Are you tired of being played?

They fabricated allegations of phony sexual attacks to destroy a candidate for the Supreme Court.

And they fabricated another school shooting to promote their anti-gun political agenda.



Mike Palecek / What the hell is going on around here? ix

Contributors xviii


Jim Fetzer / The Parkland Performance:

A False Flag for Valentine’s Day 1

Part I: How we Know Parkland was Staged

1. James Tracy / Parkland Shooting:

Top 10 Reasons for Deeper Interrogation 17

2. Dr. Eowyn / Florida’s Valentine’s Day School:
Shooting Anomalies and Confessed Shooter 24

3. Jim Fetzer / Top Ten Reasons We Know it was
a Staged Political Event 29

Part II: Faux Student Heroes and their Parents

4. Tony Mead / Investigating the Parkland
School Shooting: Right in my own backyard 45

5. Dan Cromer / The Strange Case of Emma’s
Enigmatic Parents 69

6. Dr. Eowyn / The Curious Case of Parkland
School Shooting Survivor Emma González 80

Part III: Fake Victims and Real Participants

7. Dr. Eowyn / Florida Obituaries show
no Parkland school shooting deaths 91

8. Dan Cromer / No Death Records for the 17
Parkland Victims 96

9. Mona Alexis Pressley / The Saga of Stacey Lippel:
Parkland Shooting’s Star Witness 102

Part IV: Political Stunt for Voter Registration

10. Dr. Eowyn / Application For
“March For Our Lives” Permit Made Months

Before Parkland School Shooting 113

11. Jim Fetzer / Officer Scott Earhardt and the
Great “March For Our Lives” Boondoggle 117

12. Dr. Eowyn / The Curious Ever-Changing Dates
of the March For Our Lives Permits 123

Part V: Moving the Gun Control Agenda

13. Dr. Eowyn / Supreme Court Ruled in 2008
that Second Amendment Applies to Individuals 135

14. Tom Mysiewicz / Getting Those Guns 139

15. Dr. Eowyn / Seattle Police use Mental-Health Law

to Confiscate Guns from non-violent man 165

Part VI: Parkland’s Deeper Meaning

16. Greg Felton / Parkland Shooting Exposes the
Terrible Power and Appeal of Sacred Violence 171

17. Jack Mullen / The Second Amendment was Written
Just for this Purpose 177

18. Greg Felton / Overly Enthusiastic Blame-Casting
Exposes Bene ciaries of Parkland Shooting 187


Ole Dammegård / The Parkland Shooting:
The New World Order and the Law of Karma 198


Makia Freeman / The False Flag Formula:
15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation 209

Index 217

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