William de Berg, Assassination Talk Is in the Air

William de Berg

“The protective shield that all democracies and social orders rely on – legitimacy of the governing body, some level of elite responsibility, the willingness of citizens to view their neighbors in a civic way – is in an advanced stage of decline or collapse.  … It’s quite possible that the powder keg that America’s sitting on will explode over the course of 2024.” –  Dr. Larry Jacobs, University of Minnesota [1]

2024 is already starting out as the most volatile in modern presidential history.   The rhetoric—and violence—has been steadily escalating ever since Donald Trump achieved the greatest upset in Presidential history in 2016.   Are we now at a point where the thin veneer of civil democracy in the United States is likely to be shattered?

The United States is no stranger to political violence, having witnessed the murder of four of its 46 presidents and attempts on many more.   The assassination of President John Kennedy in 1963 ranks as one of the two most consequential assassinations in the 21st Century, the other being that of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in 1914 that precipitated World War I.   Twenty-first American politics has hardly been free of violence, either, as attested to by the anthrax attacks on Senators Daschle and Leahy in 2001,[2] the highly suspicious plane crash of Senator Paul Wellstone in 2002 after being threatened by then-Vice-President Cheney,[3] the near-assassinations of U.S. Representatives Gabby Gifford in 2015 and Steve Scalise in 2018, and a host of other acts of violence aimed at prominent American political figures.

In a secretly recorded and recently released audiotape, even the head of the Republican Party in Arizona feared for his life from “very powerful people back east” if Kari Lake refused to get out of the Arizona Senate race and his secret request was made public.[4] What is different now is the normalization of threats of political violence and assassination, seemingly with little consequence.   Madonna in early 2017 mentioned “blowing up the White House” [5] and was applauded by the crowd and continued merrily on with her waning career.    Later that year, Maria Chapelle-Nadal, a Missouri state senator, called for Trump’s assassination but continued to serve in office until 2021.[6]   In 2020, Trump insider Roger Stone allegedly was caught on a recently revealed audiotape requesting the assassination of Democratic Congressmen Eric Swalwell and Jerrold Nadler, although Stone denies the veracity of the audiotape, which has yet to be released).[7]  More recently, the son of leftist kingpin George Soros posted a shattered window with a bullet hole alongside a photo of $47, a not-so-subtle reference to Donald Trump as the potential 47th president in 2024.[8]

Governmental law-enforcement agencies such as the CIA and FBI are also getting in on the domestic political violence action.  The CIA, once limiting its assassination activities to dozens of world leaders, leading it to be called “Murder, Inc.” by President Lyndon Johnson, [9] has now stretched its tentacles into major elements of American society [10] and poses a clear threat to our political leadership.  When asked about whether Donald Trump could take on American intelligence agencies—a la President Kennedy, who predated his assassination by boasting he would “”splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind”—Senator Schumer of New York chillingly stated that “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” [11], an unmistakable warning to start digging your own grave. And, of course, the FBI is in the mix, having fomented according to Rep. Clay Higgs of Louisiana a “Fedsurrection” on January 6, 2021 involving over 200 known FBI assets as violent protesters at the Capitol.[12]

Currently, there are three major candidates in the running for President this year—Trump, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and President Biden.  Could any one or even more of them be assassinated before the election in November?     Trump as the front-runner seems the most vulnerable, having already been the target of numerous assassination threats and attempts [13] and having long been a pariah in the higher echelons of the intelligence agencies.  Echoing her eerie words when Trump was cruising to victory on Election Night in 2020 that Joe Biden would be the President by the next morning “whatever the end count is”,[14] Pelosi stated that it is “impossible” for Donald Trump to win in 2024.[15] But Biden’s victory in 2020 required, in his own words, the “most extensive … voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” plus a serious dose of late-night computer chicanery.  This year is very different, however, as Trump is polling far stronger than in 2020, has turned the farcical legal trials into a popularity boon, and has brought into his camp an avalanche of leftists, from Chris Cuomo to Snoop Dog.    It is certainly harder to kill an American president or ex-president these days than in John Kennedy’s, where politicians moved about largely unprotected in open-air vehicles and rallies.   Trump has elaborate security, and it would seem only possible to assassinate him remotely.   With the exception of Israel’s El-Al, commercial airliners do not have electronic countermeasures, and it is not clear whether Trump’s planes are equipped with such measures.   But even those measures are not 100% effective, as witnessed by the recent shootdown of Russia’s Ilyushin-76 transport plane, allegedly by Ukrainian surface-to-air missiles.[16]   Fighter escorts can provide a larger measure of protection, but these are reserved for the President of the United States.

Independent candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr. appears to be another target of the elites and their intelligence agencies.   His scathing comments about the CIA and its role in his uncle’s (and father’s) assassination and his attacks on the coerciveness of the Federal government regarding the mRNA vaxes and other measures have made him perhaps even more of a pariah to the intelligence agencies and elites than Trump.   Despite his longstanding Democratic Party allegiance, he was told in no uncertain terms that he would not be allowed in any Democratic primary debates or most likely even primary contests, and he has since been smeared and silenced in the mainstream media.  Kennedy, consistently polling in the 20-25% range, is much more vulnerable than Trump because he has no secret service protection,[17] an astounding situation given the precedence of his father’s and uncle’s assassinations and the consequent offer of such protection to virtually every major presidential candidate since.   The fact that intruders have violated his residential property since he announced his candidacy would further seem to justify his secret service protection while at the same time highlighting his increasing vulnerability.

President Biden would seem to be the “safest” candidate at this point, but he, too, as been the target of an assassination threat.[18]   The major problem for Biden is not himself—the elites seem quite comfortable with his multi-trillion-dollar deficits, open-border policies, and foreign interventions in Ukraine and elsewhere—but to their chagrin his popularity is sinking faster than the Titanic.   It may be too late for even the “greatest voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” to rescue him, given that he has faded so far behind now and the COVID “pandemic” is over and many key states have tightened their voter laws.

Rather than trying to mess with the other two major candidates, it may be simpler for the elites just to get rid of Biden.    Impeachment is unlikely because it would divide and devastate the Democratic Party.  He could resign, but it would messy since it is already too late to get anyone else nominated via the Democratic primary route, and if Biden were amenable to resignation it would have been better to have done so months ago than to be humiliated at the last moment.   He could die of “natural causes” in office, which would hardly be earth-shattering given that he is an 81-year-old senile man who has trouble walking up steps.     A “natural” death might spark a bit of a sympathy uptick for the Democrats and any replacements, but it would be even more valuable (and poetic) for them if Biden were whacked by some “crazed MAGA” supporter.  Biden is in principle more difficult to eliminate than Trump or especially Kennedy, but there are ways.  If cocaine can be brought repeatedly into the White House, lots of other substances can, too.

Beasts are always most dangerous when cornered, and there is little doubt that the American/Western globalist military-industrial-intelligence cabal is wounded and surrounded by mega-failures and loss of face in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Saharan Africa, and East Asia.  It is also under siege domestically as the populist tide sweeps across Europe and the United States and threatens to expose all of their sinister machinations over nearly eighty years of postwar dominance.  The problem in the United States is that the ruling cabal can’t afford to let Trump or Kennedy win in November, but at the same time it’s becoming increasingly clear that they can’t carry Biden across the finish line.

The harbingers are increasingly ominous.

William de Berg is the pen name of an American scientist and author of four conspiracy/truther fiction novels: Serpent and Savior, White Spiritual Boy, Divided We Stand, and Shield Down.



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12 thoughts on “William de Berg, Assassination Talk Is in the Air”

    1. I actually agree with you, Don. I had some misgivings before sending this off to Jim. However, we can’t bury our heads in the sand when it comes to the level of chatter in this area. Just recently, presidential assassinations was discussed during Trump’s appeal for presidential immunity, Alex Jones only two days ago had a discussion with Ivan Raiklin about a potential Trump assassination, Ann Coulter just yesterday suggested Trump should best serve the United States by dying, etc. We need more condemnation of posts by Alex Soros and Ann Coulter and threats by Nancy Pelosi and the refusal of secret service protection to RFK, Jr. along with more vigilance to fend off real attacks on leading political figures.

      1. Thank you William for AGREEING with me. May I repeat, that talk about the MURDER of an ExPresident is ugly and nausiating in the extreme…..I’m relieved that you did have second thoughts about your comment!. One member here even posted a YouTube video done by a dead stage comic who was totally brain addled by his drug addition and alcoholism. There was nothing funny about his video. The commentator was the name caller who called me an arse-hole.
        [Maybe Ann Coulter and Alex Soros should be the dead ones.]

      2. “totally brain addled by his drug addition”
        Hey, Don….if you had the courage to watch…how “brain addled” did he sound?
        Carlin was by far, one of the most brilliant stand-up comedians ever. He did more to bring verboten topics to the public than any before or after him. And then there’s Carson who was known for his clean and family type humor who had the courage to bring on those brain addled comedians to an audience of millions.

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