Mary Maxwell, Sandy Hook: The Paucity of Evidence

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB


[Editor’s note: Mary Maxwell has been doing a series of posts at her blog,, which reveal the process though which she has come to the dawning realization that Sandy Hook was not real, as she long assumed, but was staged (as Wolfgang Halbig, Robert David Steele, and I have long maintained). While she has some of the details wrong, she is certainly on the right track. The relevance may be greater now with Alex Jones’ attacking me gratuitously for a story from 2019 in which he was reported to have written Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015; 2nd ed., 2016). Of course, nobody wrote the book, which I edited with 13 contributors, including 6 current or retired Ph.D. professors. For a nice review, see Brian Wright, Review: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015).]


I am a conspiracy theorist. I have sufficiently looked into the 1996 Port Arthur Australian massacre and the 1996 Dunblane Scotland massacre to be able to say confidently that the victims really did die, and that the nominated gunman was not the gunman — someone else did it. Police and Parliament provided whatever was needed to prevent people from seeing the respective massacres as inside jobs.I’ve also done my best to show that the 2014 Sydney siege was staged, and that the 2013 Boston Marathon’s “Laurel Street shootout” was staged. Regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre of 20 children and 6 adults, I have been opposed to the conspiracy theory, as I assumed the children did die.I have published my beliefs that the conspiracy theorists of Sandy Hook were planted to lead us down the garden path.
I no longer think so. The three men pictured above— (L) Wolfgang Halbig, Photo: Jeff Reidel, New York Magazine (C) the late Robert David Steele, Photo: (R) James Fetzer, Photo:— now seem to me to have worked hard at getting the truth but were defeated at every turn. But I still have not found enough to “close the case,” either for or against, to my personal satisfaction. In Part 4, I described the firing of conspiracy theorist James Tracy, a tenured professor, which itself makes the officials look dicey.
Here in Part 5, I will attempt the simple job of describing the quite empty barrel of evidence, especially photographic evidence, of the Sandy Hook massacre. I have collected this material from several sources, but the principal investigator — for almost nine years — has been Wolfgang Halbig. He leaves no FOIA stone unturned.  I have to say that each time he is rebuffed, the conspiracy theory gains strength — as it certainly looks like they are hiding something.

The MSM Narrative

All three networks, plus PBS and CNN, came on strong within days of the massacre (December 14, 2012), and later the Encyclopedia Britannica provided a documentary. They tell it straight; there is no criticizing or questioning of officialdom, no sniffing around for foul play. For those of us who can remember the old TV show “77 Sunset Strip,” those days of crime-solving are gone.

In sum: a 20-year-old mentally ill boy, of diminutive build, wrecked his hard drive at home and shot dead his Mom. He — Adam Lanza — then drove to the rather hidden Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES). He crashed his way through a glass door, went into a classroom of first-graders and killed 14 of them, then went to another classroom and shot 6 more.

Lanza also shot 7 adults, but I have not got any data on how he did that. Per the media, he then killed himself (but a later Connecticut State Police Report said the police killed him). The Newtown Police Department was 2 minutes away, but it took them 20 minutes to get there, and they waited 6 minutes before entering the building.

One odd feature of the story was similar to the Dunblane event, where the parents of the deceased children were not allowed to go see their child for five hours. At Sandy Hook they were not allowed to see them at all. Late at night on Saturday, the bodies were removed.

Physical Evidence

The theme of this article is that one doesn’t have much to work with in trying to decide if the massacre really took place. So here is my inventory of what you might expect to have at hand to work with but, sorry, ain’t got:

*Interviews with eyewitnesses to the actual shooting,

*Videos of the parents entering the school,

*Videos of the full student population, almost 500, as they departed school that day,

*Names of the 20 kids, appearing in the Social Security Death Index (I don’t mean you get rebuffed, as Halbig does when he asks impertinent questions; the SSDI is public.  The names of the 20 children are, however, not on it, nor on the Federal Master list.),

*Photos of blood stains on the floor

*Interview with the janitor who reportedly helped lock classroom doors

*Interviews with Peter Lanza who lost both his son Adam, the gunman and his ex-wife, Nancy Lanza. (It is rumored that such an interview did appear on YouTube but is now gone),

*Interviews with Ryan Lanza, Adam’s brother, whose ID was found in Adam’s pocket.

*Photos of the deceased children or adults

*Cell phone records of Adam Lanza

*Email history of Adam Lanza (maybe Wikileaks has it!),

*Videos of the kids running up the street (such as the 6 who ended up in the nearby yard of Gene Rosen),

*Hospital records of emergency care,

*Autopsy reports (these are under seal),

*Photos of bullets on the floor of the school, or bullet holes in the wall,

*Photos of the dead body of the gunman,

*DNA tests to prove anyone’s identity,

*Fingerprints on the gun or Lanza’s steering wheel,

*Interview with the school nurse

*Interview with the school principal or deputy

*Video from school surveillance camera

*Audio from anyone’s cell phone

*Evidence of bullets at Nancy Lanza’s house (since razed)

*Photos of the three wounded persons

*Trial transcripts (no trial)

The Iconic Photo

Although we have not seen the 27 things in the above list, many people think they did see a lot. They did in fact see videos of funeral processions, interviews with bereaved parents, commentators on the need for gun control, psychologists analyzing Adam Lanza (by proxy, as it were), and anything a TV show could think of to mark the event.

Most of all, people seem to remember that they saw the children running out of the school, crying. Here is the “iconic” photo, which was carried on the front page of newspapers around the world:

But it has since been learned that this was not taken on the day. We can be sure it was a photo-op arranged on some other occasion, as there is a simultaneous shot of these kids and the policewoman, taken from a few feet behind this cameraman. It shows parents standing, casually watching this photographing.  (It is not known what caused the girl in the blue sweater to cry.)


Of course, I cannot conclude anything from the list in this article other than the fact that the paucity of evidence is itself remarkable. When there is a major car crash, news photographers are there fast to get a picture of the mangled cars. Here they may well have not wanted to show deceased children, but they could have grabbed the joyful scene of a parent reunited with a survivor child.

For now, the Sandy Hook case is unsolved. The FBI provided a report in 2013 but it is heavily redacted. It is up to American citizens to check out the story. This need not take the form of insulting the families, or “harassing” state officials.

It would help if some wealthy soul would offer a Reward for any significant whistleblowing. Or if some of the kids who were in the school that day would tell the public what they saw. Kids who were 10 years old then are 18 now. We would be grateful for their pluck.

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22 thoughts on “Mary Maxwell, Sandy Hook: The Paucity of Evidence”

  1. Save this for some quiet time. It takes listening carefully…but once you listen, you will understand what the pandemic is really about. IF you care not to listen, go to about 47 minutes and listen to the end…’s a good summary. It’s only about control…..and that control comes from Blackrock (which I would say is the Rothschilds). And if you think this government is not aware of this scam (remember who is exempt from the jab), you’re a bit delusional.

    As an extra added attraction, if you still believe money is not created from nothing, this will serve to dispel that particular illusion.

  2. Australia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart has said humans do not cause global warming and warned against climate change “propaganda” in a speech to students at her old school.

    The iron ore billionaire said the students at St Hilda’s in leafy upmarket Mosman Park in Perth were “overwhelmed by media and propaganda” regarding climate change and urged them to “research for the facts”.

    1. ALL of the entire solar system is heating up….even Mars is hotter.

      Is this caused by the factories and cars on Mars?????????????

      Solar system heating is caused by the SUN and there is nothing we can do about it.

      Climate change is happening….get used to it.


    2. to gina_rinehart

      I applaud your saying CO2 is not causing global warming. I agree with you and have watched the Patrick Moore videos on it,etc.
      The reason I write to you is that I know a man who may become bankrupt because he says Sandy Hook was a fake shooting to bring in gun control in the USA.
      I know you may not agree with him or want to know about it. Fair enough.
      He needs a lot of money because he has been fined and is appealing or trying to.
      Yours Faithfully Bill

    1. As long as they control the MSM, we are screwed royally. As good as Tucker may be, he’s one voice of truth among hundreds of traitors to the truth and this nation. He’s there as an appeasement. Have no doubt about that. Until we get control of the media, there is no chance. To the vast majority of Americans, TV is an IV in their arms which they believe keeps them alive and informed. Sad, but true.

  3. The law is an ass
    What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘The law is an ass’?
    Said of the application of the law that is contrary to common sense.

    What’s the origin of the phrase ‘The law is an ass’?
    This proverbial expression is of English origin and the ass being referred to here is the English colloquial name for a donkey, not the American ‘ass’, which we will leave behind us at this point. Donkeys have a, somewhat unjustified, reputation for obstinance and stupidity that has given us the adjective ‘asinine’. It is the stupidly rigid application of the law that this phrase calls into question.

    The law is an assIt is easy to find reference works and websites that attribute the phrase to Charles Dickens, who put it into print in Oliver Twist, 1838. When Mr. Bumble, the unhappy spouse of a domineering wife, is told in court that “…the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction”, replies:

    “If the law supposes that,” said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, “the law is a ass – a idiot”.

    In fact, ‘the law is an ass’ is from a play published by the English dramatist George Chapman in 1654 – Revenge for Honour:

    Ere he shall lose an eye for such a trifle… For doing deeds of nature! I’m ashamed. The law is such an ass.

    ‘Published by’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘written by’. In 1653, Chapman’s play was registered, as The Parricide, or, Revenge for Honor, to fellow playwright Henry Glapthorne. Some scholars contend that the play was the work of neither gentlemen and was written around 1620.

    Whoever the author was, we can be sure it wasn’t Charles Dickens. However, it was Dickens who brought the phrase to the general public. Oliver Twist was an enormous success when it was first published as a serial and has become one of the world’s best selling novels.

  4. What caught my initial interest considered the laughing State Police as they stood in ranks flanking the one and only Dr Carver as he blubbered nary a semblance of a sensible talk to the reporters.The chief state trooper and a high ranking officer adjacent had wide grins on their faces, likely gloating that “they pulled the gig off without a hitch”.
    Are police expected to tell the truth in their depositions? I’ve since jawboned with a high ranking, retired trooper about this farce but he thinks he stands for the truth while mere humans are distorting matters. Cops do what they are told, plain and simple.

    1. If you stand outside a court room be sure to watch and listen closely. I could often hear cops conspiring on their testimonies on just how they plan to coordinate their testimonies and screw the defendant.

      Do cops lie in court? All the time friends.


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  6. I wonder if there’s a travel planner for the NFL that could tell us just the date of when including Sandy Hook children was first discussed and the date their travel was paid for. And how difficult it was to find parents that would agree to having their kids participate such a short time after the “trauma”. I wonder how many NFL owners know the shooting was staged and went along with this gargantuan fraud.

  7. I was called “you conspiracy fuck” for calling bullshit on Sandy Hoax. My favorite evidence is the Super Bowl. They messed with our favorite bread and circus event to promote the hoax and that is unforgivable. The logistical challenge of including traumatized little tikes with almost no lead time is off the charts. How could they be sure the kids were even up to the task? Imagine the embarrassment if they were unable to perform and just started crying in front of a billion people. They had to consider the possibility of an emotional meltdown. Or did they? I am guessing they planned to include the kids long before the event. I wonder how much evidence there is out there of the NFL’s fore-knowledge of the massacre. Did anyone have anything on that?

    1. But of course there was NO “massacre”, so they could rehearse the kids and know there would be no “meltdown” because none of them had undergone the least trauma. The Super Bowl performance was more “IN YOUR FACE” they love to do!

      1. Jim, I have heard you reciting the smoking gun facts that SH was a fraud on several shows lately, but you never mention one I think is extremely telling, that is that there were a bunch of Christmas trees on the side of the firehouse, near the green shipping container, one for each alleged victims, already there on the day of the “event.” They would be displayed in front of the firehouse after the event as a commemoration to the victims, one tree for each of them, decorated. If you look at the video shot by a helicopter that shows all the FEMA drill actors milling about through one door of the firehouse, out the other, in a circle, to look as of the place were very busy, you will see the Christmas trees there. If you have not seen the video you can find one on ,but it is very blurry, it would be nice to find a sharper copies so you can actually count the trees, someone did that before the JewTube purge. Here is a link, see trees @ 1.21, and 224 etc. Sandy Hook walking in circles at the firehouse

      2. You are right: 26 Christmas trees at the Firehouse where there just happened to be 26 victims! Yes, I agree. One more “smoking gun”. In this case, there may be as many as 100. Thanks for pointing it out. Good catch!

      3. The 26 trees was one claim that was wrong. Someone took a screenshot from the helicopter footage and cropped it to make it look like 26 trees. But if you look at the full image and other angles, there were other Xmas trees in the front of the firehouse.


      4. Thanks, FredJ. Maybe that’s why I haven’t made a point of it. But the trees were there and immediately at hand.

      5. Jim I wonder how many NFL players, coaches, equipment managers, water boys and jock strap seamstresses there at the Super Bowl knew the Sandy Hoax for what it was… a psychic trauma inflicted on the American Spirit. And they knew it because of you, Wolf, Tracy and/or a handful of other people. And they just grit their teeth as the children were rolled out for the mind control moment. One that would make everyday people question gun rights of the lawful when considering punishment of the criminal element.

    2. Its usually a big deal for anyone to appear at a SuperBowl. Their names are always published. In the case of the Newtown kids choir their names were NEVER revealed by the venue, the stadium or the Superblowl organization.

      The Newtown Choir are the same kids that were ”killed” at the school [younger photos were used.]. Please explain to me how dead kids can sing at a Superbowl.

      File: world famous choir made up of dead kids….their names were never revealed.



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