James Fetzer – Show Trial: Alex Jones’ Case wasn’t Decided on its Merits

Henry Makow

Prof James Fetzer, above who is facing a $450,000 penalty for his book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” says truth is no defense in 2022 Amerika. Alex Jones and his lawyers did not even try to use it which reveals Jones may be in on a charade designed to stifle dissent.


. . . . the school had been closed by 2008; that there were no students there; and that it had been a two-day FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control), I regarded this as an opportunity to present this evidence to the public through the judicial system and thereby establish the facts of a massive fraud.

It would turn out that Wisconsin has a rather peculiar Summary Judgment  (SJ) protocol allowing the court to determine whether or not alleged facts are or are not “reasonable”, where they may be set aside (as though they did not exist) if the judge–based upon his own subjective opinion–determines them to be “unreasonable”, which would entitle him to discount the abundant and compelling proof that I submitted in my defense.”

I sought to intervene in all three of Alex Jones’ defamation trials in order to point out that, in no case related to Sandy Hook, has there been a jury finding that anybody died at Sandy Hook. I was not surprised that I was opposed by the Plaintiffs, whom I regard as frauds who are milking the system for money, but also by the Defendants. And I have even reached out to Norm Pattis, one of his attorneys, and volunteered to be an expert witness on his behalf to no avail.


by James Fetzer PhD


Why didn’t Alex Jones use the truth as his defense? Great question, Henry. Robert Barnes, who was actually in the courtroom in Austin during the first of these three trials for damages–bear in mind, none of these cases involved jury determinations of the facts; all of them were decided on procedural grounds–and found it to be unlike any trial he had ever experienced with three camera in operation, one of which was focused directly on the jury. He thought it looked like a made-for-TV movie. I think he got it right.

He has also observed improprieties in the second of these trials, which has been archived by The GateWay Pundit here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/09/robert-barnes-interview-stunning-claims-alex-jones-case-video/ Notice that Jones has been censored from explaining that he only covered Sandy Hook less than 1% of the time, that he almost never denied that it happened, that if you impute value to it, it would be 1/1000 of 1%, a tiny fraction of $1 billion.

I sought to intervene in all three of Alex Jones’ defamation trials in order to point out that, in no case related to Sandy Hook, has there been a jury finding that anybody died at Sandy Hook. I was not surprised that I was opposed by the Plaintiffs, whom I regard as frauds who are milking the system for money, but also by the  Defendants. And I have even reached out to Norm Pettis, one of his attorneys, and volunteered to be an expert witness on his behalf to no avail.


I also sought to intervene in the Remington case, where (again) I was opposed by both sides. You might think Remington would put up a fight against a $73,000,000 settlement, but it appears the insurance companies are making an investment in anticipation that the outcome will be insurance for every legal gun owned, which is going to render them huge profits in the multi-billions. Once again, the case was not decided on its merits but on the basis of stipulations or agreements.

I had released my edited book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2nd ed., 2016) as a PDF when amazon.com banned it after having been on sale less than a month In Wisconsin, a lawsuit was brought for an alleged defamation of one of the alleged parents, known as “Leonard Pozner”, whom I declared (from the beginning) to be a legal fiction, for publishing that an incomplete death certificate (with no file number, town or state certification) was fake.

The scan of the document had been shared by the Plaintiff himself with a colleague of mine, Kelley Watt, with whom he had over 100 hours of conversation. The document on its face was no more authentic than a driver’s license with no number and no state seal. A complete version (with file number, town and state certifications), which was attached to the Complaint, however, was claimed to be not “materially different”, which made the case legally absurd from scratch.

Because I knew the strength of the evidence I had amassed through collaborative research with a dozen other experts, including five other Ph.D.’s (where we had determine that the school had been closed by 2008; that there were no students there; and that it had been a two-day FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control), I regarded this as an opportunity to present this evidence to the public through the judicial system and thereby establish the facts of a massive fraud.

It would turn out that Wisconsin has a rather peculiar Summary Judgment  (SJ) protocol allowing the court to determine whether or not alleged facts are or are not “reasonable”, where they may be set aside (as though they did not exist) if the judge–based upon his own subjective opinion–determines them to be “unreasonable”, which would entitle him to discount the abundant and compelling proof that I submitted in my defense.

Supreme Court Docket for Fetzer v. Pozner (Petition and Appeal for Stay)

The Court systematically precluded or discounted my evidence, including the reports of two forensic document experts, where the Plaintiff and I could not have been more at odds on the facts. I maintained it had been a FEMA drill (for which I had published the manual) where nobody died, while the Plaintiff alleged that his son, to whom he referred as “N.P.”, had died at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012 of “multiple gunshot wounds”.

On the basis of the perverse SJ methodology used in Wisconsin, the Circuit Court either ruled out my evidence as inadmissible or declared it to be “unhelpful”, and thereby found there to be no “disputed facts”–which would instead have required a jury trial to resolve–and ruled that I had defamed the Plaintiff. The trial for damages (analogous to the three of Alex Jones, which, unlike mine, are being televised) awarded $450,000 in damages.

When I took my case to the Court of Appeals (District IV), it upheld the Circuit Court and (in consecutive paragraphs) declared that it was “reasonable” to believe that Adam Lanza had shot his mother and then 20 kids and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary and that it was “unreasonable” to believe it had been a FEMA drill where nobody died, in spite of my evidence, which included an FBI Consolidated Crime Report for 2012.

fbi-2012.jpg(Sandy Hook was a simulation like COVID. No murders in 2012)

Given the absurdity of the SJ procedure in Wisconsin, I submitted a Petition Pro se to the US Supreme Court (attached) and supplemented it with an Application for a Stay (also attached), because “Leonard Pozner” was moving to take my blog, jamesfetzer.org, and the Sandy Hook book to satisfy the $450,000 award. In Wisconsin, monetary awards can only be satisfied by money, which intellectual property such as blogs and books are not, but the Circuit Court nonetheless gave them to the Plaintiff.

The timing was striking, since the conversion occurred on 28 July 2022, the morning of which (during the first Alex Jones’ trial for damages) my name and those of other Sandy Hook Skeptics–Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy, and Wolfgang Halbig–would be taken in vain. But if someone wanted to learn what that “bat-shit crazy Fetzer” had to say about Sandy Hook, they could no longer access my blog because it had already been taken.

My SCOTUS case would fare no better. It was sent to Conference on 28 September and on 3 October I would learn that it had been denied. My Application for a Stay (attached) did not catch up with the Petition and would likewise be denied the following week, even though it makes a powerful case for granting a Writ of Certiorari, including satisfying the four criteria that are the basis for selecting cases for our highest court to review.

My ongoing research on Sandy Hook has further confirmed that it was indeed a FEMA “mass casualty exercise”  as the manual declared (attached). It was on the schedule to be conducted at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012 on the Connecticut branch of FEMA (attached). I believe that Wisconsin was chosen to sue me because its SJ protocols put the facts of the case under the control of the judge. No jury required! And it worked.

So in none of these cases, including my own, was there a jury determination that a mass shooting took place at Sandy Hook Elementary on 14 December 2012. I have done my best to expose the truth in collaboration with over a dozen other experts, but to no avail. It appears to me that the US judicial system, up to and including the US Supreme Court, has been compromised and that we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic, sad to say.
James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. A description of his case (with links to supporting documentation) can be found at GiveSendGo.com/fundingfetzer. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s denials of his Petition and Application for Stay, he is returning to the WI Court of Appeals (District IV) to overturn the Taking Order of his book and blog. His new blog, jameshfetzer.org, continues to publish on Sandy Hook

Robert Barnes Interview – Stunning Claims in Alex Jones Case (Video) Start at 1.35

As part of Alex Jones’ legal team, Robert Barnes has embraced the view that the Sandy Hook lawsuits brought against Jones are part of a conspiracy to cripple the First Amendment.

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41 thoughts on “James Fetzer – Show Trial: Alex Jones’ Case wasn’t Decided on its Merits”

  1. John Cathy writes:


    I don’t know if you watched any of the Alex Jones trial but there are some obvious “tells” that Alex and his team are exhibiting that indicate he is a shill/Straw man. Just as in logic, you have a straw man argument which is meant present a distorted and extreme position of an opponent. The opponent of this extreme , exaggerated and distiorted position has an easy time arguing against it. While doing this, the solid point of the opponent are lumped into the straw man and brought down with the observed position of the straw man argument.In the case of Alex Jones, we see an actual straw man presented to bring down all of the arguments Alex has said over the last 25 years, many of which are valid.

    This is what the call controlled opposition and why it is such an effective tool in the propagandists tool belt.

    1. Like you, he lost, not on the merits of his case, but by a judgment entered by the court. I can assure you that a default judgment in ANY civil case is extremely rare when you have money to protect and you have lawyers defending you. Default judgments are almost always entered against non-appearing defendants or pro-se defendants that have no money to protect. In addition, the fact that the underlying cause of action is defamation (which is one of the hardest allegations to prove due to the fact that “opinion” is a defense.)(Also truth) makes the posture of this case truly unbelievable.

    2. The judge in Connecticut case seemed obsessed that “no politics” would come into the case. Which kind of makes sense because it is only a hearing in damages. However, the plaintiffs kept asking all kinds of questions about politics, trump, 9/11 and other conspiracy theories he held.

    Im still trying to figure out why any of that was relevant in a hearing for damages.

    However, there is a rule very basic to trial law, that if you bring up a topic on direct exam, you have opened the door for the other side to talk about it, explain it and basically give their side of the story., The Plaintiffs, in their zest to show what an evil guy Alex is, started asking about many of his positions on politics and his views on several of the conspiracy theories has has or had. When the Plaintiffs did this, they effectively opened the door for Alex to pretty much say anything Alex wanted to say when he got a chance to testify to questions from his own lawyer. They broke for the day, after the plaintiffs were done with their direct exam, and Alex was to start his questioning by his own lawyer the next day.

    3. The testimony of Alex had the potential to be exactly what the court didn’t want. Since the door had been opened to tall of these topics, Alex would be able to testify on and on about the details of all of the things he had talked about on his show for the last 20 years. Any lawyer, even the bad ones, know that the exam of Alex Jones by his own lawyer, Norm Pattis could be devastating because the defense could not object to these topics because the were brought up on direct exam. The Plaintiffs opened the door and it all had to come into evidence. This was exactly what the judge was trying to avoid.

    As a bonus, Norm Pattis would be able to ask leading questions (because this was considered cross examination). This is a huge advantage when you have a witness, like Alex, who tends to go off the rails on occasion. When you pose leading questions, you can direct the question specifically where you want it to go, so a rouge witness stays where the lawyer wants him to go and no further.

    So the next day, Alex Jones, who professed in his testimony that his sole purpose in life was to “fight the globalist”, was going to have a huge forum to talk about his life’s work. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for Alex and his defense.

    I was curious how this would turn out because, I KNOW Alex is a shill and they cant let him take the national floor to “fight the globalists”.

    Up to this point, Alex was mocked in the examination, admitted that Sandy hook, Uvalde, Ft. Lauderdale were real.

    Now was his chance to explain himself.

    The next day comes and sure enough Norm Pattis announced that for “strategy reasons”, they would not put Alex back on the stand. Pattis said that he would have Alex testify in the Defense case when it started. Pattis also voluntarily without being prompted, told the court that when he does put Alex on the stand he will not take advantage of the “ doors that were opened on direct exam”.

    What this means is, if and when Alex does testify further, it will be very limited and probably incoherent because, as you know, you cant explain these matters in a sentence. Now, any reference to why he did what he did will not come into evidence and Norm Pattis will not be able to ask leading questions which will assure that Alex will make a fool of himself, which is the goal of all of the players in this drama, including Alex and his own lawyers.

    As a Straw man, Alex has effectively cemented the sandy hook story along with all other shooting. Along the way he has discredited 9/11, Oklahoma, COVID and any other so called “conspiracy theory”….. Genius. ….You have to tip your hat to them. The insidious high level propaganda at work so imperceptible by the average person that they will be forever in a state of delusion, and those who know what is really at work are considered the nut jobs.



    1. John, absolutely a brilliant analysis. Alex is a fake, always has been and he’s NOT Bill Hicks. But i would agree with what Jim has said many times. He’s done more to bring the globalist agenda up front, but no more than his handlers wanted. It’s part of their occult ritual that says they must tell the unwashed what’s going on. Well done. Thank you.

  2. In the interview last month, Halbig wondered why he wasn’t called in for a deposition and now you wonder why Jones/Pattis didn’t want your help. Why would either of you think they would at this stage? Jones gave up thinking Sandy Hook was fake years ago and has shown no sign of wanting to present evidence it was. Having hoax evidence presented would have hurt his case

  3. All this defamation legaleeze bs has opened a can of worms that will devour free speech as we know it…or have known it:


    George Floyd’s Family Plans To Sue Kanye West, Here’s Why

    “Kanye West’s last interview on Drink Champs set the internet ablaze.

    West stated that George Floyd really died from a fentanyl overdose and not from a Minnesota police officer kneeling on him.

    As a result of Ye’s comments, George Floyd’s family is threatening to sue him for defamation.

    Previously Floyd’s family was awarded over $27 million dollars from the city of Minneapolis for the death of George.”

  4. Once again…THANK YOU FLORIDA!!

    Florida To Revoke Licenses Of K-3 Teachers Who Discuss Gender Identity, Sexuality


    The rule, proposed in September by Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr., would enforce a 2021 state law that prohibits instruction on gender identity and sexuality for children in kindergarten through third grade – the Parental Rights in Education Act, colloquially known by opponents as the “don’t say gay” law.

    According to the rule, any teacher who “intentionally provide[s] classroom instruction” to K-3 students on those topics will face “revocation or suspension of the individual educator’s certificate, or the other penalties as provided by law.”

  5. Yet another example of a judge taking the law into his own hands:

    North Carolina Judge Jails Prospective Juror for Not Wearing Mask in a Mask-Optional Courthouse


    “North Carolina Judge Charles Gilchrist is under fire this week for sending prospective juror Gregory Hahn into custody for contempt after he refused to wear a mask. There is no mask mandate at the courthouse and the state mandate was lifted months ago. The controversy highlights a conflict between a health policy set for the court system as a whole and the individual authority of judges over their courtrooms.

    Visitors are told that wearing masks at the courthouse is optional in North Carolina and Hahn declined to do so. Hahn is a Navy Veteran who reportedly served as a member of the President’s Honor Guard at Arlington National Cemetery. However, clerks told his jury pool that Judge Gilchrist personally required masks in his courtroom.”

    1. That’s an interesting suggestion, Will. I have no idea why he wobbles on Sandy Hook. I would like to have your critique of what’s going on with Kevin. We go way back and I am dismayed that he even said (during an earlier show) that I was “an impediment to the Truth community” because of my skepticism about Sandy Hook. Incidentally, Henry left out some key introductory paragraphs when he published my comments, which I have only now restored.

      1. Well, Jim….every time you started to go into any details re SH and other false flags, he shut you down. And yet, he wants to come across as an advocate of free speech. That’s a dichotomy in my book. And a typical ploy of controlled opposition. Of what is he afraid? That is why I suggested a debate. Right now, I would bet he would decline the offer. I have not followed him enough to say much more. Does he still contribute to VT? I do admire your patience. I would have blown or at least sizzled.

      2. Kevin is possibly a two -faced shill, same with the vets today leader guy and possibly Alex Jones. Like W2 says maybe he scared. Well if he is scared , you can’t blame him. I listened in the past to him, lots of interesting stuff about jew s etc. I can’t donate to stuff like Jim because when I signed the ae911petition, some guy there was pushing me for “personal” money , and got me on their meetings wetc , then said he needed money for his gym fees etc, but their was a mix up with the payment, my wife hit the roof, and it was about the time of gfc and I’d done our savings on the shares thanks to usa banks and their crooked loans etc, so I am banned from linking our bank with this stuff. That’s when I went back and realised 911 etc and most things are a con game. I tried to get that Gina Rinehart to donate to you, she can afford it,she goes ontv etc and says climate change is a scam, so I thought maybe she would help, but to no avail. Maybe there is a lottery winner who is atruther out there that could help you?

  6. Events like the Alex Jones trial are tertiary propaganda. They cement in the mind of the public that the official narrative has to be true. Not many ever look at the actual evidence; most importantly the courts.

    1. Right on target GRB. Those who do take the time to look at the evidence are usually those who do not depend upon TV as their only source of news….and certainly not as a source of truth. TV is entertainment…that’s it. The only exception may be Tucker and Gutfield at this moment.

    1. DeSantis is just a puppet Will and want to keep his job and future political aspirations. Don’t forget he’s a Yale boy and former JAG officer with a secret security clearance.
      He was sent to GITMO as damage control when the false imprisonment and torture cases started to make waves in D.C.

      We’re so f@#ked in this country for the enemy’s that we have made over many’s years.

      1. If there was a way to organize a majority of the population, not voting could make an impact. As things are now (orchestrated as such), at least casting a vote against the spread of the insane leftists and going from there is the best strategy. Politics is MORE than a strange bedfellow….it’s insanity. But, practically, we are stuck in this paradigm and have to deal with it intelligently and with a sense of urgency. We don’t have time not to vote. This is not a test. This is a crisis of immeasurable importance for this Republic.

      2. Bingo, Jim…my exact conclusion. This is NOT the time for that form of withdrawal.
        Also, (I have mentioned this) Trump has not spoken of Warp Speed in the last couple of rallies…he may be catching on….or at least smartening up as far as his base goes. Putting in DeSantis as second chair would wrap up 2024…..if we make it that far after sweeping the midterms.

      3. Additionally, Jim…I really don’t trust a poll that puts Harris above DeSantis and Trump above Brandon at only 2 points. I don’t buy it, as moderately positive as it sounds. The figures are being manipulated or just way the hell off…just my take.


        PS…Never miss the comments on ZH….many times better than the article once you filter out the disrupters.

  7. John Howard and his ilk waged a false war against Iraq and yet they walk free. Jim Fetzer wages a true war against Sandy Hook fraud and he is fined. No justice here.


  8. Jim sorry I can’t donate to your cause, but you are right about Sandy Hook being a fraud. As in Austrakia where creeps like Daniel Andrews, Frank Lowe and John Howard are allowed to reign, but shoukd all be hung for treason. It is nice to be rich and famous, but despit being of no religion these days, I believe those evil men do have a punishment, they are creeps and that is their lot.

  9. If any company or organization attempts to tax gun ownership in any manner, I predict this. There will be massive attempts to hide gun ownership with millions of excuses: I lost it, it was stolen, I gave it away to a stranger, I can’t find it, I lost it overboard… etc, etc, etc.
    Keep this in mind…there are many ways to hide guns. [google it]

      1. It’s at the end mentioned in my signature. I am going to persevere–but the situation is not encouraging. I have just added a scan of the Supreme Court Docket for my Petition and Appeal.

      2. Jim, I can understand your wishing to reverse the “taking order”since it was for all intent based on an unfair outcome in the court. BUT, since the blog is back up and it’s doubtful Pozner is making any money from the original blog, does it really matter?

      3. YES. They also took THE BOOK! And by taking jamesfetzer.org, they are breaking links with millions of connections to my blog worldwide. Perhaps even more important, it was DONE ILLEGALLY. I am asserting my legal rights to correct an obvious and blatant abuse of the law here in Wisconsin.

      4. Jim, in the case of the book OR the blog, since they are both copyrighted and no court ruling can void a copyright (I think), they would be of no real value to Pozner. So, in essence, that confiscation would be void or illegal since no real liquid value was transferred. I know you have said that, but I just wanted to get it in my head.

      5. Thanks for that, Jim. The essence, for me, is right here on page 7 and 8 of the filing:

        Dr. Fetzer showed conclusively in his Motion To Reconsider The Taking
        Order that Mr. Pozner was judicially estopped from asserting that he could
        make any money to satisfy the money judgment as he had previously
        obtained a summary judgment finding three sentences in the copyrighted
        books to be libelous to him and his son.
        How could he then publish these
        same books without defaming himself? If he altered the books it would
        establish another copyright leaving the Fetzer copyrights unused and

        Pozner cannot. End of story.

    1. PS….Must agree the Republic is dead or on intense life support….seems Ben’s warning was unheeded. One might ponder if Franklin knew what was just below the surface.


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