to say.

    My “America’s Top Ten Countdown” show this week was a special edition- dedicated to the top ten lessons from the Hamas terror attack on Israel. All ten lessons prove that President Trump was right- about everything.

    How a Faith-Based Gold Company Is Changing the Way Americans Protect Their Retirement

    My Top Ten (with a few bonus lessons for this week)…

    Number #10: “Peace Through Strength”- Trump was right about America projecting strength leading to peace throughout the world.

    Who can argue with this one? Just like Reagan proved in the 1980’s, under Trump who talked tough and carried a big stick, the world was at peace. No wars. No major terror attacks. Evil, egomaniac dictators behaved.

    Under weak, feckless, brain-dead Joe Biden, the world is on fire. We have nonstop crisis and chaos. We have war, not peace. The evil actors of the world are attacking, because they have no fear of Joe Biden. Like sharks, they see weakness, they smell blood in the water.

    The FBI Director just warned of the imminent threat of major terror attacks in the USA. We have war in Ukraine…we have war in the Middle East…we may soon see China invade Taiwan…and we may soon see America in the middle of World War 3.

    Trump was right- again.

    Number #9: Trump was right about Iran and how to treat them.

    Trump knew Iran was a bad guy. He understood the Mullahs of Iran are evil. He understood Iran funds terrorism all over the world. He understood Obama’s Iran deal was a nightmare- the worst deal in history. Why give Iran billions of dollars that they will use to fund terrorism all over the world.

    Trump killed the insane and stupid Iran deal. Trump imposed crippling sanctions on Iran- starving this terrorist regime.

    Trump even cut $200 million of funding to Palestine. He knew Hamas would use the money to fund terrorism- like the terror attack on Israel only a week ago.

    Biden gave $6 billion to Iran. They either used that money to fund the terrible attack on Israel, or they simply green lit the attack on Israel- knowing America is weak and stupid…and they got their $6 billion.

    Trump was right- again.

    Number #8: Trump was right about ISIS and how to treat Islamic extremists and terrorists.

    Trump stood up to evil. He ordered the US military to kill evil. Trump killed ISIS in weeks- something no expert believed could be done.

    Trump ordered the assassination of General Soleimani.

    Trump understood you can’t negotiate with terrorists. Or countries that support and fund terrorism all over the world. You kill them, and you strangle them financially.

    Israel must now kill Hamas, the same way Trump killed ISIS. Don’t listen to lawyers, the UN, or the media. Just turn your military loose to kill the bad guys. No mercy.

    Trending: UPDATE: Jim Jordan Loses Vote for House Speaker on the First Vote – Here are the 20 GOP Turncoats Who Voted Against Jordan in Leadership Role

    Trump was right- again.

    Number #7: Trump was right about Israel and how to choose one side- the good guys.

    He was the first US President to take sides in the Middle East. He didn’t try to be “fair.” He didn’t try to “see both sides.” Trump stood with Israel. He never apologized, or backed down.

    Now the whole world knows. Israel is the good guys fighting pure evil. Israel targets terrorists and enemy soldiers. Israel’s enemies target innocent unarmed civilians, gang rape women, murder children in front of parents, behead babies, burn entire families together.

    Trump was right- again.

    Number #6: Trump was right about the Abraham Accords.

    Trump negotiated peace between Israel and Arab nations. Trump convinced mortal enemies to do business together. Trump made Israel safer. Under Biden the Middle East is at war.

    Trump was right- again.

    Number #5: Trump was right about the so-called “Muslim Travel Ban.”

    Trump banned people from terrorist countries from coming to America. We don’t want terrorists, or people who hate Jews and Christians in our country. We don’t want to turn America into Gaza or Lebanon. Trump wanted to keep your children safe. Trump wanted to protect Jews and Christians in America.

    Under Trump anyone who posed a threat was kept out. Under Biden the entire world is coming in through the open border- including Islamic terrorists and millions of Middle Eastern military-age males who hate us.

    Trump was right- again.

  2. I personally know of no Democrats now who want a 2nd term for Biden. Even their anti-Trumpism seems muted now–perhaps out of fatigue. It may be impossible now for the Democrats to even cheat their way to victory in 2024. And in Europe discontent and even hatred of the mainstream globalist parties is everywhere. Support for Ukraine is falling faster than gravity and even support for Israel is wavering. The day of reckoning for the Western elites is coming soon, so watch out for some really dangerous actions by them.

      1. …and now a BAD sign…really bad….The dems got 212 votes for Jeffries for speaker against 200 for Jordan. Five more Rinos and there could actually be a dem speaker. Unlikely, but not beyond the realm of possibility.

        So, Trump was just gagged by that beetch Chutkan.

        “Judge Tanya Chutkan held a hearing on Monday morning on Jack Smith’s proposed gag order and used it as an opportunity to attack Trump.

        President Trump will be barred from speaking out against Special Counsel Jack Smith, court witnesses and more!

        Judge Chutkan laughed at Trump’s lawyers before telling them that Trump does not have unfettered First Amendment Rights.”

        “Chutkan laughed after Trump’s lawyer John Lauro argued that the current conditions are working, saying she disagreed before she went through some of Trump’s statements one by one. Chutakn said Trump “doesn’t” have unfettered First Amendment rights, and that there’s “no question” that the court is entitled to draw restrictions to ensure the fair administration of justice.” NBC News reported.

        According to Chutkan’s gag order, Trump cannot criticize Special Counsel Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors – even if Trump is telling the truth!

        Trump cannot criticize Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors or staffers, any of the Court’s staff or supporting personnel or any ‘witnesses.’

        Damn outrageous, eh?

        A cyber bud sent me this:

        Keep in mind the greater implications of this unlawful order.

        A Federal Judge declared the Bill of Rights invalid, and by doing so has removed all Constitutional Rights held by the Citizens of the United States!

        This is an IMMEDIATE matter for the SCOTUS! And the House of Representatives must move IMMEDIATELY to impeach this jurist for over stepping her authority by by invalidating the Constitution itself!

        So, can the house move on this without a repub leader which requires immediate action…or are we screwed royally?

        Anyone who tells me this present “government” is not weaponized against Trump can kiss my Irish/Scottish/Indian arse.

  3. Here’s a superb article re the recent gag order against Trump. What an effin tragedy!
    …even a REAL banana republic wouldn’t try this madness!

    “The imposition of a gag order on Trump means a judge can decide what the GOP front-runner can and cannot say in a presidential campaign.”

    As my colleague Tristan Justice pointed out in these pages yesterday, that means Trump is barred from campaigning against his chief political opponent, which isn’t just President Joe Biden but the entire federal government, especially the Justice Department.

    1. …and here’s Turley’s take on that gag order:


      Turley: The Trump Gag Order Should Be Struck Down

      Authored by Jonathan Turley,

      “Below is my column in The Hill on the imposition of a gag order on former President Donald Trump by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan. Despite my long-standing criticism of Trump’s personal attacks on judges and critics, this gag order should be curtailed or struck down on appeal. While the odds tend to favor the lower court in such orders, there is ample reason to object to the scope and language of the order. The ill-defined bar on criticizing the prosecution or witnesses (including one of Trump’s opponents in this election) raises serious free speech concerns. It is also unlikely to have any appreciable impact on the heated public debate over this and other prosecutions of the presidential candidate. Much of this campaign will focus on the alleged weaponization of the criminal justice system. While Trump is still allowed to criticize the case generally, the vague order cuts too deeply into his right to criticize the prosecutor, the judge, and witnesses in the case in this election.”

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