Pat McShay, Joe Biden’s Incompetence And Radical Agenda Are Destroying The Country

by Patrick J. McShay

“The economy is braking hard, if the Fed keeps this up, they are going to have a serious recession and people will lose their jobs. Look at the housing market, the Fed has caused a crash of unprecedented proportions and you are seeing housing prices correct. They are taking a sledgehammer to the economy and they don’t need to”

Barry Sternlicht — Billionaire Chairman & CEO of Starwood Capital

“I can not help but emphasize that we are not just at war with Ukraine or the Ukraine army, we are at war with the collective West.”

Sergei Shoigu, The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation General of the Army

“Ignore the government and all its fake numbers. The CDC now has zero credibility, along with the FDA and all other government agencies. Listen to them at your own peril. If you follow their advice you will be guaranteed to be miserable, lonely, confused and unhealthy”.

Miles Mathis, Writer

While our nation is being slow-rolled into economic collapse and World War 3 by the globalists and Marxists that control the Biden Administration, his minions have declared that our Southern Border is secure. Americans who believed that Biden would unify the country, have seen instead that he is dividing us through race, vaccine status, religion, sexual preference, and our stance on guns and abortion. They’ve also noticed that everything that comes out of this President’s mouth is a lie.

In his embarrassing appearance on “60 Minutes” Biden asserted that despite inflation running at a 40-year high, he has inflation under control. He claims that with the borders being overrun in the last year and a half, and 4 million new invaders, his administration has secured the borders. And despite former ICE Director Tom Homan saying that under Donald Trump’s policies, which included the “Stay in Mexico” policy, the border was the most secure he’s experienced in his 35-year career working in immigration, Karine Jean-Pierre laughably blamed Trump’s policies on the border crisis. Biden foolishly repealed Trump’s ”Stay in Mexico policy” shortly after becoming President. When will the American people find out who is really running this country?

Biden is surrounded by incompetence, was that the plan? His Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg took an extended maternity leave to be home with his husband and their twins during a shipping crisis that caused major supply chain problems that remain unresolved to this day. Buttigieg was dismissive of anyone who raised the issue, and like the President, maintained the issue is overblown.

Biden’s new spokeswoman, Affirmative Action “Equity” hire, “Karine Jean-Pierre, gets that deer in the headlights look with every question she’s asked and furiously flips through her book of answers, prepared for her because she is as clueless as this President is about what’s going on. Biden carries a notebook around to remind him to do the simplest of tasks. Jean-Pierre is an embarrassment to this administration and her briefings are a complete waste of time. In other words, she fits right in.

Biden presides over the most corrupt FBI and DOJ that we have seen since their inception. While John Durham’s investigation has been mostly a big disappointment, he did prove Trump was right when he said they were spying on him, however, it was much worse than he thought. It wasn’t just Hillary and the Democrats, and it wasn’t just spying.

Durham found that the FBI and the DOJ conspired with Hillary and the Democrats to destroy Trump and his presidency in a coup. They manufactured evidence, forged documents, and lied to a FISA court to take him down. When that wasn’t enough they put the country through 2 impeachment trials that were filled with lies and deception from agencies and politicians Americans once trusted. The complicit liars in the media have never reported the truth.

Merrick Garland, Biden’s Jewish Attorney General, should be impeached immediately, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, a longtime associate of deep state criminals, Robert Mueller and James Comey, needs to be fired ASAP. Garland and Wray have been protecting the Biden Crime Family, and whistleblowers have come forward to say that Wray hasn’t allowed a real investigation into the Hunter Biden laptop that the FBI has sat on since it was turned over to them in December of 2019. These agencies only have eyes for Republican crimes. The laptop contains details of deals with Russia, China, Ukraine, and other countries that Hunter Biden and the President made before he became President, as well as pictures and videos of Hunter Biden allegedly having sex with underage girls.

In a bombshell interview last week with John Solomon, Rep James Comer (R-KY) claims to have 2 more whistleblowers who have come forward with documents that prove that Hunter and Joe Biden were working to sell American natural gas and drilling assets to Communist China. The documents show that the sale would have allowed China to control the US natural gas industry through the deal. The deal also called for offices to be provided for Jim Biden, the President’s brother as well as offices for Joe and Jill Biden. This sounds like treason! See the shocking interview here:

Ron Klain, Biden’s Secretary of State, has been a complete disaster! His withdrawal from Afghanistan could not have gone any worse, with 13 dead and hundreds left behind along with $85 billion of military equipment, including hundreds of thousands of guns, jets, planes, and helicopters. Klain is Jewish and a relative of George Soros, an anti-American Jewish billionaire that funds over 200 anti-American groups and has been operating in Ukraine for many years. A number of the witnesses against Trump during his impeachment had relationships with Soros, and Trump’s former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster once worked for Soros, another of Trump’s bad hires.

Another major issue on the Biden/Klain list of disasters is the conflict in Ukraine. The media has sold this war to the public using the old tried and true method of using lies and deception. The truth is, the Russians had warned since Biden took office that continued bombing of the Russian-speaking Donbass Region in violation of the Minsk agreement, would result in war. Biden’s controllers must have wanted this conflict or it could have easily been averted.

Former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called Western leaders imbeciles and warned of “catastrophic consequences over the unrestrained pumping of the Kyiv regime with the most dangerous types of weapons.” Also, Russian State Duma deputy Andrey Gurulyov has threatened Britain with nuclear strikes, likely tired of hearing the constant stream of tough talk and threats coming out of London. Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, at the UN this week, angrily said the US risks becoming a combatant in the war in Ukraine due to their meddling and military support for Ukraine, before storming out of a meeting. Will anyone listen?

We hear every election cycle that this is the most important election of our lives. They have convinced a large block of voters that the 2020 election was a fair and honest election, but that is a lie. Most voters have been brainwashed by the complicit media and don’t know about the mountain of evidence of fraud which has never been presented to the public by the mainstream media. Not a single judge that threw these election court cases out ever looked at the evidence. If it is such a slam dunk, why has this evidence been hidden from the public? Trump won 18 of 19 bellwether counties and lost? Never before in history has that been accomplished.

Remember when Trump’s back-stabbing former Attorney General Bill Barr assured the country that his DOJ investigation showed no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. Jeffrey Clark with the “Center For Renewing America” told Steve Bannon on his show, “The War Room” that Freedom of Information requests (FOIA) were sent to get information about the so-called investigation, and found that Barr never did an investigation at all. I wrote when Barr was appointed that he was a deep state-fixer and would accomplish nothing. Why would Barr lie about such an important issue? Because he worked against Trump the entire time he was Attorney General.

I have written that this pandemic was phony and was planned long before the event for several reasons. It began 8 months before the election when the Trump economy was as good as it had been in years. Gas prices were under $2 a gallon, inflation was at 1% and the stock market was at an all-time high. Most people don’t know that Dr. Fauci predicted a pandemic during the Trump Administration before he was sworn in. Bill Gates was warning the same thing, because it appears both of them were involved in planning it.

A recent investigation shows that Gates conspired with four healthcare groups that spent $10 billion” influencing governmental pandemic strategies. Gates game planned the pandemic in 2019 with a simulated pandemic exercise called “Event 201” in association with the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins University in October of 2019. Hmm… That sounds like he was bribing some folks, doesn’t it? See the article here:

Bill Gates Behind Multi-Billion Dollar Effort to Control Pandemic, Investigation Finds

This pandemic was planned to take out Donald Trump in 2020 by ushering in the nationwide use of mail-in ballots and using drop boxes and ballot harvesting teams like those seen in the Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules” to swing the election to Biden. Signature verification wasn’t done properly, if at all in the swing states, and BLM and Antifa thugs hired as Democrat poll workers in those states intimidated and threatened Republican and Independent poll watchers, not allowing them to do their jobs. If none of that changes we can expect the same kind of cheating we saw in 2022. Watch this man admit to police to turning in fraudulent ballots for cash paid by two top Democrat officials in Texas here:

I also believe that these vaccines were designed as part of a sterilization and depopulation program which I wrote about in “COVID-19 Vaccine Agenda: Mass Immunization Or Mass Genocide”. The pandemic was contrived, and the number of COVID dead is a ridiculous exaggeration. Whatever it took to spread fear and get these dangerous, experimental mRNA vaccines into American’s arms.

This from Author Dr. Naomi Wolf’s new article:

COVID Vaccines: Destroying Women, Poisoning Breast Milk, Murdering Babies; and Hiding the Truth

The Pfizer documents reveal monstrous damage to menstruation, harm to the testes and epididymis, harm to the penis, horrible harm to the ova and ovaries, mechanisms for compromising the placenta, contamination of amniotic fluid, and damage to newborns.

In his new book, “The Courage to Face COVID-19”, Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough writes, “the biopharmaceutical Complex intentionally suppressed all forms of early therapy and at the same time vehemently promoted mass indiscriminate vaccination”. All exemptions were denied, and people who had allergies to the contents of the jab, or who recently had the virus and had antibodies to fight the virus, were forced to get the jab or lose their jobs. These vaccines are still experimental and are injuring and killing people every day, and now they are killing children.

Here is Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla backing down completely on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. He now maintains that the “mRNA vaccine” technology was not sufficiently proven when they launched the COVID vax. He says they “convinced him” but he wasn’t sure if they should move ahead with them. Here is his pathetic Mea Culpa:

In an article this week from The Expose on, they report that since the rollout of the COVID vaccines for children in the EU, deaths of kids under 18 are skyrocketing as high as 1600% in some areas. Why aren’t these vaccine induced deaths being reported about in the US? They are happening in the US daily and are being covered up. If these deaths were covered the way Fentanyl overdoses are covered, no one would get another jab. A recent cover story from an Irish paper called “The Irish Light” had this headline that sums it up:

Heart Disease In Children Explodes Since The Vaccine: Sudden Deaths Of Children Soar As Media Stays Silent

*The UK just announced that no more children under 12 will receive the COVID Jab, and a commercial started running in the US, normalizing a dangerous heart condition, Myocarditis, a common side effect of the COVID vaccines.

A new article on reports that 1323 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, serious issues and 900 deaths after getting a COVID injection. For those people calling their anti-vax family and friends conspiracy theorists, I recommend you spend some time with the content in the article below.

The CEO of OneAmerica Insurance Company Scott Davidson disclosed that non-COVID deaths were up 40% among workers aged 18 to 64.“ Davison said:

We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica. The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

Lincoln National, the fifth largest life insurance company in America showed a stunning 163% increase in non-pandemic related death benefits paid out in 2021. Blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and other side effects have injured over 1.3 million, and killed 29,790 people, as of the end of July, according to VAERS, the CDC’s vaccine injury report. Insurance data also shows that middle aged people died at twice the expected rate last summer.

The VAERS report only represents 1% of these injuries and deaths according to a Harvard study, so these numbers would be considerably higher. Researchers and whistleblowers speculate that the vaccine induced death toll is a half a million or more. The FDA and Pfizer wanted to hide the damaging information in their documents from the public for the next 75 years, ignoring “informed consent” completely, but the judge in the case ruled against them.

None of this has been reported in the mainstream media. The sites that do cover these articles are flagged as conspiracy sites by the lying fact check sites that are all funded by the Clinton’s, Bill Gates, or some other liberal organization. These sites are complicit in these injuries and deaths

There has never been informed consent with these vaccines, which is required under the Nuremberg Code for experimental procedures and drugs. New California Bill 2098 would empower the Medical Police State of California to go after the licenses of physicians who disseminate so-called “misinformation” or “disinformation” regarding Covid-19.

They have turned informed consent into a crime! They recommend that people consult their physician about whether to get the vaccine, but if the physician advises a patient to avoid the vaccine, they can lose their license to practice medicine. Think about that, they are saying, listen to high school graduate Bill Gates and the criminals at the CDC, and not your family physician. This is Insanity!

Author Mike Stone sums it up succinctly saying, “As for the dwindling remnants of the virus hoax, we all know now that it was a complete and utter fraud. Anyone who told you differently, anyone who told you it was a real thing or worse, a Chinese or Russian bio-weapon, is a despicable liar and should never be trusted or listened to again on any subject for any reason, no exceptions.”

This administration is made up of anti-American radicals, many of them, Jews in key positions, which explains the open borders, the gun-grabbing, and the anti-Christian and anti- White agendas. They are all in on the Climate agenda hoax blaming hurricanes, wildfires, and tornados on Climate Change. Censorship and partisan witch hunts have been a hallmark of the Biden Administration and Americans are starting to finally realize that the Patriot Act was written to control them and not Muslim extremists. Biden has turned the Patriot Act against law abiding gun owners and patriots. Next up, the UN is planning Climate Change lockdowns. No wonder they want those guns.

*This is Randall Carlson, a researcher with over 40 years in the field of Climate Change. (1 minute)

While the Democrats refuse to do anything about our soaring crime rate, and with Black crime appearing to skyrocket everywhere, crime has become the new Black entitlement. Joe Biden and Merrick Garland continue to blame non-existent White supremacy and claim, with no proof whatsoever, that Whites are the biggest threat to our nation. William Cooper said 30 years ago in his book, “Behold A Pale Horse,” that in the future White Europeans and Americans would be targeted as undesirables. This is already happening in Hollywood.

Our schools have become New World Order indoctrination centers. Education has been replaced by propaganda, fake history, LGBTQ indoctrination, and learning what pronouns are appropriate for whatever alternative lifestyle they choose, while the media and Homeland Security demonizes Christians, patriotic citizens, and Constitutionalists, as Joe Biden and his Attorney General consider them a threat.

The brainwashing going on in schools today includes teaching them to hate America. Below is what Cooper says about this transition that is taking place in schools right now with racist and divisive “Critical Race Theory and the sexualization of kindergartners over the objection of their parents, whose influence the state intends to phase out at an early age.

“As the transition becomes more difficult to manage, the family unit must be carefully disintegrated, and state-controlled public education and state-operated child-care centers must become more common and legally enforced so as to begin the detachment of the child from the mother and father at an earlier age.”

We are watching our country fall apart before our eyes and forced to watch our dementia-ridden President embarrass us on the world stage. Unless new leadership takes charge in the midterm election, America will cease to exist as we know it. Biden is demonizing White people, calling White MAGA supporters racists, and the greatest threat to the country.

FBI Agent Steve Friend, a 12 year veteran of the bureau, filed a whistleblower complaint revealing a politicized Washington DC. He claims the FBI field office is cooking the books to exaggerate the threat of White domestic terror plots. There apparently aren’t enough White terrorists so they were encouraged to make them up or set them up. This type of setup is what we saw take place on Jan 6, 2021. Violent BLM and Antifa protesters were bused in to serve as agent provocateurs, breaking windows and engaging violently with the police, all supervised by undercover FBI agents and assets. The violence at the Capitol was no doubt planned by the Democrats and started while Trump was still speaking several miles away.

The media has been this country’s greatest enemy! They are pushing war with Russia, demonizing patriots as enemy combatants, dividing us along racial lines, and worst of all they are coddling a criminal President who is controlled by globalists and enriched by our enemies. Until the Democrats are driven from office, there will be no hearings or accountability, and Biden’s policies will continue to destroy the country.

Our salvation will only come with immediate change of direction and new leadership.

Patrick J. McShay is a writer, researcher, and activist whose articles have appeared on over 200 news sites around the world including,,,,,

Mr. McShay’s articles have been translated into over a dozen languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Dutch.

*Check out my appearance on this week’s Power Of Prophecy Podcast


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 Middle-aged people died at TWICE the expected rate last summer, according to life insurance data

Jesse Santiano M.D.Don’t Get Sick!Lincoln National insurance paid out 163% more for deaths of working people ages 18-64 in 2021 (

‘Just Unheard Of’: Another Insurance CEO Admits Unexplained Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working People – Greek News On Demand / ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΝΕΑ ΤΩΡΑ

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13 thoughts on “Pat McShay, Joe Biden’s Incompetence And Radical Agenda Are Destroying The Country”

  1. Looks like the Commander-in-Nudnik just lost another 700,000 votes. Is there any level of incompetence to which this doppelganger will not stoop? It really seems bottomless…

    “At issue: Borrowers who have Perkins loans and Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL). Those earlier-generation loans were guaranteed by the federal government but were issued and are managed by private lenders. The FFEL program ran from 1965 to 2010; Perkins loans ended in 2017.

    People who have FFEL loans are older, have families, many obligations and are being crushed by this ongoing debt. Retirement? Gotta keep paying those student loans. New car? Appliances? Kids college? Nope. Nope.

  2. You make some strong points, Patrick, but your article is tainted with anti-Semitism–selective anti-Semitism at that. You mention Merrick Garland and Ron Klain as Jewish, but you failed to mention Chris Wray, Antony Blinken, Bill Barr and even someone you cite positiveky–Dimitri Medvedev. Don’t forget that Glenn Greenwald and Seymour Hersh and Oliver Stone–two great journalists and a great filmmaker exposing the machinations of the elites–have all fired or restricted in their crafts for their Truther positions on various issues. And you needn’t attribute Karine Jean-Pierre’s incompetence with any “affirmative action” status–there are plenty of good African-American spokespersons out there is the Biden administration really wanted one. It’s obvious they picked KJP because she would never deviate from her script.

  3. Cruz….what the hell is on his mind…very surprising…

    Ted Cruz strangely throws support behind left-wing legislation that will allow media, big tech to form censorship cartels
    Breitbart News reported:

    The core of the bill, as is now widely known, is to allow media companies to form a legal cartel in the U.S., for the sole purpose of pressuring tech companies for special favors.

    At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the bill today, Cruz said he worked closely with the lead Democrat sponsor of the bill, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (R-MN) to get his amendment through. Thanks to Cruz’s efforts, the media bailout bill was voted out of committee and may now face a floor vote.

  4. More than disgusting. AND, once again, using that tactic of telling us we are doing exactly what they are.

    Watch: Biden Advisor Declares MAGA Conservatives Want To ‘Destroy’ America

    A senior Biden advisor declared Sunday that it is “important to call out” MAGA conservatives as people who “essentially want to destroy the United States of America.”

    She continued, “when you have a MAGA Republican agenda that has no respect for the Constitution, that has no respect for free and fair elections, then it is important for all of us, not just the president, not just me, for all of us to call it out for what it is. It is a danger to our democracy, it is a danger to our way of life.”


  5. Government sanctioned bank robbery……the FBI has to go….and soon…..

    “The FBI ‘drilled and pried’ their way into 1,400 safe-deposit boxes at a private vault company in Beverly Hills after misleading a judge about their plan to permanently confiscate everything inside every box containing at least $5,000 in cash or goods, a senior FBI agent recently testified.

    They rummaged through personal belongings of a jazz saxophone player, an interior designer, a retired doctor, a flooring contractor, two Century City lawyers and hundreds of others.

    Agents took photos and videos of pay stubs, password lists, credit cards, a prenuptial agreement, immigration and vaccination records, bank statements, heirlooms and a will, court records show. In one box, agents found cremated human remains. -LA Times

    The FBI and US attorney’s office in Los Angeles justified the 5-day dragnet forfeiture at the US Private Vaults store by assuming that hundreds of anonymous box holders were storing assets somehow tied to unknown crimes.”

    Now think about what 80,000 new IRS thieves are going to do.

  6. This pandemic was planned to take out Donald Trump in 2020 by ushering in the nationwide use of mail-in ballots and using drop boxes and ballot harvesting teams like those seen in the Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules” to swing the election to Biden.
    No… and Donald Trump was in on it , it infuriates me that grown men are playing him as a victim.

    The brainwashing going on in schools today includes teaching them to hate America. No! again that’s been a narrative for the past eighty year. And the Hate Factory by Erica Carle was written in 1972. Provides research on this trend for many years. And Prof.Anthony Sutton excellent book ‘How the Order Control Education’ dives into the occultism of modern American private and public education.
    There is no war on white American men or women for that matter. It’s has always been a war on masculinity and the patriarchal society of the world and it has bloody nothing to do with heritage or race.
    I’ll highly recommend a new book in my reading collection. ‘ Black Sun : Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity- Goodrick – Clarke . Very deeply researched book on this whole oppressed Anglo Saxon European and American notion that’s been promoted before Donald Trump election.

    1. No… and Donald Trump was in on it , it infuriates me that grown men are playing him as a victim.”
      Edward L…..I was/am totally against Trump’s jab policy, but to say he was in on it baffles me. In on the steal, the jab? Or both? Have you any hard evidence to back that up?

      1. Will Two I’ll try my best to provide enough evidence for Donald J Trump being in on on this so-called election fraud of epic times. But was it really the first time that this has happened in our country ?
        Are you familiar with Roy Cohn ? And his mentorship of young Donald.

        Based on my research Donald was groomed for his Presidential position and he was the Anglo version of his Indonesian CIA Trust fund buddy. And I do expect this FBI psychological operation is just a distraction. They are all the same party Will Two. And voting is slavery by consent.

      2. And believing in voting and the concept of free and fair elections in the United States is confidence building right ? There is no left or right wing media outlets…. Will Two. Just alphabet agencies propaganda as William Casey once said. Patrick reminds me of all the other supposed right wing/ conservative talking heads out there, blame the Jews but not the Zionist that created their pseudo religion. Blame the media but not the government that owns and created these outlets. And last but not least the Anglo Saxon American male is dying off or their is a war against their heritage or bloodlines. Lol…. He needs to go further down the rabbit hole.

  7. I shake my head a lot lately….in despair, bewilderment or maybe just to get some brain cells returned to something other than chaotic with all the doom and gloom coming across the MSM and the alternative media. This one has to do with a ZH report re the hurricane from hell approaching Florida. The map in the article clearly shows the winds presently at 102 mph somewhere off George Town in the Cayman Islands. Yet, if I go to the real time earth winds map (,23.04,572/loc=-82.668,20.721), it’s showing winds at around 43 mph, depending upon where one clicks on the circular wind pattern. Check it out yourself. It’s a handy device to have to compare to the weather channel doom scenario. Are we on the way to another “disaster capitalism” experience? We’ll see.


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