JW Williams, The Sandy Hook Shooting – A Huge Controversy that Lingers

JW Williams

[Editor’s note: Apart from a few errata, such as describing me as the “author” rather than as the “editor” of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2nd ed., 2016), JW Williams did a good job of summarizing my case, and I am flattered that it appeared on G. Edward Griffin’s Need to Know website. where those who think my effort to carry it to the US Supreme Court–where I am in the process of drafting my Writ of Certiorari for submission–are invited to support me via GiveSendGo.com/fundingfetzer.]

James Fetzer, author of Nobody Died At Sandy Hook, It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control, was unable to present his evidence in a lawsuit brought against him by a parent of a child reportedly killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Fetzer plans to take his case to the Supreme Court. He said that there has never been a determination that anybody ever died at Sandy Hook and that ought to be done before Remington, the gun manufacturer, pays $73 million to settle a lawsuit with parents of children from Sandy Hook. Fetzer tried to intervene in the Remington case. Curiously, both parties in the case, the Sandy Hook parents and Remington, opposed Fetzer’s intervention on their behalf!

Summary by JW Williams

James Fetzer, a retired university professor and author of Nobody Died At Sandy Hook, It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control, offered his book for free, after it was censored, and then it was downloaded over 10-million times. Mr. Fetzer has collected evidence that he says shows that the 2012 shooting event at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, was really a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) drill that was then used to claim that children and teachers were massacred in the shooting but, in truth, it was a deception, and no one really died that day. He says that the purpose of the staged shooting was to promote gun control.

Fetzer was sued by Lenny Pozner, father of Noah Pozner, who was reportedly shot to death by Adam Lanza who stole the gun from his mother and shot her before killing 20 students and six adult staffers and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

James Fetzer Describes Curious Facts about the Lawsuit Against Him

Mr. Pozner filed a the lawsuit because Fetzer claimed that his son, Noah, was issued a death certificate that was not authentic. Fetzer had two experts examine the death certificate and they said it was not authentic. Curiously, a total of four  different death certificates have been presented. [Editor’s note: To be a bit more precise, the death certificate I published had been given to my co-author, Kelley Watt, by Mr. Pozner. The document experts examined the four introduced prior to the oral hearing, during which a fifth was introduced. The experts’ conclusions were disputed by Mr. Pozner.]

The judge, instead of simply excluding the document experts’ reports, which would be grounds for an appeal, instead “set aside” the experts’ reports as someone’s “opinions” thereby shutting down Fetzer’s ability to submit evidence in his own defense. The case should have been sent to a jury to resolve this disputed fact.

On the topic of the death certificate, the judge refused to allow Fetzer to present any evidence that Sandy Hook was a hoax and no one died. Fetzer quoted the judge as saying, “Whether or not Sandy Hook really happened is not relevant to this, the truthfulness or the accuracy of the death certificate.”

But Noah’s Pozner’s death certificate alleges that he died at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012 of “multiple gunshot wounds,” which does make Fetzer’s evidence extremely relevant to the deathcertificate issueThe judge made a summary judgement when the primary fact of authenticity was in dispute.

After the judge granted the summary judgement against Fetzer, a jury trial was held for damages without knowing of his evidence and he was ordered to pay $450,000 to Mr. Pozner in 2019.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to review Fetzer’s case, [Editor’s note: when he appealed the denial of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District IV] and he is now taking it to the US Supreme Court.

Mr. Fetzer stated that no one may be denied life, liberty or property without due process of law. This case will be used to deny the right to due process and is a threat to jurisprudence. Therefore, Fetzer may pursue a case of deprivation of rights under color of law because the judge violated his rights in a form of dereliction of duty. Fetzer can only bring this lawsuit after all other avenues have been exhausted, including going to the US Supreme Court.

Sandy Hook Parents’ Lawsuit Against Remington Arms

Last month, in a precedent-setting case, Remington Arms, the manufacturer of the Bushmaster AR-15 weapon that was purportedly used in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by families of Sandy Hook victims for $73 million. The settlement will be paid through insurance companies.

This is the first time a gun manufacturer will pay a massshooting claim in the US because there is a federal law that shields gun makers and dealers from most civil litigation. However, there is a loophole in the law if marketing of the firearms contributed to the massacre.

The Cerberus private equity firm bought Remington in 2007, and was accused of launching an ‘aggressive’ campaign that pushed sales of AR-15s through product placement in first-person shooter video games and by touting the AR-15 as an effective killing machine.

Cerberus used the assets of Remington Arms to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars saddling it with the debt in 2012, which led to Remington’s bankruptcy.

Cerberus is also the parent company of DynCorp, a major national security contractor with the US government that charges billions for overseas military and police training. DynCorp has been involved in a number of scandals including pedophilia, rape, child trafficking, sexual slavery with boys in Afghanistan, and child pornography.

In 2018, former President Trump named Cerberus co-founder Stephen Feinberg to head the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

Fetzer Says Remington is Part of the Hoax!

Mr. Fetzer says that no one died at Sandy Hook. Here are some of his reasons for saying that: the school had been closed since 2008, no teachers or students were there, there were no ambulances, no medevac helicopters, nor any school buses on the scene. He also says that a FEMA manual for the mass casualty exercise was discovered [Editor’s note: which he included in the book as Appendix A.]

Mr. Fetzer tried to intervene in the Remington lawsuit because there has never been a determination that anybody ever died at Sandy Hook and he says that ought to be done before Remington pays $73 million. Curiously, both parties in the case, the Sandy Hook parents and Remington, opposed Fetzer’s intervention on their behalf! Fetzer said that the management of Remington is “in on it” and is part of the plot for gun control.

Former President Obama nullified the Smith Mundt Act of 1948 by supporting the Modernization Act of 2012, which, now allows allows the government to use tactics within America that the CIA commonly uses in other countries, such as propaganda, fake shootings, staged riots and crisis actors.

Fetzer says that Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to provoke gun control, and that he was sued to make him shut up. He said that Remington has paved the way for the scam to require gun owners to obtain insurance as the way to get registration and confiscation.

One can only wonder what the jury verdict would have been if the evidence for this seemingly outrageous claim had not been suppressed.


Fetzer interview:   https://noliesradio.org/archives/187565  or  alternative link

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7 thoughts on “JW Williams, The Sandy Hook Shooting – A Huge Controversy that Lingers”

  1. Just throwing this against he wall to see if it sticks. Maybe I’ll get a response from my fellow (yeah, politically incorrect…I specialize in it) posters. I watched a documentary yesterday called “Rigged”…obviously about the 2020 election. It was 100% about how Zuckerberg rigged the election in Biden’s favor with something like $400M used in various means to skew the results. Now, I can understand presenting his interference as PART of the steal; but as all of it? I just don’t get it? What purpose would it serve to dismiss the efforts of folks like Powell, Giuliani and most of all, Lindell. Irrefutable proof that China was deeply involved and likely the major interfering entity in the 2020 election has cost Lindell a small fortune. Why would a very well produced documentary like “Rigged” totally ignore that factor? What am I missing? Is it just a hit piece against Zuck? Don’t get me wrong, he deserves it. Anyone?

    Here’s the trailer:

    1. Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit posted a good article on April 8 titled ‘The New”Rigged” Movie Covers the Zuckerberg Interference in 2020 Election – Here’s What They Missed’. A limited hangout?? Clearly, a more definitive production on the subject is called for.

    2. Happy Monday to ya Will. And I haven’t seen the documentary but it’s probably just limited hangout and non relevant to what’s really happening nationwide. Have you heard of Clint Curtis, ? he’s sorta of a legend in the underground Computer Science world. Below is a documentary about him and the hackable Diebold machine. My second federal job was a Census taker and data analyst and I learned a while ago how easy it was for raw data to be tampered with.
      I’ve never voted in any election in the United States and knew along time about that they’re are rigged.


  2. I feel the US Supreme Court was very derelict when it refused to hear any of the election fraud cases surrounding the 2020 US presidential election. Particularly the suit where 17 or 18 states joined together against other states where there were notable accusations of irregularities in their election procedures.

  3. Amazon.com was so terrified of the book edited by Jim Fetzer that they banned it. That book reveals that the SH hoax day was one big party. Interior photos and eye witness testimony of the SH Fire station building reveals that it was loaded with pizza, sweet rolls, coffee, fruit drinks, yogurt, etc. When party supplies ran low, the CT State Police sent officers to local stores to fetch more fun food for the SH revelers. This can be seen in photos.

    That book also reveals the fact that CT police, courts, school boards, state elected officials are corrupt to an unbelievable level. Even Obama knew that if someone wanted to commit a gun control hoax, the go-to state is CT. CT is crime central USA. The then governor of CT made a speech at SH after the hoax but later admitted on video that he was never there. Really?

    Telephone and Internet statements also reveal that during the previous 4 years of subject school there was almost zero electronic traffic. Does that sound like SH was an operational school?

    Its just my opinion but Court documents show that judges involved in the SH debacle have committed gross judicial errors and should be cited for judicial dereliction of duty. Jim Fetzer has never had a fair and square day in court. When he’s tried to speak, he’s told to shut up.

    CT turned the Lanza home and the SH school into total demolition sites thus making sure that no one can ever revisit these ”crime” scenes to possibly ascertain what really happened.



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